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Roxas wakes up.

"Where the hell am I?" he says. He looks out the window.

"Oh, right. Destiny Islands. And I'm talking to myself now...." Roxas gets out of the bed.

"Wait! Where the hell are my clothes?!" He sees them on the dresser and picks up the little note on them.

Dear Roxas,



But then Sora's mom washed them and made me give them back.

BTW, I'm keeping the money I found.



The Mysterious 14

"THAT BITCH!" Roxas pulls on his clothes and runs out the door.

"GIVE BACK MY CASH! And is that sea salt ice cream?!" Roxas yells at Xion. Her, Riku, Sora and Kairi were all eating ice-cream.

"Yeah. Want some?" Riku pulls one out from a cooler.

"YEAH!" Roxas snatches it and starts happily eating it.

"He's Sora's Nobody alright." Kairi says, amused.

"HEY! What's that supposed to mean?!" Xion, Sora, and Roxas say in unison. Axel, Marluxia, and Larxene all walk up.

"Gimme!" Larxene yanks the sea salt pop out of Roxas' hands and takes a big bite out of it.

"Ya shouldn't have done that.." Axel says and pulls out another one. He jabs it into Roxas' mouth before he could kill Larxene.

"UGH!" Roxas starts choking on the ice-cream. Marluxia rolls his eyes.

"Kairi, how'd you get your hair so soft-looking?" he asks.

"Well... I use a good conditioner."

"Really? Tell me more." Marluxia and Kairi start talking about hair care.

"And he says he's not gay....." Axel mutters. They all sit down on the sand.

"Well? Now what?" Roxas asks, blue in the face from the oxygen deprivation,

"Not sure. Guess we can hang around here for a while." Riku says and opens a soda.

"Nah. There's gotta be somethin' we can do." Larxene says bored.

"Not really. Not much to do here." Sora says. They hear a loud popping noise.

"What the hell?" Axel sits up. A HUGE black portal was swirling on the beach.

"AXEL! LARXENE! XION! MARLY! ROXAS!" shouts an all too familiar voice.

"OH SHIT IT'S THE SUPERIOR!!!!" they all shout. They all stand up. Xemnas storms out of the portal, Namine right behind him.

"Roxas!" She runs over and hugs him.

"YOU GUYS ARE SO DEAD!" Xemnas yells. Axel rubs his head.

"We shoulda called right?" Axel says sheepishly. Xemnas glares at him. The huge portal is still open and some of the other members come out.

"HAS HE KILLED THEM YET?!" Xigbar shouts.

"NO!" The rest of the Organization, Frank, Yuffie, Leon, Cloud, Aerith and Ari all come out of the portal.

"HEY! Sora's back to normal!" Ari rushes over and gives him a hug. Xaldin pulls them apart.

"Ari-sama, we don't hug the enemies of your father." Vexen says. Ari pouts.

"BUT WHY?! Sora-kun's my friend!" Demyx comes out of the water.

"Is Sora's crazy cousin done?" He drags the remains of his blue surfboard out of the ocean.

"Yep." Riku says.

"YAY! Sora's not a baby!" Yuffie squeals and hugs him too. Aerith runs over and hugs the both of them. Leon and Cloud just stand there, unsure of what to do.

"Let's have ice-cream!" Sora shouts. Xemnas chucks a rock at him.


"Don't be mean to Sora, daddy." she says.

"Yes dear."

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Riku shouts. Ari turns around.

"What? Xemnas is my dad. That's why I went to France in the first place. To hang out with him." Sora looks at Xemnas.

"Can't see the resemblance." Kairi says.

"You five are in SOOO much trouble! WHY THE HELL DIDN'T ONE OF YOU CALL ONE OF US?!" Xemnas shouts at Axel, Larxene, Marluxia, Xion and the blushing Roxas.

"We were busy." Larxene says with a venomous glare.

"Hey.... Let's go back to the hotel." Riku runs through the portal. Sora and Kairi follow. Yuffie shrugs and goes through. The rest of the group follow.


