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Chapter 1 - King's Fool

Naoto Shirogane sighed as she pushed her suitcase against a wall, sitting on the ridiculous heart-shaped bed and tugging off her shoes, letting them fall to the floor. What a farce this trip is. She thought to herself softly. She was here in Inaba for a single reason, to solve the mystery of the murders that were plaguing the town. She had, of course, found a number of suspects. Some had turned out to be innocent, some had found alibis. And some. . . seemed almost determined to be accused.

As she had found herself doing lately she reached up to massage her temples through her short tresses, hoping to alleviate her mounting headache. There were a few reasons she had joined Yasogami high school in the Inaba province. Initially she had intended to use the transfer to mask her appearance in the area, to let her wander around as a student, disguised even in plan sight. Secondly it was to allow her a chance to interact with some of the people whom had been kidnapped previously. Though the police labelled them as simple vanishing acts, she was certain they were related to the murders. Kanji Tatsumi and Yukiko Amagi had proven less than helpful in her initial questionings.

Not that they were obstructing her. In fact they had tried their best to be helpful she supposed. Tatsumi had defied all her expectations, by being a rather bashful youth who simply seemed to want to protect his mother. He had seemed nervous, which had roused her suspicions initially. . . But his own kidnapping and appearance on the Midnight channel alleviated further suspicion.

Unbidden, Naoto's eyes slid to regard the small television in the room, before she closed them with a sigh. It wasn't raining, and would not for over a week. What a ridiculous line of inquiry she had followed in regards to that. . . a TV working at night with no power, and showing people. . . She should not have believed it. DID not believe it. Naoto was humble enough to be thankful that she had however.

It had shocked her initially, she would even imagine to feeling a little frightened. Naoto considered herself a good judge of character, it was necessary for a detective. Kanji had not willingly been on that channel, but he had appeared a few days before he disappeared. Had appeared before she spoke to him, and he had known nothing about it.

Yukiko Amagi had been the other victim, kidnapped before Naoto had arrived in Inaba. Questioning her had proven fruitless, like Kanji after the event, she remembered nothing. The two of them had, however, led her to one of her main suspects. Souji Seta, the nephew of the chief Ryotaro Dojima. One boy arrives in Inaba, immediately the murders begin. Not long after, she knew, he was in contact with all the victims. Appearing before her, even as he inexpertly stalked Kanji with his companions. She had been doubly surprised when he had approached her. The young boy had apparently had no suspicions about Naoto, clearly taking his words about Kanji to heart before leaving. At the time not realising what trouble he was getting himself into.

Less than a week later Kanji returns to the city, unharmed. Or so the reports said. Questioning Kanji's mother had revealed that the boy had needed extensive time from school, apparently to recover from extreme exhaustion that kept him abed for weeks. Naoto had asked about the seriousness of this, only for the old lady to explain it away as exhaustion or stress. Two weeks later and the boy is inseparable from Souji and his group.

Most suspicious.

The next introduction into this little game had been Rise Kujikawa, an idol who was worth millions. Constantly on television and now retiring to Inaba to rest. Naoto had known she was too good a target for any murderer to miss. Dojima's loose lipped subordinate, Adachi, had been rather helpful in this regard, letting Naoto know that yet again, Souji and his group had contacted her, and apparently informed her of the murders. Really the boy and his friends had no tact or subtlety.

True to form the idol had been kidnapped. So quickly that Naoto was forced to question the basic intelligence of the Inaba police department. The results were summarised again in her mind. One and a half weeks down the line she reappears again, makes some excuse about not remembering anything…. And begins to hand around Souji Seto. A little more inseparable than Kanji.

Naoto had approached them soon after that, cast her die as it were, and confronted them. Souji had been quick to answer her with a vague comment, thanking her for the news that the killer had been caught and expressing his relief. He was an intelligent one, she could tell. Some of the others had, however, been less controlled. Shocked glances, surprised expressions. . . they all hinted at a little more intense knowledge than should be expected.

This was why Naoto was here. Still in this school. She had found an enigma in Souji. She didn't for a moment believe that the youth Mitsuo was the true killer. It was too ridiculous an assumption that one could kill with no evidence so easily, then fall back to smashing someone over the head from behind. The methods did not match. The intelligence did not match.

