My Happy Ever After…

Sesshy's Mistress

Summary: What if the Prince didn't save the Princess? What would happen to her? What if the happy ending didn't end so happily after all? What if evil won? What if happy endings really only happened in a child's dream? What if…

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Cosmos, under the cover and alias of Serenity Tsukino, fidgeted in her seat. She and Eric had just arrived at Forks High. Compared to the schools in Japan, this high school was not at all impressive; however, Serenity was never one to enjoy studies of any kind. Even as a Princess, she was often found snoozing through her many lectures and etiquette classes.

Eric's gaze caught sight of Serenity's fidgeting. He sent her a sympathetic smile and reached a hand out to rest upon her shoulder. His touch had her stiffening at first, but she quickly relaxed. If she were to fool everyone into believing that she was a cousin of his, than she would have to act the part. Taking a deep breath, Serenity sent a smile of thanks to Eric.

"You'll do fine," He insisted while grabbing her bag. He slid out his side of the car and rushed towards her side. "Let's get you to the office. Mom called yesterday and had everything set up for you. All you need to do is sign in and get your schedule."

Serenity stayed in her seat. Eric, however, would have none of that. He reached for her arm and tugged, pulling her out of the seat. Silently, Serenity cursed his leather seats. They did nothing for traction! Once she was free from the car, Eric held her bag up, silently motioning for her to surrender. With one weak glare, Serenity took the back pack and stormed towards the nearest building.

"You're going the wrong way," Eric's voice was filled with mirth. He enjoyed teasing her.

"Of course," came her sarcastic reply. Serenity rolled her eyes heavenward and stopped next to Eric. "Lead the way." She made a flowing gesture with her hand. Eric laughed and pulled her along to the correct building.

"Now, just a little warning, don't be too surprised if people stare at you. We don't get many new students around here, so it's natural for people to be curious," Eric leaned in to whisper to her. Serenity nodded. Her gaze was already locking with several people who were lurking by their cars. Each person was whispering to one another. All the while, they stared and, for some, pointed in her direction.

"Just curiosity, huh?" Serenity questioned. The closer they got to the school, the worse it became. Serenity was thankful to find herself in the office, even if she did have to fill out a bit of paperwork about herself. She signed her name and returned the clipboard with all the paper work back to the receptionist. In return, she handed Serenity a small stack of papers that had been stapled together along with a smaller sheet.

"Here is some information about the school and your classes. You'll find your schedule and a map in there. Also, you need to have all of your teachers sign this-" the nice woman pointed to the smaller piece of paper. "-slip and bring it back at the end of the day. It's really important that you don't forget."

"No problem," Serenity smiled kindly upon the other woman before leaving the office and finding Eric. He stood not too far away with a small group of people. Serenity instantly recognized them. Eric had been eager and quite thorough in his description of his friends. The year book from the previous year also helped her with recognizing who was who.

"Finished," Serenity sighed while tugging her schedule free from the other papers. The rest were stuffed into her back pack.

"Hey guys, this is Serenity," Eric through his arm over her shoulders. Serenity smiled and nodded in their direction.

"It's very nice to meet you all. Eric has told me so much about you," She spoke with a quick bow of her head. Some habits never die. Before the others could say anything, a loud bell sounded, breaking through the buzzing noise of the many whispers flowing through the air.

"Let's have a look at your schedule," Eric plucked the paper from between her fingers. "Later guys!" He hollered over his shoulder while his eyes ran over her schedule.

"You have a couple classes with me," Eric pointed out said classes. Serenity was slightly relieved but also slightly disappointed; it would have been better if she had been able to match her schedule with his. "You'll have calculus with Jessica and Bella. English with Bella too? Man, you got art? How lucky is that? I got stuck with Spanish."

"I'm fluent in Japanese," Serenity took back her paper. "So I don't need another language." Eric pouted making Serenity giggle softly. "If it makes you feel any better, I suck at drawing."

"It doesn't."

