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Megatron's Dream World


Perceptor looked out of his hiding place worriedly. He made sure no one was around and that it was safe before leaving, walking near to the crumpled walls and rubbles. He was as careful and alert as an Earth Mice fearing the appearance of the Cat. But he had to go out to fetch some energon and - shame of shame - steal pieces and parts he needed.

The little Microscope had managed to stay safe and hidden for the last Earth Year. Since the Decepticons won the war and enslaved the Autobots... The thought made him feel ill to his fuel tanks and he sighed in tiredness and despair.

The decepticons won the war... How could that happened? He didn't know... It had been like a shock to everyone when their Leader and SIC had been ambushed and taken prisoner. And from there, everything goes downhill for the Autobots. The little scientist was so quiet, shy and invisible that he managed to slip throught the web that the Decepticons put up to catch the remaining Autobots one by one. Last week, Jazz's group had been ambushed and captured...

Perceptor was now the only remaining free Autobot out here, and he wanted to keep it this way. Even if for now he didn,t knew how he would manage it...

He wandered the dark streets of Kaon by night, looking for goods and energon to gather, while remembering his last day on Earth...


"Perceptor! Move it! The Decepticons are coming now!"

Wheeljack's voice ranged through the almost empty lab while Perceptor was trying to pack as much things as possible. The Decepticons had somehow managed to capture Optimus and Prowl, and things had been very hard since then. It had been a week ago. Everyone was trying to find a way to compensate for the loss of two of their COmmanding Officers in one go. Jazz was doing a good job, so far, but it was visible that he wasn't quite up to the task.

It wasn't that he didn't tried but he was just overwhelmed by all this. His forte was sneaking and spying, not Commanding. But he was doing his best to keep the army together and make up a plan to counter-attack and free their comrades, with the help of the other Officers, like Ratchet and Ironhide.

Perceptor was wrenched back to reality by Wheeljack's hand on his shoulder, the mechanic looking slightly panicked, his ear fins flashing a worried red.

"Come on, Perce! We don't have much time... We'll be evacuated towards Moon base two!" His voice was tense and he was looking towards the door, almost expecting to see Decepticons coming through it. Perceptor smiled and hurried to pack faster.

"I'm done, 'jack! We can go now..." He closed the last box and put it on the antigravity platform. "Let's get to the ship!"

The two mechs pushed the platform towards the docking area but, halfway to it, there was a huge explosion and the wall next to them was blown, collapsing on them. Wheeljack reacted fast and pushed Percy away as the rubbles buried him.


Perceptor scrambled to his feet and started digging in the pile of rubbled to get his friends out, until he made out a frame, still blurry, coming from the hole. He looked at Wheeljack,s still and unmoving form and saw with horror a sharp scrap of metal wedged on his abdomen, splitting it open. He was bleeding, and Perceptor keened some in distress. he couldn't really help him,he had to flee... That blurry form was more precise now and he recoiled in the shadows, his spark aching for his friend. A winged, tall and intimidating... Starscream! Damnit! He had to run now! He was no match for the seeker! He slowly and quietly crawled away, with no choice but letting Wheeljack where he was and hoping for the best.

He felt guilty for letting his friend there at the mercy of the sadistic Air Commander, but he had to flee. One of them had to stay free and alive. He promised himself he'll come back for Wheeljack, later, when things calmed down a bit...

"Forgive me old friend..." He whispered, slipping out of the Ark by another hole, and then he looked around.

The Aerialbot had engaed the Seekers in the sky, and Devastator was wrecking havoc, shredding the base to bits. He stayed close to the walls and managed to stay undetected until he reached the Launching pad. The DInobots where guarding the last ship of the AUtobots, and Bumbelbee, Jazz, B Luestreak and the Twins were there. WHen they saw Perceptor, they all looked relieved.

"You made it... When the lab section was blown, we feared you'd been deactivated! Or captured..." Jazz said and smiled some, but the tension and weariness were clear in his voice and his features. "They got Tracks, Trailbreaker and Smokescreen right in front o my optics, and a couldn't a thing to help them..." He added and the weariness and sadness were obvious.

The small scientist smiled some and put a hand on his friend's shoulderm squeezing warmly, in a friendly way. But he was the bearer of more bad news and it was making him guilty somehow to put even more pressure on the almost worn out mech.

"Yes, I made it but... They got Wheeljack. Right in front of my optics. He was buried under the wall's rubles and then... Starscream came along. I had to flee, to let him where he was..."

Perceptor's voice was sad and guilty. Jazz nodded and looked both sad, resigned and deeply pissed off. He then straightens and gave the orders they all awaited.

