Author's Note: I have never, in the history of my fan fiction writing, attempted to do a novelization of a Resident Evil game. Well, now the tides have changed. I've decided to break free from the path of writing just about Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy, and to explore the other aspects of the RE fandom. So I really hope you enjoy this novelization of Resident Evil 5, I know I will!


By: Vogue Dirge

Prologue - The Beginning of a Partnership

"Ms. Gionne?"


"Albert Wesker is here to see you."

A pair of jade green eyes looked suddenly up from a glowing computer screen.

"Ah. Perfect." The words tumbled from a pair of full lips like a purr.

Excella Gionne stood up from a large glass desk, upon it only sat a sleek metallic laptop, an expensive looking cell phone, and a half drunken glass of champagne. Behind her was a large floor to ceiling window that looked out at a burning blue ocean and large granite rocks the color of flesh.

Excella Gionne walked around the side of the table, an impressive sight, looking like a Greek goddess in a corseted dress of silk. Her skin was a light olive color, and her hair a cascading river of dark chocolate.

Everything that Excella was, her look, her demeanor, her voice, could be traced backed to a family of aristocrats. Her blood line was abundant with the rich and powerful, the name Gionne a symbol of royalty. Her history was like a very fine red wine, sophisticated and never touched by tainted hands.

As she walked the heels of her Jimmy Choo shoes clicked against the calico marble. The steps were even and deliberate. Excella walked like a supermodel would down some French runway. Her butler looked away from her, possibly from awe, or fear.

Too bad Lucius died. I hate having to hire new help. There all so...intolerable.

As Excella left the room she called back to the butler, "Hold all my calls."

"Y-yes mam."

Moments later Excella approached the door to the waiting room where her guest had been taken upon his arrival. Beyond its mahogany wood was the man who had contacted her, Albert Wesker. This man had claimed that he had information that would interest her, that it would move her up in the ranks of TriCell.

Those bastards...

Excella reached out, opened the door and slipped into the room.

The first thing she saw was the back of a platinum blonde head. The hair looking to be slicked back in almost a militaristic sort of way. Excella raised an eyebrow, suddenly intrigued. She moved deeper into the room, finally passing the man and coming into his view. Excella turned around and she smiled at the sight before her.

To say that Albert Wesker was handsome would be like calling the Statue of David 'just a sculpture'. At first sight he was more than that. He had a thin face and high cheek bones; the face was that of a dignified man with secrets of his own. His skin was fair, almost too pale, and his eyes...well they were hidden behind very dark sunglasses.

"Good afternoon Mr. Wesker," she slid gracefully into a chair and crossed her legs, flashing only a bit of her upper thigh. "Welcome to my home."

Excella leaned forward and the edges of her mouth turned up into a seductive smirk.

The accent in her voice seemed to intrigue him and he smirked briefly at her welcoming words.

"A lovely abode, Ms Gionne. It is a pleasure to meet you."

Albert Wesker leant back in his seat, crossed one leg over the other and flashed Excella a moment's smile, before gesturing to the aluminum case propped against his chair.

"Shall we commence with business or would you like to play through all the formalities first?"

Excella's eyes flashed toward the metal case. As she gazed at it her eyes glinted in curiosity. What was in that case? Surely something worth this man's time.

After being contacted by Albert Wesker, Excella had done some research on him, and the result led her to some intriguing information. Apparently the man before her had worked for Umbrella, but not just as any minor character. Albert Wesker had been high up in the company, a head researcher or something to that effect. He had even had contact with the internationally wanted man, Ozwell Spencer, and the ex-Umbrella scientist William Birkin, the creator of the G-Virus.

The odd thing though, at first, was the fact that there was no information on the man passed 1998. This soon changed when TriCell decided to sponsor the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance, or the BSAA. Excella had accessed their databases and discovered that Albert Wesker was alive and well, and being hunted by the BSAA.

Excella smiled and leaned back in her chair.

"Yes, of course, down to business. After all, that's what we are here for."

Her answer was greeted with yet another smirk and Wesker bent down to grab the metal case. He placed it on the table between them, but left it closed.

"I am sure both of us have done our homework in advance. It will shorten the time needed for past explanations. You might have heard of Ozwell E. Spencer, my former employer. After the incidents linked to the Umbrella Corporation he went into hiding, leaving the company to its own fate."

