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The next morning I woke up with Bella in my arms still sound asleep. She looked so beautiful and peaceful when she was sleeping. Today was going to be a huge day for us and Abby. I want to give Bella the life that she has always wanted. I want to give her more children. I wanted to watch Abby grow up and see all the little boys chase after her. I wanted to give them both the world.

Bella was starting to wake up and she turned around in my arms to face me and rest her head on my chest. "Good morning." She said. I reached down placing a kiss to her lips.

"Good morning sweetheart." She smiled up to me and snuggled herself into me.

"Well what are the plans for today?" she inquired.

"Well I was thinking that we could hang around here today, out by the pool before we have to start getting ready for tonight." I replied.

"Ok then I am going to wake up Abby and then go downstairs to fix some breakfast."

"How about I go and wake Abby up and you go ahead downstairs."

"Alright." Bella reached up and gave me a chaste kiss before getting out of bed. But as she rose out of bed with the sheets no longer acting as a cover for her body I had different plans for right now. I reached over and pulled her back into bed.

"Edward what are you doing." She squeaked.

"Delay of plans." I said reaching down and running kisses all over her.


After our little delay Bella and I finally got up and got dressed. Bella went downstairs and I went to go wake up my little girl.

"Abby, baby. Wake up." She slowly woke up and I reached down to pick her up.

"Good morning, daddy." She said groggily.

"Good morning, sweetheart. Mommy is cooking breakfast for us and then we are going to hang out in the pool today."

When I said the words pool she instantly became excited. "Ok!" she exclaimed.

We walked downstairs and Bella was already fixing the pancakes. I set Abby down and she ran over to give Bella a hug.

"Good morning mommy."

"Hey baby girl. Did daddy tell you what we are going to do today." Bella asked.

"Yes ma'am, he said that we are going to go swimming in the pool. So let's go put my bathing suit on mommy."

"Not yet sweetheart, let's eat first and then we can do that."

"Ok mommy."

After we ate breakfast Bella went upstairs to go get Abby changed while I cleaned the dishes up for her. Then I went upstairs to go and get changed.

As I was getting changed, Bella came in. "Edward who is taking care of Abby tonight if you have big plans for us tonight."

"Already have it covered. Alice and Jasper are taking her for the night."

"Oh ok."

We finished getting ready and went downstairs to find an overly excited little girl waiting to go into the pool.

"Can we go now?" she asked as she ran over and grabbed mine and Bella's hand pulling us to the door.

"Yes we can go just let me go get some towels." Bella said. Abby and I went ahead outside and I put on her floaties and she immediately jumped in. Bella came out a few minutes later and laid the towels out on the chairs.

I was laying down watching Abby when I noticed Bella was walking over to me. "Excuse me sir will you please rub some sunscreen on me?" She had the biggest grin on her face.

"Of course." I sat up to allow Bella to sit in between my legs. She handed me the sunscreen and I started to slowly rub lotion on her back. I immediately had an erection and I knew Bella could feel it.

"You know, you are amazing with your hands."

I leaned in to her ear. "You should see what else I could do with them." I could hear the slightest moan coming from Bella.

"All done." I said.

Bella stood up and turned towards me. "Well I don't want to get my hands all greasy so do you mind doing to the front for me sir." She said batting her eyelashes.

I motioned her forward to stand in between my legs.

I started rubbing lotion lightly around her stomach. I started to kiss that area right where her bikini bottoms started. "Edward." She groaned.

"Yes." I said still rubbing lotion on her while still giving her light kisses.

"Abby is right behind us."

"I know, I can see her. She isn't paying us any attention. Now let me finish my job miss." I grinned and stood up. I squirted some lotion in my hands then moved to Bella's chest and over the exposed part of her breast. She moaned and I moved in closer pressing my erection into her and she gasped.

"Now I am going to have this little problem the rest of the afternoon." I said kissing her on the neck and handing her the lotion back.

"Well I am sure you will think of some way to get rid of it." She smiled walking off from me to go sit in her chair.



The rest of the afternoon we stayed around the pool playing with Abby. Around 3:00 we went in and Bella fixed Abby some lunch. Then Bella went to give her a bath before Jasper and Alice came to pick her up.