"Well, at least I tried," Serenity shrugged. Eric gave her a light push on the shoulder, nearly knocking her off balance, but she caught herself. In retaliation she reached over and pinched his arm, twisting the flesh between two fingers and making him yelp.

"Well, here you are," Eric stopped at Serenity's first class. "Don't worry, you'll be fine." With that said, Eric opened the door and gave a quick shove. Serenity wasn't expecting it and thus found herself stumbling into the doorway. The room had been filled with a low rumble of chatter, but that all stopped with her entrance.

"Thanks for that," Serenity barely kept from growling at Eric as he walked past her. He merely flashed her a toothy grin in response before claiming his seat. She could only assume that his little stunt had been an act of revenge for pinching him.

"Hi," Serenity spoke as she handed the teacher her slip. He took it and, with a flourish, signed it in the appropriate spot. He then returned it to her.

"I'm Mr. Berty, your English teacher," He walked to a cabinet and retrieved some books from within it. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class while I find you a book or two." Serenity sighed but nodded.

"Hello," Serenity nodded in the direction of the large class. "My name is Serenity Tsukino." She turned her head back towards Mr. Berty, waiting for further instructions. At the silence, his eyes flicked towards her.

"We're just finishing Romeo and Juliet," Mr. Berty spoke and handed her a copy along with another couple of books. "Take a seat over there," He waved towards a desk with two empty seats.

Serenity nodded and took her seat.


The day passed rather quickly for Serenity. After English, she had World History, followed by Trigonometry, Art, Biology, and, finally, Gym. Lunch was between Art and Biology, and it had been interesting. Needless to say, Eric's friends were something else; it wasn't to say that she didn't like them. No, it was more along the lines that they reminded her of her friends in a way. Well, some of them.

For instance, there were a couple of people of whom Serenity was weary to be around. It was no coincidence that they were both girls. Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory. Jessica was a chatter box who seemed to be very materialistic. Though she was welcoming at first, when a guy named Mike Newton showed interest, Jessica gave her a cold shoulder. Lauren, however, was rude from the start.

Just the thought of it gave Serenity a migraine. If there was one thing she didn't miss about school, it was the behavior of teen girls, especially snobby ones. Lauren reminded her too much of Anne.

Angela was the only girl who truly seemed welcoming to Serenity. She was very kind and open about her feelings. She, like Serenity had been, wore her heart on her sleeve. Serenity was sure that they could be friends, definitely more so than Jessica or Lauren.

"Serenity," Eric's mom called from the kitchen just as Serenity and Eric walked through the door. "How was your first day?"

Serenity couldn't help the small smile that slipped across her features; it was a true smile. Eric's mother reminded her so much of her own. Though they didn't look alike, their behavior was identical, almost painfully so. Eric's dad was slightly similar to Serenity's own, just not as strict. And Eric was like Sammy, only not quite as annoying. Serenity couldn't help but feel herself lightening up slightly with their influence.

"Great," Serenity answered truthfully. "Eric introduced me to all of his friends. They seem nice."

"No all of them," Eric said as he followed Serenity into the kitchen. "Bella wasn't there today either." He walked to the fridge and scrambled around for something light to eat for a snack. "No one knows when she'll be back, not even the teachers."

"I hope she's okay," Eric's mom spoke from the sink. Her hands were sunk into the foamy suds floating atop the water. Serenity took a seat at the table and reached for an apple. She bit into it while listening silently to the conversation between Eric and his mom; it wasn't her place to add to anything. She didn't know this Bella person.

Serenity listened as Eric spoke of Bella and her relationship with the recently relocated Cullen family, specifically one named Edward. The name, 'Cullen', caught Serenity's attention. She felt herself remembering when she awoke in the local hospital. She was positive that the man had introduced himself as a Cullen. This thought brought to mind the strange essence that she felt from him.

"Serenity? Are you okay?" Eric's mother questioned her, snapping Serenity from her thought induced glare fest with the kitchen cabinets.