He stopped, letting the words sink in. This was not news to Excella, so she continued to watch the man contently.

"Other agencies used that moment of vulnerability to seize Umbrella's work and tweak it to their own needs and wishes. As far as my knowledge goes Tricell is in possession of various viruses and agents, both of Umbrella's make and self produced."

Raising an eyebrow, he surveyed Excella. "I have also heard – correct me if I should be wrong – that the current head of your organization has succumbed to an… ill-fated accident, yes? The competition for that newly freed position must be enormous."

Excella smirked. Yes, this was a true statement. The head of TriCell had been in a horrible freeway accident, the limo he had been in torn right in two. Rumor had it, they had found the lower half of his body in the bushes at the side of the highway.

"The case in front of you contains a considerable offer… a joker for your deck of cards if you decide to join the game for Tricell's leadership. Take a look, Ms Gionne. The sight is promising."

Excella chuckled. She liked this Albert Wesker fellow. She admired how forthcoming he was. She could tell that the man in front of her was the kind to always be two steps ahead of the pack, able to control the movement and flow of things. He exuded an obscure sort of power that usually resides in the shadows, unknown to everyone and anyone. There was no doubt that Albert Wesker's poker face was well developed and deadly to succumb to.

Excella's eyes moved once again to the case set in front of her as Wesker offered her to look. A deep desire to rip open the case twinged inside of her for the quickest of moments, but she remained collected.

From what Wesker was hinting at, whatever was in the case could elevate her to a higher power in the company her own ancestors had established.

"Promising? Well that certainly does intrigue me Mr. Wesker."

Excella stood up and walked to the metal case, her arms extending forwards. Her fingertips touched the cold metal and she smiled. With one movement Excella had clicked the locks open and opened it.

Inside was an array of well sorted papers, all separated into marked manila folders, stating what the contents were inside. On top was a shiny metallic hard drive disc, as if it were the cherry on top of a perfectly decadent sundae.

Excella's eyes narrowed as she read the tabs, and then they opened quite suddenly. To say she was delightfully surprised was a gross understatement. She snatched up the hard drive and walked over to a small computer in the corner of the room. Her fingers moved furiously over the keys.

Slowly the windows that were crystal clear and looking out onto a luminous sea were covered and the room was cast into darkness. Then with an electronic whir, a large screen decended from the ceiling and lit up. Adorned on the screen was the TriCell logo.

Excella hurriedly slid the disc into the small computer.

Instantly the files were up on the screen and Excella turned toward the screen, her lips parting in slight awe.

"This is all of Umbrella research on the T and G viruses..."

Excella looked at Wesker, still calmly sitting in his seat.

"Do you know how long TriCell has been looking for this?"

She moved over to the table, her mouth cracking into a smile. Butterflies erupted in her stomach as file upon file popped up onto the screen. There was DNA tests, dates, graphs, charts, research logs, everything Umbrella had kept secret from the world.

When the final file zoomed onto the screen, Excella chuckled with joy.

Progenitor Virus

"How did you get all this?"

Excella turned back to Wesker, fixing him with her smoldering gaze.

When finally the Progenitor file flashed up, Wesker leaned back in his seat meeting Excella's astonished gaze with a smile.

"Let that be my worries, Ms Gionne. The files belonged to Umbrella once – if you want them, they belong to you now."

And who could really turn down such an offer? Both of them knew that it was a one-time opportunity. If Excella declined, there would be no second chance to change her mind.

"The hard drive contains vital information on all major viruses, specimen infected with such and collected combat data for the more promising models. The rest are an assortment of files that could be rescued from the Raccoon City incident some years ago. They are exclusives, so you can assume that nobody has seen them yet, apart from the researchers having written them."

He flashed her a smile and gestured to the case on the table.

"Take your time. The last thing I wish for are hurried decisions."

Excella floated back over to the metal case and opened its lid once again. She picked up the first file, the one on the left, and read the tab that disclosed what information it contained.

T-Virus//Preliminary Tests
by: James Marcus

Specimen: Leeches

"Its James Marcus's research...TriCell thought these were surely lost." Excella scoffed at the incompetence of some of the higher-ups at TriCell. They did not have the ability to dig further, they only skimmed the surface in hopes of something happening, some kind of breakthrough with the world changing viruses they had retrieved after buying WilPharma.

