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These children learn from cigarette burns -
Fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks.

The room is unforgivably cold. Void of any warmth besides their two bodies. The FBI agent sits silently as Roxas takes his time to further explore his savior. Axel's heart is hammering in his ears, chest, brain… The sound of his own blood pumping feverishly throughout his body is all that's in the air. Around him. Around them. Axel shakes his head. Bites down on his bottom lip. The metallic taste of blood floods his mouth when Roxas' hands find his thighs.

This has to stop.

Axel's brain tries to warn him, but that warning falls on the deaf ears of his heart and dear God, his body

The redhead takes a deep, shaky breath as he moves a trembling hand toward his pocket - the blond still working small, careful, confused hands along the expanse of his body; kneading, rubbing, prodding in an agitated drug-induced state - and pulls out a syringe, then tucks that arm behind his back.

"Roxas…" Axel whispers into the hollow of the room. Roxas pauses his movements to lift his head up, blindfolded eyes seeking in their darkness for those gorgeous emerald greens.

"Axel?" Roxas' voice is soft - breathy from being worked up on the ecstasy.

Axel takes a long moment to stare at the boy before him. Sweaty, flushed, and sun-kissed from head to toe…

And, for a reason beyond him, he can't help the hand that reaches out to caress the boy's face. He can't help the way he enjoys that blond head leaning into the warm heat of his palm. He can't help the way that hand dips down the soft curve of Roxas' jaw-line, down the exposed flesh of a tanned neck with a pulse fluttering like a caged humming bird.

He can't help it…

(Not himself, nor the boy.)

"I'm sorry, Roxas…"

…When he leans forward, lifts the blindfold off, and places the softest and most gentle of kisses on those parted, trembling lips. Before the blond has time to react Axel reaches the hand from behind his back and allows the needle of the syringe to pierce the tender skin of Roxas' upper arm.

Roxas blinks. Frowns. Gives Axel the most incredulous look he's even seen. Then slowly falls forward against the redhead's chest, in a sleep that wont end for the next six hours.

Axel sighs heavily, running fingers through blond spikes as he holds the sleeping boy's weight against him.

"I'm sorry, Roxas…" He starts again, "But I can't."

And in the back of his mind he finishes, very bitterly…

I wont let you let me. Not like this.

Wide, blue eyes stare at the decorative ceiling above. Sora feels so many shades of wrong, disgusting, and numb. The man who purchased him - Luxord, as he so learned - is now in the bathroom of their luxurious room. He can hear the sink running and the man's voice humming in a British laced tune. Sora fights the urge to curl into a ball and cry.

How could the man go on about his night like nothing happened? Like a light somewhere in the world - Sora's light - didn't just go out. Like he didn't just take a part of a young boy that he could never, ever give back?

A shiver wracks Sora's petite frame when the door opens and the man's eyes find his terrified ones.

"What is wrong, precious?" He asks in all sincerity. It kills Sora that he can't see it. Can't see what he's done to him. For others… For himself…

"Nothing, sir. Just…" Sora all but mentally chokes on what he's about to say. About to lie. "Just basking in the afterglow."

The man smiles warmly, coming to sit next to the nude brunette.

"You are so beautiful." Luxord marvels, running a finger along the curve of Sora's jaw. "So incredibly beautiful."

Sora fights the urge to scream. If he's so beautiful, then why? Why defile his beauty like that? Why take everything…

"Thank you, sir." Sora chances a half-smile. He can't smile fully. It hurts too much. The tears pricking at the corners of his eyes were already enough to drive him mad.

"I want to watch you…sleep." Luxord says suddenly. He's staring at the blank TV across the room, eyes lost and… Sora can't quite tell if the other shade in his eyes is that of remorse.


"Unless you'd rather watch TV?" The man smiles at him, genuinely. Sora can't help the fact that his hatred for the man dies just a little at the sight of that smile.

"I…I haven't seen television in over four years, sir…" Sora says carefully. Not wanting to make a choice. He's never been allowed to. Maybe once. Or twice. But this… was different. This was a choice based on pure… Sora hated to say it, but it seemed what he's only heard about. It seemed like a choice based on…


Sora couldn't help the tears that fell as he watched Spongebob Squarepants, sheets pulled over his waist, and a man sitting beside him touching nothing but the bed they shared.

"Please…" Hayner's voice cracks, betraying him for the millionth time that night. Demyx hadn't been lying, this man… Xaldin… Is a complete… He is…

God please.

A swift kick to his ribs sends him rolling across the room like a broken-play-thing. The blond can't find it in his will to fight through the pain of trying to stand up again. And even though it kills him to… He lays there. Broken.


