Rating: T to R

Pairing(s): AkuRoku; Possible: Zemyx, Sora/Riku

Warnings: Mentions of pedophilia, soft-core porn, non-con, human trafficking, and drug/alcohol/physical abuse of underage characters. It's dark themed, but lightened up by humor and occasional fluff. Don't worry, although it'll be a dark fic it will be twisted with bright bits of sunshine and rainbows! Annnnnd the cliché happy ending - of course.

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Author's Notes: The only thing I have to say is…I watch waaaay too much Lifetime. And get inspired by lyrics too much.

Kill the lights-
(These children learn from cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks)
-It feels right.

Roxas isn't sure anymore just how it had happened. At first he had been standing on one end of the basketball court, dribbling the ball between his legs as he whizzed around his twin brother and shot from the three point line - the cool breeze of that cloudless January afternoon tousling their hair as they laughed together. Then, the next thing he knew, his wrists were tied behind his back with a telephone cord and he was staring at his brother's tear-stained cheeks as they were taken somewhere in the back of a black van. With the sharp prick of a needle in the tender flesh of his upper arm the world around him spiraled into dizzying blackness.

It had all happened so quickly that day…

The day they were ripped from their home, their family - humanity - and thrown into the nightmare that is human trafficking.

They had been lucky, however. Unlike most children erased from society and sold into the world of dark hearts and dark desires, they were bought by an upscale man, Xemnas, whom prided himself on the beauty of his kidnapped, illegal toys; a man who took care of their basic human needs: feeding them and ensuring their well-being when it came to health.

And it was nice - in that 'things-could-be-so-much-worse' kind of way. At least…it had been, until men and women began showing up every night to take their pick of which child they would defile for their own sadistic pleasures - then it had become a living hell. Comfort didn't matter to Xemnas when night fell - his customers became his primary focus. Their needs, their comfort. That's what it all came down to when the sun fell below the horizon.

Soon, the twins found themselves in a whirlwind-vortex filled with the sinful, painful pleasures of alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Abuse at night, care during the day.

That was life.

And they were desperate for an escape.

The blond frowns, glaring at the outfit before him. Tonight marks the third costume party Xemnas has thrown this month. And, again, Roxas is forced to wear the same damn thing - the ironically pure white Naval soldier outfit. With a scowl, Roxas shrugs out of his clothes, tossing them onto the counter of the dimly lit dressing room. He glares at himself in the antique mirror as he unbuttons his shirt and shrugs out of it - seething at the fake tan accenting his steroid-induced muscles that had taken him the last year to define.

Xemnas loved it when his toys looked perfect.

"Cheer up, Rox." Sora's voice is light and positive and it amazes Roxas that his twin isn't completely broken by the evils of this place. He, however, hates what they are forced to do - he hates that half of their time is spent half-naked in front of hundreds of people at these shittastic parties Xemnas likes to throw…hates that the other half is spent catering to their sadistic needs; sex at thirteen, fourteen, now fifteen…

Then again, Roxas has his suspicions that Sora doesn't mind, doesn't break because he still holds onto the pathetic hope - pathetic lie - that they would one day see their mother again.

That one day, they'd have the opportunity to run away - run home.

"-and if you do that, it'll be fine." Sora's voice becomes slowly apparent through the haze of Roxas' thoughts.


Sora shakes his head, smiling softly, "Just hang near me as much as Xemnas'll let you and the night will pass us by in no time." He shrugs out of his clothes and into expensive looking black pants. Roxas watches silently as Sora wets his palms with oil and begins smoothing it over the expanse of his sun-kissed chest.


"Yeah, Rox?"

"I…never mind." Roxas rids himself of his torn jeans, tugging up pure white suit-pants to ride low on his angular hips. He grabs the bottle of oil, squeezing a quarter sized amount onto his palm then slicks it across his chest, down his arms, and up the curve of his neck. Turning his back to Sora, his twin smooths the oil down the tanned flesh of his back. When Sora is done, they turn and Roxas does the same for his twin.

They spike their hair with cheap gel and finish dressing into their appointed costumes. Sora finishes his with the trademark Chippendale bow-tie around his neck, and Roxas finishes his with white gloves that come to the base of his wrists and a white Navel hat - adorned with a shiny black rim and a gold finished medal of sorts on the center front.

