Title: Brave New World

Author: AnneRG

Spoilers: Through all the books, with changes, of course

Pairings: Sirius/OC, Harry/Ginny (eventually), Ron/Hermione (eventually), others.

Rating: T

Warning: Read the prequel, 'Finding Our Way', first

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. Wish it belonged to me…

Summary: The day when Mia Davis was told the love of her life, Sirius Black, had been wrongly taken to Azkaban, was also the day when she was given her godson, Harry Potter, to raise along with hers and Sirius' baby. Sequel to 'Finding Our Way' and AU to the books.

Montreal, Canada, 1981

Through the window of her small house, Mia Davis watched the children run on the sidewalks, followed by their parents. It was dark outside but that wouldn't keep them from enjoying that night. Their costumes gave the occasion away. Halloween.

Their innocent laughter filler her ears and made her sigh as she rubbed her overgrown stomach. Would Sirius be here to enjoy Halloween with their baby when he or she was old enough to do it? Would she ever be able to leave this exile and return to England and to Sirius? Months had passed since she had to leave her country after her family had been marked to die by Voldemort. The only things that kept her alive were the promise from Sirius that they would be together again and his child that she was carrying. Aware of his or her mother's distress, the baby moved. Mia wondered if that was his or her way of telling her everything would be alright.

She closed the curtains and walked to the kitchen in order to make herself some tea. The truth was that for the past hours she had had a strange feeling in her gut, like something bad had happened… Unwilling to think of the worse, Mia concentrated all her attention in making the tea.

Mia looked at her reflection on the window – her dark brown hair was fixed in a messy ponytail and her chocolate coloured eyes looked more troubled than ever. She had always asked herself where she had gotten the brown hair from. Her parents were both redheads and, as far as she could remember, at least from her grandparents' pictures, neither of them had her hair colour either.

Suddenly, she was startled by the unexpected ringing of the doorbell. Her body tensed and a shiver ran though all her spine.

"Calm down, it's probably some kids playing trick or treat," Mia murmured to herself. After putting out the fire, she walked to the door and opened it. However, there were no kids there. "Professor Dumbledore, Professor McGonagall," she gasped. "I wasn't expecting you to come here. Please, come in."

"Good evening, Amelia," Dumbledore greeted her in his usual calming voice. His eyes darted to her bump for a moment but he managed to hide his surprise. "We are sorry for the disturbance but it was absolutely necessary for us to come."

"It's no disturbance at all, Professor," she said. Mia knew that was no social call. If they were there was because they had news – good or bad. She indicated them the living room. "Please, take a seat. I was making myself some tea. I will bring it here."

"I'll help you," McGonagall offered, following her. She gave her one of her 'don't argue' looks before Mia could protest. "How are you doing, Mia?" she inquired her former student, whom she had been surprised to see pregnant, as they entered the kitchen.

"Some days are better than others," she stated simply. "The baby is Sirius's, if you are wondering."

McGonagall nodded. "I had assumed that much."

Mia tried to give her a smile but she couldn't. A question ached in her throat: How's Sirius? Once more, she couldn't bring herself to ask it, fearing the response she would get. She simply poured the tea into the cups on the tray, which McGonagall reached for before she could react.

When they re-entered the living room, Dumbledore was sitting immobile on one armchair like a statue. The worried expression that was on his face during their absence was quickly replaced by a calm one.

Mia carefully sat on the sofa with McGonagall by her side, dreading the conversation that was about to take place.

"I'm afraid we're not the bearers of good news, Amelia," he told her carefully.

Deep down, she knew that from the moment she saw the two professors' faces in her doorway. "What happened?"

"Lily and James were found…" McGonagall said, reaching for her hand.

"No…" Mia whispered. Not them. Lily and James, oh Merlin, and Harry. They were so happy…

"I'm sorry, Mia," she said. "You-know-who killed the two of them."

No, that was too much. Two of her best friends were dead. Merlin, why all that war? Why so much innocent victims. But then Mia remembered something. "You said 'the two of them'… Is Harry…?"

"Harry is alive," Dumbledore told him. "Something amazing has happened. Voldemort used the killing curse on little Harry but it reflected and ended up affecting himself."

"How's that possible?" Mia asked in surprise. Nobody had ever survived the killing curse. How would Harry, a fifteen-month-old baby, be able to do that?

"We believe it was Lily's love. She sacrificed herself to protect her son," McGonagall told her sadly. "The only thing he got was a scar."

Mia covered her face with her hands, wondering how the others were reacting. Liz, Remus, Peter, Sirius. Oh, Merlin, Sirius… He had just lost his best friend. "How is Sirius dealing with this?" she asked faintly.

The hesitation in Dumbledore's voice was what scared her the most. "Amelia, you'll have to be strong now… A couple of hours ago, an entire street and several muggles were blown up in London. Peter Pettigrew was also killed. It was a wizard's doing and the ministry thinks it was Sirius who did it."

No! No, no, no! "Sirius?! No! He would never do that! How can they even consider…"

"Mia, we don't believe it either!" McGonagall assured her, putting her hands on Mia's shoulders.

"They are basing themselves on the belief that Sirius was the Potter's secret keeper and betrayed them to Voldemort as his follower," Dumbledore said.

"But he is not the secret-keeper!" she told him. "He told me he hadn't accepted!"

"We know, Amelia. James told Albus Sirius wasn't the secret-keeper. Did he tell you who it was?" McGonagall asked.