She felt that the answer would lay with Souji. She had begun to suspect for a while, that rather than kidnappings. He might be involved in the rescue operation. It would certainly explain why he had no trouble gathering survivors to him. Safety in numbers, and belief in those who would aid them. The method of rescue would be closely linked with the method of murder, something Naoto still did not have. The knowledge would certainly aid her in the investigation. It was however, obvious that he would not give such information to her freely.

So here she was. In a love hotel. On a heart-shaped bed. Thankfully not naked, and not about to seduce a young man for information. She tried to laugh at her inside joke, but found it simply annoyed her. This school trip was a farce.

She had been forced to sit through lectures with pompous individuals who seemed to have no interest beyond promoting themselves, kept in a separate classroom from any of the people who held her interest, and thoroughly frustrated. Then they had been led to what could only be called a love-hotel. A sleazy joint where perverted old men might lead drunken young girls before they took advantage of them. Which led to her current situation. At least they did not need to share rooms, something she had mercifully been spared from.

Her work wasn't over for today however. She sighed as she climbed back to her feet and pulled her shoes on again. She had overheard Rise mention to some female friends of hers, that she would be taking her Senpai's to a local club that owed her some favours. Much to the squealing delight of those hair brained girls. Such a locale was sure to be perfect for them to discuss their situation and their plans upon returning to Inaba. And Naoto was determined to be on the edge of any such discussions, listening in.

As such she would intended to head to this club early, perhaps have a drink to calm herself. Leaving her jacket behind she stuffed her small leather wallet into her trouser pocket and pushed her cap down over her head. Much to her disgust, Naoto's heart shaped face could easily give her away if one was to stare too deeply.

Two hours later found Naoto leaning against a wall by the dance floor. Sipping a cocktail in one hand as her eyes inspected the dance floor. She looked anti-social and in deep thought, much like any other lone male at a club then. The club seemed almost empty however. Perhaps it was the time, or maybe the date, but for whatever reason, there were very few people to hide amongst. It was a slightly distressing consideration, that she might fail in this endeavour simply because this club lacked in custom.

"Naoto-kun?" A voice chirped out from her right, drawing her attention as her eyes widened a little. Kujikawa and Amagi were barely two feet away from her, other girl and men in tow. She cursed herself for being so bloody obvious in this place. All she could do now was play it safe and exit the situation.

"Good evening Kujikawa-san, Amagi-san." She replied in her deep voice, bowing her head gently to them in small greeting. It was a known fact that a calm expression and actions could convince most people that you had all the right in the world to be there.

"What brings you here Naoto-kun?" Kujikawa asked in her usual boisterous manner. The procession had caught up with them now, Hanamura and the strange blonde stared at her with curious expressions. Tatsumi was refusing to meet her eyes, looking the opposite direction. Seta. . . He was staring straight into her eyes. It was only fair, she accepted. She was following them and had showed clear suspicion towards them. Clearly Souji Seta was the leader of their group, she felt she might have been offended if he wasn't cautious of her. You show your intelligence in being wary of me Seta, but can you stop me?

"I had been interested in our locale, and was decided to scout the area. I had thought to take a small break in here for some rest and a drink. Yourselves?" Naoto tried to keep her eyes on the grey haired boy but found her attention caught by Kujikawa as she let out an excited . . . whoop.

"That's perfect Naoto-kun! We were so bored and wanted to have some fun. Won't you join us!?" She moved closer to Naoto, who took a quick step back with a small blush on her cheeks, not going unnoticed by Hanamura who let out a short laugh. They wanted her to stay? Theoretically she knew she should calmly accept the advantage handed to her, but inside she was simply so shocked that anyone wanted her company.

"You... want me.. to stay?" She stuttered out lamely, her mind not catching up with her mouth for once in her life. There was a round of excited nods from the girls and the bright blonde, and a grudging shrug from Hanamura. She noticed Seta closing his eyes and sighing, and that brought her mind sharply back into focus.

"I would... enjoy that." The word tasted wrong on her lips, but it was the truth. Plus making Seta frown like that was certainly an added bonus, as well as a confirmation that he was somehow involved in business he should not be. Right into my trap Sempai, right into my trap.

