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Megatron's Dream World

Everything was absolutely perfect!

Megatron was sitting on his large throne, with a dreamy and sadistic smile spread across his faceplates, pondering about the events that lead to this situation…VICTORY! The Decepticons had won the War. Earth and Cybertron were his to rule.

It had been almost too easy… the way he won this age-old, and thought to be an endless conflict. Megatron had used a new and yet unknown weapon that lured the Autobots to their doom on Earth. He had bested them, after defeating Optimus Prime. Without their noble and wise Leader, lots of them fell into despair and were easy to swat like the buzzing insect of Earth.

Later Megatron enslaved and broke the once proud Autobot leader, and now Optimus was nothing more than his pet, forced to answer to his every commands. Breaking him was so good… Megatron took all his time to do it, using all of his dark, sadistic and vengeful imagination to bring upon the noble Leader an endless variety of tortures, both physical and psychological.

He even killed some of Optimus's men in front of his optics to prove to him that HE, MEGATRON, was the Ruler, the new Master and the Decepticon Emperor! Seeing his men slowly torn into pieces, in front of his optics, broke Optimus more efficiently than mere tortures could've done… When Optimus saw his Second in Command, Prowl, tortured for days before Prowl, his body battered and torn so completely that he was unidentifiable, was executed by Megatron himself, or when Megatron forced Optimus to witness when that annoying Weapon Specialist, Ironhide, was forced to endure the 'attention' of Decepticon soldiers until his Spark gave out and faded away, the strong and proud Autobot Commander broke up in dire pain. He begged Megatron to stop this, to leave his men alone, saying that he will surrender to Megatron's will, do anything he wanted, if he just let them be… He was truly his after that last clever move from the Tyrant's part, but those are only examples. He did even worst, but kept online a sufficient number of Autobots to serves his Empire.

Megatron got up and walked to the large opening in the farthest wall, showing a view of Cybertron, his new Empire. He was back on Cybertron, and beneath him were scattered the bases of the slowly rebuilding world. Autobot slaves were at work building new structures which were emerging from the once torn and deeply war-damaged ground, under the watchful optics of their Decepticon masters.

Dull and lifeless blue optics briefly turned his way when he appeared at the window before quickly looking away, pain and defeat obvious in them. Those poor wretches were nothing more than working drones, now...

Some of the Autobots were assigned to be held in the mines beneath Cybertron's surface, harvesting Energon for the glory of the Decepticon Empire. They were working their broken body to the limits of their endurance until they'll eventually collapse, only be replaced by new, fresh slaves. Others were assigned into construction teams, like the ones he could see from his vantage point, for the reconstruction of the destroyed cities. Those were luckier than the poor wretches whom were doomed to work in the dark, unforgiving mines.

And of course, there was the matter of the race's perpetuation. For that purpose, some of the smallest, less able to work on the mines or the reconstruction teams, because of their built or size, like Bumblebee or Mirage, of the slaves were sent into the Breeding Units scattered all around Iacon City. Harems, to put it plainly. The slaves there were to be used and infused with new sparks at a carefully set pace, so their body and Spark won't give into the strain of carrying sparklings. One to three sparklings for each slave a Human year, according to Shockwave and Hook. An acceptable level to were they were very well treated and cared for because they were carrying the future of the Decepticon Empire with their function and had a better fate than many of the other Autobot slaves.

But some of his most loyal and efficient soldiers were given a slave of their own. Soundwave choose Jazz, bringing the little Saboteur to his estate soon after he was brought back from Earth. The spy was spark broken at that time, after his mate, Prowl, was deactivated at Megatron's own hands. Surprisingly, Soundwave managed to soothe and settle the little Autobot in this particular matter, probably by using his telepathic skills, and now he was overly satisfied of his slave, according to his words. Seeing that the little black and White Autobot was carrying for the second time since he was in Soundwave's care, that wasn't hard to believe, and even if he still looks like scrap at times, he was way better than when the navy blue mech brought him in…

The constructicon's wanted to have the medic, Ratchet, and the mechanic, Wheeljack. Megatron let them have the two bots because their skill will be best used in the care of the Gestalt. Plus their skills were indeed well-used and exploited to the very limits by the Constructicons. Both slaves were well-treated to maintain optimal efficiency and Ratchet was now with his first Sparkling. Wheeljack wasn't able to produce a sparkling yet, but Hook was working on it. All was fine for the Gestalt and their slaves, then...

