Not a chapter! ALAS! Rather a small tarot Tutorial, since a few commented on it. If you aren't interested in the Tarot, please don't feel you have to read. ;)

Well, a few people asked for it, so I shall write it. It won't take the place of a chapter of course, which is why this update is so quick. Just a quick Tarot Court explanation. As an answer to one review, I don't know of any "quiz" that tells you what you are, there may very well be one, but I don't find them to be good methods. Mainly because there are very few "yes" or "no" answers here, and in many cases to the possible question "What is more important to you? Family – friends – lover. There could be multiple answers, so I don't like them.

So here is a vague tutorial, it is very vague, and then information on the Courts.

Anyway, A Tarot deck consists of 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana (Big Secrets), 40 Minor Arcana (small secrets) and 16 Courts. Generally Major Arcana make specific readings about the person, their character, and what they should do. While Minor Arcana tend to be much more specific about application. Courts then refer to people. For instance, the Chariot represents the path in life, the charioteer being your inner drive to continue (or conscience). Having the Chariot appear means you are at a serious crossroads, or should be looking at where your life is heading, and what you have planned. Do you even have a plan? Even if you're not sure what you want to do in life, it suggests you put your energy into choosing a direction for yourself, instead of drifting. On the other hand, the Chariot is Major Arcana, 7th House. Which means it deals with the Minor Arcana cards of the number 7. I.e. 7 of cups, 7 of swords, wands, pentacles.

These all follow the same general explanation of the chariot, I.e. the path. But refer to more specific areas.

In general:

Cups : Love, emotion, subconscious and family.

Element: Water, peaceful, gentle…

Wands : Work and social life, enthusiasm, passion and enterprise.

Element: Fire, for zeal, courage, passion. A burning fire for success.

Swords: Problems and troubles, strife, mental upset.

Element: Air – Always present, sometimes strong, sometimes gentle. can be diverted.

Pentacles: Money and Health. Material possessions, good/bad health.

Element: Earth – Stability, life, growth, health.

So the seven of Swords will likely mean that your current path will lead you into troubling times, or a coming of pain and difficulty. This is not necessarily a bad thing, so much as a warning. It might be prudent to consult, or dedicate the rest of the spread, to finding out more about this! Is it business related? Health? It could even mean that your lack of a driving path, will unhinge you.

In general, the diviner will want to read the spread to themselves before commenting to the Querant, after all, what use is it to panic with news of troubles, when they might have many problems at this time. Better to go further, and see if you can specifically tell them what it is, and whether they need worry. After all, pain is needed for growth, so the seven of swords might then lead onto a wonderful monetary gain, so don't make them feel they need to change paths straight away! Example might be a terrible market change making their business suffer, but they will come out much stronger for it.

In a full spread, numbers and position are important, for instance, if you pulled a spread with 12 cards, a horoscope thread for instance, and eight were cups. Then this would suggest that this is a year where love will be incredibly important in the Querant's life. A mixture of wands and pentacles would lean towards work and money, possible job change, promotion or new enterprise. Other things can have similar meanings if near each other. If a king and queen sit side by side it can often mean marriage, or parents. If a page is involved it often refers to children. A page between king and queen might mean a child coming between their parents and causing arguments. A knight between King and Queen could mean bad messages or misunderstandings, or even an affair.

I realise this tells you little of how to do a reading, but for that I would have to delve into many pages, and without the cards as a visual aid, it would be incredibly hard.


I will try and make this easy to read, apologies if I fail. There are 16 courts, the King-Queen-Knight-Page of Cups/Wands/Pentacles/Swords. Generally the Knight refers to messengers, or other people. I.e. a Knight of swords might mean other people giving you problems or coming to you with their problems. Generally you should avoid applying a knight to yourself, so I shall omit them here.

Ignore Gender. Women can be kings, men can be Queens.

King of Wands

Physical characteristics: Light to medium hair colour, often a reddish complexion, long or blunt nose, sharp eyes.

Mental characteristics: Independent, influential and an authority unto himself. The king of wands has great confidence in his own ability and often takes the lead where he can. He is a good and loyal friend to those who gain his trust, but this inflexibility makes it difficult for others to understand him. Has a habit of starting new hobbies, or ventures, but never quite finishing them, socially active. The king is often selfish, and at times uses authority on friends, being bossy or even domineering, often without meaning to. Can be intolerant of vices or habits, the king does not approve of.

King of Cups

Physical characteristics: Large head and body, wide chest, fill lips and large eyes, often a broad character.

Mental: The king is emotional, loving and caring and is a wonderful family man (or woman), the king makes many friends but has a few truly close ones. This king often makes the mistake of trying to please people over himself, even to the extreme of doing things normally against his morals. Despite being loving and caring, this king is also incredibly insecure with those same emotions, and can at times cause strife by doubting the love of others. Is afraid of being alone.

King of Pentacles

Physical: Medium to dark skin, thick body, broad shoulders. Often has a short neck and dimples.

Mental: The king of pentacles is good with money and is practical and reliable. He is often slow to anger but incredibly stubborn. At times however this king is selfish and has many desires for self gratification and luxury. There is a tendency towards dishonesty if it will help this king gain what he wishes. Despite this, the King of Pentacles often seeks to help friends and family in times of crisis.

King of Swords

Physical: Broad individual, straight forehead, long nose, tall, pointed chin and wide mouth. Natural predisposition to frowning. Often intimidating visage.

