These characters don't belong to me. All this started on You when I had a little chat with LovePeaceEmo so thanks to her for helping me come up with this. Thanks to the video I saw that inspired the whole thing (Xemnas like to ride his bicycle). Only characters that belong to me are Ari, the random fan girls, Karry, and any other random person that doesn't appear in Kingdom Hearts.

"Passports! Passports!" called out a random airline worker. "Aww, man! Why'd I have to leave my Keyblade with the security people?" whined Sora, dragging a large red suitcase. His best friend Riku carried a smaller silvery blue one and said "Cause you were stupid enough to not put it away. Besides, you can always just summon it back." "Yeah, but that's not the point. I'm the Keybearer! What if Heartless just came out of nowhere? What could happen to all these people?" said Sora somewhat worried. Riku rubbed his long silvery hair. "I guess me and Mickey could take care of it. And Kairi, too." he said. Sora just frowned and continued to carry the large bag. "Sora? When can we come out?" asked Goofy from inside. "Shh! When we get on the plane. They might find you!" whispered Sora. "But it's hot in here, Sora. And I'm thirsty." whispered Donald. "I'll get you some juice right now. But KEEP QUIET!" hissed the brown haired boy.

"Wait up! Mickey had to get something! Wait up, guys!" shouted Kairi. The two boys ( and the two animals in the suitcase) turned to see their redhaired friend Kairi trying to get their attention. "What did he need?" asked Riku. "He said he had to see something. But I'm not sure what." said Kairi. Sora moaned and started to spin the suitcase he was carrying. "What could the King have needed?" muttered the annoyed boy. "S-S-Stop Sora! We're gettin' dizzy!" groaned Goofy. "Oops. Sorry guys." apologized Sora and immediately stopped spinning the suitcase. "Well, fellahs! I got the tickets!" said Mickey Mouse as he came carrying a small black bag. "You barely got them? I thought we already had them!" said Riku with a annoyed expression. "You three did, but me and the fellas didn't! You can get out of the bag now." said the King. Sora poked the suitcase. No response. "Guys? Are you two okay?" asked Kairi as she unzipped the bag. "OH MY GAWD!" she screamed and backed away from the bag. Riku peeked inside. "What? They're just sleeping, Kairi. What's bad about that?" he asked. Kairi blushed. "I thought they died." she muttered. "Let's just get on the plane." said Sora. "What number is it?" asked Riku. Mickey opened his folder of tickets and said: "Flight 13, apparently."

"OH SHIT! We're gonna die!" shouted Sora. People began to stare at the spikey haired boy's panic. "Shut up! What do you mean that we're gonna die?" growled Riku. For good measure, he smacks his friend in the head. "Oww... I saw this movie where these kids went on Flight 13 and then like somebody told them it was cursed. And when they got off, everyone like started dying really messed up. One of the boys' heads EXPLODED!" explained Sora with a horrified expression. The entire group was silent. "And one of the girls was eaten by chipmunks! I DON'T WANNA BE EATEN BY CHIPMUNKS!!!!" wailed Sora. "YOU IDIOT! THAT WAS A MOVIE! NOT REAL LIFE!" yelled Riku and smacked Sora again. Sora burst into tears. "WAHH! Kairi, Riku's hitting me!" he sobbed, hugging Kairi. "Aww. It's okay, Sora. Riku won't hit you anymore. Will you, Riku?" said Kairi with a venomous glare at Riku. "I guess not." Riku mutters, dragging his feet across the blue tile under him. Damn, Kairi's scary sometimes. I wonder why she even likes Sora when he acts like that? I'm much better. Oh well. At least nobody's recognized us. thought Riku. "OH MY GAWD!!! IT'S RIKU!" came a shout from the other side of the waiting area.

"RUN! RUN! It's FANGIRLS!" screamed Riku. "Wha?" murmured Sora and looked up. "Awww. They're kinda cute! Hi, fangirls. Wanna autograph?" asked Sora, rummaging for a pen. "Riku, you're much cuter in person." said one of the girls, completely ignoring Sora and the rest of the group. "Yeah! And we think you should have your own game, not like let loser Sora have all the fun." sneered another one. "What? Riku has more fans than I do? That's not right....." muttered Sora, turning away from his friend. "HELP! Get 'em off of me!" hissed Riku, trying to get the various girls off of him. "Aww, Riku! Let's have some fun!" said one with silver hair. "NO! I have to get on the plane to Paris in five minutes!" Riku yells, still trying to get away from the fans. They immediately let go. "What? France? You're going to France?" asked one of the girls. Riku nodded and examined his arm to see if he needed to go to the hospital. It was really red and he had some bruises but he was going to be fine. "Awwwww..... We're going to Rome! Maybe you can come along?" coaxed one of the girls. "No thanks. Let's get on the plane, guys." said Riku as he ran off toward Gate 13.

