Chapter 43: Til All Are One

"Make sure those insignias are hung correctly Ratchet. We can't have any mishaps for this," the bold voice of the Transformer leader ordered. Hastily Optimus Prime paced around looking over the pad that he was carrying. On it was written various assignments that he had to make sure got done. "Bulkhead, are all the rocks out of the way on the trail here?" he tapped his com-link. "Still working on it boss-bot," the duller voice replied. The red and blue Autobot shook his head. "Why's it taking so long? We don't have all day." "Well, it'd run smoother, but I don't really have anyone out here to help," the larger Cybertronian informed. Optimus' brows bent a bit.

"I thought Bumblebee was helping," he said. "He...couldn't be know how he is with Sari and everything..." "Right," Optimus Prime sighed, "I guess it's only natural for him. Well I'll be out there in a few cycles. Just gotta make sure things in the main stage-room are organized." After receiving a positive response from his follower, Optimus shut off the com-link and looked around. With practically all the Decepticons helping in the construction the building had gone up a lot faster than he had expected. He wouldn't doubt that the structure was one of the best-built ones on Earth. Optimus turned his attention to the stage. Around the podium were two large pictures with the appropriate insignias decorating the wall behind.

The Transformer leader sighed and closed his optics. Never in all his stellar cycles at the Academy would he have ever thought that what had happened would have. He certainly hadn't expected to take the reigns of his entire civilization, but destiny had strange ways of working sometimes. A hint of sadness mixed in at the remembrance of his last sights of his original homeworld. Cybertron. Ever since he could remember Optimus had strove through the ranks of the mechanical beings. Right from when he first found out about the processing of Protoforms from the Sonic Canyons Optimus had known that he was destined for more. He'd never forget his escape from the doomed astral entity in its final moments. The very land before him lifting into the sky towards its lethal opposite. Unicron.

But finally the demon had been dealt with. And with it their own god. Primus. Optimus Prime may not have entirely understood just why every single thing happened the way it did, but perhaps it was better that way. What needed to happen did. That's what mattered. Unfortunately it was the tragedy that was needed to finally unite the Cybertronian race into the single alliance that they were meant to be against the Chaos Bringer. The ammunition they were meant as in bringing about the closure to the timeless conflict between the two brothers. And the sacrifices that had been made... Optimus Prime opened his optics again to view the stage. He'd never felt more pride from the figure displayed on the pictures. The sacrifices had been needed, no matter how much he wished they weren't. Everything was needed. Everything that had ever been fell into place to react with and against each other in the end.

"I doubt many humans will be showing up," a voice intruded. Optimus Prime looked down. Standing there in a black outfit was Isaac Sumdac. His eyelids were a bit hung, but he too was staring at the stage. "Still, it's fitting for you to be here professor," Optimus told him as he picked him up to give him a better view, "Considering your relationship and all..." A loose smile was strung about the man's face. He was relieved no-doubt, but the past haunted him too. It did all things to an extent. But there was no way to go back and rewrite what had been. In retrospect of what all had happened though, neither being was sure if they would change anything.

"I must ask; why aren't you in your normal clothing?" Optimus Prime questioned now having a better looking at the more formal suit that Isaac was draped in. The smaller humanoid raised and eyebrow and looked himself over. "It's just custom on this planet to wear dark clothing at funerals."

"-in other news the terrible floods and tidal waves have been subsiding a bit in the wake of Unicron's attack with the moon. This reporter can not say how thrilled he is to be alive," the usual Detroit news reporter declared from the radio, "Meanwhile, Henry Masterson has returned to Earth with the intention of suing Porter C. Powell with never-before seen info. Back to you Newsbot!" "Thank you Lester Black. This reporter has never seen such carnage as that which-" "We too find it incredible to be alive," Jetfire remarked turning off the voices coming from his chest-plating. "Yes, but not for so remarkable to be undergoing such torturous treatment," his brother sighed.

