Hi all. Your favorite Legendary Legacy here (as though there were others to choose from), starting off my grand branching out from the Naruto fandom with a brand new Love Hina fic. It is a crossover, but since the crossed series doesn't have it's own section, I'll just be leaving it here. And though the crossed series is intended to be a mystery until later anyway, the guys over at TFF were able to identify it intstantly, so lets see if the readers here can do the same. If not, then I'll just announce it next chapter, though with the number of hints thrown about in this one...

Ah, either way, please enjoy.


The Ultimate!

A Love Hina Crossover fic

By Legendary Legacy

Standard Disclaimer: All characters and settings are the property of their rightful owners. The plot is my own.

Please enjoy.


It was a quiet and unsuspecting morning at the Hinata Sou. Quiet and unsuspecting just like the peaceful little village right before the earthquake. Sometimes the villagers might feel the small seismic tremors before the real impact hit, but a lot of times they would go unheeded by all except for those who had experienced them before. Or those who were just utterly paranoid about that sort of thing, even if they were mistaken more often than not. Or if they were animals and possessed that special innate sense about the world around them like all animals did.

Incidentally, Tama-chan will not be appearing in this story.

In this case, the first of the small seismic tremors took the form of a telephone ringing.

"Ah, could someone please get that? My hands are full in here," Shinobu called from the kitchen, where she was currently elbows deep in soapy water and dirty dishes.

Of the two people who were near enough to hear her request, one was Kitsune, who had achieved a new personal high (or low, as it were) by drinking enough to pass out a sparse ten minutes after breakfast had ended, and Keitaro, who was also shooting for a new personal best by not angering Naru or Motoko before noon, and as he was so far succeeding, was therefore still good and conscious.

"I've got it, Shinobu," he answered as he reached for the phone. "Hello?"

Behind him, Motoko silently descended the stairs with a textbook in her hand. She'd been hoping to get some help to a few problems from Naru, but having been unable to find her in her room, she was now weighing the worth of remaining ignorant to them over asking Urashima to explain them to her instead.

Before she got a chance to decide though, a second tremor hit.

"Oh, Tsuruko-san!"

The book dropped to the floor as Motoko nearly ran into the landlord in her rush to get close enough to try to overhear more of the conversation with her older sister.

"Yes, it has been a while now," Keitaro continued, oblivious to anyone that might be standing only a few inches behind him. "How have things been with you since last time? ...Good, good to hear. ...Yes, everyone is doing well here, too. ...Um, define 'crazy happenings'. ...Ah, well there was an incident last month, but...pardon? Today? ...No, no, that won't be a problem. I'm sure Motoko and the others would be glad to see you again."

Motoko paled considerably. Her sister was planning to visit today? What did that mean? The two of them hadn't really spoken much since the whole debacle that was Keitaro and herself fighting for their freedo...er, rather, fighting to prevent being married to each other.

There was probably a difference there, somewhere.

But if Tsuruko was really coming, then she would have to make preparations. Make sure the place was clean, maybe brush up on her sword skills in case she wanted to test her, make sure anything that could be used as embarrassing blackmail was safely hidden.

As Motoko continued her mental check-list while heading back to the stairs, Keitaro continued his conversation. "What's that? ...Oh, really? ...No, that's perfectly fine. I'll just tell Shinobu to set two extra plates for dinner, then."

A chill swept through Motoko's body, causing her to freeze in mid-step.

"Yes, I look forward to meeting him. I'll let the others know that you're coming. ...Okay, see you then. Bye."

Keitaro had barely replaced the receiver when he was spun around and lifted off the ground by the lapels of his shirt. Finding himself looking into the eyes of Motoko, which somehow managed to express blazing anger and icy fury at the same time, Keitaro was amazed that his body wasn't turned completely to stone.

"Him?" Motoko hissed.

"W-w-w-wha?" was his intelligible response.

"You said you looked forward to meeting 'him'," she elaborated, putting so much venom into the word 'him' that Keitaro actually grew dizzy, though that might have also been because his airways were being constricted by Motoko's gradually tightening grip. "Who is my sister bringing with her?"

"H-her hus-husband," he managed to get out.