"Huh?" Serenity shook her head to clear it. "Oh, yes, I'm fine. I just remembered I have to do some homework. If I don't get to work on it then I won't be able to catch up with the rest of my class. And you know me, I hate homework." Serenity tried to laugh it off, but Eric's mom seemed hesitant. Thankfully, Eric came to the rescue.

"Yeah, Mr. Berty and Mr. Banner were rough on her."

"Okay," Eric's mom sighed and nodded. "You two go and work on that homework. I'll have supper ready in an hour or so."

With that said, Eric and Serenity disappeared upstairs.

One Month Later

Besides classes, Serenity's routine now included sitting with Eric and his friends every day for lunch. For the most part, it wasn't that bad; however, there were days that made Serenity want to spork her eyes out. The reason, Lauren and Jessica. They had not stopped talking and bad mouthing other people that attended the school. Lauren especially loved to bad mouth people. Her most sought after target seemed to be Bella Swan.

Serenity subtly turned her attention towards a round table towards the side of the cafeteria. Sitting there alone was Bella Swan. Before her sat a salad that was left untouched. After missing a week from school, Bella had returned, but even Serenity was surprised at how cut off the girl was. From what she heard, thanks to Jessica and Lauren, Bella was taking the absence of Edward very hard. Apparently, it also had something to do with her disappearance a while back.

Serenity tended to tune out the girls, but she managed to retain a bit of information. Bella Swan had apparently been found in the woods after going missing. One of the natives from La Push had found her curled into a fetal position and calling out for Edward.

Serenity's heart went out to the girl, or what was left of it. She too mourned the loss of a loved one, and knew the pain of abandonment; it was still fresh in her memory and on her heart.

"…look at her! Zombie, much? All she ever does is gloom about; it's so annoying!" Serenity's attention was once again drawn into the conversation. The topic of discussion wasn't too hard to figure out, and Serenity found her self control beginning to disappear. "She should just get over it already."

"Maybe she just needs a friend, especially at a time like this," Serenity snapped. Everyone at the table, minus Eric who was out sick for the day, looked toward Serenity in utter shock. She never spoke out and definitely not with an attitude. "All you do is run you mouth. Is that honestly all that you're good for, Lauren? Jessica? Weren't you her friends before?"

For a moment, no one said anything. Mike and Angela were the first to turn their gaze away. Serenity didn't miss the shamed looks that crossed their faces. Still, they didn't jump up to go and defend Bella. Serenity wouldn't spare any compassion on them.

"What do you know? You haven't even – Hey! Where are you going?" Lauren demanded as she noticed Serenity standing and gathering her tray. A look of anger flared over her face as she sputtered and spat at Serenity's retreating form.

Without saying anything, Serenity took the seat across from Bella. She laid her tray on the table and dropped her bag into the seat next to her. Bella barely even noticed, making Serenity frown slightly; however, now wasn't the time or place to make conversation. Everyone in the cafeteria was now focusing on the two of them.

Serenity picked up her fork and dove back into her food. Her movements were quick and hard. She actually broke her fork! "Of all the crappy luck," Serenity grumbled. She was about ready to stand and go get herself another one, but before she could make a move, another fork came sliding towards her tray. Looking up, Serenity caught Bella's gaze.

"Thanks," Serenity spoke. "But, aren't you going to eat?"

"I'm not hungry," Bella spoke softly. Her voice was hoarse and very strained. She pushed her tray away from her to further prove her point to Serenity.

Sighing, Serenity weighed her options. Since coming back to school, Bella had yet to ever touch her lunch; it was something the girl's friends noticed and pointed out right away. Serenity eventually began to take notice of the habit and it did worry her. The girl looked very thin, too thin. She doubted that Bella ate hardly anything at home either.

"You really should eat," Serenity persisted. She had yet to pick up the offered fork. "Starving yourself won't solve anything, and neither will punishing yourself."