What did I do to deserve this?

Pathetic -

- tears roll down his face as a hand comes to grip at the back of his skull, all but ripping locks of dirtied blond out. "Begging now?" The man laughs and drops the boy, grinning when Hayner does nothing to catch himself - merely lets his body smack the ground.

Why do you let him do this to me?

"Get up."


"I said get up." The man's voice is tense and borderline hysterical. Hayner looks at him with such hatred, such a loathing that it makes the blond sick to his stomach. With every ounce of effort in his small being Hayner pushes his bloodied, broken, and bruised body up from the cement floor and leans back against the wall, breathing heavily.

The man smirks. "Good boy." Xaldin sees the flash in Hayner's eye and that is all he needs before continuing his abuse - holding the boy's head against the wall and hands behind his back as he once again takes away any innocence the boy has left.

With tears streaming down his face, Hayner finally breaks - crying against the wall with gut wrenching, choking sobs of despair.

Why aren't I good enough for your saving grace?

Six hours come and go far too fast for the agent. Before long the child in his arms stirs, stretching and blinking in a confused haze. He sits still, allowing Roxas time to piece together the lost hours.

"Sleep well?" Axel's voice isn't full of it's cocky-poise. Its soft, gentle, and above all it has this warmth to it that Roxas wants to bathe in.

"Mm." Roxas nods, looking around the room. "How long was I…"

"About five and a half hours. By my watch we still have roughly twenty-five minutes left." Axel sighs and looks away from the nude boy in his arms.


The way Roxas says his name makes him melt and explode all at the same time.

"-why did you…" Roxas stops. He wants to know a lot of things. Why Axel chose him. Why Axel bought him. Why he'd knocked him out. And what had that kiss-

"Child, I cannot explain my actions this evening better than you can explain how you feel on those drugs." He starts, professionally. Voice full of authority… and remorse. "But I can express to you how sorry I am for any confused and unjustifiable feelings you may be enduring."

Roxas shakes his head. "Quit." Rolling out of the man's arms the blond sits by the wall, hugging his legs against his chest. "Don't…don't lie to me. We have a partnership at this point, do we not? You need my help and I need yours?" -Roxas' voice breaks just slightly, cracks and fills with a sadness that makes Axel's heart wrench, makes him want to run his fingers along- "Don't…feed me bullshit. I need to know… why…"

Axel comes to sit beside Roxas, head lulled back and staring at the stony ceiling. What can he say? What can he do? How can he earn the child's trust at this point?

"Roxas…I…" Axel struggles. He doesn't even know what the question is in reference to. Why. There are a bunch of ways to answer that vague of a why. "I…" Beside him he feels Roxas sigh and lean his tired blond head against his shaking shoulder.

"It's okay." Roxas soothes, then laughs a bit ironically, "We're a couple of fuck-ups aren't we?"

And how wrong it feels. Being soothed by the child he was supposed to be saving. By a child who's endured far worse horrors than he could ever dream…

But God does it feel good to laugh.

They sit there like that for a moment longer, Roxas leaning against Axel, until the agent pulls out a small black device and places it in Roxas' palm. "Do what you need to hide this. This is the worlds smallest…" he pauses, the kid has been in here a while, and things have changed a lot, so he goes with the dumbed-down laymen's terms, "Well, it's like a phone if you will."

Roxas' face lights up with confusion and excitement. Communication with the outside world.

"If you need to, you turn it on here - that will send a page to my phone and we can talk as if it were a cellular device." Axel clicks the green button at the side. Then points to the red button, "Here, is how to set it to record. Keep it on record and on your person whenever you are around Xemnas. I need you to try to buddy up to him. Get him, in some way, without drawing attention to yourself, to get him to divulge the other whore-house locations.

"The range it picks up voices is twenty-feet away from yourself so keep within that distance at all times. You needn't worry about it's battery life - we're talking top-government equipment here." He laughs softly, then spends the next ten minutes explaining the device and answering Roxas' questions.

Roxas holds it close to his chest. To his heart.

"So…I could…" Roxas looks down at the floor hesitantly. Axel arches a brow.

"Yes, Roxas?"

"…I could…call you?" He pauses again, then adds, "Whenever?"

Axel sighs, a warm smile gracing his lips as he pulls the blond in for a tight hug. "I'd like that."

Roxas lets his arms wrap around Axel's slim waist, lips against red hair as he breaths the simplest two words -

- two words that break Axel's heart at the very core. "Me too."

All these asphyxiated, self-medicated -
Take the white pill you'll feel alright.

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