Pairing: Grimmjow x Ichigo. A couple one sided male x Ichigo.

Summary: Alternate Universe, based on the werewolf movie Cursed, but very few details are going to be the same. Like, there are werewolves in this one…and an in the closet gay jock. That's pretty much it. One night Ichigo was walking home when he was attacked by a large 'dog.' Just so everyone knows, Ichigo will be uke! Grimmjow and Ichigo are both seniors in high school and 18.

Warnings: No underage readers. Yaoi, yuri - although not explicit, lemons, smut, sex, cursing, violence, and gore.

Beta'd by WarriorNun- thank you so much!

I do not own Bleach or make any money off of this story.

Cursed: Chapter 1

Ichigo walked home from school alone. His father had yet again forgotten to come pick him up, yet again. But Ichigo didn't mind, he was used to it and besides, that meant Yuzu and Karin were getting more attention. Let them suffer through Isshin's rants and raves about how he was the 'kung-fu god.' He was the one, after all, who had to suffer through the surprise 'ninja' attacks.

Kicking a stray can that dared be in his path, the orange haired teen paused when he heard a low growl. Frowning, he turned towards the noise. His eyes widened as he caught sight of the large, hulking form crouched in the alley next to him. This was the biggest dog that he had ever seen!

"Heh, easy there…" Ichigo slowly took a step back, tensing as the 'dog' leapt for him. Ichigo ducked and dodged, making the beast ram itself into some garbage cans. He didn't wait to see if the dog was still chasing him, he just ran.

A low howl broke through the otherwise quiet night, echoing in the empty streets as Ichigo raced through a park he used as a shortcut to get to his house. He didn't look back; the harsh panting and slap of the large paws on pavement were a clear indication the beast was still behind him…and gaining.

Cursing to himself and calculating the chance he could outrace the large dog, Ichigo ran towards a tree, scrambling to climb it when he felt teeth clamp onto his leg. Screaming at the white-hot pain, Ichigo kicked out at the mangy mutt and managed to get his leg free, frantically climbing once more until he was out of reach. The dog leaped up and snapped at him, but still couldn't reach the injured teen despite its size. With another long howl, the beast loped off into the night, leaving Ichigo shivering and in pain.

It took a few minutes of silence before Ichigo was convinced the dog had left, but he still waited a while longer, just to be sure. While still in the tree he sacrificed his shirt and wrapped it around his injured leg, then pulled on his sweater to help against the cold. When he was absolutely sure it was safe, he dropped down from the tree, hissing as it jarred his leg. He walked as fast as he could with his limp, making sure to stay alert to other possible attacks. Luckily the full moon gave plenty of light to illuminate his way

home. When he finally saw the bright lights of his family's clinic he allowed himself a sigh of relief and slipped into his home.

"Ichigo is late for dinner again!" Isshin shrieked, leaping at his 'late' son in a two-foot kick attack. The said son barely managed to get out of the way, glowering at his father who was now rubbing his head (having crashed into the door) and eyeing his bloody leg.

"What the hell, goat face!?" Ichigo yelled angrily.

"What happened?" Isshin asked, putting on his 'concerned father' personality.

"Just some stupid dog." The orange-haired teen replied, coolly shrugging.

"Does it need stitches?" Isshin jumped at his son and pinned him face down, sitting on his back and twisting the injured leg up to examine it while Ichigo scrunched up his face in pain and tried to squirm away.

"Oi! Be gentle!"

"You're lucky you've had your rabies shots." Isshin muttered and let the leg go. "Get into the clinic, I'll tell Yuzu and Karin what happened so they will stop worrying."

Ichigo nodded and did as he was told. As rough as his father could be, the health and welfare of his kids was always top priority. Ever since the kids' mother died, there was a more serious side to him. Granted Isshin was usually a goof ball, but he had his moments. Like right now.

He dutifully allowed his father to fuss over his leg while Yuzu insisted on bringing him dinner and Karin just watched silently. It really wasn't that bad, it just stung a lot. The clotting had stopped most of the bleeding and all it needed was a good cleaning and a few stitches. He would limp for a couple of days, but he'd had worse.

