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Lucia socked Haru in the face to which the silver haired boy responded with a punch of his own, to the side of Lucia's face.

Elie watched in horror as the two battled it out and saw Lucia pull out a knife.

"Fucking bastard." Lucia muttered and went to plunge the knife into Haru's neck but was stopped by Haru's hand.

Elie knew it was only a matter of time before Haru's grip weakened and Lucia succeeded in stabbing him.

She had to think of something, fast.

Elie looked around the forest floor, frantically searching for something that she could use to her advantage.

Suddenly Elie's eye caught the rock that had split open her knee.

"Damn you!" Lucia screeched pressing further on the knife, "I'll cut your throat, then we'll see who Elie loves!"

Haru's hands were shaking from trying to hold Lucia back, this guy was strong.

"It doesn't matter what you do," Haru said between shaken breaths, "Elie will never love you."

Lucia's eyes lit up like flames as he put all his strength into the knife.

"Get off him you freak!" Elie screamed and before Lucia could even turn his head, it was being hit with a very heavy rock.

Haru took this opportunity and knead Lucia in the groin.

The blonde teen fell off Haru and rolled down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill that the two boys had been battling it out on, there was a river.

Lucia's unconscious body rolled straight into the rushing water.

"Oh crap," Haru breathed and took off towards the water.

"Haru!" Elie screamed but the silver haired boy was already jumping into the river.

Elie ran after him, she knew how strong these currents could be.

Haru swam towards Lucia and grabbed a hold of him.

"Haru hurry! Get back to shore before you get pulled to far!" Elie cried out.

Haru was stroking back and had almost made it to shore when he felt an incredible force pull him down.

"Haru! No!" Elie screamed as she saw a now conscious Lucia pull her best friend into the water.

"I don't need your help! Hero boy!" Lucia shouted as he continued to push Haru down.

Haru struggled frantically, trying to loosen Lucia's grip when suddenly a strong current caused Lucia to be pushed under the moving water.

Haru took this moment to rise up for air.

Haru came up gasping, while Lucia still tried to pull him down.

Elie ran after the two boys as they were pulled further downstream until they reached...

"The waterfall! Haru!"

Haru could barely see the upcoming plunge between the constant water in his face but heard Elie clearly.

"Lucia we have-" Haru couldn't even get out his sentence before Lucia pushed him down again.

"Stop!" Elie screamed, "Lucia please!"

Lucia continued to push Haru down while Elie tried to think of some way to get to them.

Tears ran down Elie's eyes as she began to was she supposed to get to Haru?

Then Suddenly she saw it.

Right before the plunge there was an outstretched branch from a tree. The branch hung just above the water and was right were Lucia and Haru were headed. The branch seemed sturdy enough, but there was no time to speculate.

Elie ran toward the branch and quickly got on top of it. She saw Haru come up again and screamed, "Haru! Grab my hand!"
Haru struggled to keep Lucia off him while he reached for Elie's hand.
Once Elie had gotten a hold of Haru's hand she held on with all her strength.
Lucia grabbed onto Haru, not wanting to go down the waterfall himself but the added weight was causing Elie's grip to loosen.

"Hold on!" Elie cried.
Suddenly sirens were heard and Elie saw flashlights approaching.

"Help!" Elie screamed, "We're over here! Help us!"
Elie could see three very large men approaching her and she grabbed onto Haru tighter.
"Help is coming, just hold on!" Elie yelled.

Lucia knew what this meant.
Yes, the men would rescue them but they would also arrest him. He'd be thrown in prison for attempted There was only one way out of prison, but he wouldn't go that path alone.

"You're coming with me you bastard!" Lucia screamed and began to choke Haru.

Haru, who was using both hands to hold onto Elie, was defenseless.

"No Lucia! Stop! Stop it!" Elie screamed while Haru attempted to wiggle Lucia off him, but to no avail.

"Haru hold on! Help! Help!" Elie was screaming frantically now as the three large men began to pick up pace.

Haru used all his might to knock his head into Lucia's. The impact caused Lucia's grip to falter and Haru used this opportunity to shake Lucia off him.

Elie watched in horror as Lucia fell down the waterfall screaming.
Finally the three men came up to the branch, telling Elie to keep her grip. With caution, Elie and Haru were pulled back to safety.

"Elie..." Haru said gasping and before he could say anymore, Elie had wrapped her arms him.

"I thought you were going to..." Elie began but broke out in sobs, Haru pulled her closer while stroking her hair.

The two sat in each others arms.

The sheriff walked up to the teens, shaking his head.

