There were once three young brothers, all equally as vile. Although they lived with their lovely mother and hardworking father, the three men were all as rude as they were lazy. They treated their parents like dirt, trashed the small cottage they lived in, and took great pleasure in harming the wild Pokémon they found.

The eldest was named Puniceus. He always wore a scarlet cape, and was the most temperamental. He was prone to violent fits when he did not get exactly what he wanted. The middle child was named Viridis. He was adorned in a jade cape, and was extremely stubborn. Once he found a defenseless Pokémon in the grass, he would chase it until it tired and then finish it off. The youngest was named Puteulanus. Clothed in an azure cape, he was the cleverest of the three. Although neither his parents nor his brother knew, he trained in magic. He would cast spells to ensnare the Pokémon that came too close to his room, killing them instantly.

They would sell the pelts of the Pokémon they slayed, making themselves rich in the process. However, one day one of their clients mentioned three beings that lived in a lake not too far from the brothers' home. Greedily, the brothers searched out the creatures' cave, each trying to claim their pelts for their own.

Puniceus found the cave first. He slipped through the tiny entrance, not bothering to tell his brothers where he was. He licked his lips as he caught sight of one of the creatures. It was a tiny thing, sky blue in color with a magenta head. Two ear-like growths on the side of its head twitched expectantly. It had a pair of tails, each set with a glowing red stone. Another stone was set into its forehead. It watched him curiously, as he pulled out a knife. The moment his hand brushed its tail, his eyes went wide as liquid fire rushed through his veins. He fell to the floor, unconscious.

Viridis found another cave. He slithered in on his belly, like a snake. The creature this time was sky blue with a navy head. Its head was triangular in shape, and like the first creature, it was adorned with three gems. Viridis sighed with pleasure as he crept toward the creature. It watched him carefully, not moving an inch. Finally, Viridis drove his knife into the creature's side. It squealed with pain, but Viridis himself was the one who fell to the ground.

Puteulanus found a third cave, and teleported inside using his powers. A yellow-helmeted creature was waiting for him. As soon as he looked at the creature, it opened its eyes and stared into his own. He slumped down to the floor, helpless to the creature's powers.

Puniceus stared at the wall for days on end. He felt no worry, no fear anymore. All he did was look at the wall until he died of starvation, for he did not care anymore. Viridis lost the will to move or keep breathing and suffocated in the cave. Puteulanus escaped from the cave, but he was forever lost in the world, unable to remember his past.

Although they are small, the creatures wield great power. Respect them, or forever pay the price.