Again the humans scurrying across their bodies could be felt cleaning every last bit of their being. It was nice to have such attention to detail paid to, but they'd be lying if they didn't say it was annoying. "Well cool your jets dawgs," Jazz ordered from his own seat, "We need this polishing dig? We ain't going to this Paw Paw ceremony looking like we just got the slag beat out of us." "But did we not?" Jetfire joked. "Brother is correct," Jetstorm agreed, "We saved universe from the Great Destroyer. Who could not blame us for our looks afterwards? We weren't even close to the one that the funeral's for." "We're getting cleaned," Jazz muttered, "Whether you like it or not."

"Unless of course you want to join the others on their little mission," another voice suggested. All optics turned to the firey looking Autobot that had entered the Auto Parts facility. "They'll be departing just after the ceremony. And I highly doubt you'll need to be there if you're getting ready for the other." "Don't give em any ideas sir," Jazz sighed fading the two younger Cybertronian's smiles. Rodimus Prime laughed sat down next to Jetfire. Immediately various humans got to work on scrubbing his stabilizing servos. "Speaking of which...I thought you were supposed to be going on that mission." "Still deciding," Rodimus shrugged, "Just figure I should look my best no matter what. So I would agree that getting polished is what you boys should do regardless." It was the brothers' turn to sigh.

Clacking could be heard from the keyboard that the blue Autobot was tapping away on. After having survived such a traumatic ordeal, Hot Shot's confidence had been refilled. He felt like there was nothing he couldn't take on. That might have been part of the reason why he was so eager to tag along with his old teamates, Red Alert, Brawn, and Ironhide, when they had decided to head off on the new mission that had been proposed. And with how the Nemesis had been reworked it was nowhere near as imposing an interior as Hot Shot had always imagined it to be. In fact, the entire ship had practically been rebuilt once they were back on Earth. And with the Constructicon and Dinobots' help the operation was done in no time at all.

"You sure you're the same Hot Shot I used to know?" a female voice asked. Hot Shot turned around to answer Firestar only to nearly fall out of his chair. His optics expanded to the size of truck tires at the figure that stood in the doorway he was a few feet from. In front of him was a rather sleek and slender fembot with two structures jutting out of the side of her head and an orange ball-like structure at the top. Like the bot he'd known, her armor was red and pink and shared the same general form as Firestar had had. But she was so much more...curvy...more...visually appealing. Actually, she looked like she could have been Flareup's sister. Casually she lifted a gun from her side and looked it over. "Cause you sure don't seem to be afraid of those keys jumping off their board and biting you or anything."

It took a while of Hot Shot staring before Firestar waved her hand in front of him. "...hello?...anyone home? in stasis-lock or something?..." Suddenly Hot Shot fell out of his chair causing the female Autobot to jump in surprise. But his optics remained on her. His mouth opened a few times. Shrugging, the female locked her arms around the male's and hoisted him back into his seat. "...Firestar?..." Hot Shot finally managed to say. Happy that he was actually still able to communicate, the female nodded her head and smiled. "In the metal," she declared. For a minute or two Hot Shot just continued to look the figure up and down.

"You're...different..." he finally concluded. Firestar sarcastically clapped her hands. "And we have a winner," she said. "Stop the joking," Hot Shot told her as he shook his head, "What the slag happened to you!" "You like it?" she asked twirling around for him, "I figured that since that Bulkhead guy was able to turn that Bumblebee into a human that he could easily do something as simple as reformatting me into a form more suitable for this universe." Hot Shot reached out and ran his hand along her thigh. It sure did seem a lot more dynamic than her more blocky previous form had. But his touching didn't last for long.

"Guess you do have a bit of confidence back," Firestar chuckled removing the body part from her's." "Well, it is a good look for you," Hot Shot confessed, "But...why are you here?..." "Well someone has to keep you bozos in check. And who better than someone that's actually been across universes and dealt with at least a fraction of what we're probably gonna go up against out there?" "And I'm not qualified enough for that after what I've been through?" Hot Shot smirked. His expression soon changed. Delicately Firestar's hand drifted across his shoulders as she knelt down in front of him. "Never said that," she grinned, "But wouldn't you like a bit of help from me?"