Surprisingly, Shockwave set his optics on that little red and blue microscope mech, Preceptor, because of his scientific skills and knowledge. He has uses for a mech with such skills, as he said when he took Preceptor with him to his fortress in Kaon. Shockwave wanted his expertise and skilled hands for some experiments he had on the making. Apparently, seeing that the little mech was now carrying a sparkling, Shockwave had found other uses for his slave… Even the cold and emotionless Guardian wasn't above such desires, obviously, and took great care of his little shy and introverted slave.

As for the Seekers, Thundercracker and Skywarp were happy to go with the former Security Director, Red Alert. They may already be bond mates; it hadn't stopped the fliers to want to get a slave for themselves. And they shared him quite often too…

Starscream was another matter entirely…

The traitor, along with some other Decepticons that displeased the Decepticon Emperor, was demoted and enslaved along with the defeated faction. All traitors and thieves were treated equally in Megatron's new order, meaning they all ends up executed or enslaved. Starscream was now in his rightful place, at his Leader's feet, treated no differently than any of the other Autobot slaves.

The tyrant, having a twisted smile at that thought, was suddenly feeling slightly aroused. Maybe he'll grant his little pets a visit… He felt the desire to show them whom they belong to…

Megatron left the throne room and headed to his personal slave's quarter, his harem, where he kept his slaves, the ones that deserved the Emperor's attention and 'tender' touches. He had only two, for now, but to him they were his most precious possessions. He even had his optics settled on another one of the Harem slaves, which he was working on to get him into his personal Harem as soon as possible... It unfortunately took a great amount of time, bending and breaking their stubborn, strong heads into submission, but the end result was quite satisfying.

When the door to the private room opened, he was greeted by two pair of bright, heated optics. One set was red, the other blue. The slaves were casually leaning on the couches, lazily sprawled into the cushions and looking so damn sexy…

Starscream was the closest to the door, leaning on a pile of cushions on the floor; wings twitching a little when he saw his master appeared at the door. He lifted his head and got on all four, stretching his limbs sensually, in a well-learned way, which Megatron greatly appreciated.

"Master…" Starscream purred, as he got to his knees, legs slightly spread and showing off his goods shamelessly, slowly running his hands down his cockpit, chest vents, and swollen belly.

Megatron grinned at the sight of the completely submissive and heavily carrying seeker, but the sound of another light sigh made him look to the berth, were the second slave was laying, blue optics locked on the Decepticon's frame. Optimus Prime, former leader of the Autobots, reduced to a pleasure slave by his master… The sight and the thought were incredibly pleasant and arousing to Megatron.

Optimus rose to his hands and knees, like Starscream had did a moment ago, and stretched in a cat-like style to rid his limbs from the stiffness of being immobile for too long. He was devoid of his strong and proud expression, and the absence of the battle-mask made it even more obvious. He let his hands slide down his body from the shoulders to the crotch plates only to stop there, lightly tapping the white plating. Megatron could see the swollen bump on the red and blue bot lower belly, proof that he was carrying a sparkling for his master, just like Starscream. The Seeker was further ahead then the Semi by two months or so...

"Master…" Optimus breathed in a quiet and low tune."Welcome… How can we serves you?..."

The question was rhetoric and customary. There was only one reason that could lead the tyrant to this room, and the two bots knew this quite well. Starscream, whom was closer to the door, when he entered, crawled to his master's feet and was slowly caressing his hips plating and tights, making Megatron shivered a little at the sight. He leaned down and got the seeker to his feet, capturing the hot mouth into a passionate kiss. Moaning, the Seeker returned the kiss with equal passion, entwining his glossa with his master's and curling himself close to his chest, wrapping his arms around Megatron's waist.

"Not so fast, little pet… We don't want to let Optimus out of it, huh?" Said Megatron, with a grin, whispering into his pet's audio.

Megatron then pulled Starscream along to the berth and laid him down beside Optimus. The two slaves leaned into each other in a very suggestive and arousing manner that made Megatron's core temperature rise considerably, like they knew their Master loved them to, in a well-learned way. He sat in the chair in front of the berth, legs slightly spread, and snapped his codpiece open, exposing the good-sized, hardening spike below. He could hear the moans and whimpers of the slaves at that sight and smirked wickedly. He strokes himself with a finger, running from the base to the tip of the spike, and let out a little growl of pleasure.

