The scene opens with Christmas music....perhaps "Gene Autry singing Here Comes Santa Claus." Into the precinct comes a very loud "H* H* H* Where are all of my good little boys and girls?" It is Castle dressed up in full Santa garb! He has a sack on his back filled with gifts for all of our favorite detectives! For Ryan he has a box of better ties and the new Nikki Heat novel personally signed. For Esposito, he has high quality Cologne guaranteed to draw in the ladies and his Nikki novel. For Beckett he has a poker chip set in a wooden case with automatic card shuffling---and a Sweatshirt that reads, "#1 Castle Fan!..." she opens it and he gives her that sly grin and tells her, she has been a "good little girl!" for Montgomery he has audio tapes for meditation and relaxation....birds chirping and water bubbling! and a good bottle of wine!

After the crowd laughs and moves away Castle sits at Beckett's desk and begins their usual banter. He invites her to Christmas Eve dinner at the condo with Martha and Alexis. She is not sure at first but he says that everyone is looking forward to Christmas Eve and she could bring her father too. She says that they get together on Christmas, but she usually works Christmas Eve. She agrees to stop over after work.

On Castle's way out of the precinct, a young mom is there with a very young child 2-3 yrs old. The child sees Santa and runs over, Castle falls right into Santa....."What is your name? Have you been very good this year? Well, Juan it just so happens Santa has a very special gift for you....he reaches into his sack and pulls out a wrapped gift! The little boy opens it and is very excited to see a red fire truck and thanks Santa for the great gift with a big hug! Beckett sees all....Santa winks at Beckett and leaves the precinct!

Without Beckett's; knowledge Castle dresses up every year and goes to a childrens' orphanage run by the Sisters of Mercy in NYC. He plays Santa, passes out toys, sings Christmas songs and gets his picture taken with each child all free of course, on Castle's dime!

After the usually murder case investigation takes over part 2 of this episode....back at the precinct sitting at Beckett's desk, off in distance you hear a soft voice say "We were told he was here....if we could just see walks 2 little sweet older Sr. of Mercy nuns. They spy Castle and one says "There he is, Mr. Castle! On behalf of all of the children at the Rosalia Children's Home may I just say thank you! We appreciate so much your generosity and your time-----the party was great and you made one heck of a good looking Santa! (the little nun gives him a big hug and a sly little wink!) The other nun speaks softly to Beckett, "He comes every year dressed as Santa, passes out toys, sings and spends time with each child. He leaves a donation every year but this year he really out did it with the generosity! He signed over a portion of his royalties from his Nikki Heat book! What a truly generous spirit and kind and loving man!"

The women leave and Beckett walks up to Castle and gives him a hug---taken aback he asks what that as for......she says "Every Santa deserves a gift too and she gives him a wink!" Slowly her arms go around his neck and they exchange their first slow, soft kiss! Beckett leans in and whispers Merry Christmas!

Last Scene, they enter the condo together! Martha is into the eggnog and singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree at the piano! Alexis is wrapping gifts and puts them under the tree, (One for Beckett of course!)....the tree is beautiful, well lit and full of presents underneath! Castle announces dinner in one hour! He moves into the kitchen while Beckett is swamped with conversation and attention by Martha and Alexis!