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Chapter 7

"Welcome to Outlook Cottage!" Melody crowed, aquamarine eyes glittering. "Here you will find all of the dolls and masters who never give up hope on that the real princess will come back and take over the Kingdom for once and for all!" Zeke and Janet laughed.

"Don't mind her boys," Janet laughed. "Melody can be a little over zealous at times. Outlook Cottage has only one purpose embedded in the magic that created it. That is to give solace to those affected by the war. It may look small from the outside, but that is just a ruse. When anybody from the palace who hasn't been granted sanctuary here looks at it, all they see is an old falling apart building. This is because they don't believe that the real princess will reclaim the throne."

"And of course," Zeke continued, "We are part of the resistance who are working on finding the real princess to help her take back the throne." Melody nodded.

"Now, if any of you wimps want to back out now and think you can deal with the harsh war without support from us, you can leave now." She instructed. There were looks exchanged, and when it was obvious that no one was going to move, she smirked.

"Welcome to the resistance kiddies."


"Outlook Cottage?" Atticus was the first to recover. "What's that?" Zeke was about to respond, but was cut off by a figure rushing out from the woods.

"Zekey! You're back! Helen and I missed you!" A brunette with shoulder length hair and violet eyes declared, hanging off of his arm. Zeke laughed as he swatted the girl off his arm.

"Yeah, yeah." He laughed. "I missed you to Sarai." Zeke ruffled the brunette's picture perfect hair, and she grimaced, trying to smooth it back to its original position.

"Ze-eke!" She whined, pouting. "You know I hate it when you do that!" Zeke just laughed and shook her off.

"Which is why I do it." Zeke responded, turning back towards the group, saying, "Let's go. Sooner we get inside the sooner you get your answers. Kapeesh?" Sarai cocked her head to the side.

"Zeke, who're you…" But Sarai stopped herself, spying the group behind Zeke. She studied them for a few moments before her eyes widened and she gasped.

"What is it lil' lady?" Hassleberry asked Sarai, but she merely shook her head, hands over her mouth and eyes wide, taking a few steps back.

"I… I'll… be at the cottage, getting stuff ready," Sarai said at last before turning on her heel and sprinting from whence she came.

"What's up with her?" Syrus asked, looking after the brunette as she ran off. Zeke shook his head.

"Ignore Sarai." Zeke merely replied. "She's weird like that." The others took this as a suitable reply, but one of their eyes followed Sarai all the way back to the cabin and through the door.


"Here's the potion Zeke!" Helen burbled happily, handing a frothing glass of pink goop to said boy. The group flinched as Zeke picked up the glass and turned toward Jesse saying,

"Hold his mouth open." Alexis eyed the glass warily.

"Are you sure that won't hurt him even more?" She asked, not liking the look of the potion. Zeke nodded.

"Certain." He agreed. "Helen's made this thousands of times before. She couldn't mess this up even if she tried." Helen nodded in agreement, perfect blonde ringlets bouncing on her head, eerie crimson eyes that seemed to pierce whoever's soul they were looking at.

"Are they going to be alright Zeke?" Helen looked to the older as he poured the goop down Jaden's throat. Zeke frowned.

"We'll know in due time." Zeke replied. "Meanwhile, who wants something to eat?"


"Jordan!" A girls' voice echoed through the black landscape. Where was he? And why was he hearing a girls' voice?

"Jordan where are you?!" The sound of feet hitting concrete floor neared him, but that didn't make any sense. There was no concrete. It was just black. No concrete.

"Jordan!" The girl called again, and the next thing that he knew he was being crashed into and he was sent sprawling to the ground.

The person who crashed into him made quick work of getting up. She looked down at him and said rather bluntly,

"You're not Jordan." He looked up at her.

"Well, duh," He replied. "I'm Jaden. Jaden Yuki. Who're you?" The girl bit her lip.

"I'm…" She hesitated. "I'm…" Jaden cocked his head to the side.

"What? Do you not remember who you are?" He inquired, looking at the girl. She had pink hair and blue eyes and looked so familiar to him…

"Of course I remember who I am!" She snapped, then immediately looked crestfallen. "Sorry… I didn't mean to snap at you. I've just been going for so long…"

"Gone where?" Jaden asked, and a tear slipped down her cheeks.

"Searching." The girl answered. "I've lost things that I hold dear to me." She sniffled, wiping tears off of her cheeks.

"What?" Jaden stepped towards her. "Maybe I can help." She shook her head.

"You can't help me. Only I can help me." She responded.

"Well, can you tell me what you lost?" Jaden looked at the crying girl. "Maybe I can hold on to it if I stumble upon it and keep it until I stumble upon you next… Wha-?!" The girl's shape and form began to morph, changing into something else.

"Azira?!" Jaden yelped, stumbling backwards. The blonde ignored him as she split into two more people; Zeke and another blonde, one that reminded him of Alexis.

"Three items you must take;" They recited as one, waving their hands in front of him.

"Three things you must restore." Jaden took a step back.

"In a Kingdom under siege, you must have loyalties pledged," Zeke said, the three lifting their hands

"Weapons forged," The blonde that looked like Alexis responded.

"And a place of power," Azira finished. "In rebellion's time you must have friends by your side."

"Love to be your guide," The not-Alexis chimed.

"And those to heal and teach you the ways of their kind." Zeke ended.

"If not," They brought their hands down to point at Jaden. "You will lose your place of power, your seat of influence, and most of all, the one who used to be on your side."

"What?" Jaden took a step back. "What are you three talking about?!"

"The prophecy has been spoken, so it shall set. Journey safe, young ruler." A voice laughed at the edges of Jaden's consciousness as the black fully engulfed him and he could see no more.


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