"This is a farsh." Naoto mumbled out loud, though her brows drew together soon after. That hadn't sounded quite right. Loud giggles drew her attention to the dark haired girl sitting near her, whose face was flushed red for some reason.

"What's a farsh Naoto-kun?" She enquired, dragging the -kun out over many syllables. Naoto leaned back and spread his arm out.

"Ah... nothing Amagi-san... " She placed a hand on her head and shook herself for a moment. She had felt blurry just then. She suddenly lurched and for a moment thought she had lost all balance, only to realise the girl on her left had suddenly flown to her feet and displaced her.

"King's Game!" Rise Kujikawa shouted, louder than necessary, Naoto felt. "I will exshplain the rules!" She shouted out, but paused as Naoto climbed to her feet.

"I know the rules to this game," she lied, "please explain while I use the bathroom, I promise I will return in a moment." She quickly made her way to the bathroom, catching herself from entering the females and instead going into the men's. There was no one inside but she didn't intend to use the toilets anyway. She made her way to the mirror and sink. What's wrong with me, I feel overly warm and fuzzy. . . . like my limbs are slightly too big for my body. Sure enough the mirror showed a face that was slightly redder than usual, and on further inspection her eyes were slightly glassy. It's as if I've been drinki- Oh hell. They were meant to be non alcoholic. They were minors. They wouldn't have served them alcohol right?

Calm down Naoto. Alcohol could be a blessing here! I can get so much more information from loose lips. She just had to be careful not to wag her own too much, a concern that would normally make her smirk. No doubt her Grandfather would love to see her now.

She took a few more deep breaths and scooped some tap water into her mouth to rinse herself a little. Feeling more refreshed and in control of herself she pushed herself from the room, determined to make a decent showing of herself. She needed to act friendly and calm, to avoid rousing any suspicions.

"Naoto-kun! Drink all your glass!" Satonaka crowed in delight, showing her stick with the red band on it for all to see. Naoto's face blanched for a moment before calming.

"You cannot select me by name Sempai, I'm sure you need to choose a number." It had only taken her two or three rounds in order to learn the rules of the game. Certainly it was an easy game to grasp. The short haired brunette frowned before replying.

"Fine! Then I choose two! Drink all your drink." There was a shuffle as everyone checked their sticks, Naoto looked at her own and found two black bands staring at her mockingly. I don't believe it. . . She refused to respond to that infuriating smirk but stood instead, silently telling everyone that it was her. Gently she picked up the glass of some. . . unknown cocktail… that she had been nursing for the last fifteen minutes. True detectives weren't afraid to drink, and certainly a single cocktail would not phase them. She would have felt embarrassed in drinking such normally, but luckily it had been Kujikawa-san who had procured their beverages.

Dimly she noticed everyone chanting the words "drink" as she held the glass before her face. Really, she didn't know why she was agreeing to this. Surely her attitude, her very reputation, should have allowed her to back out.

Then she saw him reflected in the glass. His mop of grey hair and an insufferable smirk on his face as he watched her. She dashed the image in quick anger by tilting the glass back and letting the sickly sweet concoction flow down her throat. She turned to sit down, flashing Seta a victorious expression as she did so, he responded with a raised eyebrow and small smile. A few rounds passed before Naoto was again involved in the game. There had been a few experiences the usually taciturn detective had actually found entertaining. Seta being forced to balance Hanamura on his shoulders as they staggered about. Also Tatsumi screaming as the bright blonde kissed him. Truly priceless. Naoto also knew that she had drunk two more glasses of … something… in that time, she had stopped caring a little while back however. It had become so obvious to her that Seta was her adversary, a clever leader who was good at hiding his intentions from her. He knew she was shadowing them, from the guarded expression he kept as he watched her. She felt it was pointless to hide that fact anymore.

"I'm the king! Yes, revenge!" Tatsumi shouted as he rocketed to his feet, his expression showing that he considered the red stick before him as some true panacea. Naoto noticed the worry on Hanamura's face, which she felt came with valid reason. Truly he was almost pathologically unfortunate at this game.

