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Bella's POV

Two years since I'd walked these halls, and yet I found myself here again, two years today I had come to save Edward. Some would say it was a success, being the fact that we all escaped alive. But he wouldn't budge, he said it wasn't safe, for us to be together, we were wrong, and the only reason he had loved me was bloodlust.

It twice as hard this time seeing his masculine frame and Alice's petite pixie-like frame walk away from me again. Going back as they said to wherever the rest of their family was located.

I had sworn to myself as I waked from Volterra that I would never return. It's funny how things work out.

Felix POV

Just why Aro wanted this insignificant girl was beyond me. She intrigued him. It was true she was undeniably beautiful. For a human. Shoving her along the winding as she scurried behind me. She knew their was no point in running, ridiculous so to try, she obviously knew much from the short time she had been with the Cullen. During the time they had placed a price for her head.

Still though I felt a little protective of her, she reminded me much of the sister I had once know. Had. I sighed.

"Not much further Bells" I said attempting to calm her, I know how tension gets to humans, she smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes, and I saw unmistakable sadness in them.

"Thanks Felix" she replied, "your not as bad as I thought"

I chuckled, "were not always hell-bent on fury, were like oyur average Vampires, its just normally when you see us were working, now come on let me pick you up, we don't want to be late for Aro, Caius will use Aro's anger to his advantage." And it amazed me that this time it was a real smile.

"Ha! Yes I do suppose you could pick me up… If it helps." and with that I scooped her into my arm. Yes, I liked the warmth, and this seemed to register with her and she smiled.

In less then two minutes we were in the great hall, or the welcome room as we called it, surrounded by my family, and our leader.


"Most beautiful Bella, you're here at last" I said glancing across at Felix, who smilled sheepishly, "I do suppose your wondering why you he-"

And I was interrupted my rather abrupt and eager brother.

"Aro, must we delay ourselves, with the needless, moronic pretences, lets get too it!" he commanded.

Did he think it was wise to anger me like. Me. Who knew every thought to ever cross his mind. No, I would remain calm, we would not want to worry our guest. Our newest member to our family.

"Caius, it would do well for you to remember which of us is in charge, and with I do believe I was welcoming you Bella" I looked across and smiled, and she surprised us all with beaming back at me, "See brother, we must take in to due consideration the fragility of our guest" I remarked smiling innocently at my brother, then looking back across to where Bella stood, "do come here Bella" I said extending my hand so she knew what to expect, she walked slowly and cautiously towards me, and I realised at once that she did not want to embarrass herself by falling on a flat surface as I had seen many time in Edward's mind. She shook my hand.

"Ahh Bella, unreadable as always. You do astound me", she giggled, what had happened to the girl two years ago, who feared us so. "You my dear have a precious gift, and I do hope this does not startle you, but one I wish to add to my collection. I wish to know your feelings on the subject." Ahh I was always so formal, it had to be done. With Caius, always so eager, and Marcus, so bored with the loss of Didyme. Wisely and slowly, they stumble that run fast. Ah that was me, forever cautious, Shakespeare did know his stuff, as I remembered the days when I used to sit with him while he wrote. A truly talented individual. I was brought from my reminiscent my Demetri.

"Master, all is set up for her stay." he stated, which was closely followed by the accelerated beat of a human heart.

Bella POV

Beautiful. He was beautiful. A cross between Carlisle and Jasper, and a small dab of Edward. He had blonde hair, he was tall and leonine, he wore black jeans that hung low on his hips, and a cream white V-neck sweater that showed of his perfectly muscular chest. He turned to me. And his eyes went a clear blue. I don't know how long everyone stared at me, but I was quickly brought back to earth when Aro spoke.

"So, Bella, will you be joining us?", he said it like he was asking me to stay for dinner, like it was the simplest thing in the word, I giggled quietly, though it was pointless everyone heard, and all their attention was upon me, I looked up at those blue eyes, blue? Had they not be red only seconds ago, and then I had made my mind.

"Yes." I replied, and I did not miss the gasp of everyone in the room, it was as if they thought I had misinterpreted what he meant. Had he invited me to dinner?

"Yes what Bella?" I was confused, had he changed his mind and stupidly I replied.

"Yes… Please?" Everyone laughed, and I listened in particular to Demetri's laugh, it was smooth, like mahogany and it danced in my ears. Aro spoke.

"Am I right in thinking, you have accepted me offer" Aro asked after he had gained enough breath to speak.

I nodded for fear of embarrassing myself again.

"Brilliant" Aro sang, "Demetri, son, take her to the room, there is much to prepare, tomorrow we change her."

I should have been scared, I should have felt something, but I couldn't not when I felt Demetri strong arms lead me from the hall, holding me against him and he showed me the room.

Demetri POV

Her heart went haywire as I walked into the room, I hadn't had a chance to look at her, before he scent hit me. It overpowered me. Unbelievable, I could feel the tenors of her mind, it was a cool refreshing flavour, and I felt my eyes change colour, this happened whenever I focused on a mind.

I turned and was stunned into silence, and from that moment I heard nothing. Simply staring at her, somewhere through the staring she said something, and the room erupted in laughter, having not heard I laughed along.

Who was she? How could she do this to me?

It was only as she glided toward me that I recalled Aro's words.

"Demetri, son, take her to her room, there is much to prepare tomorrow we change her."

As I wrapped my arms around her to steady her, I lead her from the room, and we walked the corridors. Alone.