He approached stealthily, watching the old grey woman as she weeded and tended to the plants around the gravestone.

"You can come out now Justin – I know that's you" She smiled.

"Can't sneak up on you can I Allie" The elder Black daughter smiled as she tended to her parents graves.

Justin settled on one knee before the graves.

"Hey Mom, Pops, it's me Justin. Things are great Hope and I are having our first little one, JJ gave up his position on the supernatural council for me to take his place – he's going to do the crystalis spell and age normally like you and Mom chose to. Serenity is extremely happy with Derrick – they're onto their sixth kid now. Sara and Edward are still having adventures all over the world. Last week they went jumping off Victoria falls!" He caressed his mother's gravestone fondly.

"Hope's power has fully matured, she can reverse the change – Alice and Jasper are human again, so are Carmen and Eleazer. Rayn and Sky send their love – they're still 'together' with Marcus; Sky even had a baby by him – Chastity Jacob-Volturi. Rayn is surprisingly happy – they are both mother to that little girl… and both married to Marcus… and each other. This family gets stranger every year"

"You said it" Gabrielle said as he joined his wife watching Justin as he visited with the Blacks.

"The supernatural backlash is finally over, it took over 10 years but JJ, Marcus and Precious Treacle were able to bring order and establish the council, our fallen brothers and family will never be forgotten: Sam, Renesmee, Carlisle, Esme, Chase, Grandpa Billy and Tanya even Bella after she met her final death at the hands of the Children of the Moon"

"That chica was loco" Gabrielle said as he rubbed his wife's shoulders.

"True, True" Justin smiled fondly recalling his childhood memories of Chase going at Bella.

"Believe or not Rosalie and Emmett are now the heads of the Cullen family, Hope offered to give Rose her chance at having a normal life but Rosalie refused, she said Hope is all the child she needs. Sara's son EJ is proving to be a handful; she and Edward left him with Allie"

"He's worse than little Leah when she was five" Allie said as she reflected on her little girl who had left home to go to college.

"I'll see you guys real soon" Justin said as he kissed the gravestones.

"So what's been happening with you 2 old bone bags" Justin teased the graying couple.

"Precious and Steph are moving to the UK, Steph found some guy there and Diego has some acquaintances he's been wanting to see for ages" Gabrielle answered as he opened the door to his Camaro.

"How's Uncle Seth coping with his terrible twosome gone off to the Maldives?"

"He's the epitome off joy – he and Cassie have been waiting for a break from those monsters since they popped out the womb! He misses mom a lot though" Justin sighed as he stroked the pendant around his neck. When Jacob and Leah passed they melted down their wedding bands and made 5 pendants for the kids.

"How's Hope handling the pregnancy?" Allie asked

"She has her moments, at least the kids won't grow super fast the way Hope had. How's EJ's aging going?"

"He ages like a normal child would if you take the toned muscled body and killer looks away. Rayn enquired as well, Marcus was curious with them having Chastity and all."

"An ancient vampire and 2 Ancient Tigresses" Gabrielle shook his head.

"Not as crazy as the shopaholic pixie, whose now expecting as well."

"I heard Jasper say something like that at the bar the other night, I was too shit faced to look into it" Gabrielle mused.

"What bar?" Allie asked as her eyes flashed with magic.

"Oh shit…"

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