Ok, so this is going to be quite a long story, and hopefully a good one. Read it please and let me know what you think. ~Gurugirl. So basically I was fed up with this first chapter changing from first to third person, etc... So I re-did it. Not much changed really. Basically Chapter 1, but so short I call it my Prologue.

Light travels faster than sound. This is why some

People appear bright until

You hear them


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A Difficult night

I stormed out of the office, and down the highly polished floor that was the corridor leading to the junior Auror headquarters. I was careful to scuff the floor with my foot as I went; my hair was turning a blazing red and seemed to be smoking. Arriving at my cubicle and I slammed the door behind me. I stood panting, and trying to calm down. Looking around my cluttered box that was my cubicle, I felt the anger melt away into sadness.

Shit, I thought, I think I've just got myself fired! I cursed under her breathe and sank into her chair. I had just had an argument with the head of the Auror department, Rufus Scrimgeour. I breathed deeply, thinking that if I was fired, I was going to slack. I pointed my wand at my mini-wizarding wireless, provided by my dad at graduation, and it started up at once.

-Good evening, fellow witches and wizards of all ages, my name is Colin Feral and I will be keeping you updated with the latest news and gossip throughout tonight's show. But first we have several musical requests, and this is one for all you Weird Sisters fans out there. So here it is their new single, Downtrodden!

I sat tapping my feet to the music, but didn't stay that way for long. Soon I was up and dancing around my cubicle, knocking stacks of parchment and boxes of reports all over the floor. I was too lost in the music too notice, but abruptly fell on the floor in surprise as the music stopped and I finally came back to earth.

-erm, Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry for the interruption, as you know the Tri-wizard Tournament is happening at Hogwarts this year, and I can now announce that Harry potter, or the boy-who-lived, is the victor in the last task! So, anyway back to the Music.

The music started up again, what the hell! Was that it? It was a big sensation throughout the country and thats all they can say, what a load Bollocks!

I startled a couple of witches walking past my cubicle at that time, as the thought came out of my mouth in high pitched scream form. Something it does quite often. I laughed to myself as I picked myself up off the floor, picking up some of the knocked over papers as I went. Just as I turned my back to the door, someone cleared there throat. I spun around to fast and promptly fell on my ass, AGAIN!

"Miss Tonks, could I have a word?" said the deep voice which came from Kingsley Shackelbolt, my kind of boss.

"Of course, sir" I said, hastily, standing up to see him properly. Though it hardly made a difference, he was too tall.

"May I ask why you are scaring people with wild cursing?" he asked, mildly. I dare not refuse answer.

"Erm, well you see sir, they just announced the tournament and-" but I was cut off as a cry of fury sounded through the halls.

"Kingsley!" shouted Fudge, coming into the cubicle. "Harry Potter has just claimed he who must not be named is back, and they are nothing but false. We need to squash these rumours. We need your input, now!" Kingsley looked taken aback, so was I, though Fudge hadn't noticed me. Voldemort... back? No way! But then again, mum has always said...

"Why would he say that if it was false?" Inquired Kingsley, deeply.

"Your duty is to follow orders, not question authority above your station!" he shouted, turning purple with fury. I stood around Kingsley.

"But sir, he has a point, what would make him say that? What reason has he too lie?" I asked, quickly.

"He came out of the maze clutching a dead boy and turned the accident into a ludicrous story, just for attention, Auror Tonks!" then he turned to Kingsley "You need to control your juniors tongues when talking to a superior. I expect you here bright and early tomorrow!" and with that he left. My mouth hung open.

Kingsley sighed "I seriously don't get it" his face creased with concentration, "Why would he lie? I don't think he wants any more attention".

"He doesn't" said a voice from outside the cubicle. I jumped up in surprise as Arthur Weasley entered, followed by a tall man with long red hair, who could only be his son.

"Arthur" Kingsley said. This was getting weird. I wish I'd just got on with my paperwork.

I don't know how to tell you what happened next because it was too much too take in, but all I knew was that me, Kingsley, Arthur and his son who I now knew the name off, Bill, were moving swiftly towards the Ministry exit. We were going to some secret place, a secret organisation. You-Know-Who was back and there were few that new it. We were now to become four of the few. As soon as we exited the building, we grabbed each other's arm and apparated.

We appeared in a deserted lane. I looked at my watch; it was nearly three in the morning. The guys ran down the lane towards a shabby cottage, I hastened to follow them as the first spots of rain came down. In the space of two minutes the heavens had opened and we were drenched. Kingsley was already being let in as I caught up with them. I was last in and slipped a bit in my muddy boots but a strong arm gripped me upright. Everyone was staring, but not at me. I looked up at the man. He had black tangled hair and worn clothes. His eyes were haunted but his smile was kind. I recognised him immediately.

"Sirius" I whispered, pulling my arm away and backing against Bill. Sirius shut the door and a man equally as worn, but much better groomed stood in front of him.

"Sirius is an innocent man, if you wait for Dumbledore, I'm sure he'll explain, if you don't believe us" he said, patiently. The others nodded as he pointed towards a door to the left, and they made their way through without a single protest or glance back, but I stood looking at my cousin.

"Nymie, it wasn't me, I swear, I'm innocent!" he pleaded, desperately. I just stared, I hadn't seen him since I was five, and I'd believed him evil and cruel. I didn't know what to do.

"Sirius?" the man inquired.

"This is my cousin, Nymphadora Tonks, Remus" he said "I recognised her immediately, she has the same heart shaped face she had when she was little, though she's much taller now" he laughed, weakly. The man to his left moved into the dim hall light for the first time. His brown jumper and jeans had patches and his hair was streaked with grey. He had the looks of a young man who'd been through an older man's sufferings.

"Blimey" he breathed. I heard a whoosh of fire from the room down the hall. I finally found my voice.

"Erm, I think someone just arrived" and to back me up, Dumbledore stuck his head round the door and called them. Sirius rocked on his feet a bit before stepping back and gesturing me past. The other man, who I now knew to be called Remus, went to bolt the door properly before following us. We moved into the room silently, the two men's eyes were still on me but I wouldn't look at them.

"Friends, newcomers" Dumbledore said, and gestured to me and then to Kingsley. "Voldemort has returned and the Order of the Phoenix is to be re-established".

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