Mia shook her head. "I told him not to. I thought it might be a risk to… Merlin, why did I do that?!" In the moment she said that, Mia burst into tears.

"You were looking out for your friends, Amelia," Dumbledore told her. "You are not to blame. The ministry thinks Sirius went to that street to kill Peter. I tried to give my testimony to the ministry but they are not even giving him a trial before sending him to Azkaban."

It had to be a nightmare. "They can't! They can't do this to him! He belongs here with me and our baby!"

McGonagall soothed Mia's back in a very unlike fashion for her. She honestly didn't know what to say. It was too much for a young lady like Mia to handle, especially in her current condition… She hoped the shock wouldn't affect her pregnancy.

"We know it is unfair, Amelia," Dumbledore said understandingly. "I'll keep trying to make them listen but I can't promise anything. For now, I think you should stay here in Montreal – there are still several Death Eaters at large. Now, Hagrid must be arriving soon," Dumbledore murmured. "I've got to deluminate the street. Minerva, could you tell her…"

Between her tears, Mia let go of McGonagall and looked confused at the Headmaster's retreating figure. Why was Hagrid coming?

"There, Mia, wipe these tears…" McGonagall told her, offering her a handkerchief. "You need to put yourself together because there's more."

"More?" she asked, half-numbed. There was still more?

"It's not bad news," McGonagall said. "It's about Harry…"


The teacher nodded. "Albus wanted to leave him with Lily's muggle sister because of the blood protection but her husband refused to have him when he realized they might be a target if Harry was around. And that leaves you, his godmother, to be his guardian, Mia."

"Oh," that was all she could say at the moment. Her mind was floating through all that tragedy – Lily and James dying, Sirius being sent to Azkaban… And now she was keeping Harry. Of course she was happy to have her godson around, but she wasn't even sure she'd be a good mother to her unborn child, let alone two children…

Mia didn't know how long it had passed since she had been told she was Harry's guardian. Seconds? Minutes? It was like she had drifted into a trance.

"I've got her."

The familiar voice woke her up and she looked up to see Lulu kneeling right in front of her. "Lulu?" What was she doing there? Mia hadn't even been able to say goodbye to her former nanny before coming into hiding.

"You didn't think Dumbledore would leave you to deal with all this by yourself, did you?" Lulu asked her, giving her a sympathetic smile and reaching for her hands. "It will be alright, Mia. I know it's been a horrible night and it seems like the end of the world. But I promise you it will get easier. I'll be here to help."

Mia sobbed. "Thank you," she said in a strangled voice.

McGonagall approached them with a sleeping Harry in her arms. "I'm sorry but we have to go. Things back in England are quite a mess and we're needed there. We'll check on you from time to time." She passed the baby to Lulu, who accepted him gladly, before joining Dumbledore by the doorway.

"I wish you all the luck, Amelia," Dumbledore said before disapparating along with McGonagall.

Left alone with Lulu and a sleeping Harry, Mia sighed. She was so lost. Even with Lulu there, she still didn't know what to do…"What do I do now, Lu?"

"I don't have all the answers, Mia," Lulu told her. "But whatever you do, just make sure your godson and that baby you're carrying are happy. That will make you happy too…"


One month and a half later – December 15th 1981

When Dumbledore had told her about Sirius, Mia had though it was impossible to ever feel joy again. She was wrong.

It was so incredible, so priceless, the feeling of holding her newborn baby. Hers and Sirius's. A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought of that. He wasn't there to meet his child, his tiny little girl with pink cheeks and dark brown hair just like her mother's.

Mia had picked her name in the moment as she first laid eyes on the squirming newborn less than half an hour ago: Isabelle after her sister and Kathleen because that was the middle name Mia shared with Lulu. Isabelle Kathleen Black… her Izzy. Her poor little girl who couldn't meet her father because he had been innocently locked in a prison worse than any product of her nightmares.

The knocking on the door made Mia look up to see Lulu entering the room with Harry on her arms. "The nurses were fighting over the little runt," Lulu said, nodding at Harry.

Mia gave them a soft smile. Lulu had been by with her in the delivery room, never leaving her side for a second. Merlin knew she wouldn't be able to have that baby if she had been there all alone. "Bring him here," Mia asked her former nanny.

Lulu took a few steps ahead, sitting the toddler by his godmother's side on the hospital bed. Harry giggled and pointed at the little pink bundle Mia was holding. "Bibi!"

"Yes, Harry, this is a baby," she told him softly. Mia wasn't sure how the need to divide all the attention with another baby would affect her godson. The poor boy had lost his parents less than two months before and she could tell he still missed them…. "Her name is Izzy. She will be like your little sister from now on, okay?"

"Lil Sissy?" he asked, unsure of what that meant.

"Yes. It means she'll always be around," Mia tried to explain. "Izzy will need a lot of attention now because she's very small but someday when she's older you'll be able to play with her. She'll be your friend."

"Icki?" Harry inquired.

Mia nodded. "You'll be great friends, just like your dads." Her voice started to crack at the last sentence.

"Sad," little Harry said innocently, snuggling by his godmother's side.

Lulu approached the bed and sat on the edge of it. "You miss him, don't you?"

The young mother nodded, biting her lower lip as tears ran down her red eyes. "I want him to meet our baby, Lu. I want him to get to be a dad to Izzy and to Harry. I want him to stay with me."

"He will," she said, reaching to caress the soft hair on the baby's head. Seeing Mia holding that little baby made her nostalgic. "One day you'll see he will. I know it. You just have to stay strong until he does."

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