C is for Curious


Characters: Adam Rove and Grace Polk
Summary: Adam needs help

Character Age:
Joaniverse: pre-TV show


"Grace, I need your help!"

His plea on the phone had sounded panicked, and he wouldn't say what was wrong, so Grace had rushed to his place. When he opened the door for her, he led her wordlessly to the kitchen.

"I'm in deep trouble," 11-year-old Adam said, pointing to the mess on the kitchen table. On it lay what once was a VCR, or at least that's what Grace guessed. Right now it wasn't more than a collection of spare parts and screws.

"Is that your dad's VCR?"

"Yeah. Or at least it used to be."

"And what is it you need my help with?" she asked, puzzled for a moment.

"I can't figure out how to put it back together," he admitted meekly.

"Ooookay," she said slowly. "And why did you take it apart in the first place?"

"It was making this snarling noise all the time and I thought... you know, maybe there's something stuck inside. I started taking it apart and then I got curious."

"A little too curious," she added.

"Can you help me put it back together?"

She gave him a you're-kidding look. "Do I look like an electronics repairman?"

"Shit." His hand went to his face, rubbing it. "Grace, what do I do?"

"Pray that your parents won't ground you for more than two days?"