Bella's brown eyes seemed to flicker with defiance, but it was almost immediately snuffed out. Still, Serenity had managed to get some sort of reaction from her. It was better than nothing.

"I had a big breakfast," Bella shrugged her shoulders and turned her head to stare outside; it was raining. The soft patters of raindrops hit against the glass pane that separated the forest from the kitchen.

"I doubt that," Serenity mumbled but gave up anyway. This girl had driven herself deep into the shadows of her subconscious. If anyone had hopes of breaking through to her, than they were going to have to go about it slow. Serenity grabbed the fork and finished her food right as the bell rang.

"C'mon," Serenity stood and grabbed her tray as well as Bella's. "We've got Bio next." She waited for Bella to get up and get moving before she moved to ditch the trays. "Can you grab my bag for me?" Serenity hollered over her shoulder. She didn't receive a verbal answer, only a slight nod.

Serenity jogged back to Bella after discarding the trays and took her belongings back. She hoisted the back pack over her shoulder and walked next to Bella to their next class. The walk together was silent. While they walked some people whispered and pointed in their direction. Bella seemed to not notice them, but Serenity did. She rolled her eyes at their childishness. Really, what had she been thinking when she decided to come back to school?

Bella and Serenity made it to Biology class in just the nick of time. The two slid into their seats and waited patiently for the teacher to arrive as well. Serenity had been assigned Edward's seat in Biology; it wasn't a fact that Bella liked at first, but she never said anything. No, she silently protested the invasion, but there wasn't anything she could do about it.

It took only a couple of minutes before Mr. Banner came into the class and set his armful of material down upon his desk. The class immediately quieted down as he entered and waited for his lesson to begin.

"Today I am going to assign you partners on the latest lesson. You and your partner will be assigned a specific assignment from the recent lessons. To make sure that no group intermingles with ideas, and that no copying occurs, each set of partners will receive a completely different assignment than another group," Mr. Banner spoke. As he talked, he wrote a single column of names. Next to those names he wrote another, signifying the partners for each person. Next to them he wrote out the topic of their assignment.

Bella's eyes easily found her name. She was surprised to find that she and Serenity were paired together. In a way, she was thankful, but she would have rather not been partnered with anyone, especially on such a topic. Blood. The simple, five lettered word made her queasy, and it brought back painful memories. The hole in her heart seemed to be growing and ripping through her, making it hard to breathe.

"You okay?" Serenity questioned, interrupting Bella's inner reverie. The girl visibly jumped under her touch, making Serenity question what was going on inside the girl's head. "I take it you're a bit queasy when it comes to blood?"

"Something like that," Bella mumbled and looked away. There was so much more to it than just that.

"This assignment is to help you review for an upcoming midterm test that I have planned for you," At that news, all of the class groaned. "You have three weeks to gather all of your information, organize it, and plan a presentation. Each group will be given the entirety of class time to properly review their topic and present their presentation. Any questions?" There were none.

Mr. Banner gave the okay for the class to find their partners and adjust their seating arrangements thusly. They were then told to begin discussing their assignment and deciding from which point to start.

"So," Serenity trailed off. She had flipped open her Biology book and found the chapters with mentioning of blood and DNA. "How do you want to do this?" She turned to look at Bella, but the girl seemed to be zoned out once again. "Okay…"

"Hey Sere, Bella," Mike suddenly spoke from behind the two girls. Bella jumped at the loud intrusion, obviously startled. Serenity merely turned to look back at him.

"What's up?" Serenity questioned him. He didn't have anyone sitting next to him. Serenity's gaze dashed back to the board. Eric's name was written clearly beside of Mike. "Oh!"

"Yeah," Mike shrugged. "I figured since he sat here, I could just scoot on over. Anyway, you got blood, huh?"

"Looks like it," Serenity said when she noticed Bella's refusal to participate in the conversation. "And you got? The cycle and lifespan of various species of worms? Eric's going to love that."