The entire group began to run after the silver haired teenager as he boarded the plane. "Ticket?" asked the flight attendent as the group reached the gate. " Your majesty, the tickets?" asked Kairi. "They're in my pocket! Hang on." Mickey said as he began to search his shirt pocket. No tickets. "Maybe my pants?" Mickey murmered and searched his pant pockets. No tickets. "What! You lost the tickets?!" shouted Sora. "Umm. Excuse me?" said a timid voice from behind them. Sora looked behind Riku. A teenage girl was holding a folder of tickets. "Are these yours? I just found them. You guys are going to Paris, too?" she said, holding out the folder. "Yay! We can eat bagels!" shouted Sora in happiness. Riku hits him again. "That's croissant you moron!" says Riku. "Thank you!" said Kairi as the girl handed her the tickets. "I have a question for you guys." the girl says timidly. "What?" asked Riku. "Well... Are you guys cosplaying? Cause your costumes are awesome!" the girl said excitedly. The group glances at each other. "Umm... Actually, these are our normal clothes." said Mickey. "Oh. Then, are you guys the actual Kingdom Hearts group? You know, from the games?" Sora stares at the girl. "Games? What games?" he asked. "The Kingdom Hearts series. You know with Sora, Riku, Kairi, Donald, Goofy and the rest. And it's got some Final Fantasy characters in it too. Like Cloud, Leon, and Yuffie." explained the girl. Sora simply has a blank face. "What? We have a game?" he turns to the group. "Did you know we have a game?" Sora asked. They all simply shook their heads. "Actually, you have like four games. The first Kingdom Hearts where Sora, the main character, is fourteen. Chain of Memories where he falls asleep for a year. Kingdom Hearts 2 where Sora wakes up and is now fifteen. And a new one where you play as Roxas, Sora's Nobody." "What? Roxas has a game? But he's complete with me now. How can he have a game?" muttered Sora. "It's during the year while Sora is asleep. But it hasn't come out in the United States yet." says the girl. "Let's get on the plane." says Riku and everyone got on board. The girl who helped them with the missing tickets sat next to Sora at the window seat. She immediately starts playing a video game. "What are you playing?" asks Sora. "Chain of Memories. Hey, you wanna play too? I got an extra Gameboy." she says. "Sure! Who do I play as?" he asks, taking the red Game Boy Advance. "How about Riku? And I'll play as Sora. By the way, my name's Ari." "Mine's Sora. So, how do we play?" Ari quickly explains the basic rules to Sora. "Okay then! Let's start." he says. A rapid war between two great masters quickly followed.

Riku put his bag under his seat. A little girl sits next to him. "Hi! My name's Karry! What's your name?" she asks. Riku looks around. "Are you talking to me?" "Yes, silly! What's your name?" "It's Riku." "Oooh! That's a pretty name, lady." Riku frowns. "Did you just call me lady?" "Yup. With such pretty long hair, you have to be a girl!" says Karry with a big smile. "I'm a guy. Not a girl." Riku explains to the young girl. She frowns. "No. You're a girl!" Karry exclaims. "I'm a boy." "Girl." "Boy." "Girl." "I'm pretty sure I know my own gender, kid. Boy." "No. Girl." "Hahaha! Riku pwns!" shouts Sora from front of Riku. "Shut up!" Riku says annoyed. He smacks him. "What's wrong with you?! You hit me!" yells Ari. "Oops." mutters Riku. "I thought Sora was in front of me." he explains. "I wanted to see out the window so me and Ari traded spots." says Sora from the window seat. "Girl!" screams Karry. "Kairi! Kairi!" shouts Riku. Kairi turns around and removes her earphones. "What?" she asks. "Trade spots with me!" Riku asks desperently. "Sure." Kairi says and picks up her carry-on bag and walks to the seat near Riku. "Thank you God!" says Riku as he runs toward King Mickey. "One more round, Sora!" says Ari, glaring at her screen. "Yeah , so I can kick your butt again?" he taunts and continues playing.

{At this point, with Riku's long hair, I thought he was a new girl so yeah. That's what I mean.}