Title: Addicted

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy, Phil Brooks, Matt Hardy, Edge or any other wrestlers in this ficcy.

Summary: As a straight-edge, Phil Brooks isn't supposed to be addicted to drugs. And he isn't. What he is addicted to is a lot worse. And why is that? Well, simply because of the fact that it's Jeff Hardy. SLASH!

Requested by: wwefan5


-Tuesday; June 2, 2009. Smackdown taping-

Phil grinned, moving his sweat locks out of his view. He had sent Umaga, of all people, to sleep!

The reaction of the fans was just priceless. They were cheering so loud, it was fantastic. Phil cherished every moment.

Stepping inside his locker room, he failed to notice the man leaning against the wall.

Amused green eyes darkened, watching the black-haired male rub his hands together and grin. Licking his lips, he decided to make his presence known. "Congradulations."

Phil stiffened. Swallowing heavily, he turned, seeing Jeff Hardy leaning against the cream colored wall. His slender arms were crossed over his sides, his foot on the wall behind him.

He and Jeff had started becoming rather close. It started out with giving Jeff a lift to their hotel and it ended with them becoming extremely intimate with one another. Phil was, and still is, in a relationship…but he couldn't help it. Neither of them could.

The green-eyed blonde was an addiction…one that Phil couldn't kick.

Narrowing his eyes, Phil took in the way Jeff's arms covered his sides loosely, "The ropes," he murmured, light eyes glancing up at Jeff's face. "Are you okay?" He had to stop himself from going out and kicking Edge's ass.

Who the hell did that guy think he was? He could have really hurt Jeff with the way he pushed him off that damn ladder.

Jeff smiled softly, "Nothing I can't handle." He ran his tongue over his lip ring. "So, how'd it feel?" he sat on the small couch, staring up at Phil with shining eyes.

Phil sat down next to him, the smile returning on his face. "It felt amazing. I've wanted to put that guy down for weeks," he smiled, watching Jeff's pretty eyelashes flutter, "The fans were the best though. They couldn't stop cheering."

Jeff smiled, "I know the feeling." He frowned. "Be careful on Sunday…"

Phil swallowed heavily. Jeff's eyes were so fucking pretty…

"You know I'll try to be," Phil murmured, keeping his eyes on Jeff's, "I can't guarantee anything…" Phil followed his instinct and raised Jeff's shirt, narrowing his eyes at the purple bruises on the pale tummy, "Just like you can't."

Jeff frowned, trying to tug down his shirt. His wrists were roughly grabbed.

"Don't," Phil whispered. He slowly released Jeff's wrists before he gently shoved the blonde male onto his back. Pushing the shirt up higher, Phil bent his head and presses his lips to one of the dark bruises.

"Ah," Jeff hissed softly, his eyes shutting. He shuddered, feeling Phil's tongue lap at bruise. A soft blush appeared on his cheeks when Phil chuckled.

"Feels nice?" Phil asked, his voice barely above a whisper. He slid his hands up the shirt, playing with Jeff's nipples. He rolled his thumbs over both of them, causing Jeff to arch and mewl quietly.

Phil tugged the shirt off of Jeff's body, tossing it somewhere behind him. He kissed his way up Jeff's body, pressing his lips to each nipple before kissing his pouty lips. Phil moved a hand down to Jeff's knee, lifting it up to wrap around his waist.

Jeff spread his other leg, bringing his arms up to Phil's neck, holding him in place. They kissed hard, their teeth clashing. Jeff's hands found Phil's hair, tugging it.

There was knocking on the door. "Phil?"

Jeff and Phil stopped, looking towards the door. Phil cursed softly, his fists clenching.

Jeff stood, gently pushing Phil off. He went towards his shirt, shrugging it on quickly. "You're just lucky that he's the type who knocks first," he made himself casual on the couch.

"Come in, babe," Phil called. He watched as his boyfriend, John Hennigan, stepped through the door.

John blinked, "Oh, hey, Jeff. Did you come to tell my man congrats?"

Jeff smiled, nodding his pretty head. "Yeah, what he did was damn well amazing." He stood, "Well, I should go. Have fun guys."

Phil watched Jeff's ass as he left. He sighed and put on a fake smile for his boyfriend.

"Hey, baby," Phil pressed his lips to John's, noting that they weren't as soft as Jeff's.

John smiled, slowly breaking the kiss. "I saw what you did, it was amazing." He cupped Phil's cheeks.

Phil smiled, "I'm glad you liked it." He tugged John into his arms and fell back on the couch.

John smirked seductively, "Want to celebrate?"

Phil put on an ever faker smirk, "Sure."

After having sex with Jeff so many times…no one else was as good.


Jeff sighed as he made his way backstage. Finally, he was free to leave. That twist of fate to Edge felt awesome.

Stopping by his locker room, he bent down, looking for an extra shirt in his bag. He was grabbed roughly from behind.

Jeff gasped, feeling his back hit the lockers hard. He opened his eyes, staring up at Phil with wide eyes, "What the fuck?" he bit his bottom lip when Phil gave him a slow smirk.

"We started something in my room…we're finishing it here." Phil told him, taking a hold of Jeff's colorful hair. He tugged on it, staring down into the wide, green pools.

Jeff sighed, "We can't keep doing this, man, you have a boy-" his head moved to the side with the force of the slap. His eyes narrowing, Jeff moved his face back to Phil. "Did you just fucking slap me?"

