Chapter 1: The Bug Collector

"Hey guys!" a yellow robot hollered in his obnoxious over-eager voice, "I'm taking Sari out to the Burger Bot, any supplies I should pick up while I'm out?" "I think we're good here Bumblebee," replied Optimus Prime as he was typing rapidly away on a computer. Nodding, Bumblebee transformed into his car mode and Sari hopped in. "Can't you fly?" "You getting tired of my company?" the teenage human girl replied. "Na-no, nothing like that Sari! It's just you have a jet-pack and." "I like riding in you more BB," she told him and pressed herself up against the steering wheel, "Now, we gonna get going?" "Sure!"

Optimus stared at the yellow car as it sped out of the garage of the abandoned car factory. Luckily, Optimus had convinced the Elite Guard of Cybertron to let his group stay on earth due to the still-present Decepticon threat as evidenced by the female clone of Starscream knocking him out of the sky prior to the final fight with Megatron. Not only that but they hadn't been able to find any remains of Starscream anywhere following the battle. It had been a brutal fight but Optimus was glad that things had returned to normal, well, as normal as things could be with them in Detroit. Fanzone had immediately complained upon their return but he was getting back to being used to having the Autobots monitoring the city with the police force.

"Whatcha doin?" asked the low voice of Bulkhead as he walked into the main room, "Shouldn't we be kicking back and relaxing if we're hanging out here?" "I hardly call keeping the monitors open for Decepticons and criminals hanging out," Optimus replied not turning his optics away from the monitors he was working on. "Well we're not out there right now so why not just take a load off?" "Do you remember what happened when we left Bumblebee alone with the consoles when Wasp came to Earth?" Optimus asked. "Oh yeah..." was the big bot's response. Optimus kept typing away on the keys.

"Ugh..." the unmasked abomination of Cybertronian circuitry and spidery-organic components moaned as she limped through the forest of Dinobot Island. It had taken Blackarachnia some time but she had somehow stumbled back into the wilderness she had come to know as the closest thing to a home, Dinobot Island. She had no idea where Waspinator had gotten off to but she didn't give a damn about him. He was a failed experiment and one that had nearly wiped her out of existance, something she wouldn't be so willing to repeat. "How long do I have to search until I find my old ba-ahhh!"

The female Cybertronian landed with a crash as she fell through the ground into her old lair, the laboratory that that insane warped slimey humanoid had built before she came to the island. Though he was disgusting he sure did seem to have a rather high IQ. "Finally," she mumbled looking around at the dusty equipment, "now, to get patched up and get back to work. But first I'll need a new specimen." With her servos twitching, the outcast looked up towards a monitor she had running of the others of her kind that were on the planet, "Optimus always has a few kids hanging around though, and that one looks like the perfect candidate..."

"Come on!" Sari exclaimed and mashed her hand down on the steering wheel causing Bumblebee's horn to join with the sounds of the countless others in the traffic jam. "Hey hey!" the robot replied strapping the girl firmly down to the driver's seat, "We'll get there, just lay off the horn!" "But I'm hungry," she mumbled. "Why don't you just drink oil or something like the rest of us? I mean we know you're a Cybertronian now and everything," Bumblebee suggested.

" thanks," she said sheepishly in reply, "I may be part robot but that doesn't mean I don't wanna eat. I'm still part human and believe me, if you were to actually eat something like a burger I guarantee you'd never go back to oil." "Don't make me jealous of being something even shorter than myself," he mumbled. "Hey!" "No offense!" he laughed as Sari pressed her face up next to the radio his voice came out of with an annoyed expression on her face. Just then her face slammed against the radio from some vibrations that were shaking the ground. "What's that?!" Bumblebee exclaimed transforming into his robot mode with Sari on his shoulder.

"Perfect way to breeze through traffic!" Sari said joyfully and pointed forward, "Now to the Burger Bo-ah! Why are you turning around?!" "Look," Bumblebee replied and pointed towards a tall transformer that was tossing garbage everywhere. "Wreck-gar is the garbage-giving hero to all!" the orange misinformed transformer announced to the world as he delivered his trash. "I really wish Ratchet had learned to have a better attitude before this guy popped up..." Bumblebee said and held out his hand in front of him causing Wreck-gar to stop, "What are you doing?" "I'm delivering garbage to all the good little girls and boys, are you trying to perform the universal greeting? It go-" "No!" Bumblebee exclaimed and put his hand down, "Dude, look, Christmas is over, you only deliver things to good little girls and boys on Christmas, understand?"

Wreck-gar put a finger to his lip as his eyes turned to the sky in thought. Finally he smiled and replied, "I am Wreck-gar, the Christmas garbage-giving hero!" With that the robot skipped off back towards the shore of Detroit. "Why didn't you just tell him it's bad to give out trash all over the place?" Sari asked as Bumblebee turned back around. "And take even longer to get to the Burger Bot?" he asked with a grin. "Good point." As he started to transform back into a car though Sari put her hands out and stopped him. "You are not seriously transforming back into your car mode are you?" "Well yeah, I mean we still gotta." "Look," she sighed, "If you're not going to go there in robot mode I'll walk."

"Fine fine," Bumblebee moaned and stepped onto the sidewalk to begin walking to the fast food place instead. "Thankies!" Sari gleefully exclaimed hugging the robot around the neck. "If this gets me into any trouble though I am officially through with taking you to that burger joint today." "What could happen?" Sari replied confidently shrugging her shoulders as Bumblebee walked. "Well there's always Fanzone who might yell at us, that female Starscream wannabe that could attack, that constructicon and his pet-" Suddenly a giant robot with a flaming sword leapt down in front of the two with a flying robot at his side, "Or...dinobots that wanna smash us into nothing!"

"Me Grimlock take yellow robot!" the stupid dinosaur-transforming brute roared grabbing Bumblebee by the shoulder and tossing him through the side of a bank. "Hey!" Sari yelped as she tumbled onto the sidewalk Bumblebee had been walking on, "What are you doing you idiot?!" Grimlock was about to blast Sari with the plasma from his sword when he remembered how she had responded to their assault when she had last gone to Dinobot Island. "Dinobots need yellow robot for mistress!" Grimlock explained as calmly as possible to the girl. "Mistress?" she asked raising an eyebrow before realizing what they meant, "Wait! You don't mean Blackarachnia do you?!" "YES!" Grimlock roared joyfully at the name as his companion turned into a pteradactyl and flew off with Bumblebee in its tallons. "Bumblebee!" she cried as the Dinobots rushed off from where they had come, "Don't worry! We'll come get you!"

"What are they doing in the city?" Prime muttered as he viewed the Dinobots on the monitors. "Something on your mind dog?" Jazz asked patting Optimus on the shoulder. "Yeah," he replied pointing at the monitors, "Dinobots, they aren't supposed to be in the city." "Are they doing any damage?" "Not really, they seemed to have been searching for something." "BUMBELEE!!!" Sari screamed as she ran into the abandoned factory causing all the Autobots to look down towards her, "They took Bumblebee! The Dinobots kidnapped him!" "What?!" Bulkhead exclaimed stumbling out of his seat he was viewing the television from. "Autobots," Optimus said, "Transform and roll out!" All at once they room became filled with vehicles and Sari hopped into Optimus's driver seat. The group sped off towards the docks.


Well hello everyone ^_^ This is my first Transformers fanfic o.o hope it's good so far =D