"Number one; sit in six's lap for the rest of the game!" There was some giggles at this, Naoto was surprised this was Kanji's revenge, he certainly was a bashful person. Still, she would not want this challenge. She opened her fist and inspected her chopstick. Six rings regarded her. She took the time to count them again. And again.

"Thank God." Hanamura whispered, immediately receiving a withering glare from Naoto. It was alright for some!

"I am number one." A voice intoned, drawing Naoto's attention to her fate. Seta. What were the chances?

"I have shix." Naoto slurred, her shock forcing her to miss the tight control she was trying to keep over her voice. She was tipsy. She admitted it. "Six, sorry."

"Souji in Naoto's lap?" Amagi cackled. "Does the math even work?" She continued laughing, Satonaka and Hanamura joining in as Naoto's face went red and she looked away from Seta. Damn her size.

"Uh… then six can sit in one's lap." Kanji allowed with a shrug. A sly smile appeared on Seta's face as he quickly sat down and spread his legs in invitation. The others laughed but Naoto saw the challenge. He was taunting her and making her come to him and sit in his lap. It would only be all the more galling if he had known she was a girl. She suddenly hoped he didn't find out from her body sitting against his. . . For she would accept any challenge and defeat him.

Her hands gripped into small fists as she stood up, taking a little more time than necessary to steadily pick up her drink. She needed to think of a way to beat Seta, maybe it was the alcohol or the atmosphere but she was feeling both excited and also giddy. She could be sitting with a potential killer, or someone involved in a murder case. They both knew that the other was suspicious of them. It was a dangerous game. And Naoto was loving it.

Again people began to chant her, or his, name as he walked to Seta. She forced a small smirk onto her face to hide the nervousness that was creeping through her. She used her foot to kick his legs apart, his eyes widening a little at the brave gesture. Turning on her feet she pushed back and sat directly on Seta's crotch, pressing the full length of her body against him. She felt a tick on her head when the "full length of her body" meant his chin could rest on the top of her cap. She quickly took a long drink to hide her blush. Also to block out the cheers given by the others at her actions, she did notice with some small pleasure that Seta seemed to not know what to do with his hands, which lay limply on the seat beside him.

"Well done Naoto-kun!" Kujikawa crowed whilst laughing. "Hmmm… shounen-ai." There was a few more laughs, especially from Hanamura, as Naoto and Seta both blushed. Sighing a little Naoto squirmed to try and get herself comfortable. In the end she found it easier to let her legs dangle against his as she rested against his chest. The game continued soon after.

"Naoto-kun, could you pass me my drink?" A warm voice whispered into her ear, making her twitch for a moment as it tickled her skin. Not wanting to cause a scene at the moment she reached forward and took his drink, holding it over her right shoulder for him to take. She raised an eyebrow but said nothing as he left his hand and the glass resting on her thigh once he had finished. Surely two men would not balk at such casual contact? Carefully she rested her own glass and hand by his, feeling a small blush as she did. Her right thigh was her resting point though, if he wanted to make use of it he would have to bloody well share!

"Why are you really here Shirogane?" His voice whispered into her ear again, she took a small sip of drink to wet her lips before responding.

"I am investigating the murders in Inaba. You already know this Seta-sempai." She would not give him any information that might help him, until he offered her the same respect.

"You have been shadowing us. For a while now I would imagine."

"Indeed that is so." Another sip, the sweet taste had grown on her.

"Why us detective? What possible interest could a group of high-school kids hold for you?" Playing dumb? A wise choice in many cases, but where they both knew he was lying it was simply insulting to her. Did he think so low of her abilities?

"You mean other than the companionship of people my own age?" Innocuous a comment to many, but it was an insult returned to him, accusing his own incompetence. Naoto's eyes widened as she felt an arm snake around her waist, gently rubbing her stomach through her shirt. The hell!?

"But of course detective, do you feel close enough to us now?" The hand continued massaging and despite herself she relaxed a little. She was armed, he was not. There was little he could do, and it did feel nice. Two could play at such a game however.

