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Harry Potter the next generation: 5th year

Chapter 4

James ran frantically down the hall, his thoughts a blur as he arrived at Professor Longbottom's office. No bothering to knock, he launched through the door, explaining the situation in a muddled, fast speech.

"What?! You can't just storm…"

"Rose…she…gone…Scorpius…the Malfoy… hurt… bad…."

"James… what is wrong? Explaining slower and in order."

James took a deep breath and explained the situation. About how he and Albus found Scorpius and then realised Rose was missing. He then told him how they left Scorpius at the hospital wing and ran here to alert them of the problem. "We have to alert the aurors and my dad, we have to find out where she is."

"James clam down. How do you know that she is not on school grounds?" Neville sighed, looking to the young Potter. She's probably just around the castle somewhere; I will of course have to find out what happened to Scorpius… I have to stay positive…

"My cousin is missing dammit! She is missing!" James practically growled in frustration as Neville wouldn't listen to how important this was.

"You have no reason to think she is missing…"

Slamming his hand down on the mahogany desk, James pulled out the map. "There is my reason. She isn't here. Now please contact my father at once."

"Now James, don't overreact. We must have our facts straight before we go calling aurors even if he is…"

"We found Scorpius Malfoy bleeding to death in a broom cupboard. They were last seen together." James took a deep breath. "Now please contact my father."

Neville knew of Harry's short temper from the years at school and it seemed his on had inherited this trait. James stood seething glaring at his head of house. "Now James this piece of paper..."

"This piece of paper is the marauder map! It shows everyone in Hogwarts! Yes, you have heard of it and I have it. Now please!"

"Okay. I'll get your father right away and I'll personally go to Hermione. She will need to know of this event" Neville turned to face James, finally admitting the need for action was here.

"Yes Sir, they'll both be at home" James nodded stiffly, going over plans in his head.

"I need you to go and alert Professor McGonagall. The password is Griffin" Nevilles voice was distant, the idea of a student missing was terrible. Who would do this? I know many of who would… but this could be bad, she could be… No!

"Of course Sir, I'll go now." James ran from the room without another room.

"42 Market Place" Neville said in a clear voice as he stepped into the fireplace, throwing down his powder.

The green flames engulfed him as he was sucked into the long chimney the space pressurising the air around him. A few seconds later the pressure started to recede as he was shot down andother chimney and rolled into a warmly lit living room.

Hermione sat in an armchair reading and jumped at the sight of Neville rolling out of her fireplace…

"Neville! What is Merlin's name are you doing here?" What in the name of…

Neville took a deep breath patting the ash of his robes. "Um… I'm very sorry to inform you, Hermione that there has been an incident at the school."

"Neville what is it?" Hermione asked eyes full of concern. "Rose.. Hugo?! Did something happen to Hugo?"

"Rose is missing."

"Oh merlin…"Hermione sat back in her hair hand to her chest. Missing? Can no one find her or has she left? "How...? What happened?"

"We don't know. She isn't on school grounds. Her friend was found severely hurt and left wounded in a broom cupboard."

"Oh my…" Hermione breathed deeply. "Um... thank you Neville. Oh Merlin I need to go tell Ron."

"I'll go tell Harry, he might want to help."

Before even finishing his sentence she broke into a run up the stairs, dropping her book to the floor. Opening a mahogany door she entered her bedroom.

"Ron! Ron! RON! Wake UP!"

"What…? What is it?" Ron asked sleepily as his wife screamed at him.

"Rose is missing!" She shoved him once more. "Get up, we've got to go to Hogwarts and find my baby!"

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