Isaac Sumdac couldn't help but be bewildered. Sure he had seen the amount of Transformers before, especially during the battle with Unicron, but never had he seen so many gathered in one place and acting so harmonic towards each other. Autobots, Decepticons, and any other faction inbetween. Even Captain Fanzone had shown up to the event. "Dear police captain," the scientist greeted, "Whatever are you doing here? I thought you hated machines." "Doesn't mean I don't have a heart," the human shrugged, "Besides, I know how much this person meant to everything. Best to see a little conclusion myself. I figured...ya know...out of everyone that I've met, you have brought quite the excitement to our humble little planet."

Isaac smiled at the taller man, but before they could continue their conversation another voice filled the large chamber. "Greetings everyone. Fellow Cybertronians and Earthlings alike," Optimus Prime started. From his place on the stage he could see everyone. Strika had her full attention to the stage. Ironhide had Brawn on top of his shoulders for a better view. Scrapper and Mixmaster were busy guzzling their usual oil before the Dinobots urged their attention to the leader. Rattletrap had his arm around Flareup's waist. Jazz was busy keeping the rather sparkly jet-twins optics to Optimus. Arcee was leaning against Ratchet. The red and white veteran nodded.

Optimus Prime sighed and closed his optics. "It has been a long journey. From our ancestors the Guardians, the Protectobots, and the Destrons to those that would lead the latest version of the factions: Ultra Magnus and Galvatron. Each whom have passed away. Both that I bore witness to the ends of..." While one might feel a burning hate behind the optics of many of the Decepticons in the crowd, quite a few just hung their heads. "But it has finally come to an end," Optimus Prime continued, "All the pain and suffering and fighting has reached its climax. We have confronted what we were designed to and triumphed. The light has shone through the Darkest Hour.

"Yet there is still much to come. We're still here. We survived. Though our initial purpose has been fulfilled, that in no way signifies that we are done. We have been blessed with the gift of life and must pave the way for the future. That is what he whom this ceremony is for had been working towards. A future that he saw fit." With the sentence ended lights flashed on behind the red and blue Transformer illuminating the pictures of the Cybertronian that had passed away. The glistening gray figure in the banners behind the podium still seemed imposing. His faction's insignia adorned the sides of the illustrations. Megatron.

"I would be lying if I said that I didn't know why Megatron did what he did," Optimus Prime sighed. Many of the Decepticons kept their optics on the pictures as he talked. In the sky three aircrafts could be seen soaring above. A vessel seemed to be missing. "And even though we were enemies I must respect him. For he was not just some other bot. He fought for what he believed his death...we must honor that notion, for the future that we must now make our own. The final meeting between him and I was to decide who would lead our race in the wake of Unicron's demise. Now is the time to cast off the shackles of seperation. We are not Autobots or Decepticons. We are Transformers. But...I can not perform this task alone...therefore I must ask the only bot that I know of if he will help me...Ratchet..."

Quite a few optics turned to the blue faced medic. He could've sworn that it was turning red. Ratchet darted his head about a few times in shock. "Ratchet," Optimus Prime said, "out of everyone that I know you have had to do the most extremes that life has to offer. Save the lives of others...and destroy them..." The veteran bit his lower lip and looked at Arcee. "Will you please help lead our race in our new home?" The female Autobot nodded causing her partner shake his head and start his walk to the stage, grumbling all the way. Arcee shook her own head sympathetically as she looked up. She was the only one that noticed that one of the aircrafts had morphed into its robot-mode and taken to watching the ceremony from the roof of the chamber. "Alright alright," the older Autobot barked into the mic, "But we gotta get things sorted out." Noticing that the figure had disappeared down the side of the roof Arcee started towards the door.