"That's sad, 'Jack would've been a great asset." He stayed silent for a moment and everyone else shared sad, angry but confident and hopeful looks. Jazz spoke again after a moment. "Alright everyone! We're leaving! There's no point in stalling... No one else's gonna come. We're all that remains of the Autobot Forces on Earth!"

In a matter of moments everything and everyone was on board while the Dinobots were fighting off the cons to keep them out of the launching pad. They had to stay behind, but Earth was their home, They'd be well here. Perceptor found himself looking out the window as they took off under heavy fire, almost crashing when one of Devastator's hand grazed their fuselage, but they finally took off and were out and away from Earth.

But how long would it be until they get captured... That was impossible to tell. They were only six against the Decepticon Army. The odds weren't in their side.

**End Flashback**

Anyway, they had managed to keep going for an entire human year! Perceptor was awed by this. He gave them way less time before capture, not that he was pessimistic, but he was realistic. They had no chance to fight off the Decepticons for long. It was the law of the Strongest... And finally they got all captured one week earlier.

Because they were worn out, tired, depressed and mostly already beaten. All but little Perceptor, whom managed to slip away while the battle was ragging and goes unnoticed. And he hid... For a week he'd been living off crap and slag, and he was tired and starving now. He'd soon have to either find a new spot to hide, or surrender...

The small mech's head snapped up when he heard footsteps coming his way, and he quickly slipped into an Air Vent to let the mechs pass him before resuming his walk. WHen they were far enough he came out of the vent... Only to be met with the barrel of a laser gun!

'Ho no...'

He recoiled in fear and his back hit the wall, trapping him there. He looked from the gun's barrel to the mech's face and shuddered at the look in his optics, and the sadistic smirk on his faceplates. He knew him but he couldn't put a name on that face yet... Dark armor, red visor, bulky frame... And almost twice his size. The Decepticon's optics wandered on his frame with an appreciative look and stopped on the Autobot Insignia on his chest.

"What have we here? A wayward Autobot? And not any wayward Autobot but the last remaining Autobot..." His smirk widened and he based his sharp fangs. "I know someone that would be very happy to see you, little mech. Lord Shockwave is literal dying to get his servos on you!"

At the mention of the feared Guardian, Perceptor's shaking got worst and he let out a little keen. Shockwave wanted him? Why him? He was no one, just a scientist! Shockwave was the worst Decepticon that existed! Even more then Megatron, because his sadism was a cold, collected and deeply thought one. He never did anything without reason and he was known to perfrom some unholy and terrible experiments on prisoners and slaves... And this monster wanted him...

He fell to his knees, throwing the last remains of his dignity into the gutter, and begged, his voice barely more than a terrified whisper.

"Please, no... I'll do anything, just don't bring me to him... Please..."

The larger mech burst out laughing sadistically and Perceptor trembled harder, curling in a ball as small as he could manage. WHen he felt a large hand grab him by the neck and pull him to his feet, he let out an undignified squeak and looked up, his lips trembling with fear and optics glazed.

"Please... I'll do anything you want..." he whispered again and the mech had an appreciative and deeply lustful look.

"Anything? Really? Well, I suppose I can always keep you to myself, hum? How would that be, little Autobot?"

Perceptor wriggled some to get free but the mech's grip was unbreakable. And he was way too weak to fight him anyway. But that look... It meant trouble for him, and pain, he was sure of it! He saw this on other Decepticon's faceplates before and it never was good for the poor Autobot it was directed to.

And he was right, whimpering when he felt hot, hard lips crash on his own and fangs biting down on his soft plating, making him bleed. He let out a muffled keen when a rough hand grabbed his interface panel and started pulling it open.

That was it... He was going to be raped and there was nothing he could do to stop it! He keened and wriggled when the pannel finally got loose and was thrown to the side.

"Wont need it anymore..." The large mech muttered lustfully and he felt a blunt digit push in his valve.

He screamed, it was painful and invasive. He wriggled and trashed to get free but the mech pushed him down until he was laying on his back and sprawled widely, legs opened like a cheap whore and valve bared and vulnerable. His spike housing was still hiden and apparently the mech didn't wanted it either. He was focused on his valve and he was pumping his digits in it hard and fast, making Perceptor wince and cry out as it was as unpleasant and painful as it was horrifying.

"Nngh... P-please... Let me go... Ha-a..."

He screamed some when those digits were replaced by a cord way too large for his small opening and he felt his valve filled to the point of pain. He arched and screamed again in agony, feeling his valve try to adjust to the harsh invasion. At least he had made him lubricate some and the penetration could've been more painful...

"Such a tight little valve... Good little whore..." The decepticon cooed mockingly in his audio and brushed his cheek to wipe the tears away in a mockingly gentle gesture. "Don't cry... I won't hurt you... Much!"