"That has got to be one of the bravest things I've ever seen a young girl do," The sheriff smiled at

Elie and then turned to Haru, "And you didn't do what I said, did you?"

Haru looked the sheriff in the eye and said, "No sir, I didn't."

The sheriff broke out in a smile,"Well thank God for rebellious teenagers."

Elie and Haru spent some time in the hospital after their fight for survival.

Haru asked the sheriff how the rescue team had known were they where and the sheriff explained that screams were heard.

Elie was both relived and saddened to know that the plunge down the waterfall had killed Lucia.
She had never wanted anyone to die but now she at least knew that it was all over.

After the school trip everyone spent some time regrouping and figuring out what to do next.

Elie spent a considerable amount of time talking things over with Julia and Haru had done the same with Musica and Let.

All of our favorite friends decided that moving on was the best and only option.

"So are you guys, like, a couple now?" Julia and Elie were sitting in Julia's room eating chocolate ice cream with green face masks.

Julia had insisted that her and Elie have a recreational night and given all that had happened Elie couldn't argue with relaxing.
Elie considered Julia's question for a moment a responded with a simple shrug.
"What?" Julia exclaimed with wide eyes, "How can you not know?"

"I dunno," Elie replied taking in another spoonful of ice cream, "We haven't really talked about that. We haven't really talked at all..."

Julia rubbed her temples in exasperation.

"Elie," Julia started, "you both almost died, Haru risked his life to save you and then you did the same for him. I mean shouldn't that make you something? And, not to mention, you did make out quite passionately." Julia wriggled her eyebrows at this and Elie immediately turned a deep crimson.

"Ugh! I knew I shouldn't have told you that!" Elie said, throwing her hands up in the air.

"Oh please," Julia said stuffing more chocolate ice cream in her mouth, "you had to tell me, we're besties, right? And besides, I told you when me and Let first had sex."

"We didn't have sex!" Elie screeched nearly turning purple.

Julia rolled her eyes, "Oh calm down, I never said you did. So you guys really haven't talked at all?"

"Well," Elie said picking at the fabric on her silky robe, "not really. I mean a little at the hospital and of course at graduation and stuff but then when we all went to celebrate that night with our families, it was the last I talked to him."

"Elie!" Julia screeched, "It's been a whole week since graduation night!"
"I know..." Elie said looking down.

"Well," Julia tried again, trying to keep her cool, "What did you guys talk about on graduation? Or at the hospital?"

"Nothing really," Elie replied, "I mean nothing that had to do with that night at the lake or anything that happened with Lucia. I think we both just have needed some time to think things over, I mean it was a lot to go through." At this Elie looked down to her freshly painted toes.

Julia scooted closer to Elie and hugged her, "I'm sorry El, I know it's difficult. But don't you think you'd both feel so much better if you talked things out? I know you love him."

Elie looked to Julia with warm tears in her eyes, "I do, and he said he loves me too." Elie smiled at this.
"Then talk to him," Julia said with a little nudge, "Lord knows you always talked to him about everything before all this, so it shouldn't change, right?"

Elie nodded wiping the tears from under her eyes.

"Don't worry," Julia said, "it'll all turn out great, you'll see."

The following night Julia invited everyone to her house in celebration of graduating, and of course because her parents were out of town.

Julia and Reina sat on Julia's bed watching Pride and Prejudice while Elie slipped on her best pair of boyfriend shorts and a white tank top over her pink bikini.

"Damn Elie! You look hot!" Julia said with a low whistle. She herself was wearing a pair of green VS Pink booty shorts and a blue bikini.

"Are you sure about this guys? I mean what if-"

"Oh c'mon Elie! You've already poured out your souls to each other, this is nothing." Reina said moving her pony tail to the side, she was wearing her favorite red bikini.

Elie sighed and nodded, "You're right. I'm just going to go up and talk to him. Tell him that I want us be a..." Elie suddenly looked incredibly nervous (and nauseous Julia noted).

"A couple Elie. A couple." Reina finished, speaking slowly.

"Y-yeah of course. A cou-couple." Elie said with a little nervous laugh.
Reina rolled her eyes, "Sweetie, you have to work on that confidence thing."

Suddenly the door downstairs opened and the sound of three very familiar boys filled the house.
"C'mon hon, you can do this." Julia said taking Elie's hand.

Elie took a big gulp and headed downstairs.

When everyone had exchanged hellos (Haru and Elie's being noticeably awkward) all of the newly graduated teens decided to jump into Julia's pool.

There, a number of games commenced.

But the one that caused the biggest stir was Marco Polo.

