Stupidity of a Mosquito.

A Peeps Fanfiction

By xxLilMizCaityxx

Moz was so stupid. When you think about it, he was the stupidest guy on the face of this good planet Earth. Why? Because, as lateral as he might have been, that didn't escape the fact that he was totally blind to what was going on right in front of his cute, brown eyes.

I mean… not that I was being too obvious about it.

I was dropping subtle hints was all, and I think Zahler might have picked up on them before ol' Mosquito did. He and Min broke up that night of the huge worm fire, when we met the woman who'd thrown the Strat out the window. They haven't flirted once since then, and that was three months ago, so I think they're well and truly over. At LAST.

I mean… not that I was crushing on Moz all that time… I mean… I wasn't. But… all the same, I can't deny I find him painstakingly attractive, and I want to kill him every time he doesn't reach out and stroke my face when we're alone, or tell me I'm beautiful or something like that.


Mozzy is just plain stupid. He's a lateral guy, but he's stupid. And as for another thing, he-



"Zahler told me you've been dropping hints to me that you like me since me and Min broke up. Is that true?"




"Moz… I'm… kind of in the middle of writing to my mom. I… I need to…"

"Pearl, can you just tell me if you like me or not? It's 3 am, I'm tired because of that gig yesterday night, and I just want all this shit cleaned up. Do you or don't you?"

I DO, I DO, I DO!!

"I… I…"

Moz walked across the room and sat down on the bed beside me. Reaching over, he stroked my face, just like I wanted him to, and told me I was beautiful just like I wanted him to.

Then (luckily he'd taken his meds) he reached over and placed a soft kiss to my lips, which I practically melted into.

"…Do…" I gasped for air. He smirked at that, stood and walked to the door. Pausing he glanced back.


Moz is stupid. Lateral, pretty, and jaw-droopingly perfect- but still stupid.

Entirely randome because I adore these two together. Please review :)