A mandatory shot of cheap Tequila laced with a little white pill later and the twins step out into the waiting hall with their other enslaved commerads.

"About time you two princesses show up." Hayner scoffs, scowling at them. He is dressed in camo-pants that cling low on his well-defined hips, large army boots that lace up to the center of his calf, and dog-tags that dangle around his neck and down between his pecks.

"Shut up." Roxas turns to glare at the wall, folding strong arms across his chest.

"Why do I always have to play little cherub boy?" Demyx whines, flicking the gold-wired halo above his head. "Like, seriously? What the fuck?" He turns to frown and poke at a white feathered wing to his left.

If there is any sunshine at all in their pathetic little group, it is Demyx. Somehow, he always manages - like Sora - to look on the bright side of things.

Perhaps it is he who's kept everyone sane throughout their nightmare.

"I'll have you know, Demyx, " Xemnas' voice seems to boom through the halls, so deep and baritone it sends chills up the young boy's spine, "That you, along with the twins, are usually the talk of the night - and the highest of purchases. So quit your fucking bitching before I give you something to bitch about." Xemnas smiles wickedly at the group of kids, giving them all a once over. He smirks when his gaze falls on a petite blond girl with thin arms, small curves, and dull sky eyes. "Naminé, I'm glad we chose the French maid outfit for you. You look absolutely delightful."

She looks away, tucking a strand of platinum blond hair behind an ear. Kairi shifts uncomfortably in her Playboy-bunny outfit as she adjusts an ear on the headband she wears. "Sir…?"

"Yes, darling."

It's disgusting the way he plays nice…when all he does is promise pain and eventual murder.

"Just how comfortable are we to make your guests this evening?" This question grabs everyone's attention, as the answer that follows would be the golden rule of the evening.

And if one failed to follow that rule…

"Very, you see, we have extremely high paying, extremely valued clientele among us tonight. So, you are to do whatever necessary to ensure they thoroughly enjoy their stay with us." He smiles a wide, wicked smile - eyes glowing as he grins that Cheshire grin, "After all, my little darlings, what is a Halloween party without tricks and tasty treats?"

…they'd suffer the torturous consequences.

Roxas watches Kairi try to hide the way her face falls at this rule as she bends over, halfheartedly adjusting the fine fishnet of her stockings. This rule, as they all knew, meant anything goes tonight - and it strikes Kairi the hardest. She's the newest of children to their dysfunctional business - V-card still very much intact.

And Roxas feels sorry for her.

The same way he had felt sorry for himself and his brother over two and a half years ago.

"Well, are you all ready? Let us go seat ourselves and await our guests." Xemnas' face is cheery as he clasps his hands together then draws one out towards the large redwood door, ushering the kids inside. "Oh, and Sora?"


"I want you to greet our clientele this evening."

It isn't long before Xemnas' living room is spinning before Roxas' eyes; filled with men and women all toting expensive alcoholic drinks in hand - laughing at terrible jokes and eying Xemnas' underage children like toys in a sex shop. The crowd varies in age, appearance, and style - some are old, heavy-set, and dressed in Hawaiian T's, khaki shorts, and sandals; some are young, thin, and dressed in expensive suits and dresses; others are middle aged, average, and dressed in casual night-wear - but all of them, all of them share the same exact reason for being here -

- to engage in the sadistic pleasures of pedophilia.

The thought had turned Roxas' stomach at first - the thought of letting women and men touch, not only him, but his brother…it had sickened him to the very core. However, he'd quickly learned his lesson the one time he'd refused. Scars from cigarette burns that lace up and down his forearm were a constant reminder to shut the fuck up, little whore and to take it, bitch like a good little boy or, your brother will suffer even more than you, and we don't want that now, do we?

"Another drink, sir?" Sora smiles at the blond business man, offering his tray of drinks forward.

"Why, aren't you just delectable?" The man purrs, taking one of the expensive flutes of champagne from the small silver tray offered to him.

Sora flashes the man a dazzling smile, "Thank you, sir."

"You know, I've seen the shots of your and your twin brother and I must say, you both scream appeal. That one with the sea-salt ice cream is especially fantastic."

Acts of non-consensual sex are not the only demoralizing, disgusting things Xemnas forces upon his kidnapped wards…pictures to fill his soft-core porn site - the lesser of his two evils - are among other things he demands of them from time to time. Especially of the twins. Some of the things they had been forced to do together…

…it was beyond shameful.