"Wait!" she exclaimed once she got outside. Cyclonus stopped and turned to her. His expression was as stale as it'd always been. The fembot too came to a stop as she neared him. "You-" "I must go," he told her. Arcee's brows bent a bit in anxiety. Surprisingly the Decepticon took a step forward and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned into his body. "I am not the young one you once knew," he reminded, "I have killed...many...without remorse or regret until now. My only thought for those billions of stellar cycles had been Galvatron. And now he is gone." "But where are you going?" Arcee insisted in her attempt to get him to stay.

"He who dared to take the previous persona of my master is still out there somewhere," Cyclonus informed, "And there is no doubt in my mind that he will use the remnants of those that did not join us to form his own group. He must pay for his treachery. For as long as he exists the multiverse can not rest easy." Arcee looked up at the dark figure's red optics once he'd taken his arms off of her. "So you're going with the rest of the Axalon crew?" she asked. Cyclonus nodded. "Strika shall be joining too once she pays her respects. But you know who you should be with and it is not I. Now farewell old friend. Until we meet again."

Just as the taller Transformer was about to take off, Arcee lifted her hand and gave a salute to him. For the first time since she'd seen Skywarp's newer form he smiled and performed the gesture back to her. It seemed like an eternity before they lowered their hands to their sides. Arcee continued to watch until his vehicle-mode was out of sight in the horizon. "Some student you had," Ratchet chuckled. Arcee practically leapt out of her shell from the sudden appearance of her fellow veteran. "I thought-" "You honestly think I'm one for long speeches?" he asked. Arcee's grim atmosphere lightened a bit. "Come on," he said taking her hand, "best have some of the oil before the Constructicons make off with it all."

"Come on vermin, they aren't gonna wait forever," Flareup urged the shorter brown Autobot away from the memorial. "So it's true," a rather serious voice interrupted. The two turned to the larger Decepticon behind them. "You are leaving." Flareup and Rattletrap gave each other a doubtful glance. "I'll catch up with ya," Rattletrap told her. Flareup nodded and morphed into vehicle-mode before speeding off. "Look,'s not that I wouldn't mind staying or's just that...well...I feel like I need to be more involved is all." "Stand right zer and I'll get you more involved zan you'd ever vant to be!" the red face yelled.

Rattletrap let out a sigh and turned his back to his old partner. The afternoon air was fresh with the scent of grass. The planet may not have been Rattletrap's first choice for one to dwell on, but it certainly did have unique appealing qualities to it. "Please," a scratchy voice uttered. Rattletrap raised a brow and looked back at the Decepticon. It was strange enough that the taller Transformer was showing any sign that he would miss the Autobot, but even stranger was the face that had pleaded. It was the black face. The crazy one. That which was just completely random and fun-loving. "They all go," it told him, "Everyone I know goes away in the end..."

Rattletrap blinked a few times. He didn't know how to respond. He'd never witnessed this kind of action from the insane being. "Ze others don't like to show it, but ve do feel pain," it explained solemnly, "Loss, anxiety...zey normally turn to me to lighten ze mood. But zer's just so much one can take. First Lugnut, now my new dance don't vant to be alone...there'll be no one to get annoyed with me..." Rattletrap honestly couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Blitzwing's lunatic personality conversing calmly, and even sadly, with him. "Not everyone may show it, but all ze bitterness of life affects zem."

"You won't be alone though," Rattletrap told him, "You got hordes of other bots to annoy now that the Decepticons and Autobots are one." "I doubt it vill stay zat vay," the blue face retorted, "Besides...never was all zat close to many of em." For the first time Rattletrap felt a bit of sympathy for the warped mentality overtake him. The atmosphere drooped a little. He hadn't noticed how close their bond was until then. "Look...Blitzbrain, it's not that I don't like you or nothin'. I mean don't get me wrong, you're grating as hell most times, but you did keep me safe from the other Decepticons and...well...with you I've had some of the most fun that I ever have.