"Yes Sempai. You take care of me so much. I wonder if you will invite me to join in your extra-curricular activates?" She leaned back heavily against him as she said this, hoping to embarrass him into giving up. Letting him know she was following them after school hours was a calculated risk on her part. Certainly it would add some pressure. Some of the others were whispering now, a few eyes glancing at them, some with blushes. Well sempai, I will find myself dreadfully unaffected by any rumours of sexual preference. I wonder if you are as unshakeable hmm?

"Not yet Naoto-kun, but I can certainly take care of you if you get in too deep." He tightened his arm around her waist suddenly, pulling her into his hard chest. The message in both actions were not lost upon her. She hadn't expected him to threaten her directly. Her suspicions flared to life again. He could easily be the killer.

"You can certainly try." She answered, taking his hand and pulling it to her chest. With her breast so tightly bound down there was no danger there, and besides it wasn't her breast she led him to. She felt him go still in sudden shock. She pressed his hand further into her gun and holster, before releasing him. Her message made very clear.

"Have we missed the game?" She asked the others suddenly, noticing that they had not drawn any sticks for a while now. A few smiles turned to her.

"We didn't want to interrupt the two of you, you looked very comfortable." Hanamura replied with a teasing smirk, his eyes directed over her shoulder. Amusingly she noticed at least two of the girls giving her quite … frustrated. . . looks. "Was Souji groping you just then?" She ignored that question, though she could only hope Seta was blushing.

"How considerate of you Hanamura-sempai. Are we calling it the end of the evening?" She did think everyone looked a little worse for wear. Naoto knew she herself would be sleeping heavily tonight, and probably waking with a headache. But she felt she had held herself well for his first drinking endeavour, luckily she had forced herself to only sip at everything.

"One last round." Amagi gushed. "Each person gets to nominate one person, and that person has to answer a question or make the forfeit!!" Naoto could feel Seta stiffen behind her even as she shook with silent mirth. Naoto had certainly found an ally here.

"Me first." She continued with a flushed face, "Naoto!" Or maybe she wasn't on Naoto's side after all? "Are you gay?"

For the love of- Such a loaded question. Though she knew she had a secret to keep, she also felt she should abide by the rules of their little game. After all, she expected the others to tell nothing but the truth.

"I do not have time for romance with my line of work." Amagi made to speak again, with a frown on her face but Naoto interrupted with a sigh. "If I did however, I would prefer men." There were more raucous cheers from the group at the table, though Hanamura's looked a little strained. Naoto felt she could have laughed at the rather rigid arm wrapped around her stomach. Backfired sempai?

"I'll go next." Hanamura interrupted to try and dispel the tension, "Rise. Who do you fancy the most in our school?" The girl in question blushed and held her face in her hands for a moment.

"I don't want to answer, what's the forfeit?" Hanamura shrugged and looked to their unofficial game-leader Yukiko Amagi.

"Anyone who forfeits has to kiss the person who asked them! On the lips!"

"Aghh!" Rise yelped, "Souji, I like Souji!" She then went bright red and wouldn't meet anyone's eyes. Naoto rolled her eyes to herself. Seta was nothing special. He was intelligent, very clever in fact. Quite quick witted and mysterious too. But certainly nothing that would interest her.

"Fine then, now that I'm embarrassed. Naoto." What? She thought to herself annoyed.

"You cant ask a person twice!" Amagi interrupted, coming to Naoto's rescue, though at the same time unwittingly causing a flash of panic to engulf her. Don't ask Seta damn it.. . .

"Fine then. Yukiko! Where on earth did you learn all these drinking games!?" The entire table paused at that comment. Good question. What reason would the prim and proper girl have to know these kind of pursuits??

"Ah well.." she laughed, "I serve a lot of different people. When I was younger the men who would get drunk would play. They could be really friendly to a young girl as well, they used to call me little manager and talk with me." Interesting but Naoto had no time to think on it.

"I will go next if I may?" There didn't seem to be any objections, and she was forced to smile inside. Though her own question had been embarrassing, it had inadvertently made her immune to Seta, and any counter attacks he might have wanted to make. "Seta."

"Yes, Naoto-kun?" He responded with a calm voice, too calm. She knew she needed to be careful in her wordings, to keep him from having any room to navigate out of answering her. She felt he was intelligent enough to notice an escape route.