Perceptor arched and cried out again when the mech started to pound him so hard his back scrapped against the hard ground. He gasped and sobbed, the pain almost unbearable, while the mech was cooing and stroking hi helm and face mock-gentle. Fortunately, it was over quite quickly and he felt the mech stilled above him and spill his fluids deep in his valve, staining him. When he finally pulled free and stood, towering over the defiled, dented and lubricant stained mech, Perceptor curled in a ball and sobbed harder, unable to stop himself.

"Now now, no need to get so worked up!"

Perceptor couldn't find the will or the strength to answer. He just let the mech pull him to his pedes and then along with him until they reached a dark and unfriendly Fortress. He recognized the place after a moment, when he was pulled inside it's dark hallways, and shuddered, regaining some of his senses and his self-awareness. His worry flared back on and his fear too.

SHockwave's fortress. He let out a low keen and tried to pull free but it was no use. He was pulled down some more hallways and then before a large steel door. Which opened after a few moments and Perceptor could see a large COntrol ROom behind them, filled with computers and terminals and many equipement... Including the Space Bridge! It was the heart of Shockwave's Fortress, and the mech himself was there, sitting on a large control Chair in the middle of the room.

He stilled and tried to hide behind the large Decepticon that pulled him in here.

"My Lord Shockwave, I have captured the Autobot Dissident Perceptor!"

Shockwave immediately turned towards them and Perceptor shook harder. This emotionless, faceless mech was most terrifying then Megatron in many ways... His cruelty and cold demeanor were only exemples. He stood and came towards them as Perceptor was pulled into view. His still bared valve made him uncomfortable as the pain was still there lingering and he tried to hid it.

"SO I see... You are dismissed, soldier!" He replied calmly and the mech saluted and left without another word.

Leaving Perceptor alone with the intimidating Guardian. Whom circled him to take on every details of his frame and then stopped in front of him to take his chin into his hand and lift his head. That was not quite painful but not gentle either and Perceptor reluctantly looked up to stare in that single, disturbing optic.

"Perceptor... I have wanted you for a long time, and at last, I get you!" He leaned a bit closer and let a thumb brush the side of the small scientist face with odd tenderness. "You are mine now, Perceptor. Welcome to your new life as a slave."

The small mech shuddered and shut his optics tight. This was so bad...


Months passed and Perceptor was submitted to Shockwave's brainwashing and reprogramming. He was as good as Soundwave at this and the small mech, as hard as he fought at first, was no match for him. He broke his firewalls down and rewritten parts of his Core Programming with such ease... Perceptor was changed from the inside out and he was slowly made into what Shockwave wanted him to be: his assistant and his pleasure slave.

For the second part, Shockwave had trouble making the small mech comply at first. His first encounter with a Decepticon had, after all, been quite rough and he expected no less from the larger and stronger mech. But Shockwave surprised him once again as he proved to be a kind and attentive lover. He was never rough and tried to at least let his partner take some pleasure in it.

But a rape was still a rape, whatever form it may takes, and Perceptor was disgusted with himself when he complied and even enjoyed their sessions. And the cycle would resume again and again. He fought, Shockwave bent him and he had to comply, then he enjoyed it and fell into self-disgust and denial again.

But after almost an earth year, Shockwave had managed to break the cycle and Perceptor was starting to get used to his new life. Working again, even while helping Shockwave, certainly helped the matter.

But what really made him change his mind was the sparklings. He found out he was with sparkling and then he stopped fighting. For them, because they deserved to live. His life may had taken a very harsh turn when the Autobots lost and then when he was captured and enslaved, but even in the most hopeless, dire and dark situations, there was always light to be found... And Perceptor found some sort of peace and came to term with himself and his inner turmoil in time.

This day, he was laying on his berth and stroking his quite large belly when Shockwave came in. He looked as unreadable and emotionless as ever but Perceptor had learn to read the very faint and tiny signs of his mood. And he could tell that he was currently pissed and probably wanted to vent some frustration.

"Come." He said curtly and Perceptor complied immediately, pulling himself up with some difficulties due to his large pregnant belly.

He follwed Shockwave to his quarters and then stood here, a hand on his belly and stroking softly, waiting for his Master's orders. They were fast to come and he winced some, When he was in such a mood, that always meant bad things.

"Lay down on the berth and open up. I will be back in a moment."

Perceptor did as he was told and laid on the berth, teasing himself until the panel snapped open. And he continues to tease and work himself to make him ready when his Master came back. He did a couple of breems later and found a aroused and leaking slave sprawled on his berth, all open and with lubricant seeping down his tights. It seemed to please him and he let out an approving rumble. He climbed in the berth and Perceptor opened his legs wider to allow him access.