"It's just that I feel like I need to do this," Rattletrap told him. Blitzwing turned his head to the side to avoid the rodent's face. "That other me was on the Axalon of their universe. After helping to turn the Nemesis into this one's one I doubt that I was provoked to go crawling around in walls and destroying things with explosives just as a small distraction for an evil god. Somewhere out there is that insane lunatic that calls himself Megatron, and I'll finally be doing something useful. After all, gotta do something now that we survived the apocalypse." "Vut about your carefreeness?" Blitzwing muttered. "Eh, didn't say I think we'd run into him actually," Rattletrap laughed, "mainly doing it cause I'll be with that smokin' hot babe all alone in space."

The two shared a grin. "Very vell," the blue face sighed and flipped to the black one, "But ven you get back ve have a rousing boxing match against ze cabbage patch!" "See you later too buddy," Rattletrap replied. Once the Autobot had gotten quite a bit away the two waved to each other and he morphed into vehicle-mode and started towards Autobot City. "Always so touching dem friendships," Mixmaster wiped an invisible tear away before thrusting a barrel of oil into the lonely Decepticon's hand. "Don't leak it man," Scrapper said wrapping an arm around Blitzwing's neck, "You'll get used to the vacancy. Besides, in the meantime you can hang with us!"

Most of the audience had dissipated by the time that Isaac had made it up to the stage and behind the podium. Ever since he'd gotten there he'd been looking down into the crater that the entire complex was built around. The crater. The one that he'd discovered the evil tyrant Megatron's head residing within all those years ago. That which without his robotics empire would not have come to be. And that which without most everything that had occurred would not have happened. What if he hadn't found Megatron? He would have never been able to resurrect him. Isaac would have just stayed a simple boy fiddling around with electronics till the day he died.

But in spite of all the pain that Megatron had caused, things would not be what they were without him. For without the vicious and cruel warlord Sari may have never come to be. The Autobots could have possibly stayed in stasis aboard their ship until the end of the world. The lives of so many humans would not have been improved by the advancement that Sumdac Industries had learned from Isaac's reverse-engineering. But most importantly, Unicron may not have been stopped. For without Megatron to oppose him how would Optimus Prime have come to power? What would be there to make the sacrifices needed against the Chaos Bringer?

With a sigh Isaac Sumdac lifted something to his eye-level. A fragment. The one that he'd retrieved from Megatron to use in the Artificial Vector Sigma Node project. Bumblebee had given it back to him earlier under the impression that he should possess it since he was the original owner. Again Isaac looked down at the crater. He wasn't the original owner. Megatron was. He felt like a kid again upon looking at the fragment once more. It glistened brilliantly in the light that drizzled through the roof of the complex. "Thank you," the man said quietly and tossed the object into the grave. Be it good or bad, everything happened for a reason. Fate is not driven by such petty concepts as those of generalized actions.

A soft moan sounded causing the boy's head to turn up. He'd nearly fallen asleep. Viciously he shook his head to clear any lingering dreariness and scooted his chair closer to the bed. It took a few more sounds, but after a minute or so the girl's head moved around on the pillow and she cracked open her eyes slightly. At first they got extremely wide then shrunk back to normal a bit as she let out a yawn and rubbed them after taking her hands out of their clenched position. "Well," Sari said quietly, "Can't be in heaven if you're here..." "I'm supposing that's supposed to be an insult," the dark skinned boy replied. Sari smiled and looked at him.

"So this is that Well of Allsparks crap you guys always talked about I take it," she said as her eyes trailed the room, "...a lot more bland than I expected..." "What?" Bumblebee blinked a few times, " is're not dead Sari..." Now Sari blinked. She looked down at where she was laying and pulled her covers off of her. Her body looked just fine from what was revealed below her dress. "But...wha...I..." she tried to speak, "...what about Unicron? I felt it when they hit each body felt like it was being torn apart..." Bumblebee's smile widened and he pointed to himself. "Not the only connected remember?" he winked, "You're welcome. I had your schematics in my mind from that Soundwave world. They told me you'd be waking up today if you were going to so they got you all dressed and everything."

