So I changed the ending of this chapter because I haven't gotten any ideas for a sequl. I'm sorry to all who were waiting for a sequel, but I just can't do it. So the ending is pretty pathetic and corny, but I hope you enjoyed the story any how. :)

Chapter 10 Home Sweet Home

Daniel was right. The three horses arrived at the Boone's cabin right after nightfall.

"Pa! Pa!" Israel Boone was the first to greet them.

They could hear Jemima inside crying "They're here! Ma, they're here!"

The whole family was on the porch before anyone could dismount.

"Josh!" Will shouted, running at his brother as he dismounted.

Though sore, Josh grabbed his little brother and swung him up into a hug before setting him down painfully.

"Oh, Joshie, you're hurt!" Mary cried, grabbing him by the shoulders and examining his face.

"I'm fine, Ma." Josh said, blushing.

"Thank you, Daniel." John said quietly, tears in his eyes. "I never should have doubted you."

If Daniel heard his brother, he soon forgot about him as Rebecca rushed from the house at him.

"Oh Daniel!" she exclaimed, hugging him and giving him a kiss. "What took you so long."

She looked over at where Jemima and Jericho where standing, hugging. She smiled softly before giving Daniel another kiss.

"Becky," he said quietly, "Get the medical stuff out. Josh and Jericho were beaten."

"Beaten?" Becky gasped before rushing into the house.

"John, you get the boys inside. I'm gonna run these prisoners to Boonesbourough until we can take them to Salem." Daniel explained as he climbed back onto the horse.

"All right, Dan." John agreed.

Mary was already helping Josh into the house so John helped Jericho stumble after them. Daniel grabbed the reins of the other horses and turned toward Bonnesbourough. The prisoners gave him no trouble as he lead them into the fort and threw them into the building that would serve as there temporary jail. Leaving Cincinatus as a guard, Daniel went back home to where his family was waiting for him.

Within two weeks, Josh and Jericho were each back in full health. The whole family made the trip to Salem to be at the Johnstone's trial. As was expected, the three were sentanced to jail for thirty years for kidnapping and asault.

Despite many arguments, John Boone and his family eventualy decided to stay on at Boonesebourough. A cabin went up fairly quickly and by winter, there was a new family in Boonesbourough.