I went ahead and took a shower and got ready before Jasper and Alice got came to Abby. Besides Bella had already told me that she didn't want me to see her until she was ready. So while waiting Abby and I watched one of her favorite movies, Lilo and Stich.

Around 5 o'clock Jasper and Alice showed up. Alice immediately ran upstairs to Bella.

Five minutes later Alice re-appeared smirking.

I pulled Abby away from the movie and said good bye to her. "Have fun with Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper and Mommy and me will see you in the morning."

"Ok daddy. I love you."

"I love you too sweetheart."


Time could not pass by fast enough. I had told Bella to be ready at 6:30 and it seemed like forever just waiting.

At 6:30 on the dot I heard the bedroom door open and I started to get nervous. I have had this planned for a long time. I had planned all of it out and I hoped that everything would go smoothly.

When Bella came into view I thought that my heart might stop. She looked gorgeous. Everything was running though my mind right then but the one thing that stood out was, How did I get so lucky?

She had on a deep purple dress with a one sided shoulder that came down to right above mid thigh. She had her hair in a loose, low bun with curls hanging out. (picture on profile)

"Edward?" Bella said catching my attention. "Are you alright? You haven't said anything."

"I am fine, it's just I can't describe how beautiful you look right now."

"Thank you." she said and I reached over and pulled her to me placing a soft kiss on her lips.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes I have been ready since you told me." I led her outside where there was a limo waiting for us just like how I had planned. We got in and started towards our intended destination.

"Now are you going to tell me where we are going."

"No you are just going to have to wait a little bit longer." I said placing a kiss on the hand I was holding. "In fact I need you to do something for me." I reached into my pocket and pulled out a blindfold. "I need you to put this on for me."

"Edward are you serious?"

"Please. The place where we are going want make sense to you at first so I want you to put this on."


A couple of minutes later we arrived and I led Bella out of the car and into the building and then into the elevator.

"Are you okay sweetheart?"

"Yes I am just ready to know where we are at."

I led Bella out of the elevator and stood behind her holding her waist. I looked around to find that everything was perfect.

"Alright Bella." I took off the blindfold and she gasped.

"Oh my god Edward."


I had been running through what Edward could have had planned but nothing had prepared me to what it was. Edward took the blindfold off we were on top of the roof of the office building overlooking the view of Charlotte. In front of me was a table set for two with candles and champagne and then off to the right was a gazebo decorated with my favorite flowers, lilies and with Christmas lights. An the sun was now setting.

"How do you like it?"

"Edward it is so beautiful. When have you has time to do this."

"I have been planning this for the past month."

"Oh my gosh, Edward this is beyond what I had been imagining."

"Would you like to dance?"

"Yes of course." We walked to the gazebo and the song "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston came on.

Edward started to lead us dancing. "Edward this is all so wonderful."

"It's all for you too." She said placing a kiss on my forehead.

Edward and I danced around just staring into each other's eyes. I have never felt more loved at that moment then I have in my whole entire life. After the song ended he led me to the table to eat.

"I still can't believe you did this." I said.

"I wanted to show you how much I love you." He replied.

I got up from my chair and went around to sit on Edward's lap.

"I know how much you love me and I want you to know that no matter what happens in life you will always be the love of my life. I will love you till my last breath and nothing nor nobody could ever change that." I said to him.

"Thank you." Just then I noticed two waiters come out with two silver trays. "You ready to eat." Edward asked.

"Yes." I walked back to my chair and the waiter set down the trays and removed the covers.

Edward and I ate our dinner and enjoyed light conversation mostly about us and Abby. After we finished dinner and I noticed the same waiters came out with two more trays.

I looked to Edward.

"Dessert." He answered my question without me having to ask it.

The waiters placed the tray in front us and removed the covers. I looked down to see a little blue box opened with a large diamond ring. My heart stopped. Edward walked over to me took the box and got on one knee.

"Bella you are the love of my life as well. You have given me a beautiful daughter and a life that I could have never dreamed of. Will you marry me?"

He wants to marry me.

Every single thing I had felt for Edward was running through me at that point. I looked down to Edward and saw all the love he had for me and Abby. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man and more.

"Yes Edward!! Yes a million times!" I exclaimed. Edward stood up and picked me up and gave the most passionate kiss I had ever had. He set me down and I started to pull him towards the elevator.

"Edward take me home. I need you."

That night Edward and I made love all night long. Literally.


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