SHockwave caressed the side of his face and leaned to peck at his neck with that faceless way of him. He heard the click of a panel opening and smiled some as he felt the large mech's cord push into his valve, moaning hard. He was careful for the sparklings though and put as little weight as he could on him as he started to move. He goes slow and deep and Perceptor let out moans and gasps, clinging to his Master's broad shoulders.

"M-master..." He purred and leaned up to kiss the side of his faceless helm.

Shockwave rumbled again in appreciation and thrusted deeper and faster. He drawn it for an exquisite length of time until Perceptor couldn't hold off much longer and overloaded hard. He must have briefly offline because when he came to awareness, Shockwave was up again and ready to leave. But before he did he leaned on him and put a hand on his belly, feeling the sparklings move under his touch. Perceptor let out a little purr and arched on the touch.

"You are almost due. I want you to go to the medical wing and wait there for me. I will examine them a last time before they are here."

"Yes master. I will be there."

Shockwave nodded and let his hand here a few moments more before he stood and left the room. Perceptor laid back on the cushions and sighed happily, stroking the sparklings. Life wasn't what he thought it would be but it was good anyway...


The next day, Perceptor was working on the lab, light work of course, because he wanted to finish some tasks Shockwave gave to him some times earlier. He had a bit of trouble moving about and was very careful. His large belly wasmaking it awkward and tricky to work in the lab but he was managing.

He loved to work here, it was reminding him of his previous life. Working had always been the best medecine for him, it makes him forget where he was and what he was now. For a time, he could think he was back in the ark and experimenting in some new and wonderful things he found on Earth. But of course reality quickly caught up with him as he was busy taking notes about the results of the latest experiment he was in charge of when a sharp pain stabbed his abdomen, making his freeze.


He put a hand on his tense and aching belly and stoke it. The sparklings were moving quite a lot. A new wave of pain had him cry out and bend over with both hands covering the sparklings. He understood that the sparklings were coming... Just as Shockwave had told him they would! He staggered to the wall emergency comlink and sent a message to him Master.

"The... The sparklings are coming... I'M going to... the med-bay... I'll wait for you,, there."

He cut off the link and slowly made his way to the medbay, wavering and holding into the walls. His hands were pressed on the sparklings as pain was raising again and he had to stop, panting. He felt a trickle of fluids dripping down his legs and clenched his dentals. Just a bit more and he'd be there...

"Come on... Wait just a bit longer..." he told his sparklings as he felt them move and wriggle. "Almost there..."

He opened the door and walked to the closest berth, laying there with a relieved sigh. Shockwave appeared a few moments later and immediately got to work. He made him lay on his back and propped the berth's head so he was almost sitting. He openes his legs and secured them with the berth's clamps. Then he spoke to him, calm and collected. which helped Perceptor calmed himself.

"The sparklings are ready to come now. When the next contraction hit, push has hard as you can."

Perceptor nodded shakily and Then he clenched his fist on the edges of the berth. Pain washed over him again and he pushed hard. After a few moments, he felt that the sparkling was sliding out and sighed. Shockwave had got hold of the tine blue and red little mech, looking a lot like his mother-creator. He was wailing loudly until he was cleaned and wrapped in a thermal blanket, then deposited on Perceptor's arms.

"Hi, little one... I will call you Thinker..."

The sparkling cooed and tilted his helm, taking a hold of his mommy's digit. He yawned and shuttered his tiny optics, and Perceptor smiled. He gave him back to SHockwave when he felt pain again and the sparkling was put in the crib. He was asleep. the next one was bigger and bulkier and took more time to get out, but he finally was released and Perceptor could hold him a bit. He was a purple and teal mech and apparently of a similar built to Shockwave. The large mech looked down at him and tilted his helm in a way making him think he was smiling.

"His name will be Shockblast." he stated and reached to caress a tiny helm. He had a strange face, with one large yellow optic and a mouth and no noseplates. But he was cute anyway, Perceptor thought. The sparkling was looking around curiously and clicking loudly.

The third one was a femme triple-changer. She had wings and a gun-mode too. She was golden and red with purple trims. She had beautiful features, fine and aristocratic like her mother, but a hell of a temper, wailing and trashing like a devil. Perceptor chuckled and caressed er little cheek until she calmed and yawned, following her siblings into recharge. Perceptor sighed and let Shockwave take her to put her in the crib with the two others.

"You did well, my pet. I am proud of you." Shockwave said warmly and he leaned to caress his cheek and peck the strange kiss-like nuzzle on his neck. "They are beautiful. I'll see that they are sent to the nursery, and taken good care of. You can see them later."

Perceptor nodded and smiled. As Shockwave's slave, whom was now Megatron's SIC, he had some priviliges. Like taking care of his spakrlings and seeing them when he wanted. He knew the other Harem slaves didn't had that privilege. they never saw their sparklings after they birthed them. And he was grateful for this.

It was with this thought then he fell into recharge.