Sari looked back down, this time at her hands. Inquisitively she broke them apart and wriggled them around to make sure they all still worked. "That really is creepy..." Bumblebee's eye twitched. Without any warning, Sari wrapped her arms around the boy and pulled him into a hug. Instinctively Bumblebee returned the embrace. The holding lasted for about fifteen seconds. Bumblebee could feel himself blushing but not nearly as violently as he once had at the female's touch. "Thanks," she whispered into his ear before parting. Bumblebee nodded his head joyfully. He could see Sari blushing as well. "Bumblebee..." she sighed, "About our relationship...I just was trying to get us apart so that you wouldn't be so hurt if know..."

Sari was startled by the boy's laugh. "Don't worry about it," he shrugged, "We're together no matter what happens. That's what matters no matter how close we are." Sari closed her eyes as the blush intensified. "So you don't wanna get back together," she figured. "Now I didn't say's just that I'm pretty sure our bond goes beyond the relationship we were in." Sari glanced at the boy for a second before giving him a bop on the head. "Hey!" he exclaimed rubbing the impact-site, "What was that for!" "You were being smart," she told him, "That doesn't suit you. Don't do it again." For a spell the two smiled at each other before breaking out into laughter.

"Well either way," Bumblebee said once he'd regained his composure, "You feel like getting out of bed?" "Do I ever," Sari moaned with a stretch. Lazily she flung her feet over the side and stood up...before falling flat on her face. "Oh, didn't know humans had to get feeling back to their circuits too," Bumblebee recounted his own fall when he'd first gotten up from Cortical Psychic Patch operation. "Me either..." Sari's muffled voice sounded from the ground. Hastily Bumblebee helped her back to her feet and let her lean against him for support. He felt his cheeks heat up again at the contact with Sari's breast that mashed against his side. "I thought that was only in the movies...wait a second...I just realized. You're a human! What the hell!"

"Oh yeah," Bumblebee laughed remembering just how he looked, "forgot to tell ya. Bulkhead finally got the bugs worked out in the reformatting process. Figured it might be a nice surprise for you and all. Also don't wanna chance outliving you or anything. And no turning back into a huge-ass car this time." Sari smiled with relief and stood up on her own. The feeling had returned to her limbs. Happy to be by each others' side once more, the two teenagers exited the medical room and took the first elevator they saw to the bottom of Sumdac Towers. "I do gotta wonder though how the folks back at Autobot City are gonna reproduce now that there's nothing to instill life into Protoforms..." "Why do you think I was so enthralled by the three we found on the moon?" Sari asked. Bumblebee raised a brow. "I didn't just scan em for nothing. At first I thought that might've been where I came from, but now I know what it was really for. Primus may not have known exactly how he naturally gave life, but I sure do. And besides, he wanted to integrate his people as best as possible into actual organic life on Earth. I'm sure me and you can give pretty good examples to them of how we can continue new generations for Cybertron for those that decide to reformat into techno-organics."

Bumblebee was about to ask just what she meant by "continue new generations" when the elevator came to a stop. Sari was happy to be able to see daylight at the front door. It was sign of hope. That they'd survived. That life would go on. They had fought for the right to live and won. "So whatcha wanna do first?" Bumblebee asked as they walked out into the parking-lot, "Burger Bot? Autobot City? Got the Plant fixed back up while you were asleep. Or we could do baseball. Or just walk aroun-" "All units report!" Fanzone's voice suddenly sounded from Bumblebee's ear causing the two to jump, "We got a 411 in progress! The S.U.V. has been spotted making off with various supplies from Downtown Detroit! Need backup!"

"I guess that answers your question," Sari replied morphing into robot-mode. Bumblebee nodded. The girl's eyes expanded at what happened next. With a transformation noise similar to her own, the boy's skin disappeared and became replaced with metal. He still retained his stripe on his chest-plating, but other than that he'd become a mechanical being just as fast as Sari had. "Well let's going then," he smiled before his V-shaped guard swept down in front of face causing two horns to jut out from the sides of his head. Beneath Sari's mouth-plating she grinned. "I could get used to this," she admired the boy's new look. She started skating through the streets while Bumblebee used the new wheels on his heels to keep up with her. "Hey Bumblebee," Sari said to her partner, "How long do you think we'll keep going on these adventures?" "Til all are one?" he suggested. "Til all are one," Sari agreed.