"Come on, little pets, play together. If your performance satisfies me, I'll reward you…"

It didn't needed any more coaching to get the two bots to 'play' with each other, as aroused and horny as they already were because of the pregnancies. Optimus captured Starscream's lips in a heated kiss and grabbed a wing to lightly stroke and caress the edge, playing with the tip with expertise. The jet moaned into the kiss and responded by running his hands on the other's front grill and windshields. He fondled and played with the wipers, earning him a throaty moan as the two broke the kiss. Starscream rose a little and then licked and suckled at the antennae and Optimus stiffens, fondling with seams on the wings and wing joints that connected with the back struts. The seeker arched gracefully into the touch, showing more his quite swollen abdomen, sucking and licking harder at the sensitive antennae. From his seat, Megatron looked with heated optics, following every movements and curves of the entwined bodies. Megatron stroke his now completely erected spike with increasing speed and strength as the heat build up in his circuits.

Starscream then bent down and took Optimus' spike into his mouth, swallowing the entire member and circling the base with his hands as he stroking lightly. He ran his glossa up and down the length, bobbing his head as he made a thrusting motion, sucking strongly. The red and blue mech grabbed the back of Starscream's head and arched back until he was almost leaning horizontally, moaning and panting loudly with the sweet sensations, making his pregnant state very obvious in that posture. After a moment, he made the seeker stop and laid him down on his back, settling between his legs and spreading them wide. He then started to nibble and lick at the dripping port, glossa flexing and dancing to manipulate and stimulate oversensitive wires inside the slick opening. Starscream arched off the berth, gasping and crying out as he was so shamelessly stimulated.

Megatron, unable to withstand the sight much longer without exploding, got up and gently separated the two slaves. He set Starscream into his lap and lined himself before piercing him until he was completely sheathed inside the tight port, the seeker moaning and bending backward gracefully in his arms. He let Optimus get behind him and rub against his aft, his own spike hard and throbbing as he whimpered, asking the tyrant to let him in. Megatron turned halfway to his pet and kissed him heatedly, stroking the hardened spike with one hand as his aft plating retracted, allowing the entry the former Autobots Leader. Megatron stroked the spike a little more and let his fingers traces the curve of the slightly swollen belly as he returned to ravishing Starscream's port and mouth. He felt Optimus preparing himself to enter his aft port and moan in pleasurable anticipation, spreading his legs a little bit more. Megatron could feel the good-sized spike pushing slowly inside until he took it all, and then after a moment, Optimus started moving at a slow and deep pace.

Starscream moaned and arched gracefully again as Megatron quickens his pace, going deeper and harder with each passing moments, ravishing his exposed throat with his lips, glossa and fangs. Starscream traces the Decepticon insignia on his chest with his digits and travels to his sides and the control panel on his upper abdomen. It didn't took long after that for the three bots to reach overload, and Megatron roared powerfully when his climax hit, releasing inside his little seeker pet. Optimus cried out more quietly but with deep pleasure as he stiffens and released inside his master's aft port, going slack and resting on his back afterward. Starscream lived up to his name and screamed his overload to the ceiling above as his port tightens around his master's spike and he collapsed on his back, bringing Megatron with him. The tyrant rested on his seeker's front carefully to avoid hurting the sparkling, as Optimus leaned on his back in a pile of satisfied and purring bots. In that position, Megatron could feel the swollen bellies of both pets, from behind and under him at the same time.

He caressed gently Starscream's cheek with a thumb and reached back to caress Optimus tight with his other hand, smiling fondly at his beautiful pets.

"You did well, my pets… You will be rewarded."

"Thank you, Master…"

Both pets said the customary phrase at the same time and then they disentangled themselves from the Decepticon Emperor, rolling lazily into the berth, hugging each other as they fell into recharge. Megatron got up and brushed himself from any traces of the interfacing as he watched his pets recharging quietly into each other's arms. Starscream nuzzled unconsciously into Optimus' neck joint and purred in contentment. Optimus wrapped his arms securely around the smaller bot's waist and hugged him closer in a protective way. Megatron smiled fondly at the picture they made, so adorable and submissive, even in recharge.

Satisfied and satiated, the silver mech left the room, a little dreamy smile on his faceplates.

It was indeed good to be the Emperor…