There was a brief pause in which absolutely nothing moved, then the next moment Keitaro found himself landing painfully on his backside as Motoko sprinted up the stairway three at a time. A great racketing mixture of pounding feet, slamming doors, muffled voices, scuffling noises and finally a loud cry of outrage filled the house, grabbing everyone else's attention in the process, even managing to rouse Kitsune from her mid-morning black out.

In an instant, Motoko had returned, sword in hand and a large burlap sack slung over her shoulder.

"You'll thank me for this, Narusegawa!" she shouted behind her as she headed for the front door. "You'll ALL thank me for this later!"

"Motoko, what-?" Keitaro started.

"Don't wait up for me!" she called back right before the door swung shut.

Keitaro scratched his head in confusion, an action mimicked by both Shinobu and a still half-coherent Kitsune. Then, spotting a small black object on the floor that had apparently slipped out of Motoko's bag, Keitaro stooped down to retrieve it.

He blinked twice.


No one had any time to even attempt figuring that out before Naru stormed into the room. Her hair was damp and matted and her clothes a bit disheveled, suggesting that she'd recently exited the bath and been in the process of dressing before being interrupted. She was quickly followed by Su and Sarah, who both appeared even more confused, though not nearly as angry as Naru did.

"Can someone please explain to me why Motoko just ransacked my underwear drawer!?" she demanded.

"She got Su's, too," the Molmol princess announced.

"And mine," Sarah added.

Shinobu, whose face had already turned red at the thought of one of her friends, a female friend especially, stealing everyone's underwear, turned completely crimson as the implications of that thought hit her. Silently, she slipped past the others on the stairs and dashed to her room. Seconds later, a dismayed shriek told everyone what she must have found, or not found, as it were.

Kitsune hummed softly, pretty certain that she hadn't been left out. "Wonder if she found my special set in the hidden compartment on the side of the dresser," she wondered aloud as she stood up, fell over, got back up and stumbled upstairs.

Naru glared and pointed accusingly at Keitaro. "Somehow this is your fault! I don't know how you managed to manipulate Motoko into doing it, but when I find out-"

"Wait, I'm completely innocent, I swear!" he protested, holding up his hands in a placating manner. "I didn't have anything to do with this! It's just that I...I was...um..." His explanation died on his lips upon realizing that he still had a pair of panties hanging from his raised finger, which caused Naru's glare to increase.

"Um...a request?" he asked as she began bearing down on him.

"Make it quick," she answered, audibly cracking her knuckles.

"I have an important announcement to make to you all, so if you could hit me in such a way that wouldn't land me three blocks over?"

Naru considered the request, and then answered with an uppercut that launched the boy straight upward. It was such a perfect shot, in fact, that Keitaro ended up falling back through the same hole he'd formed on his way out.

"Flawless reentry!" Su cheered. "Nine point five!"

Sarah shook her head. "Seven point five. Dork could've stuck the landing better."

"Thanks," Keitaro mumbled to Naru as he struggled to straighten himself out.

Naru brushed her hands together. "No problem."

"I don't suppose you could do it that way from now on? It'd sure be more convenient than walking back afterward."

"Punishments aren't supposed to be convenient, but we'll see how good you are between now and then."

By the time he'd regained his bearings and gotten back to his feet, Shinobu and Kitsune had returned and everyone gathered around the couch.

"So what was your big announcement?" Naru asked once they were situated.

"Well, I just got off the phone with Motoko's sister, and apparently she and her husband are going to be stopping by in a couple hours," he explained, tilting his head slightly until his neck cracked.

"And what's the deal with Motoko?" Kitsune asked.

Keitaro shrugged. "Apparently it has something to do with Tsuruko and her husband stopping by in a couple hours."

The girls stared at him expectantly until he shrugged again. "And that's all I've got," he added helplessly.

"All right," Kitsune started after another brief pause. "Her family is coming for dinner, so she decided to steal all of our underwear." She slowly leaned back to gaze up at the ceiling, trying to wrap her mind around what she'd just said. Finally, she gave up. "I admit I'm a little more drunk than usual, so could one of you sober people tell me if that makes any sense at all?"

No one could, because they were still trying to work it out for themselves. It was Sarah who finally asked another question.

"What's the older kendo-girl's husband like?"

Naru went to answer, but stopped midway, looking confused. "Actually, I have no idea."

