Hiya!! This is my first Daniel Boone fanfic!! It won't be very historicaly accurate. Daniel Boone did in fact have an older brother named Jonathon Morgan Boone, but I was not able to find any information on him. Mary, Will, and Joshua are all figures of my imagination. Hope you like the story! :) Disclamer: I own nothing

CHAPTER 1 John Morgan Boone and Family

The sun was at the top of the sky as the wagon slowly rolled down the dirt trail. A man and woman sat side by side in the wagon as it lumbered down the trail. Beside the wagon walked two boys.

The man in the wagon was tall and sported a brown mustache with matching brown hair. The woman was much shorter then her husband. She, unlike her husband, had long blonde hair. They each appeared to be in their late thirties or early forties.

The two boys who walked beside the wagon looked to be around eleven and nineteen. The older one had short black hair and stood about five feet eleven or so. The younger one was shorter, but still tall, possibly five feet eight. He had blonde hair just like his mother.

"Josh!" Jonathon Morgan Boone called to his eldest son.

"Yes, Pa." Josh ran up to walked next to his father.

"Run on ahead and see if you can see Boonesborough." John told him.

"Can I go?" the other boy asked running up behind his older brother.

"I guess you can Will." John chuckled.

"Race you." Will yelled as he took off running.

"Hey!" Josh exclaimed as he raced after his little brother.

John Boone and his wife Mary laughed as Josh easily caught up with his brother, but stayed beside him. In a few minutes, the two brothers were out of sight. In two minutes exactly they were racing back. This time, Josh made no attempt to stay beside his brother and outran Will easily.

"It's just up ahead, Pa." he exclaimed breathlessly. "The fort can't be more then a mile away!"

"All right boys." John said as Will reached the wagon. "Let's go!"

It took about fifteen minutes, but the wagon finally made it to Fort Boonesborough. As the wagon slowly rolled into the fort, men, women, and children paused to watch curiously the wagon and small family.

Pulling to a stop in front of a building that looked as if it served as an inn and a store. Jumping down, John Boone helped his wife down. The two boys joined their father and mother as they walked into the tavern.

Inside was a woman with fiery red hair, a young boy with blonde hair, a girl with long brown hair, a young man with black hair, and an old man with gray hair and beard.

The woman and girl were looking at fabric materials while the young boy and man were sitting talking. The old man walked over from the counter.

"Can I help you folks?" he asked.

"Could you tell us where Daniel Boone lives?" John asked.

"What business do you have with Daniel?" the old man asked.

"He's my brother." John announced, "I'm John Boone, this is my wife Mary, and our sons Josh and Will."

"You're my husband's older brother?" the woman asked, walking over.

The boys immediately removed their hats.

"Are you Mrs. Rebecca Boone?" John asked.

"Yes I am." Rebecca smiled. "We weren't expecting you for a few more days."

"We left earlier then planned." John told her.

"Jemima, Israel." Rebecca called, "Come here for a minute."

The young boy and the girl walked over.

"Yes Ma." Jemima said politely.

"I want you to meet your Pa's brother and his family." Rebecca replied. "This is John, his wife Mary, and their son's Will and Josh." Turning back to John, Rebecca announced, "This is my daughter Jemima and my son Israel."

"Nice to meet you." Mary smiled at them.

"I'm afraid that Daniel is on a hunting trip." Rebecca told them. "But you are welcome to come on and stay with us."

"When is my brother going to be back?" John asked.

"Oh tonight or tomorrow." Rebecca announced. "If you will wait a few minutes we can head on to our house."

John nodded in agreement. They walked over to where some tables where and sat down. Not wanting to sit, Josh walked over to the window and looked out. Will, bored of sitting with his parents, walked over to join his brother. Israel Boone, also bored, walked over and joined them.

"So you two are my cousins?" he asked uncertainly.

"Yep." Will smiled at the young boy, probably ten years old. "I'm Will this is my brother Josh."

"I'm Israel." Israel replied. "If you two are brothers how come you don't look alike?"

"My Ma was a Cherokee." Josh spoke up before Will could, "She died and Pa got remarried later and they had Will."

"I'm sorry." Israel said sincerely.

Josh gave a small smile at his little cousin before turning back to the window.

"So where are ya'll from?" Israel asked.

"Bristol, Virginia." Will told him.

"Israel." The other boy said walking up. "You're Ma wants you over their too try on a shirt."

"Again." Israel whined. "But this is the third time!"

Nevertheless, he ran over to where Rebecca Boone was with a shirt and Jemima.

"I'm Will." Will spoke up, smiling at the strange boy. "What's your name?"

Josh lightly smacked his brother who looked up at him and asked, "What?"

Josh just shook his head and looked back out the window.

"I'm Jericho." The boy told Will, "Jericho Jones."

"This is my brother Josh." Will replied.

"I thought that brothers were suppose to look alike." Jericho said.

"We have different mothers." Will explained as Josh opened his mouth, "My Ma's over their." He pointed to where Mary sat, "Josh's Ma was a Cherokee. After she died, Pa married my Ma."

"So you're half-brothers." Jericho said.

"What's that mean?" Will asked.

"It means that we have different mothers but the same father." Josh spoke up. He looked over at Jericho. "Yeah, we're half-brothers."

"How old are you Jericho?" Will asked. "I'm eleven."

Chuckling, Jericho replied, "I'm nineteen."

"That's how old Josh is!" Will announced, "He just turned nineteen last month! When did you turn nineteen?"

"Two months ago." Jericho told him.

"Joshie!" Mary called, "Willy! Time to go!"

"See you later Jericho!" Will said as he ran over to his mother.

Josh cringed a little at his nickname, but he nodded at Jericho.
"Nice to meet you, Jericho." He said as he walked over to his parents.

"Nice to meet you, Joshua." Jericho told him.

Then the two Boone families walked out of the store and headed to Daniel Boone's house.