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AN: I mentioned dark, yes? You've been warned. I'm working on a fluffy one shot series though to balance it out.

When Watson came home late one night splattered with blood and having no real memory of the events that caused it, Holmes cleaned him up and put him to bed. He went out soon after he was sure Watson would not wake. By dawn, all evidence pointing directly to Watson had disappeared.

When a witness surfaced some months later, Holmes confessed before the stunned Watson had a chance to speak. Evidence sprang up overnight against him.

When Holmes's trial began, a rigged jury found him to be guilty.

When Holmes was set to be executed, he ordered Watson to stay home with his wife.

When Watson was too drunk to return to his family that night, Lestrade came and took him home instead.

When Watson was found in his study two weeks later, everyone in Mary's hearing politely said it must have been accident; he'd probably only been looking for help to sleep.

When Watson was gone too, there was no one but the Yard to stand in Moriarty's way.

When Moriarty was finally brought in three years later, eyes glazed with madness, he proclaimed that his plan to keep Holmes distracted worked far better than he ever could have imagined.

When Lestrade heard this, he quit on the spot.