"What is your involvement in the Inaba murders?" The table went silent, mostly. The girls didn't seem bothered, perhaps having not heard her. Hanamura's face was shocked but quickly schooled to silence. She felt he might be the second in command. She would have liked to ask what the method of murder was, but there was the chance he might not directly know, or simply be an accomplice. To which he could honestly answer "I don't know."

She turned on his lap to be able to look into his eyes. There was always the chance he would simply lie. His expression and eyes would help her discern this however. She settled herself in a position she felt must have looked quite suggestive to the others. With her legs on either side of his hips, facing him on her knees. Her hands were resting on his own knees behind her. Her bum was parked on his upper thighs. This would have been easier were she not consigned to sit in his lap for the entire game.

"Well . . .?" She whispered mockingly. "Souji-kun?" She had him now, their game had been a long one but at the end she had manoeuvred him into a corner and would gain from him either information, or irrevocable proof that he was involved in the murders at Inaba. His eyes flashed for a moment as his usually calm face twisted in small annoyance. Naoto could not stop her lips from curving upwards.

"I guess I should take care of you now then Naoto-kun?" He whispered, only loud enough for her to hear. Her eyes widened at the words as she realised her hands were not in a good position to reach her gun. Surely he would not in such a populated pla-

It was the startled screams and shouts that first grabbed her attention, her hands shot to her chest but found that he hadn't made a grab for her gun. His arms were instead on her upper arms, holding her tight. She looked up at him to question what he was about to do, only to feel her eyes widen as he leaned quickly towards her. No wa-

His lips slammed into hers angrily, kissing her with more force than she could ever expect. She could feel her lips being crushed against his own as he tilted his head to give him better access. Uncomfortable warmth was spreading through her body as her lips tingled, her eyes shot wider as she felt something soft and wet touch run along her lower lip. Instinct made her open her mouth to shout out, which turned out to be a mistake. Seta's tongue dipped into her mouth, gently touching against her own and rubbing against it. Despite herself she gasped against him and her arms pressed against his hard chest to balance herself. Not being able to understand the strange feelings shooting through her she closed her eyes and leaned forward.

With her eyes closed she suddenly felt that she could feel every individual thing he was doing to her. His fingers on her arms had weakened and slipped to gently rub her shoulders. His fringe was brushing against her forehead, tickling her gently. His lips were moving slowly against hers, pushing and rubbing against them. She was amazed how much she could feel through her lips. Her tongue pressed against his for a moment, initially to try and push him out, only to become lost as it ground against his own, becoming feverish and hot.

"Jesus…" A male voice whispered out. Snapping her attention back to her. Souji was kissing her. No, her sempai was molesting her mouth. She wasn't a girl to be kissed like this, she was a man, wanted to be. Angrily she pushed herself away from him, her eyes snapping open to regard his flushed and panting face. She knew she was breathing heavily as well. She wanted to be a detective, assertive, not sitting in some man's lap like this!!! She pushed herself out of his lap, ignoring the rule and sitting beside him, making sure not to meet his expression as she crossed her arms over her chest. She looked to regard the others at the table. Hanamura looked shocked out of his little mind. Kanji was stunned also, with a blush on his face. Yukiko was laughing like the little hyena Naoto had seen she could become. Satonaka and Kujikawa looked green with jealousy.

How had this even started? She wanted information and to remain unobtrusive and in the shadows. Now she was here, the focus of everyone's attention as she shocked men and made herself an enemy of the girls. To think that boy would rather do that than simply break the rules and lie! Surely the result was the bloody same. They both knew that Naoto suspected him all the more now that he had something he was desperate to hide. It would have been easier for BOTH of them just to admit that… either outright, or subtly, by lying in the game!

"Uhmm… shall we call it a night?" Hanamura suggested lightly. Seta immediately climbed to his feet and agreed. Naoto made sure she was the last one to agree, and to follow them.

She knew they had something to hide now. Also the hierarchy of their little. . . group. Seta was clearly a very dangerous individual also. It was the unpredictable ones that were dangerous. They were difficult to understand, she would have to watch him closely.

She hated herself as the blush took control of her face.

That bastard.

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