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Chapter 1


Time changes everything. Right???

As I sit here across from my best friend, Alice Brandon, listening to all the wonderful things she has going on in her life right now , I realize that the only thing that brings me happiness is my 5 year old daughter, Abby. She was the light of my world but everytime saw her, I saw him too.

Alice had everything going for her right now. She was a rising fashion designer working for Badgley Mischka and in hopes of creating her own line of wedding dresses one day. She was engaged to one of the nicest and most sincere man ever, Jasper Whitlock. It didn't hurt that he was gorgeous too. They met in college and have been dating ever since. Alice and Jasper were the cutest couple ever. Always showing their affection towards one another; sometimes making me jealous. Why couldn't my relationships work out or should I say relationship.

I had only had two relationships in my life the first one being with a boy named Jacob, who I dated in middle school for only a week because I found him kissing a girl named Lauren Mallory in the Music Room. When I caught them I punched Jacob in the face and never talked to Lauren Mallory again.

Then came Edward. His family moved into town the summer of 10th grade. I met him one day when I was with Rose, my other best friend, at a baseball game. Rose was watching Emmett and I noticed a new face on the team talking to Emmett. He was without a doubt the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His hair poked out in every direction and was perfectly muscular but not over like Emmett. You could see the muscles in his back and his biceps when he was playing. Emmett introduced us after the game and then it was all over.

Edward and I did everything. I would go to his baseball games and he would come to my tennis matches. He was always at my house and stayed the night with me because he did not like the fact that I lived by myself.

I had lived by myself ever since the accident. I could only live by self because I was financially stable, had good grades, and I had to report to my guardian every two nights.

Edward and I dated for five years straight. When it came time for college Edward got a chance to play but declined so he could attend his dream collge, Dartmouth. While Edward attended Dartmouth I attented Clemson University. Things started to change however during our sophmore year in college. Edward started to throw himself into his work and it seemed that we never talked or spent time together .

One day I confronted him about him and his studies but he blew it off as nothing. We contiued to fight for months and soon it became to much and I called it off.

I haven't talked to him since that say we broke it off. I knew I loved him more than anything and I would do anything for him but he wasn't willing to fight for us.

It hurt so much to talk about him. He was my life for so long and we loved each other so much but I think we loved each other to much.

So as I look back on my life I wonder why couldn't I have the perfect life that Alice had. Why couldn't Edward and I have worked out. That day we broke up I had never been so livid and I know from then own we would never be the same towards one another.

"Hello , earth to Bella," Alice shouted.

"What, sorry I wasn't paying attention."

"I know I can tell."

"Sorry!" I apologized.

"Well are you going to go to our high school reunion?"

"I don't know. I am not really into seeing all the people we graduated with and pretend that I am happy to see them."

"Bella Swan, this is our first high school reunion and I will not let you stay at home and not show off how gorgeous you are to all of those fake people we went to high school with."


"Great, now we can go shopping for dresses and shoes ," Alice exclaimed.

"Alice please do not tell me that this thing is formal."

"Yes, of course it is, but even if it wasn't I wouldn't let you go looking like a rag doll."

"Ok . Have you talked to Rose and Emmett to see if they are going?"

"Yes my dear Bella, everyone is going to be there."

"Everyone?" I shouted a bit to loudly.

"Yes." she whispered.


"I'm sorry Bella but it is his high school reunion just as much as ours."

"Were you even going to tell me this."

Alice didn't say anything.

"So you were just going to let me go and come face to face with him."

"I thought maybe it would give you two a chance to talk, maybe you could tell him about Abby."

"Hell no!"

"Why in the hell not?"

"I don't want him to get involved and then Abby get her hopes up and then he just bail. I will not do that to her."

"Come on Bella just think about talking about it with him. He deserves to know, maybe he will want to be apart of her life."

"I'll think about it."

"Great. Now it is time to go shopping so you can look beautiful for the reunion."

After I got done shopping with Alice I already had my dress for the reunion and a couple of new dresses and some new outfits for work. I had to look more professional now than I did before. I worked for Newton Corp and Mike just promoted me to head of marketing for the company.

I loved my job but I hated Mike's advances on me. Most of the time when he was not busy he would come to my desk and hit on me. I can't count how many times he has asked me out but I politely declined. When he isn't hitting on me he is doing Jessica Stanley in his office.

I had just arrived at my house and parked my black Volvo XC90. I lived in a 6 bedroom and 6 baths on the water. It was my family's house in which my father left it to me.

I walked in the house trying to find the best thing in my life, Abby.

"Abby!" yelled.

"Mommy, Mommy!"

"Hey sweetheart. How was your day?"

"It was the best. Me and Zafri….."

"Zafrina and I."

"Zafrina and I dressed up and played barbies and colored and did makeovers. I had so much fun."

Just then Zafrina, my part time house keeper, who had been with the family ever since I was a little girl came around the corner with rose colored cheeks and bright red lipstick.

"See my makeover I gave Zafrina. Isn't it pretty mommy?"

"Yes. You did a wonderful job now go get cleaned up for dinner that Zafrina cooked for us."

"Okay mommy!"

"Thank you Zafrina for watching her and cooking dinner. Alice got carried away shopping and we lost track of time."

"It was no problem. I love Abby as one of my own."

"Thank you would you like to stay for dinner?"

"No thank you ma'am. Ya'll enjoy. I just let myself out."

"Thank you again."

Zafrina had been a lifesaver. After the accident she didn't work as much but she was like family. She would watch Abby during the day while I am at work. She sometimes cleans but usually I would do all the cooking. It helped me relax from work.


After dinner I gave Abby and bath and tucked her into bed.

I went into the kitchen and cleaned up dinner and looked at that little invitation. I had to go. I needed closure from him and I would get it but I would never subject Abby to the heartbreak I got from him.

Next Friday I would see the love of my life that I had not seen in five years. In those five years everything had changed. I got the most perfect gift ever, a daughter that Edward had no idea about

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