"We won't do it again, Superior. Honest." Roxas says.


"NO WAY!" Larxene yells.

"OH YES! No television, no phone, no computer, no bonfires, no flowerbeds, AND NO NAMINE!" Roxas bursts into tears.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The posies will wilt!" Marluxia cries.

"Too dang bad!" Xemnas shouts. Ari steps in.

"Dad? Roxas, Xion and Axel were trying to get Sora to normal." Ari says. Xemnas thinks for a minute.

"You three are off the hook!"

"WOO!! See ya!" The trio runs through the portal.

"What about us?!" Larxene demands. Xemnas glares at her.

"You're grounded." With that, he disappears into the portal. Ari follows.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE!" Larxene storms into the portal. Marluxia looks around. He's the only one on the beach.

"Wait for me!" He runs through. Everyone was hanging out.

"Well... I'm guessing this is the end of us being here. See ya." Riku, Sora, Kairi and Ari leave.

"Hey..... Ari-chan left." Zexion says. Lexeaus looks up.

"So?" Xigbar says.

"Well... Shouldn't we go after her?" Zexion points out. Xigbar motions to the door.

"Go ahead lover boy."

"Lover boy?"

"Whatever, Twilight freak.." Xigbar eats the rest of the pizza bagels. Xemnas appears.

"Pack your bags. We're leaving." he says and picks up the phone to call the airport.

"Seriously?" Xion says.

"Yup. Pack." He gets through and orders the 16 tickets.

"When are we leaving?" Riku asks Mickey.

"Whenever you guys want." Donald gets up and starts to pack.

"Now." They order the tickets and leave the hotel.

"MAN! This vacation was nice!" Sora says. Riku glares at him.

"YOU GOT ARRESTED!" Sora shrugs.

"Better than when we went to Halloween Town."

"He's got a point." Kairi says. Riku rolls his eyes.

"Whatever." He runs up to wait in line for the plane.

"SORA!! RIKU!! KAIRI!!" Ari shouts from the front of the line.

"HI ARI!!!" Sora waves. Riku waves too. He sends her a text.


Can we cut you?


She sends one back.


You owe me though.


"C'mon." They move their things to the front of the line, in back of the Organization and the Final Fantasy group.

"Hey guys! You guys leaving too?" Yuffie asks as she starts to juggle Materia. One slips from her hands and beans Vexen in the head. He slips and falls into the rope.

"Sorry....." Saix helps Vexen up. They hear the attendants call various flight numbers. And then she calls theirs.

"Let's go!" Everyone files into the plane.

They're all sleeping when Axel gets up.

"What's going on?" he thinks. He looks out the window. A man glares at him from the other side.

"WHOA! Xion!" Axel shakes her awake.

"Wha? Wha's goin' on?" she mumbles sleepily.

"There's a guy on the wing of the plane." Axel whispers. She looks and there's no one there.

"Go to sleep." Xion rolls over and falls asleep. Axel whimpers and lowers the blind on the window. After a few minutes, he raises it.

"Hiya!" The man says with a savage grin.

"EEP! Xion!" Axel tries to wake her up but she doesn't. The man flicks Axel off.

"HEY! FUCK YOU!" Axel yells.

"Shuudap!" Riku throws a pillow at him.

"It's NOT MY FAULT! The guy-" Riku storms over and smacks Axel.

"Quiet. OR ELSE." Riku returns to his seat.

"There's no one on the wing, there's no one on the wing." Axel mutters to himself. He looks. The man is taking apart something from the wing.

"HEY! Stop that!" The man pulls down his pants and moons Axel.

"That's IT! No more Mr. NICE AXEL!"

"Be quiet Axel......" Xion murmurs. The man throws something off of the plane and into the ocean.

"NO!" The plane starts to rock and spin.

"WHOA! What's going on?!" Sora yells as they start floating upside-down. The plane was going down.

"HELP!!!" Xion screams as one of the wings catches on fire. The plane crashes into the ocean.

"Whoa!" Axel wakes up for real this time. He looks around.

"Bad dream....." He goes back to sleep.