"Hah, you've seen those have you?" Even under the pressure of what they do, Sora always manages to be sweet and polite - making people feel needed is his specialty, and because of this, Xemnas constantly goes out of his way to ensure that his twins are well kept.

"Oh yes my dear boy, you two are absolute money."

Sora chuckles, that dazzling smile gracing his beautiful boyish features as he politely excuses himself - disappearing into the crowd of people with his tray to meet and greet more people.

Roxas rubs at his spinning head as he watches his brother's form disappear into the crowd. He leans against the wall closest to the front door, scowling viciously at the man who'd been eying his brother. It's apparent, by the way the blond man's eyes raked Sora's form up and down (and by the expensive suit he trots around in) that later tonight, when Xemnas started the betting, the man would bet high and ensure the purchase of the charming brunette for his services that evening.

Roxas tries to bury the image his mind is creating - the image of his sweet, innocent brother grabbing at the white cotton sheets of a queen bed as the large blond man pounds into him, breathing dirty words into Sora's ear, lacing the boy in a sin that would forever stain his pure heart and childhood memories.

It is all so wrong… so incredibly, despicably wrong…

…and yet…there isn't a damn thing Roxas can do about it.

"If you keep glaring at him like that, he might just spontaneously combust." Roxas removes his glare from the blond man to glace up at the voice. A tall redhead is now leaning against the wall beside him, staring off into the sea of people. Roxas watches the man glance down at him briefly before returning his gaze straight ahead. "You look rather uncomfortable in that."

"You would too if you were wearing this at a party." The redhead laughs at this statement, the sound smooth and velvety to Roxas' overly sensitive ears.

"You're probably right." The man shakes his head, gaze still focused straight ahead. Roxas stares at him, arching a confused brow. He isn't used to people ignoring his body the way the man is - normally, people couldn't take their eyes off of him. "How do you do it?" The man asks quietly, eyes narrowing a fraction in confusion and concern, "How do you dress that way for a bunch of old perverted people?" He leans his head sideways, staring down at the blond.

"You act as if I have a choice here." Roxas' voice is bitter and harsh. He winces; frowning makes his headache even worse.

"Ah." The redhead returns his gaze to the mass of people, watching as they fawn over the delectable half-clothed youth. "Are you okay? You seem kind of sick…" Roxas is still staring at the man - staring at his fire-red hair that's spiked in the most extreme of ways; staring at his piercing green eyes that seem so far, far away; staring at his pale and flawless alabaster skin, at the black tattoos neatly printed beneath those burning eyes…

"Drug addictions give people power, The Superior of all people knows and abuses that fact." Roxas frowns, closing his eyes. He hates with every fiber of his being what that little white pill reduces him to. The way it makes his head spin, his body ache to be touched - so badly that it's literally painful, the way it heightens every sense, especially touch

"He…drugs you?"

Roxas frowns at the man. It's odd. He doesn't seem like the rest of Xemnas' clientele. Too poised. Too professional. Too good looking.

Too kind.

"Haha, he more than drugs us. He feeds it to us like candy - crack-cocaine and ecstasy." Roxas shakes his head, glancing up at the redhead, "You're new to this whole scene aren't you? What's your name?"

The redhead glances down again, a concerned tint to his sparkling emerald eyes, "Axel."

"Axel…" The name tastes exotic on Roxas' tongue - spicy and hot like the blazing brilliance of his hair. "What are you doing here?"

"What, I don't seem like the old perverted type to you?" He chuckles, smiling wide. "You caught me, I'm not here for what they're all here for." Roxas watches the man's beautiful emerald eyes narrow into a heated glare at the sea of people before them. They both watch in silent horror as sweet, young Kairi allows herself to be tugged into the lap of a large man - as she allows him to photog himself trailing his tongue up the soft, innocent flesh of her neck.

"Then what are you here for? Sightseeing?" Roxas scoffs and scratches at his left arm as he shifts uncomfortably. The drugs have him on edge lately - angry, somber, restless - emotions he had been told never to show in front of a client. Axel turns to him with a smirk, placing a hand on either side of Roxas' body as he successfully pins the scowling blond to the wall.