He took a shower right away, promising his dad that he would dry it properly and wrap it afterward. For some reason he was really cold, shivering even though his veins felt like they were on fire. His head was pounding too. And he was so tired… His body swaying slightly, Ichigo stumbled out of the shower, barely bothering to dry himself off and dry-swallowing some aspirin before falling into bed and tugging the covers up over his body.

When he woke the next morning, he felt way better. His leg still throbbed like a son of a bitch, but no fever and no headache. Goat face actually offered to drive him to school, and he warily accepted it. As independent as he liked to be, he wasn't an idiot when it came to knowing that walking to much on an injured leg would only make it worse and the stitches might open.

So he put up with it, grabbing his back pack and jumped out of the car, fighting the urge to punch the idiot in his face when he called out "Make good choices!"

He scowled at his father and turned toward the school, inwardly groaning as he caught sight of the blue haired senior and his cronies that lived to make his life a living hell. Bullies, he fucking hated the bastards and they seemed to be drawn towards Ichigo like bees to honey. Must be something about his hair, but Ichigo knew that Grimmjow had no room to talk about unusual hair color.

Grimmjow elbowed Nnoitra as he caught sight of Ichigo limping up the school steps. "What's wrong, fag-boy?" He said with a large grin. "Did your boyfriend fuck you too hard last night?"

Ichigo narrowed his eyes at the smug jock. "And what's wrong with you Grimmjow? Is it that time of the month again?"

The blue haired senior narrowed his eyes and stepped forward, his posse pushing themselves away from the wall. "I don't like you're attitude, fairy."

"I have the same problem with your face."

The jock glared harder at that and his friends moved so they were at Ichigo's back. "Fags like you shouldn't be allowed to go to school with normal people, who knows if it's catching or not."

Ichigo scowled, and then wrinkled his nose and fake-sneezed "Asshole!" He said with a cough. "Oh, sorry, what were you saying?"

The blue haired senior growled at that. "You fucking pansy!" Grimmjow fisted Ichigo's shirt and lifted him up so he was forced onto the tips of his toes.

"You're the fucking pansy, violet!"

Grimmjow cocked his fist back and was about to slam it into Ichigo's face with somebody tapped his shoulder. Growling and turning his head, he froze as he caught sight of the principle Aizen Sousuke.

"Not fighting, are we boys?" Aizen asked dangerously. "Your dad gave me specific instructions to watch you, Kurosaki-kun, on account of your injury."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and jerked himself away from the larger senior. "No problem here, right Jeagerjaques?"

"Right…" Grimmjow straightened his clothes and gave Ichigo one last glare for good measure before walking off, the rest of his gang following with jeers and glares thrown in Ichigo's direction.

With another roll of his eyes Ichigo headed into the school and to his homeroom. Predictably, he had to fight not to cringe as Orohime yelled out an exuberant greeting, than gasped as she saw his limp.

"What happened, Kurosaki-kun?"

"Got bit by a dog." Ichigo grunted, nodded to the silent Chad who was watching him carefully and slumping in his seat beside Renji.

"A dog, huh?" The red head asked, frowning and leaning forward. "Must have been some dog to lay the hurt on you."

Scowling, Ichigo huffed and tapped his fingers against the desk. "Tch, it was the biggest dog I'd ever seen."

Renji snickered and leaned back in his seat, lacing his fingers behind his head. "It was probably some poodle."

"Play nice." Rukia smacked him in the back of the head. "Are you sure you weren't in a fight with Grimmjow again?"

"Yeah I'm sure, I was there wasn't I?" Ichigo said sarcastically, not saying any more as the bell rang, signaling the start of class. Chad frowned, still looking at him carefully. Ichigo gave him a real smile and nodded. The large teen was always there for him and watching his back, but this time he didn't need to worry about anything, it was done and over with.

He'd never have to worry about the dog again.


Just so you know, I do not approve of the term 'fag', nor do I have anything against anybody who is gay. Just making it realistic. Grimmjow's friends are pretty much the espada.

Ichigo doesn't know he's gay yet, Grimmjow is just using that insult because he's close-minded, or rather in Denial. Yes, that is capitalized.

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