Title: Angel in the Snow

Author: Lisa

Chapter: Epilogue

Rating: G

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The luggage appeared to be completely packed, collected orderly beside the closed door. She stared unblinkingly at the cases as if they weren't her own and remained unmoving as Mamoru turned to stand beside her. He draped a heavy arm around her tense shoulders, only received no reaction. Usagi continued to stare vacantly at the door. Sensing her uptightness, he began to massage her sagging shoulders, producing a low moan in her throat. His hands stopped working her skin after a few minutes, when her body had begun to relax.

"Don't stop..." she complained softly, her eyes remaining shut. "That felt wonderful..."

He planted a kiss to her right shoulder blade and patted her arm affectionately. "Ready to go?"

His voice broke her reverie and she sniffled. The blonde wiped a tear from her eye and hoped that he didn't see it. "Hai. As ready as I'll ever be." 'Which isn't saying much,' she added silently. Usagi shook her head and went to grab a suitcase...then decided against it. She leaned against the wall for support, unable to meet his eyes.

"Can we please wait for Ron?" She asked suddenly, her voice hitting a shrill, desperate note. "I really, really want to say goodbye, and it'd be extremely rude of me if I didn't..." Anything to stall for a few more minutes. Anything to keep herself from leaving the place she already considered home....and from leaving the only one who completed her. His smile was melancholy at best, gentle yet decisive nonetheless.

"I'm afraid if we wait, we'll miss the departure," he replied faintly.

She scrunched her brows, throwing her hand up in mock puzzlement. "And that would be a bad thing...?"

"Your father would kill me," he supplied with a forced chuckle, trying to mask his utter agony. Fortunately, Mamoru was much better at concealing his feelings than Usagi, a skill acquired through years of practice.

"No he wouldn't," she argued weakly. At her love's pointed look, she relented. "Well, maybe just a little..."

"I'll be sure to tell Ron you said goodbye."

She hesitantly nodded her consent before grabbing one of the lighter cases. Several snowflakes floated in as she opened the door with a small grunt and lugged it outdoors.

"Mamo-chan, it's snowing again!"

Momentarily forgetting that she had a plane to catch in an hour, she dumped her baggage on the snow-covered stairway and ran to the sidewalk. The blonde lifted her head and caught a few falling flakes with her tongue, savoring the tasteless things as they instantaneously melted in her mouth.

"Mamo-chan, come on!" she shouted excitedly. Mamoru stood silent against the doorframe, two of her bags gathered in his arms, and decided against joining her. The man wished he had a camera to frame the scene as he observed her twirl gracefully, like a ballerina, his princess...

His angel in the snow.

Stifling silence reigned the entire route toward the airport, and Usagi did nothing to break its suffocating grasp. She knew if she was to say a single word, she would burst out sobbing like her life had ended. She would then proceed to beg Mamoru to take her back to his apartment with her collective strength. But where would that get them? She bit her lip hard and pushed her head against the freezing passenger's window, observing car after car pass them by, each absorbed in their own affairs.


"I miss you already," she said as she held onto him with such a fervor that they drew attention from the other passengers waiting to board the plane. Even when the hug ended, she continued to pursue physical contact. Usagi alternated between squeezing his hand so hard Mamoru was sure she broke it, or gripping his arm in the same iron fashion.

"Me too," he breathed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

Usagi swallowed anxiously, feeling her stomach churn violently. She loved the sound of his voice, and wondered when she would hear the deep resonance again... He cupped the sides of her face with his hands and bent to kiss her and every conscious thought fled from her mind. She inhaled his fresh, familiar scent, letting out a choked giggle when his breath teased the hairs on the back of her neck. She stood on tiptoe, aching to get closer...

"Last call for Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo, Japan now boarding," came the booming announcement from the intercom. Usagi shot daggers at the hidden device.

"They have perfect timing, don't they?" Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. "I guess that's me...I–I have to go..." No matter how hard she tried, she stayed in his arms, unable to move, frozen in their haven. The tears came like an uncontrollable river, swiftly streaming down her beautiful face.

"Shhh...I'll call you as soon as you get back," he promised, brushing tears from her face and ignoring the ones pouring down his own cheeks. He hated to see her this way; hated that he was the cause of her misery.

"You better," she warned, her throat constricted with immeasurable misery. "Write to me, Mamo-chan....every day, if you can. I don't know how I'm going to make it without your letters..." Her eyes showed genuine sincerity.

"I'll see what I can do...at least once a week," he laughed. "Aishiteru, Usako."


He leaned down, and this time, succeeded in meeting her lips halfway. The kiss tasted like tears and desire. She kissed him with the entirety of her love, to show him in deed as well as in word how much he meant to her.

"I'm not saying goodbye," she all but whimpered when they parted for air, "I can't..."

"Usako..." He kissed her again, a breathy, butterfly caress that left her craving more. "I have something for you..." Mamoru searched through his coat's pocket and fished out a small box. He dangled it in front of her face before lay it on her palm. Her eyes sparkled.

"A present? Mamo-chan, you shouldn't have...Will I like it?"

"I think so," he replied cryptically.

"Truthfully Mamo-chan? The only gift I would like right now is a plane ticket back to America."She exhaled a shaky breath. "Arigato...Can I open it now?"

"Iie," he shook his head. "When you're on the plane."


With one final farewell kiss, Usagi forced herself to walk away...without turning back. It was all she could do to keep from jumping into his arms and kissing the breath away from him...again.

The present fit nicely into the palm of her hand. A cheerful red wrapping paper adorned the surface, wrapped with care and precision. She clasped onto it tightly as she found her seat. The plane took to the sky, but she was too occupied with opening her present to notice...or to feel nauseous. She was presented with a square box slightly larger than an engagement ring holder. Usagi lifted the cover and took out the sheet of paper inside. It was covered with Mamoru's flowing script. The blonde scanned the contents with lightning speed, before letting out a sob of pure joy. She clutched the letter with both hands and pressed it to her heart forcefully, not caring that she currently held the attention of every passenger onboard. A hint of a smile lifted the curves of her mouth as she closed her eyes and settled into the seat.

My dearest Usako,

You have been gone but a minute and my heart already feels empty. I look back to our first encounter and realize how our relationship has blossomed. The one thing I learned from my years spent in the orphanage was to barricade my heart, to distance myself, unwilling to open up and love anyone. For a long time, I thought I was incapable to love. Then you came, my angel, and saved me from the darkness.

Our love has conquered many obstacles throughout its course, and I am sure it will continue to prosper in the years to come. You have unlocked your heart and given me the only key to your dreams, your fears. I want to do the same. You know I have never been very good with words, but–I want to further deepen and strengthen our love until we are prepared to make the final commitment of marriage. Yet hunger-filled letters and anguished phone calls can't compensate for your presence, and I refuse to allow some three thousand miles hinder our relationship. No dream of mine is worth pursuing if you aren't there, by my side.

Usako, on Christmas night after you fell asleep, I stayed awake and watched you rest, the simple gesture bringing unbridled joy to my heart. You come first, above anything and everything. You, Usako, are my dream. Come May, I will be where I belong: with you––and I will do all in my power to stay there–forever. Aishiteru, and best regards to our friends and family.


Summer couldn't come sooner.


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This story written December 2003, posted January 2004.