"Yeah," Keitaro nodded. "I guess we never did meet him last time we were in Kyoto, did we?"

"Well, hasn't Motoko ever mentioned him before?"

"No, not really. Not to me, anyway," Naru shrugged.

"All's I've ever heard was that she never liked him, never approved of her sister marryin' him and it was somehow due to him that she decided to move out here," Kitsune mentioned, gaining a few raised eyebrows for it.

"Maybe he just really hates girl's underwears, and Motokos took them away so he wouldn't get upset by them," Su suggested.

Sarah shook her head. "More like he probably loves girl's underwear a bit too much. Like enough to try stealing them from us."

Su held a finger to her mouth in thought. "Oh, so then Motoko took them away so he'd have to go out and buy his own."

Naru fidgeted nervously. "Surely he's not some huge pervert with a panty fetish, right? I mean, aside from certain psychotic tendencies that I'd rather not remember, Tsuruko seemed like a pretty rational woman. She wouldn't marry someone like that, would she?"

"A-ah, we probably shouldn't assume things like that before-" Shinobu started before being cut off by Kitsune.

"I sure hope not. Us girls have enough trouble protecting our virginal purity from our own pervert as it is." She said this as she slowly leaned against the pervert in question, gently rubbing her breast against his arm. "Isn't that right, you dirty, dirty manager, you?"

Keitaro often wondered how long it would take him to finally start growing desensitized towards Kitsune's feminine wiles. Obviously it wasn't going to be today, and flustered as he was, he said the first thing that came to mind. "...Er, you're a virgin?"

"Well, of course! What sort of girl do you think I am?" the fox-featured girl demanded, throwing herself on top of him, knocking Naru off the edge of the couch to the floor and causing Shinobu to whimper indignantly in the process. She leaned in to whisper softly into his ear, thought not so softly that the others couldn't hear. "But if you have a problem with that, you're perfectly welcome to do something about it."

Fortunately, Keitaro was saved the effort of trying to plea innocence to what was happening when Su and Sarah decided to follow Kitsune's example and dog-pile on top of the boy. Naru, having gotten up to yell at her friend to go sober up, just sighed at the goings on and sat herself on Kitsune's upper back next to the two younger girls. Shinobu, not wanting to be left out, gently positioned herself on top of Keitaro's and Kitsune's legs, tentatively rubbing those of the former in order to offer him a bit of comfort for his position.

But only to comfort him!


"Back to the matter at hand," Naru continued once she'd made herself comfortable. "I think we should seriously consider the notion that this guy is some sort of deviant, and if he's coming here, we should all be extra cautious around him."

"But what about Tsuruko?" Kitsune grumbled from her spot in the pile. "You said yourself that you didn't think she'd let him get away with stuff like that."

"Well, maybe she's in denial about it," she offered, trying to defend her hypothesis. "Or maybe she doesn't know at all. You know how some perverts are: Act all normal around people, then let their twisted desires run rampant when they think no one else is around." She looked down. "Right, Keitaro?"


"Are you insinuating that one or more of us is fat!?"

"...You uh...misheard me. I said I'm...having trouble...believing...that someone as perceptive as Tsuruko would be able to miss the fact that she'd married a pervert like that."

Naru frowned, scratching her cheek lightly. "Maybe. But if that's the case, then there's really only one other option."

The others waited on bated breath for her to elaborate.

"Obviously Tsuruko does know about his sick perversions, but she's afraid to do anything to try to stop him from fulfilling them."

Everyone let that sink in.

"But that kendo lady was super strong!" Sarah yelled. "Remember how badly she whipped Motoko last time she was here?"

Naru nodded her head grimly. "I know. And if this guy is really so strong that even Tsuruko can't stand up to him, it would mean that none of us would even stand a chance if he decided to come after us."

No one spoke for some time after that declaration. Naru remained grim, Shinobu looked ready to faint at any moment, Sarah was contemplating calling her dad to come pick her up, Kitsune and Su had both lost their respective laid back and cheerful dispositions, and Keitaro was turning blue from oxygen deprivation.

Naru turned to their tanned dorm mate. "Su, we're going to need some of your mechanical genius, here."

"Any specifications?"

"Whatever you come up with, make sure it's painful."

"I'm on it!" she shouted as she dashed up to her room.

The tremors continued.


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