"I'd take it over blood any day, especially with Bella as a partner," Mike whispered. If Bella had heard him, she didn't show any signs of it. "Last year when we were testing blood types, she nearly puked all over Mr. Banner!"

"Puke or worms? Hmm…I'll take the puke," Serenity shrugged and pushed his book at him. "You better get started. You're studying for two after all." With a tight smile, Serenity turned her attention back to Bella.

"We should probably do some after school research since there isn't much we can do now. How bout I come over to your house later for some study time?" Serenity questioned Bella. When the girl didn't respond, she gave her a poke in the ribs.

"Oh, yeah, I guess," Bella nodded and tucked some stray hair behind her ears before staring off into the distance once again.

"This is going to be a long three weeks…" Serenity sighed.

Later that day…

While Eric was sick, Serenity had been dependent on his friends to give her rides to and from school. Today she had rode with Angela, and she was thankful for it. If she had ridden with either Lauren or Jessica, she might be out of a ride home. That definitely wouldn't be a good idea; it was an awful long walk from school to Eric's house.

Angela dropped her off at home with get well wishes to give to Eric. With a nod, Serenity agreed to deliver them, and then headed inside the house. She ran up the stairs that led to her and Eric's rooms. Knocking three times, she opened the door to find Eric passed out on the bed.

She had to stifle the giggle that wanted to escape her. He looked really goofy even when asleep. Serenity dropped her back pack by his door and carried his inside. She carefully pulled out several large books and stacked them on his nightstand and then tip-toed out of the room.

She'd have to give him Angela's message after her study session with Bella. Serenity quickly ran into her room and changed. Phobos and Deimos were not present, and she figured that they must be out scouting new locations and hunting for any signs of danger. Ever since meeting that strange man from the hospital, Serenity kept herself alert. What if there were other dangers present than just youmas? So far, however, nothing out of the ordinary caught her attention.

Still, she couldn't very well go out and scout the area. Instead, Phobos and Deimos would go out and keep an eye out on the city, hunting for disturbances. They had yet to find anything of interest.

Serenity emptied her back pack of everything but her Biology book and notes. She slid back into Eric's room and took his laptop with a note for him when he awoke. She was sure he wouldn't mind, but it still felt wrong to simply take it. Hurrying down stairs, she ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat before grabbing Eric's keys and dashing through the door.

Serenity was in no way an expert driver, but Eric had started teaching her how to drive. She knew the basics, but she still didn't have a license; it was one reason she didn't drive to school. Still, she couldn't very well nag Eric's friends all the time. She would just be very careful is all.

Serenity had managed to get Bella to give her directions to her house before class had ended. So, after tossing her back pack into the back seat, Serenity drove to Bella's house. The drive took almost thirty minutes. Serenity made sure to drive the speed limit and not even one mph over it!

Serenity shut and locked the doors to Eric's car after pulling in behind Bella's old truck. She traipsed through the yard and to the front door. It only took six knocks to bring Bella to the door, and man did the poor girl look worse for ware. If Serenity thought that she looked bad at school, it was worse now.

"Hi," Serenity lifted her hand in a short wave and waited to be allowed inside. Bella took a step back and opened the door slightly more. Serenity squeezed by and looked around. For the most part, the house was anything like the Yorkie's. There were no happy family photos or excessive warmth seeping through every nook and cranny. The house seemed to reflect Bella's mood, somber. "I hope I'm not too early?"

"You're fine," Bella moved past her and to the living room. She sat on the couch and waited for Serenity to join her. Serenity sat on the other side so that they could spread their material in the middle.

For the next hour in a half, Serenity laid out all the information that she could find in their books and some information that she found on the internet. For the most part, Bella remained silent except for when she would add to something, but it was never much. As the two hour mark rolled around, Serenity stood and gathered her things.

"I've got to head back now. I borrowed Eric's car without anyone knowing," Serenity admitted while stuffing her stuff back into her back pack. "I'll head to the library after school tomorrow and pick up some more info for our project."


