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Cursed: Chapter 10

Ichigo woke up when his body turned human again. It hurt. He curled in on himself and whimpered as something licked at his face. He tried to bat the person away but his hands were captured and pinned as whoever it was began to lick him again. He opened his eyes to see… Grimmjow!? "Oi…" Ichigo shifted and winced as his body protested. "Stop…"

The blue haired man stopped and glared at him. "Go to sleep."

"Don't order…me around…" Ichigo fell asleep and only then was Grimmjow satisfied and curled against him. He cracked one eye open as the sun glared down at him and reached for the blinds and let them drop. Content once more, Grimmjow snuggled into Ichigo and took in a deep whiff of his hair before falling asleep himself.

The next time Ichigo woke up it was starting to get dark again and there was something hard pressing against him. "Ah!" He struggled out from the tight grip in a panic as he tried to figure out where he was and nearly fell onto the floor if it wasn't for Grimmjow grabbing him. Ichigo turned red as the other werewolf pinned him to the bed, blinking sleepily and then yawning.

"Ichi…" He murmured and leaned over to lick at his neck. Ichigo froze. It was then that he realized that neither of them was wearing any clothes. Memories flooded back to him and he turned even redder.

"Igottatakeapiss." Ichigo said in one rush. With a sigh Grimmjow let him go.

"You're lucky I do as well."

Ichigo was slightly self conscious as he walked naked to the bathroom with Grimmjow right behind him and staring at his ass. They both were very relieved to have their bladder's emptied after sleeping so long. As soon as Ichigo got out of the bathroom, Grimmjow snatched him up and dragged him back to the bedroom where he threw Ichigo onto the bed and pinned him there.

"Grimm-ah!" He cried out when a particularly sensitive part of his neck was nibbled on. "Oh…"

"You didn't let me last night…I think it's time, don't you?" Grimmjow asked, giving a lewd grin for good measure.

"Wait…ugh!" The larger man rocked his hips against Ichigo's so their erection slid together pleasurably. "Fuck, Grimmjow!"

"I'm going to take that as a request."

"What?" Ichigo tried to clear his mind and figure out what was going on when Grimmjow started licking. Not his face this time either. The bastard had moved his head down and was currently engulfing his erection while looking up at Ichigo smugly. "AH!" Ichigo screamed in pleasure and bucked his hips up but they were held down by Grimmjow. "Please!"

"Hm?" Grimmjow asked, humming slightly around his cock. He pulled off, making Ichigo moan in disappointment. "Do you like that Ichi?" He gave the leaking appendage a long lick.

Ichigo could only moan in response, and then scowled when the mouth was pulled away yet again. His scowl only increased when Grimmjow leaned away and began to search through his drawers. "Fucking lube…" He growled and turned back to Ichigo who was watching him curiously. "Here." Ichigo flinched as fingers were jabbed in front of his lips rather rudely. "Suck."

"Fuck you!"

Grimmjow's eye twitched and he growled in suppressed anger. "You either get them wet, or you aren't getting wet." He jerked his hips forward for emphasis and bumped against Ichigo's tight entrance.

The orange haired werewolf scowled and shifted his hips away. Despite his better judgment, he opened his mouth and let the fingers slide in. He absently noticed that the bite mark on Grimmjow's arm wasn't there anymore as he sucked on the fingers and got them as wet as possible. The other man seemed to enjoy it because he was staring at him hungrily and wiggling the fingers around inside of his mouth. "Fuck you." Ichigo said around the fingers, except it sounded more like 'thuck oo.'

"That's enough." The werewolf pulled his fingers away and pressed Ichigo's legs farther apart. Ichigo felt a small bit of anxiety as the larger man searched for his entrance. This wasn't something he had done before, and he didn't really think he was gay-

His thoughts were cut off when two fingers were unceremoniously shoved inside of him. He gasped at the pain and tried to pull away but Grimmjow growled and leaned over him to look Ichigo directly in the eye. "Ichigo." Just his name, nothing else. But the way it was purred so lustfully send shivers down his spine.

The fingers continued to work at his opening, spreading apart and widening the passage. "Ugh! Be a little more careful, would you!?" Ichigo snapped and glared at Grimmjow. The werewolf glared back and removed his fingers completely before thrusting three back in. Ichigo arched in pain and cursed the blue haired man who just grinned smugly. "Ow."

"Does it hurt?" Grimmjow asked as he ran his tongue along the edge of Ichigo's ear.

"Yes…" Ichigo hissed out and squirmed when those fingers pressed down against a spot that have been previously ignored. "AH!"

"How about now?"

"Ugh…fuck Grimmjow…" The orange haired werewolf groaned and lifted his hips. Despite the pain of being stretched, the pleasure tingling through him when Grimmjow hit that spot made it bearable.

"Good bitch."

Ichigo scowled but his expression completely changed when the fingers pulled out of him. He wrinkled his nose as Grimmjow spit on his hands and began to smear it over his throbbing erection. "It's this or nothing."

