Not Enough


How come, when everything seemed so perfect, that I had finally found my place in this world, the danger that had stalked my human life was still so potent in this new life? The impossibility of such a situation is staggering and yet here we are in the middle of it.

All that mattered to me now was at risk and there was little or no chance of being able to save it. I stood, surrounded by my new family, facing down a new enemy. We were about to face off in a fight that meant literally life or death for all of us.

This was down to me. And now because of me, my new family were about to meet an undeserved fate and there was nothing I could do to stop them. They had sworn to protect me, even when I was human, and now they're doing the same thing again.

The outcome of this is inevitable unless my trust pays off. Our only hope of salvation lies in the hands of an inexperienced newborn and the timing must be absolute.

Time is running out; I can already feel the drain on my strength and I don't know how much longer I can hold out. At the moment I'm the only thing standing between my family and the enemy facing us. I have to hold on and hope my trust pays off.

…For my family.


There was pain everywhere. As if the world had always been consumed by pain; as if it was the only thing I had ever known. And I knew there was nothing I could do about it.

How could I fight the raging inferno inside of me now? It was surely impossible. I would die; it had to be the only outcome of such extreme pain.

But through the darkness, images began floating into my mind of their own accord. Memories of my past and of everything I had to lose; things I couldn't possibly let go of, that would kill me to do so, even if this fire wasn't already completing that job.

I remembered my captors. Specifically, I saw their red eyes, glinting in the dying light, filled with such power hungry greediness. I had known then that nothing good could ever come of such a thing. And I had been right.

That hadn't made much of a difference. There was never a thought that I would ever stand a chance against them. And they had taken me and I was defenceless.

The pain was reaching a new peak, burning brighter and deeper into me just when I had thought it couldn't get any worse. I found, though, that I could still think despite the flames licking and scorching through me.

I knew I had to escape. That was the only thought that I had managed to keep in my mind as the fire retreated. And when I awoke, that was exactly what I did.

Once I had succeeded, then I found them. The Cullens.

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