It started like every other game of Marco Polo, everyone taking turns shouting, "Marco!" and of course "Polo!"

Musica had been it and after much effort, had finally caught Haru.

"Ha!" Musica shouted splashing around, "I've made you Polo!"

"No," Julia said cutting in, "you've made him Marco."

Musica raised his brow, "No, he's Polo. We're the Marcos."

"No," Julia's voice was rising, "We're the Polos and he's the Marco."

"No, he's Polo, that's why we shout Polo to him. And he shouts Marco to us because we're the Marcos."

"No, he's Marco because he shouts his name and we shout ours which is Polo."
"He's Polo."

"He's Marco."

"He's Polo!" Musica shouted.

"HE'S MARCO!" Julia shouted even louder, challenging Musica.

"C'mon guys it doesn't really matter," Elie said, attempting to bring peace, "Haru's it, lets just go with that."

"Whatever." The two teens said in unison and the game began.

So off they went shouting "Marco!" and "Polo!" until Haru finally began closing in on someone.
He could tell from the giggles that this someone was Elie.

So Haru splashed after Elie until finally he grabbed her.

"Ha!" Haru said opening his eyes, "Gotcha!"

Elie squeaked laughing, "You can't open your eyes! Cheater!"

"How dare you!" Haru said in mock outrage and began to tickle Elie relentlessly until he accidentally placed his hand on one of Elie's round...womanly objects.

"Haru..." Elie was about to make a snippy comment but suddenly felt a force pulling her in, closer to Haru's lips. She wasn't even sure how it had happened, only that the desire to claim Haru's lips was too strong to ignore.

Since Elie had made no movement Haru kept his hand were it was and was about to go in for a kiss when...

"Good Lord! Get a room!" Musica shouted.

The two snapped out of their trance and suddenly became painfully aware that all eyes were on them.

Haru quickly removed his hand from...well were it had been and Elie turned red as a tomato.

"All right!" Julia said clapping and Reina added a whistle, "Now it's a game!"

After the game both Haru and Elie avoided each other as much as possible while everyone else watched the horrifyingly awkward display that was: Haru and Elie.

Once the sun had gone down, everyone headed inside Julia's living room to watch Paranormal Activity.

The seating arrangements were placed so that Haru and Elie were forced to sit on the same couch, since all the other chairs had been taken.

Julia would look over at the should-be-couple every so often to find Elie staring at Haru or Haru staring at Elie and both quickly turning away when the other looked.

Julia thought this real life awkward scenario to be much more horrifying than any horror movie could hope to be.

Finally when the movie had ended and everyone was leaving Julia pulled Elie aside.

"Elie," Julia whispered not wanting Haru to over hear, "What are you doing? You've had all day to talk to Haru!"

"Well its been a little difficult..." Elie whispered trying to think of an excuse but found none.

"You're getting a ride home with him." Julia said with somewhat of an evil smirk.

"What?" Elie squeaked in a high whisper, "Julia, can't you give me a ride? Maybe today wasn't the best day for talks. I'm sure tomorrow-"

Before Elie could finish Julia had cut in shouting, "Hey Haru! Elie needs a ride home!"
Elie could feel her stomach do a million flips.
"I can take her, c'mon Elie!" Haru said, trying to hide his own awkward aura.

"Julia..." Elie whined but was pushed out the front door.

"Bye guys!" Julia shouted smiling and closed her door.

Elie walked with Haru to his car.

Once they were in Elie thanked the heavens at Haru's inability to not listen to music while driving.

As the car went along Guns and Roses blasted out Sweet Child o' Mine.

Even with the music so loud that talking wasn't expected, Elie could still feel the awkward tension that had been there all day.

Finally the two reached Elie's house and Haru turned down the music.

"Look Elie..." He began and struggled to find the words that needed to come out.

"You wanna come inside?" Elie asked, although she wished nothing more for this whole awkward day to end, she also knew that the two of them needed to talk.

"Sure." Haru said with a smile that told Elie he felt the same way.

The two made it inside and Elie found that she had one new message on her phone's answering machine.
Once Elie had listened to it she pressed delete.

"Who was it?" Haru asked once they were in Elie's room.

"Oh just Jed," Elie replied plopping down on her bed, "He called to let me know he's staying over at his girlfriend's house."



"Haru?" Elie pried after a long (and painful) pause.

"Yeah?" Haru said sitting down next to her.

"We need to talk, about...well everything."

Haru nodded his head, "Yeah, I know. You go first."