"What about a condom?" Ichigo asked warily as his legs were spread apart and he was yanked against Grimmjow who braced his hands on either side of Ichigo's head.

"I don't have any."

"Then you're not getting any." Ichigo growled and started to pull away but Grimmjow grabbed a hold of his wrists.

"C'mon Ichi…I don't have anything and it's not like you can get pregnant."


"I'll make you feel really good." Grimmjow purred into his ear and bumped his erection against Ichigo's tight hole.

"F-" Before Ichigo could get the rest of the word out, Grimmjow surged forward.

"AGH!" Ichigo screamed and clawed at Grimmjow's chest. "Fuck! You bastard!"

"Hmm-mmm…." Grimmjow nuzzled his neck in contentment like he hasn't just ripped into him.

"That hurts you asshole!" Ichigo yelled and then gave a choked cry when the other werewolf thrust a little farther inside. "Shit…"

"You're squeezing me so tightly…" The blue haired man purred. "Like you're fucking made for me."

"Fuckfuckfuck!" Ichigo continued to curse under his breath and didn't bother listening to what Grimmjow was saying. The pain clenching at his lower back was far more consuming of his attention. One more quick push and Grimmjow was all the way inside. Ichigo winced as he felt his rectum stretched to the max and let out a shaky breath.

"You're better than I could have ever imagined fairy." Grimmjow said fondly and brushed some hair away from Ichigo's brown eyes which were glaring up at him.

"You're the fairy." He bit back despite the pain he was in. Which thinking back on it, it was probably not the best idea to insult the man who was currently fucking him in the asshole.

Grimmjow began to piston in and out of him quickly without giving Ichigo more time to adjust. The orange haired werewolf shivered in pain under the assault, but jerked when his prostate was unexpectedly hit. "Ah!"

"Fuck, you like that, eh Ichi?" Grimmjow whispered to him heatedly. "Yeah?"

"Fuuuuccckkk…" Ichigo drew out the curse as he began to feel pleasure despite his body's better judgment. "Grimmjow!"

"That's right, call my name. Fucking scream it!"

"Please!" Ichigo begged and wrapped his legs around Grimmjow's back. "Ugh, please Grimmjow!"

"Please what?"


The blue haired werewolf grinned wildly and began to do just that. "My pleasure…" He bent Ichigo in half as he thrust in and out of him with such force Ichigo thought he would have bruises from their skin slapping together.

"Yes! There! Yes!"

"So fucking hot." Grimmjow growled and sank his teeth into Ichigo's neck. Ichigo cried out in pleasure and pain, jerking as his body reacted to the rough stimulus and his come was splattered all over his chest without Grimmjow even touching his dick.


The werewolf purred in response and thrust in and out of him roughly a few more times before he buried himself as deep as he could into Ichigo and screamed his name against the flesh of his neck.

Neither of them moved for a few minutes. Ichigo caught his breath as Grimmjow remained inside of him and lapped leisurely at the bloody bite wound.

"Ow." Ichigo commented more to himself and nudged at Grimmjow's shoulder. "Get off and out of me."

"Don't wanna." Grimmjow growled stubbornly and buried his face against Ichigo's neck. Ichigo gave a long suffering sigh and tried to relax his tense and sore body.

"I'm serious; I'm really starting to hurt here."

Grimmjow growled against his neck and raised his head up enough to kiss Ichigo on the mouth softly. "My mate…" He murmured before pressing light butterfly kisses all over Ichigo's face and neck. Ichigo laughed despite himself and winced as it jarred his lower half. Ichigo was lucky that they didn't get knotted together like wolves did.

The blue haired werewolf finally pulled out slowly and stroked Ichigo's hip bones soothingly when the man winced slightly. "Ichigo…" Grimmjow lay beside him and kissed his jaw line softly before pulling Ichigo against his chest.

"You're mine too, you know." Ichigo commented. Grimmjow raised an eyebrow at him inquisitively. "This is an exclusive relationship. Don't think because I'm a sub or whatever, you can just do what you want with me."

"I get it."

"Yeah?" Ichigo stared up at him.

"Yeah…" Their lips met each other half way as they kissed languidly. "Ichigo, I-"

"Save it." Ichigo cut him off and spread his hand over Grimmjow's rib cage, stroking the unfamiliar skin in interest. "Say it when it really matters."

Grimmjow snorted and nipped Ichigo's throat lovingly. Ichigo had almost fallen asleep when Grimmjow's smooth voice broke into his awareness. "I love you."

Ichigo's reply was so soft the other male almost didn't hear it, but when he did he smiled broadly. If he had a tail it would have been wagging furiously.

They may not have wanted this curse to begin with, but they were both going to make the most of it.

Chad looked at the large wound on his back in the mirror. That bastard Grimmjow certainly had done a number on him. Luckily werewolves are fast healers, but silver wounds still hurt like Hell.

He growled to himself and brought his forearm hard against the mirror, shattering it instantly. 'It may not be my time now, Ichigo. But eventually you will be mine.'

The End


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