"If I tell you…" His breath is hot against the blond's ear and Roxas shudders, "You have to promise to keep your yap shut."

"I'm no rat. Do you think I'd still be alive if I was?"

"My, my. You certainly have a smart mouth."

"What doesn't break you makes you stronger." Roxas growls, beautiful eyes narrowing at the man pinning him against the wall.

"Smart mouth, but you're a smart boy…" Roxas feels the redhead's lips twist into a smirk against his ear and it kills him the way his body burns for it, "I'm actually…an undercover FBI agent. My group has been tracking Xemnas for the last six years." He lets the back of his hand trace the curve of the blond's neck and Roxas' back arches off the wall at the gesture.

- touch me,

"Relax, "Axel purrs against his ear, "I'm not here to molest you, but I have to make my faux intentions apparent to those around us. I can't just stand here and have a conversation with you normally, unfortunately. It's called undercover for a reason." Roxas shudders again as the heat of Axel's breath tickles his neck.

"What are you doing here then, if you're a cop…I don't understand?" He can't help the way his hand reaches up and twists itself in Axel's hair - gloved fingers tangling and tugging at the blood red locks. He needs something to distract his racing heart and blurring vision - the aching need.

- please, it hurts…

Axel looks at the boy before him with sad emerald eyes. He can't imagine - can't even begin to fathom the torturous pain the kid is in right now. What is he, all but fourteen - fifteen? - and yet here he stands, tripping on illegal drugs and blatantly begging with pathetic dull ocean eyes to be touched. To just take the pain away -

- make it stop.

Axel sighs, "Really? You don't? Because I'm sure a boy as smart as you, Roxas Strife, must be wondering why no one's saved you kids yet. Surely you must know that Xemnas is a bad man pulling off the most illegal of establishments here."

"Yeah…I…" Roxas frowns, "How do you know my name?"

"I work for the US government, kid. I have access to shit you wouldn't believe. Now listen close," Axel leans in, pressing his lips to the blond's ear whispering in the softest of voices, "I am one of two undercover investigators on this case - the man over there, speaking with the tall blond is my partner, Zexion. We both have to play part of Xemnas' clientele. Obviously, that entails us to attend these whore-house parties he throws." He smiles softly, leaning away to look into glaze ocean eyes - voice still barely audible "However, the man runs a rather clean operation. He doesn't stay long in one place which makes it extremely hard for us to bust in and catch him the right way - he has at least two other establishments that we know of, busting one and saving five or ten out of the twenty or thirty isn't right - that's why I need inside help. Your help."

Xemnas walks up behind them looking pleased as he places a hand on Axel's shoulder.

"Alex, am I right?"

Axel turns to face Xemnas with a pleasant smile, "That's me. The red hair must have given it away, huh?" Roxas watches as the redhead molds himself into a picture perfect client right before his eyes -

- a picture perfect liar -

"Hah! How could I forget you? You always give me a good laugh when we talk. So, Alex, tell me - how has the new website been treating you?" Xemnas folds long arms across his broad chest.

"Fantastic, I much enjoy this one here, " Axel purrs, glancing at Roxas with hungry eyes, "I think I may be requiring his services later this evening." Axel winks at Xemnas as he snakes an arm around Roxas' shoulders - nails raking along tanned skin in a lustful demeanor.

- perfect…almost too perfect.

Xemnas smiles widely at the boy and basks at the way his eyes are glazed over, the way his shoulders slouch into the redhead's side, the way small beads of sweat trickle down his forehead. And it's almost a shame…that a boy as pretty as Roxas had to look so pleasantly pathetic.

"Ah, excellent! We'll be in the studio for another photo shoot sometime this week, so be sure to keep tabs on their web-page. It was great talking with you again, Alex, but, if you'll excuse me, I have many guests I need to cater to. Enjoy yourself." Xemnas grins wide then strides off towards a pink haired man, "Marluxia, darling!"

Axel turns his attention back to the short blond who is glaring heatedly at Xemnas and his last purchaser, Marluxia.

That man had been a sadistic bastard, and if there were anyone in the world Roxas wanted dead - it was Marluxia.

The things that man had done to him…

"So, what do you say?"

