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Summary: "The dolls are alive." "That's ridiculous, dolls can't be alive!" "Of course they can, they just need the right master." It all just had to start with Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry wandering around the abandoned dorm, wanting to explore. Then having Jaden find that creepy doll and wanting to take it back...

So, without further ado, the prologue to Jaden's Doll Trouble!

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"Melody, are you ready?" A girl asked another girl.

"I'm as ready as I'll ever be Janet. If these men want Damian gone, they'll have to fight for it." The second girl, 'Melody', replied. Melody had fair skin, and pink hair that wasn't quite magenta, yet not quite peach that curled just past her neckline. It was somewhere in the middle, and she had complimenting almond shaped aquamarine eyes.

Melody wore a black mini skirt with black leggings and black heels. Her top was a white tank top with a huge pink heart on the front with a black sleeveless trench coat thrown overtop that ended right before it touched the ground. Her arms were clad up to the elbows in white lace-less gloves. In her hands she loosely held a staff made of steel that curved into a crescent at the top and it held a drop of water made of crystal coming from the top of the curve, nestling safely at the bottom of it. Off the very tip of the staff was a steel water droplet.

"That's the Melody I know!" The first girl, 'Janet', cheered. "Sarai and I knew that you and Damian would never give up; that you'd fight to the end! Mlody would never back down from a fight no matter the stakes!" Janet was a blonde whose hair stopped just blow her ears with deep chocolate brown eyes that seemed to stare into your very soul.

Janet wore black pants with matching black shoes. Her top was a crimson red tank top and she had fingerless black gloves on that ended at her wrists. To her waist she had a leather sword belt attached and the hilt of the sword was a red.

"These soldiers won't know what hit them," Melody smirked, and Janet nodded.

"Yeah," Janet agreed. "They'll regret ever going against the-"

End Dream

"Hee hee hee," A dry voice laughed, jerking Jaden from his sleep. He looked around, trying to find out what caused it. There was no one in the dorm… No one, that was, except for Syrus and Hassleberry, as well as himself. And Jaden was pretty sure that they were still sound asleep.

Then what was it that had jerked the third year Slifer out of his slumber? Jaden's eyes glanced fleetingly over towards an eerie looking doll that sat on the sole desk in the Slifer's dorm, head aimed up towards the light on the ceiling. The doll wasn't cute or pretty, per say, but something had drawn Jaden to it when they were exploring the abandoned dorm earlier that day.

The doll was tattered and torn and covered in numerous stitches from where it had been patched up. The whole thing was a tan colored material with odd darker brown stitches all over it. Its head had two pointed ears, and the inside of the ears were a dark brown color that seemed to be the same color as the stitches covering its body. Its eyes were two different colors and sizes. The right eye was a huge oval black button with four sewing holes in it; the left eye was a small circular red button that only had two sewing holes in it. It had a creepy smile- it was like the smile would forever be etched on its face and the teeth on it were pointed triangles. The doll had a cute small tail, as well as two arms and legs. The arms were abnormally long, almost as if it was made so it could throw itself over the owners' shoulders and hang from their shoulders. The legs and arms all had four black claws that looked like that if they had been real they would really hurt.

Jaden had felt compelled to bring the doll back to the Slifer dorm- and he didn't know or understand why. But, he brought the doll back anyways- it seemed like it was lonely being in that abandoned dorm all by itself anyways.

Syrus, the worrywart, hadn't wanted to take the doll claiming that it wasn't theirs to take, but Jaden didn't see the harm. The dorm was abandoned, so whoever left it there probably wouldn't miss it.

Stopping his thoughts on the doll, Jaden thought back to the dream he just had. He didn't get it- just who were those girls? And why were they getting ready to fight?

Jaden didn't recognize either of the girls although he felt like he knew them from somewhere. The name 'Damian' also rang a faint bell, but he wasn't sure where from. Really the only thing that seemed remotely familiar to him was the staff that girl- Melody, was that what she had been called? -had been holding, and that was probably just because it was similar to the staff the duel monster Eria the Water Charmer has.

Jaden let out a sigh and flopped back onto his bunk of the bed. The only place he was getting with all this thinking was more tired. Closing his eyes he went and drifted back into the land of sleep, not noticing the way the doll had seemingly moved its head to stare at him.

Jaden had absolutely no idea what he had gotten himself into, bringing that doll home.


"He's gone!"

"What do you mean he's gone?"

"I mean just that, he's gone!"

"How? He couldn't have just upped and walked away."

"Well, actually…"

"You know what I mean! That… That thing's mistress hasn't been alive for centuries! The only one who would have been able to see it would be us or his new mistress with that spell in place!"

"I guess that means…"

"No! She isn't back! Don't even dare assume that! You just had to have reset the spell wrong, that's all! I am not accepting that that brat is back- alive!"

"Alright… I guess… If you say so..."


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