Title: Angel in the Snow
Author: Lisa
Chapter: Prologue
Rating: G
Website: www.geocities.com/mystillusions
Author's Notes:
Hello! Lisa's back, bringing you my Christmas special! *giggles* You knew I would write a Christmas fic, didn't you? ^_^ Anyway, this is taking place after the Stars series, and is, in my opinion, very sweet. ^_~ Well, that's all I have to say, so read on, enjoy, and don't forget to visit my co-owned website! Oh, the prologue is in Usagi's p.o.v., but the rest of the story isn't.
*A very special thank you to my friend Bethany for letting me use her title, and my friend toony for editing this story for me!*
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I could tell it was cold outside; it was December, after all. I didn't mind, thought, for December was one of my favorite months of the year. And that was for one reason and one reason only–the holiday season–Christmas in particular. So as I sat there staring blankly out my bedroom window drinking my hot tea, my mind began to think about the wondrous holiday. All the presents and food–alright, so what if I'm seventeen? I am still a kid at heart, in more ways than one... Oh, and not to mention we get two weeks out of school! I don't know about you, but high school isn't my favorite place to be. No, I'd rather be at home, happy, and without teachers nagging you to do your work and to pay attention in class.

The other reason as to why I love this particular holiday is that I love seeing couples strolling down the crowded streets of Tokyo hand in hand. I wonder how much love is expressed in this joyous time of year... I smiled as a couple walked by my house, and I could clearly see how much they were enjoying each other's company. Soon, they were out of my view and I was left alone with my thoughts once more.
I remembered last Christmas, when I was with my Mamo-chan... I miss him so much. Tears formed in my eyes and threatened to spill, but I wiped them away with my sleeve before they could. 'No, don't think about that,' I mentally instructed myself. 'He is happy in America right now, and you should be happy too.'

It was hard knowing that I would not be able to see him anytime soon. In fact, the last time I saw him in person was last Christmas, when he came to visit. I fingered the ring he gave me unconsciously and took another sip of my steaming tea. The hot liquid seemed to calm me down a bit. The ring shone on my finger and I touched it once more.

Outside, the wind blew harshly, and trees swayed in mercy of it. I shivered. Luna, my talking black cat, jumped on my lap, and looked straight into my eyes.
"Usagi-chan," she began to say, "what are you thinking about?" I simply shook my head and smiling warmly at my feline companion, petted her on her forehead.
"Nothing," I replied, and closed my eyes. "Just thinking about what a wonderful Christmas we'll have this year."
"Ah, yes." For a brief moment, Luna had the same sparkle in her eyes as I did. Then, she grew serious. "Are you sure that it all?"

For a moment there, I was confused at what that meant, and my eyes clearly showed my confusion. Then it hit me. "You mean, with Mamo-chan..." I trailed off and looked away from the window. I had hoped that Luna wouldn't bring that up, though she did, much to my dismay.
"It's all right, I'm sure he has something planned for this Christmas–" I dared not continue, for I was not sure of what I was talking about.

I had never really wanted Mamoru to go to Harvard, to leave me here by myself. But he had a dream to pursue, and I couldn't get in the way of that. It had been a year since I saw him in person, though he is never out of touch with me–until now that it. Now, I guess I haven't told you why I was so unhappy. That was because Mamoru had not written back for more than two months.
You don't want to know all the bizarre thoughts I've had as to why he hadn't replied to my letters. Perhaps he's found someone else, which was my worst fear. Or perhaps something has happened to him...

I sighed and got up from my seat. Luna followed me, a look of concern evident in her dark pupils. "Usagi-chan, are you ok?" she asked, rubbing her furry body against my legs, something she seldom does. Luna hates to be 'just like a normal cat.'
"Hai, I'm fine."
"Usagi-chan, why don't you go and check the mail?" Luna suggested. "You never know what might be waiting for you there." She gave me a small nudge toward the door and I complied by grabbing my coat and scarf.
"All right," I agreed, however without much excitement. "If you insist."

Cold winds blew at me with fierce intensity and I closed my eyes. My hands felt numb, and I rubbed them in an attempt to warm them up a bit. "It..sure..is..cold," I managed to say through clenched teeth to Luna, who only nodded her response. She seemed to debate as to whether or not follow me. Though, being the smart cat that she was, Luna decided to stay on the porch. I shook my head and walked onto the cement driveway. It took me forever just to get to the mailbox, or so it seemed like. I could barely feel my hands, though I slowly reached into the mailbox.

'This was it,' I thought bitterly to myself. 'It is either here, or not.'My hand came out of the box and with it I came up with some letters. Hastily, I went through the stack. "Bills, bills, bills," I mumbled to myself quietly. As the pile came to an end, I sighed. 'I guess it's not here.'
But then took a look at the last letter. My heart skipped a beat. It was addressed to me! With hopeful eyes, I quickly looked at the return address, and gasped. It was from Mamo-chan!

All of a sudden, the cold wind stopped and the sun came up, its bright rays lighting up the dark sky. I looked up at Luna, who was sitting on the couch, eyes studying my face. "Luna," I called to the cat excitedly, "it's here!"
I ran over to the feline and picked her up. She purred and smiled knowingly.
"You see?" she said, "I just knew it would be. Mamoru-san wouldn't forget about you. I'm sure there is a perfectly good explanation as to why he hadn't written in more than two months in that letter."
"Hai, there probably is." I giggled. Mamoru was always good at apologizing.

We hurried inside, and I threw the other letters onto the dinner table. My mother, Ikuko, eyed my strangely. "Why so much excitement?" she asked and picked up the letters scattered on the table.
"Nothing Mom," I shouted back and practically flew up the stairs.

The bed was inviting and I jumped onto it. Luna followed suit, and nudged me. "What are you waiting for? Open it," she urged. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear Luna was more anxious than I to read the letter.
"All right Luna, calm down already." I smiled. As I carefully opened the letter, I wondered what the contents in it were. Would he have something for me in there? What did the letter say?

A mass of red rose petals spilled onto my bed, and I scooped them up and inhaled its heavenly fragrance. The rose petals brought back so many memories, painful and happy alike. The letter itself was nestled in a bed of rose petals and I took it out. My eyes quickly scanned the words and... "Wow," was all I was able to say before I ran from my room, carrying the letter with me. Luna jumped from my bed and ran after me, all the while saying, "What Usagi-chan? What did the letter say?"

But I was too excited to answer her.
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This story written and posted December, 2001.