Phil grabbed Jeff's chin, moving his face to the side. He slid hid tongue out, tracing the redness on Jeff's cheek. Fuck, there was no way of describing how Jeff tasted. He was his own flavor. Nothing could top it.

Jeff shuddered, his eyes closing. Damn it all to hell…why was he doing this? John was a nice guy, he didn't deserve it…so why was he willingly tilting his neck for Phil to rain marks all over it?

Phil moved his hands down Jeff's chest, stopping at the pants. He unbuttoned and unzipped the baggy black pants and shoved them down. Moving his hands to his own street shorts, he unzipped the zipper and reached into his boxers to pull out his hardened dick.

Jeff let out a grunt of pain when he was suddenly forced on his knees. He opened an eye, seeing Phil's hard, throbbing cock at his lips. He'd have to be stupid to not know what Phil wanted him to do.

"Suck." Phil murmured, his eyes darkening. All those times he's had sex with Jeff, he'd learned a couple of things. One; Jeff loved being dominated. Two; Jeff had this uncanny ability to remain extremely tight. And three; Jeff sucked dick better than any porn star in the world.

"John didn't do it right?" Jeff asked darkly. Shit. He hadn't meant to sound so nasty…poor John really loved Phil's dumbass.

"No," Phil murmured, smirking slowly, "He didn't do it right. He didn't do it the way you do."

'Would anyone believe me if I told them that Phil was a complete and utter ass?' Jeff wet his lips, taking hold of the huge, throbbing member. '…alright, so he's an ass with a giant cock. Go fucking figure.'

Breathing in through his nose, Jeff wrapped his mouth around the head of Phil's cock. Slowly, he moved his head down, hollowing his cheeks as the base of Phil's cock stretched his mouth wider. Swallowing slowly, Jeff moved his head back up, taking in a deep breath, cooling Phil's warm cock.

Phil grunted, his head falling back. "Shit, Jeff," he couldn't get enough of that way that mouth and tongue just worked him. It felt fucking amazing. Licking his lip ring, Phil tugged hard at Jeff's hair, wanting a quick nip.

'Damn him for tasting so good.' Jeff pressed his tongue piercing to the slit of the head, gathering up the precum. Using his teeth, he bit along the head, circling it with his teeth. He choked when Phil suddenly thrusted up before he relaxed his throat, letting Phil do what he wanted to do.

Phil grabbed Jeff's hair in a tight grip with both fists. He moved his hips hard, fucking Jeff's mouth at an almost brutal pace. If he'd done this to John, the guy would have choked on his own spit. Jeff was a fucking genius on blowing.

Jeff hummed, feeling the first shot of cum splash down his throat. He felt Phil pull back and he swallowed, feeling the rest of the warm, sticky cum coat his face and neck. He brought a hand up, clearing some of the cum away from his eyes. That shit would burn if it got in.

Phil smirked, "I think I should give you a pink eye one of these days."

Jeff glowered up at him, "I think I should give you a pink dick. I'll bite the fucker so hard, it'll make you bleed."

"Try it." Phil murmured. He grabbed Jeff's hair, pulling him up. He turned the younger Hardy around, pushing him against the lockers.

Jeff placed his hand on the cool surface of one of the lockers. He clenched his fingers when he felt Phil's still-hard dick at his entrance. "Get on with it," Jeff murmured, "Matty's expecting me home at midnight."

"You two are awfully close," Phil murmured. He shoved his way inside of Jeff, resting his chin on the green-eyed male's shoulder. His eyes clouded, watching the sweet look of pleasurable pain sting across Jeff's face.

"No, shit," Jeff gritted out, his eyes closing in pain, "He's my brother, stupid."

Phil smirked. He pressed down on Jeff's back, watching his upper body arch. He thrusted slowly a few times, before slamming it in forcefully. "You're always so damn tight," Phil murmured, biting Jeff on the shoulder.

Jeff slowly moved a hand back to Phil's head, holding him in place, "You never complain," he whispered before letting out a high-pitched gasp. He mewled and moaned, writing in Phil's arms as he was penetrated over and over again in rough, smooth jerks.

"Blow your brother off," Phil whispered, lapping at Jeff's earlobe, "Lie to him. Come home with me."

Jeff smiled bitterly, "Doubt Johnny would like that." His chest hurt, thinking of the brown-haired male. Fuck, he was a terrible person.

Phil growled and plundered Jeff harder, grunting as Jeff's tight ass reeled him in. He moved his hand to Jeff's cock, tugging at it roughly. In a few quick, hard jerks, Jeff came, his white cum spraying the locker in front of him. Phil growled lowly as Jeff's ass clenched tight. He allowed himself to cum inside, groaning as he pulled out, watching the rest of his cum land on Jeff's pretty ass cheeks.

Jeff quivered, slowly going down on his knees. He panted, his eyes blinking rapidly. After a while, he was able to stand, his knees shaking. He looked over at Phil before he pulled up his pants. "I'm not going home with you. Go home to John, man." Jeff fished a shirt out of his bag, slipped it on, and walked out of the room, pressing a hand to his lower back.

Phil watched him go. He frowned, running a hand through his silky black hair. He'd really wanted Jeff to come with him…but maybe he was right…if he were to cancel his plans with John, the guy might get suspicious.

Phil sighed, tucking his dick back into his pants. "Next time is gonna have to wait."

But he knew he wouldn't be able to last long without Jeff.

No way, Jeff was an addiction.

And Phil was fucking addicted.


And there it is! My first CM Punk/Jeff fic.

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I will incorporate that into this fic.

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