The End

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But regardless, I wasn't about to give this story up. No matter what all happened in my life I made it a priority to actually finish one of my fanfics. Now I'm not gonna pull a George Lucas and say I had everything planned from the beginning. That'd be stupid. For ANYONE to say about anything they work on. I will however say that by the second chapter I pretty much had the MAIN plot figured out. All that foreshadowing in the early chapters? Yeah, I had it pretty much set in stone how most the story would go. Of course I added in things as I got deeper into detailing and fleshing it all out, but for the most part it was down in my head.

But I do realize there are errors. HUGE errors. You see back when I first started this both Almanacs weren't out yet and Transformers Animated had just finished. So I do whole-heartedly apologize for all the atrocious continuity mistakes I made. But with how thought-out I had the story I wasn't about to change it so I tried to meld it in as best as I could with what I learned over time. Still don't know Sari's full origin so that's still up for grabs (though I'm pretty sure it can't be the one I came up with now).

As for the story itself...well I wanted two different things. I wanted a story about Sari and Bumblebee's relationship, just to see how many people actually liked that. You see back then there was almost literally NO art or stories at all of the two in a romantic relationship of any sort. But I didn't want it to just be a romantic relationship. I wanted to focus on their bond. How they are as friends. I honestly could care less if they're in love or spouting out ten kids or what-not. The only reason they stayed as close as they did in the story was because of you. Yes, you. The viewers. Those that reviewed. I was going to have them probably end up drifting off into being JUST friends again by the end (which may be the case seeing how their final conversation went, but left it as a sorta cliffhanger to their relationship so that it could go either way. You know, letting the reader's decide what it should be in their minds). Also was originally going to have a contest to see who all wanted Sari to die and live in the final chapter, but by the time I got here that'd just be stupid. It'd have been obvious what everyone and their toy collection would've voted for.

But the other thing I wanted to focus on was Unicron. The Dark God of Destruction. The Chaos Bringer. The Great Destroyer. Blah blah blah. Ever since Armada I have been enthralled with him. Sure he made his most impressive physical appearance in the original movie, but as a character he really had depth added to him when they reintroduced him all that while later. Being the polar opposite of Primus I didn't want to treat him as just some monster. I HATE when he's portrayed as just a hungry giant with all razor-sharp teeth and pure slasher-material. What's scary about him I felt should be what he actually is. It doesn't matter what form he takes. It matters that he's evil. He's everything that wasn't meant to be in reality. From the get-go that was the notion I wanted to work with. His personality, not his look. I wanted to emphasize just how much of an abomination he actually was, not just discard him as an apocalypse card. Give him reasoning and substance.

So I decided to simply combine the two since I didn't wanna start another story.

And then there was Sideways. If it wasn't obvious I threw him in pretty early. I knew he had to be the one that linked everything. And I'm so glad they made it actually be his multiversal self instead of just making a new version of him for the Almanac (which again, I didn't have access to so I didn't know what he looked like. Hope my version wasn't too bad in his appearance). But either way he needed depth also. A LOT of depth. Sure he'd always appeared here and there throughout the franchise but he was never really explained so I gave my shot at it. It was obvious in Armada that he wasn't just some other Transformer.

Now I could go on and on and on for hours. Hell, I could probably make an entire other story just telling what all I did for making this and all the background for it. How I made Transformers born on Earth use more Earthen slang than Cybertronian and yadda yadda yadda. But no. Even though this is probably the last thing I'll ever actually write for this story I am happy with how it turned out. No matter how bad the writing is or how cheesy the plot gets at times I did enjoy every moment I worked on this. It really was how I would have ended Animated and give a conclusion to Universe, and hell, even the franchise had I been in charge.

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