Elie took in a breath and let it out, then began talking so fast that Haru could barely keep up, "So I know we told each other how we felt but we haven't really talked about it since the night we said it and that same night I was kidnapped and then you saved me and then I saved you and Lucia died and a lot of things happened and it's been really emotional and I just..." Elie paused taking another breath, it was now or never, "And I just need to know, do you still love me?"

Haru blinked trying to take in everything that Elie had just said.

Elie could feel her heart pounding...Haru wasn't answering...oh God why wasn't he saying anything?

"Oh my God you don't," Elie breathed feeling her heart shatter, "I-I mean I understand I just I wanted...I wanted us to-umph"

Elie was cut off by Haru's lips being pressed to her own.

Elie felt all her worries melt away and grabbed Haru's shirt, pulling him towards her more.

Haru's tongue poked out and traced Elie's lips, asking for entrance to which Elie granted by opening her own mouth.

Their tongues intertwined and before Elie even knew what was happening she was nibbling on Haru's lower lip until finally the two broke apart for air.

"Of course I still love you," Haru whispered huskily, giving Elie shivers, "do you still love me?"
Elie smiled, nodding her head, "Of course I love you."

And then they were wrapped in each other again.

Haru pushed Elie so her back was against the mattress as he claimed her lips once again.

Elie felt a fire building inside as Haru's lips traced her chin, then her collarbone, nibbling on the skin there.

Elie's hands went down Haru's torso and the two broke their kiss for only a moment as Haru's shirt went onto the floor.

Elie gave a small moan as Haru's hands found their way to her breasts.

Suddenly Elie began giggling and Haru looked up at her confused.

"What? Are your boobs ticklish or something?" Haru asked which only made Elie's giggles turn to laughter.

"No," she said as her laughter began to die down a little, "it's just, I remembered what happened. You know, at Julia's house."

Haru suddenly recalled their incident in the pool and began to laugh himself.

"Well," Haru said finally getting over his laughter and began to trace his hand back to where it had been, "now we really do have a room."

Elie nodded with a smile and the two picked up where they had left off.

As things became more passionate, Elie found that the only articles of clothing that remained between the two was her bikini and Haru's swim trunks.

Haru's hands traced along Elie's inner thighs until...

Elie gasped and soon found that her and Haru were completely naked.

"Haru," Elie said feeling nervous, "I've'll be my first."

Haru smiled and gave Elie a small kiss on the lips, "And you're mine. Do you trust me?"

Elie smiled, all feeling of nervousness leaving and said, "I always trust you."
And the two found that trust could be one of the most beautiful things of all.

5 years later...

Elie sat beside an open balcony, sipping on her morning coffee.

The past month had been so stressful but it all had been worth it.

She took in a deep sigh as she looked out at the ocean that stretched before her.

Things were so perfect, Julia would love this place.

Elie snickered thinking of her best girlfriend.

She had called Elie the same day Elie had arrived at this amazing resort (with her true love in tow of course) and had been crying.

Though at first Elie was alarmed, she quickly became relieved when Julia had explained that she was crying those fable tears of joy.

"He proposed El! Can you believe it?" Elie had congratulated Julia, after all it was about time her and Let were engaged.

Why, Elie herself had just taken the plunge, and couldn't have been happier about it.

Now there was only one thing left to completely fulfill her life.

"Whatcha doing?" Elie turned to see her smiling (and brand new, it might be added) husband standing with only his boxers on.

"Just relaxing," Elie said with a sigh, "Isn't that what you're supposed to do on a honeymoon?"
Haru gave a devilish smirk and without warning scooped Elie up and tossed her onto the master bed.

Soon he was on top of her trailing kisses all over her and undoing her robe.

"No," He said at last, "this is what you're supposed to do."
Elie smiled as Haru claimed her mouth.

The two continued their antics until Elie broke the kiss.

"Haru?" She said putting on her best cute face.

"I know what that look means," Haru said smiling, "What do you want? Please nothing too expensive..."

"It's not something you can buy." Elie said smirking and Haru looked to her confused.
"What is it?" Haru asked curiously.

"What do you think of a baby?" Elie asked smiling and Haru laughed.

"I think that's a wonderful idea..." and Haru began trailing kisses again until...

"What about twins?" Haru looked to Elie with concern but finally broke into a smile.

"Well if you want babies," Haru said pulling Elie's robe down, "we better get to the baby making."

"Well if it must be done." Elie said smiling and the two made love the way only two who were truly in love could.

When it was over they lay next to each other, foreheads pressed together.

"Haru?" Elie asked.

"Hm?" Haru replied and Elie crawled on top of him.

"I love you." She said and kissed his lips.
"I love you too." Haru said and what followed...well lets just say, it resulted in twins.

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