Roxas frowns, his gaze meeting one of an emerald forest that dances with flames, "I…how do I know you're the real deal? Who are you anyways? Are you Axel, the undercover agent that whispers thoughts of freedom in my ear…" Roxas frowns, looking away from those intense green eyes, "Or are you Alex, the perverted client who stares at pictures of me half-naked and pressed against my brother while you jerk off to it until you earn enough money to come to one of these fucking parties and purchase me so you can later pound yourself senseless into my drugged body?" Roxas' words are laced with venom bitterness.


"And, if you really are a cop, how the hell do you think you're gonna manage to catch Xemnas when he's solidly outsmarted your people for years? Do you even know how long the oldest of us has been with him?"

"He's nineteen, he was sold to Xemnas when he was thirteen, I know. And Demyx Myde will see his family again. So will you - and you brother - but we can't do it without inside help. He's been under the radar for the past four years solid and he's finally making mistakes again. With a few more mistakes and some inside help, we'll have him in custody and facing severe charges back in the US, and you safe at home. But we have to do it right, we cant just go off half-cocked and not nail him with everything we can - if my partner and I were to bust this right now...I guarantee he'd be out on bail or back in the game in less than two years."

Roxas can't believe the words he's hearing. Finally - dear God, finally - after two and a half years of torturous hell…freedom was finally a plausible hope again. It was too good to be true.

"Please, Roxas…" Axel pleads, cupping the boy's cheek in the heat of his palm, "Help me help you."

And, maybe that's the thing…

The blond can't fight the bitter bark of laughter that falls from his dry mouth.

it's just too good for a person like Roxas to believe.

Roxas licks his lips, the world still spinning heatedly around him as he takes a step forward, glazed ocean eyes locked on blazing emerald ones. "Look at yourself, Axel…" Roxas purrs, wrapping a leg around the redhead's backside as he tugs the FBI by the tie, pressing his back against the wall and pulling their bodies together, "You're eyes are hungrier for me than Marluxia's were the night he purchased my services for S&M play, and he was one sick man…" Roxas presses his lips against the smooth alabaster skin of Axel's neck, wrapping his hand in the red silk of the agent's expensive tie. "How can you fight against something so clearly want?"

"Roxas…stop, you don't know what you're-" Axel's words are weak compared to the loud hammering of his heart.

"You're no justice enforcing cop…" Roxas lets his tongue trail along the line of Axel's jaw, coming to bite and tug gently at his ear, "you're not here to save me…" Axel shudders in Roxas' hold - breath hitching in the hollow of his throat, "…because you're no better than them."

Axel holds himself up against the wall and Roxas with the palms of his hands; he stares down in numb horror as the young boy toys with him, pressing small hips up into his own. The look on Roxas' face makes Axel feel sick, because the way his young boyish features twist in desire and ecstasy…it's a billion shades of wrong.

It's so, so wrong…



Kill the lights -

(Somewhere, in the back of Axel's mind, something is screaming at him - but it's so quiet beneath the sound of rushing blood in his ears. Beneath the dirty words, dirty thoughts, dirty images…)

- It feels right.

Axel watches the blond stop moving and lean his spinning, throbbing head against his chest. "Make it stop, please." Roxas groans, one gloved hand gripping at the black fabric of Axel's suit jacket. Axel swallows the dry lump in his throat and runs a shaky hand through golden spikes, gel crunching beneath his fingers.

He still can't understand what just happened to him.

Is he really no better than the other men and women here to get their kicks off the sadistic pleasures of pedophilia - the one thing he's been solidly fighting against for the last six years of his life.

"I can't help you unless you help yourself." His voice seems so far, far away and it scares him.

"…You…You can really get us home?" There is a desperation in the boy's voice that makes Axel's insides twist into knots - makes him want to pull out his gun and put a bullet in every perverted mother fucking head in the building…

…including his own.

"I will get you out of here and back home," Axel vows, hands now resting on Roxas' back, "I promise."

"Then I'll help…" Roxas whispers, fingers winding themselves in the silk of Axel's red tie again; he tugs the redhead towards him, "on one condition…" Roxas' breath smells of cheap Tequila and bitter rum as he breathes against Axel's ear, "…you have to purchase me tonight."

It feels right-
(All these asphyxiated, self-medicated; take the white pill, you'll feel alright)
-Kill the lights.

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Lyrics from:

Song: I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby
Artist: 3OH!3
Album: Want