"Can you look up some more information online and bring it to school tomorrow?" Serenity questioned as she made her way to the door. Bella nodded and Serenity bid her farewell. "Take care, Bella." Serenity spoke before stepping outside. The rain had come back and Serenity was forced to run through the mud to get to the car. When she was safely inside of it, she stopped to sit and stare at Bella's house. The girl was in a serious depression, and if she didn't recover, it could be disastrous.

A voice in the back of her head began to nag at her, making her feel guilty for some reason. Serenity tried to shake it off but couldn't, and she didn't recognize it either. The little voice just kept getting louder and louder. Trying to ignore it, Serenity cranked the car and turned the radio up, but not too loud. She still needed to keep under the radar until she got Eric's car home in one piece.

The voice didn't go away, no matter how hard she tried. That night, as Serenity lay down to sleep, her dreams were plagued by the pained faces of her friends and family.

Serenity was standing in the center of them. She looked all around, trying to catch their gaze, but it was as if they couldn't see her. Confused, Serenity tried to find where she was. She hadn't dreamt since she awoke from her long sleep on the moon, and the dream was starting to worry her. Serenity looked around again, but this time as she turned, she found the statue of herself as Sailor Moon.

As she faced the statue, it moved. The head tilted to look down upon her and the features of its face were turned into a disapproving look.

"Who are you?" The statue demanded.

"I'm you," Serenity answered truthfully.

"Liar," the Sailor Moon statue proclaimed, startling Serenity. "You are nothing like me." As the statue continued to speak, it changed from the form of Sailor Moon to Usagi Tsukino. The concrete seemed to melt off the figure until a replica of Serenity stood before her. The only difference between the two of them was age. Serenity looked only slightly older, and it especially showed in her eyes. The look alike was so youthful and naïveté. Like she used to be, only, there was anger and a betrayed look on her features.

The ghostly figures of her friends and family formed a semi-circle behind the look alike. All of them shared in the look that the other girl sent to Serenity; it pained her. Her heart ached from the look of loathing. What had she done to deserve such treatment? Tears involuntarily fell from her eyes as she dropped to her knees before the group.

"You are not the Usagi we all knew and loved," Her beloved spoke in a distant tone; it was so familiar. He had used the same tone with her right before the accident. Pain swept over her, engulfed her, and tried to suffocate her.

Serenity was at a loss for words. She stood and stumbled as she did so. Her legs felt so heavy. Looking down, she noticed why. Ice was encasing her body, creeping up her body and paralyzing it in place. Panic fluttered in her chest and she struggled to call upon her powers, but they wouldn't come. Serenity was forced to watch as the ice covered her entirely, silencing her scream as it closed over her face.

The look alike was once again in the form of Sailor Moon, and Serenity watched powerless as the other girl called upon her tiara and sent it flying. The glowing disc headed straight towards her. It sliced through the air, never stopping even as it came in contact with her ice covered chest, shattering the ice and her body into thousands of tiny shards.

Serenity awoke from her dreams screaming. Sweat covered her body, making her clothes and the sheets on the bed cling to her. The sounds of heavy foot fall came towards her, and Serenity turned her head just in time to find the Yorkie family running into the room. They were all alert, and Eric held a baseball bat in the air, ready to use it.

"Serenity?" Mrs. Yorkie questioned. She noticed how scared and pale the blond girl looked.

"S-sorry, I had a nightmare," Serenity apologized. It took a few minutes of convincing them before they left her in peace. Serenity collapsed against the bed and rolled over so that she could burry her face into her pillow. Her dream was a total mystery to her. She was the same person, wasn't she?

Sleep evaded her for the rest of the night, forcing her to reminisce on her dream and times long gone. Tears eventually overtook her, and she cried herself to sleep deep into the night and into the early morning. Her exhaustion finally managed to catch up to her around dawn. Spent from crying, she passed out, and no one came to wake her. Somehow, they understood.


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