AN: In this fanfic Inuyasha is the older brother instead of Sesshomaru, this is for a specific reason to make my story have that drama that I am looking for and Miroku are best friends. A lot of your favorite characters age have change a lot. READ AND REVIEW:

"Sango hurry up before we miss our plane"

"Kagome I'm coming"

"Ugh...we made it just in time"

"Yeah I can't wait to get to Miroku house this year is gonna be the best ever"

They took off heading to Kyoto for the summer all by themselves with no one to watch over them. Miroku and the girls have been friends since they were one years old and it has now been thirteen years later and they are trusted to go to another state to spend the entire summer with their friends alone. Every year it's the same thing, in a giant two story house with seven rooms, all you here is loud music, while the girls dance around in shorts and tank top and the guys play video games and football, and they occasionally dance with the girls. Because they act like little angels throughout the whole year, the girls' parents trust them enough to go on their own vacation. To them it's worth it, they get a chance to finally break free and get wild.

"So Kagome who's said they were coming"

"Well let's see... Sesshomaru, Ayame, Shippo, and ugghh...Kouga and you know Miroku will invite some more people"

"Wow that's a lot"

"Tell me about it"

"Looks like we are landing"

"Damn I hate this part"

"Relax Sango you'll live"




"That's not funny Kagome"

"Like hell it ain't ha ha"

"Shut up"

"Sorry, did you call Miroku and ask who was going to pick us up"

"Yeah its Sesshomaru's big brother Inuyasha"


"I bet you're happy"

"What...why do you say that"

"c'mon Kagome, you know you like him, because when he used to live on our block you two would always stare at each other, and he would always whisper something in your ear and I every time you walk home he would always meet you at the corn..."

"ok enough already, he was my friend, he had something to tell, and you know we lived in a bad neighborhood so he would walk me home home when it got too late, I mean for god sake he's twenty one years old and I'm fourteen, get over yourself Sango"

"Sure Kagome whatever" she said sarcastically

Kagome rolled her eyes because she told Sango the same lie every time, she knew she liked Inuyasha a lot but wasn't sure if he felt the same way about her, things were confusing ever since the day she met him:


Kagome was sitting on the porch with Sango, Miroku and her new friend Sesshomaru. It was so hot and the girls had on shorts and a baby T' all of a sudden a tall man, with amber eyes and silver hair came up to had all eyes and Kagome and they didn't even know.

"Hey Sessh" deep sexy voice

"Wassup Inu, this is my new friend Kagome"

"Hey Kagome" he said in a deep and sexy voice

"Ugh...Wassup" he smiled and walked away, damn was he fine

"Damn who was that he is so fine?"

"Him, that's my brother Inuyasha"

"How old is he"

"Ugghh...sorry babe he's twenty one"


Later that day it was getting late and Kagome had to go, she had never been on that street before even though it was real close to her house and she lived the other way, and it was to many weird guys on this street too, so she was outta heard a voice call her name and she jumped.

"Hey Kagome" it was Inuyasha down the street hanging out with the his friends

"Hey come here"

"What for"

"Cause I said so" he said running up the street trying to catchup with her

"Who are you to tell me what to do?"

"Damn girl how old are you"

"13 why" she had just turned 14 but he was so fine she wasn't thinking clearly

"You too cute to be 13" he walking closer to her at least three inches apart

"I know" she said staring at him until her heart started racing, only then she broke eye contact

"You gotta boyfriend"


"Why not"

"Just got out of a bad relationship"

"Oh yeah, what happened"

"He was cheating"

"For real" he said moving closer to her

"Yeah...ugh...I gotta go"

"Alright, but can I get a hug"

She couldn't think straight but he sounded so sexy she though a hug wouldn't hurt it didn't take much for him to turn that hug into a passionate every night Kagome think why wouldn't a twenty one year old want like that, then she thought he just wanted to tease really liked him though.

End Flashback:

"Hey Kagome there he is we'd better get going

"Hey Sango, hey Kagome" he said as his voice got deeper saying her name

"Hey" they said in unison

"C'mon my cars out front"

"I'll sit in the back I still have motion sickness friend from the plane" she said then winked at Kagome as she rolled her eyes, and that little smile on his face got a little brighter.

This summer is gonna be different.

Once in the car, the girls spent most of the time catching up with Inuyasha. Kagome would only speak if she was spoken to. She felt nervous and yet so excited. Either she was staring at the floor of the car or smiling outside the window. Inuyasha on the other hang kept an eye on Kagome the whole ride back, with such a seductive smirk on his face. To him she was more then a thirteen year old girl. He noticed right away that he had a strong attraction to her. She was cute, smart, funny, and way beyond her years. The little voice in the back of his head always telling him he was pushing his luck, but once she came around him, all the doubts he has about her suddenly disappears. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for her. He gives her so much life.