Bella's Presents


"Everyone get in the kitchen RIGHT NOW!" Bella screamed. We (the Cullen family) walked into the kitchen to see several large boxes behind her. "The dog" stood in our kitchen obviously there to help Bella so that I couldn't see anything. "Thanks Jake you can leave now" Bella said.

"Good it smells like leech here" he said and disappeared before anyone one could say anything.

"Okay, because you guys are so awesome I got you all gifts"

"Oh Bella, you didn't have to" I said jumping up and down squealing"

"Okay so here it goes" she said.


"Okay Edward come" I said pointing to the ground.

I heard a whisper that I was probably not supposed to hear from Emmet that sounded like "that what she said" followed by a fit of giggles. I handed Edward a large box. "Okay Edward open your gift." He opened the box and took out his gift.

"A keytar?" he asked

"Yeah" I said my voice full of cheer "I had one back in Phoenix and it was so awesome!"

"Thanks love"

"Welcome" I said pecking him on the cheek. "Emmet your next"

"Finally, my gift, gimmie, gimmie, gimmie" he said jumping up and down like a kid on Christmas day.

"Okay," I started, "I was going to get you the football from the 2009 super bowl, but the team members of the giants and the patriots ruined it by signing all their names on it and I didn't think you would want it after that so I got you this" At that I took his gift out the box. "I know how bears are you favorite animal so I got this for you." His gift was a statue of a grizzly bear catching a salmon. For some reason his eye was twitching.

"Thank you Bella" he said in a monotone voice and took his gift.

"I'm really glad you all like your gifts so far, Alice your next. Alice I know how you love to shop so I got you a $300 dollar gift card to Kmart. Because the store is so cheap with the 300 dollars you can probably buy half the store." I said smiling.

"T-T-T-thanks Bella" she struggled to say.

I turned to Rosalie. "Okay Rose I got this emergency make-up it I saw in the mall the other day and got you it" I said handing it to her.

"Why?" she asked

"Take the hint" I whispered behind my hand.

"You know what Bella I-"she said but was cut off by Edward.

"Rose that's enough rose: he said.

"Fine" she huffed and stomped upstairs.

"Okay Jasper" I said turning to him in a very serious manor. "I got you this to help you. I got it because I know it's the only way you can feel emotion and I know you'll like it." I said handing him a razor.

"Uhhhh…… Bella" he started.

"You love it and couldn't have asked for anything better" Edward interrupted.


"What's in that box" asked Emmet.

"OH snap, I forgot. Carlisle, Esme this is your gift." I gave Esme the box.

"Okay" she said

After ten seconds of her holding the box a black and white puppy shitzu popped out.

"awww" they said in unison.

"You like it" I asked.

"We love it thank you Bella" Carlisle.

"Yes it's a wonderful gift thank you" Esme said.

"I'm glad you all like your gifts" I said skipping out the kitchen.