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Summary: Annabeth and Percy bake cookies! Before TLO.

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You know that you feeling you get when you get time to kick back, relax, do stuff with your best friend and not have a care in the world? Well, let's say that doesn't happen too often with me. My mom and Paul were out on a date, so it was just me and Annabeth. And what were we doing?

"Ow! I hate ovens!" Annabeth screeched as she pulled her hand out from the oven, nursing her newly burnt finger.

Baking cookies, of course.

Blue ones, to be exact.

"Okay next batch, because I don't think we'll be eating these," Annabeth muttered to herself while turning away from the oven.

"Why not?" I peeked inside the oven and cringed, "Oh, wow. Nevermind." The cookies looked green and about ready to burst into flames. I wasn't exactly sure whose fault that was – mine or Annabeths.

"How do we get the dye in correctly?" she continued thinking aloud, searching the directions for an answer. The white shirt she was wearing had plenty of blue stains, and I had a feeling if they didn't come out I was going to get blamed for them

I spoke slowly as if I was talking to a little child. "You take the bottle, and put some in," I reached over the bowl (where Annabeth was kneading the dough), took the cap to the dye off and…accidentally spilled the whole thing.

"Seaweed Brain!" Annabeth jerked her hands out of the now very blue dough, "You're only supposed to put three drops in!"

It only took one glance at her newly dyed hands for me to start laughing. And once I did, I couldn't stop. After a few seconds, Annabeth surprised me by rubbing her hands all over my shirt, which also happened to be white.

"Much better," she grinned before turning around to wash her hands.

"That was a new shirt." I looked down at my new shirt, horrified.

"So? Maybe mine was too." She pointed to the multiple stains on her tee shirt.

But I just ignored her and searched around the room for something I could use in revenge. I specifically was looking for more food coloring. I soon realized I had spilt all of it earlier.

So all I could find was flour. Which was even better.

I called her name out loud. "Wise Girl…"

"What?" she turned around so quickly, that the handful of flour I was holding landed in her face. I was aiming for her hair, but that worked too.

"Oh no you didn't." she wiped her eyes with her elbow, seeing as the dye hadn't washed off yet.

"Maybe I did, maybe I-" I was interrupted by her shoving a bunch of chocolate chips into my mouth. I chewed before swallowing, "Hey, those are really good."

"Dang it. I was hoping you'd choke."

I gasped in mock horror. "Then who would you bake cookies with?"

"Somebody who can actually bake," she grinned as she tried fixing up the dough.

"Like who? Grover?"

"You'd be surprised," she chuckled while staring at me from the corner of her eye.

"Well you wouldn't have as much fun with them as with me," I pointed to the mess we had made.

"Probably not. Who else would throw flour in my face?"

"Or dye my tee shirt blue?"

She laughed. "That's true," she sat on the counter next to me.

"I hope these taste good." I stared wistfully at the dough, wishing we had just bought already made ones instead.

"Well, I'm sure they'll look fine," she grumbled, pointing to the blue stained dough.

"Just let it go." I grinned.

"Never." I now realized how close we were to each other.

"That's a really long time, you know," I started to lean in.

She soon started leaning in too, and for what appeared to be a millisecond, our lips touched. "Do you smell something burning?" Annabeth seemed to jump a mile back.

"The cookies!" We both darted for the oven.

"Ah, man!" I looked at the former green cookies, which had now turned a dark shade of black.

Annabeth giggled, "I knew they weren't going to taste good."

But I knew something else that did.

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