Mental: This king is professional and full of pride, and is unlikely to undertake an action that will break his moral code, even if this later leads to hardship for himself. Can be loyal to friends and family, but will break friendships quickly if the same loyalty is broken or not returned. Frank, brusque and often unkind, this king speaks his mind and rarely fears the opinion of others. This does not make him cruel, and to those who trust and stand by him, this king is a powerful and undying ally.

Queen of Wands

Physical: Tall stature, strong back, large nose and regal bearing. A confident walk, taking long slow steps, as if prowling.

Mental: This queen can be both loving and cruel and is often of a two faced nature, has much interest in work and social life, and can be a gossip or controlling person. This individual needs attention to thrive and will soon feel unconfident if not surrounded by others, She is ambitious and can drive herself and others to success. To those she dislikes she can be ruthless and often belittles and breaks their confidence rather than their spirit. Prone to jealousy and resentment. Leo's are common queens of wands.

Queen of Cups

Physical: Usually dark eyes, often large and prominent, heavy eyebrows, high cheekbones and a short to medium height.

Mental: This queen is very sexual and thrives on love and emotional attention, she is also very protective of those who grant her love. Has a bad temper which can often fray, is also the jealous type when it comes to love. Everything about this character is intense, they love, and hate, to extremes, with very little middle ground. This is a STRONG card for Scorpio's, who often have those similar traits. Scorpios tend to be intense and rely on emotions a lot. This queen is the most sexual court card.

Queen of Pentacles

Physical: Light or medium hair, often very short, small boned and very thin.

Mental: This queen is involved in matters of both health and money, and for her the two are often tied together strongly. She is an idealist and a perfectionist and has very critical and judgemental views. This queen with swords can often refer to health problems, and this person, even when healthy, often feels imperfect and is critical of themselves. This often continues until they outright hate parts of themselves, and become a fulfilling prophecy.

Queen of Swords

Physical: Tall, usually lean, long hands and fingers, full lips, beautiful skin and face.

Mental: This queen is strong willed and sharp tongues, and this often leads to problems becoming close to others. Bring represented by Libra, which is the sign of marriage, this kind of person has real problems keeping lasting relationships, and to them, the reason often feels like others can't accept them for what they are! This queen is ambitious, but not always honest with others.

Page of Wands

Physical: Often tall and slender, ith long ears, a long nose and medium to dark skin. Very energetic.

Mental: This page is eager to experience in work and social life and desires freedom. They are headstrong and independent and this can lead to trouble when not accepting advice from others. Pages often represent people of a younger age, and so this often refers to desiring freedom from one's parents. This page has great expectations of life. Unfortunately this page can be fickle, cruel and extravagant and has been known to gossip or betray confidences. Though eager to experience work, he is often lazy and does not appreciate how hard life can be.

Page of Cups

Physical: Willowy body, pale skin, expressive hands and light to medium hair colour.

Mental: The page of cups needs love, he or she is very creative and has a deep empathy of others. However the page is prone to falling into his own illusions, especially over rejection, and how other people perceive them. It is not uncommon for this page to fear that friends, who truly do love them, think poorly of him. This page may be experiencing emotional abuse, from others, or himself. Often resorts to alcohol or drugs if crisis becomes bad enough.

Page of Pentacles

Physical: Dark skin and hair, big boned, sharp nose. Usually stocky though not always tall. Long lived!

Mental: This is the card of the student, one who seeks to better themselves in preparation for the future. He is an avid learner and this is because he desires to do well in life and earn good money. He is often materialistic and ambitious, not a bad combination in a young man or woman. Unfortunately s/he is not above using others to attain specific goals, and where he can get away with it, this page is incredibly lazy. Can be very demanding, and respects authority.

Page of Swords

Physical: Medium to tall stature, erect carriage, large head, round eyes and broad shoulders. Stern expression.

Mental: This page deals with problems and strife, he or she desires new experiences but does not know how to attain them or if they should even try. He is introverted, and often does not care for many friendships. Is incredibly loyal to friends he or she has, but will not suffer fools. Is slow to anger, but when angered is cold, and can hate for many years. A desire to solve problems by yourself, without involving others. Sometimes because you don't trust them, but also, because you don't want them to worry, or be hurt trying to help you. A person who believes that vices are a weakness, and will punish themselves often.

Edit : Well, this is it. It's often difficult to choose one, it took me a long time, since two of them applied to me, the Queen of Cups, and the Page of Swords (can you see the similarities?). Keep in mind gender has NO bearing here. Attitudes like not "wanting" to be one, or "desiring" to be another, can make it impossible to choose your true card. You need to be honest and consider them for yourself, for it is your card, your interpretation, your meaning, and your life. No one else can judge. When I eventually decided, it was after a long time of holding the cards in my hand, and simply feeling in my heart which called to me. With a deck before you, it is a lot easier. Especially if you use it often. You need to have belief in the cards, and honesty to them, and yourself.

Even doing this casually to friends, you can be amazed between the joking and banter, how they often become silent and a little frightened at how close you hit. I've had a few casual readings with my friends, apparently come true. I both respect, and fear, my deck. It lives on my windowsill where it can see the light as it wishes, and I hold it and tell it my worries and excitements during the day. Call me weird, but it's nice. Lol. It never ceases to amaze me either, and warnings aren't uncommon. My mother paper cut herself on the five of pentacles in a health reading thread, and she is superstitious so went to hospital after I explained it wasn't positive. She was found with early stage breast cancer which they were able to remove, it hasn't come back yet, so yay.

Other warnings can be cards slipping from the deck, two cards being drawn at once, or the deck falling over. Generally I'd take anything out of the ordinary as significant. If you draw a card, and another slips with it… place the card which slipped into the spread, and ignore the one drawn. If the card clings, and wishes to come to you, do not deny it.