Excella continued to dig through the files, noticing that they were organized by the date. The earliest Umbrella research was on top and gradually escalated as one got deeper.

This gave Excella an idea...

She suddenly moved away files in a deliberate search for something, the dates flashing by her eyes, rejecting each one that did not give her the satisfaction of what she looked for. After a few seconds Excella realized they weren't here. But there had to be some remnant of his research.

Excella straightened up and looked back at Albert Wesker.

"There's something missing. William Birkin's G research. I thought you two were friends of sorts..."

"Most of William Birkin's personal work was lost during the Raccoon City sterilization. He was very secretive about his project, acquiring research data is no easy task as you might have realized yourself. The reports contained in the case will give you a basic idea of what was going on within the laboratories."

Albert Wesker nodded, Excella's reflection living on the onyx black surface of his sunglasses.

"So, Ms Gionne, what do you think? Are you interested to listen to the other part of my offer? I assure you, it will be worthwhile your time."

"There's more?" Excella's eyes glinted again, even in the darkness of the room.

Excella set down the documents, shoving them back into the metal case. She closed it and flicked the locks shut with one fluid movement. Then she moved quickly back over to the computer and pressed a single button. The screen rose back into the ceiling, followed by the shinning rays of sunset as the window was uncovered. Excella turned back to her guest and walked elegantly back to her seat, sitting back into the chair with the grace of a dancer.

"Go on Mr. Wesker..."

Excella crossed her legs and leaned forward, attentive.

"There is always more," he told her with a smile, leaning back in his seat. "You only have to lean out the window and grab it. Regardless, down to business. What you see here is but a fragment of Umbrella's research. There are samples. Abandoned projects, a multitude of information impossible to contain in a single briefcase."

Here, Wesker paused, his lips cracking as if he was going to say something more, but then closed, probably thinking against it. After a brief moment he continued once again.

"To put it bluntly, Ms Gionne, I'm willing to supply you with all necessary data to ensure your rise within TriCell Pharmaceutical to one of the leading positions."

I'm willing to supply you with all necessary data to ensure your rise within TriCell Pharmaceutical to one of the leading positions. It rang in her head as Wesker finished his sentence, echoing across her conscience and poisoning her judgment. This was it, this is what she needed. With the information generously provided by Albert Wesker, Excella could rise up in the company her grandmother had helped establish. It was all within her grasp, set in front of her, the ease of reaching out and catching too good to be true.

Excella smirked and leaned back in her chair, her mind settling into a decision.

"You've made quite a case for yourself. I admire it. But I have one more question for you..."

Her eyes bore deep into his darkened sunglasses, wondering what was perhaps behind them. She imagined irises that were steel blue like a blackened sapphire, whose gaze could stab right through her. Excella shivered at the thought.

"What is catch Mr. Wesker? As you said, there is always more."

A fleeting grin slashed the handsome man's face.

"The catch, yes…" he started, leaning forward just an inch. "There is always one in dealings like this, I fear. However, it is small in comparison to what you gain. Once you have reached a satisfiable position within the company, I will require your indirect assistance. Namely in the form of a fully equipped laboratory, supplies, and most important of all – discreetness."

Excella raised an eyebrow in interest as Albert Wesker continued.

"View it as an unfinished project, if you like. It would be a shame not to complete it and it bears some personal importance to me. If I am successful in my endeavors, you are free to reap the fruits and do whatever you think best with the results."

He readjusted his shades and crossed one leg over the other again, Excella guessing he was waiting for a reply.

Excella bit her lip, looking passed the man dressed in all black that sat across from her. She looked over his incredibly blonde, staring at a white wall. Her mind was weighing it all out, the risks against the gains. To trust this man with a mysterious past and reach a new level of power within the company, was it worth it? Excella smiled again and leaned forward.

Of course it was worth it

"We have a deal Albert Wesker."

Excella extended her hand forward towards him, a smile tinged with the desire to rise above on her face. Her eyes were wide and pleased with her decision.

"I can tell this is the beginning of a very...interesting partnership."

There was a moment of silence that hung like a pendulum in the air. Excella was deciding whether to let it swing or not. He watched her eyes, green orbs that concealed what was going on behind them. Excella took some more minutes, before she gracefully leaned forward and extended a hand towards him.

Without yet sealing their deal, Wesker could say that he had succeeded. He bent forward, taking her delicate hand in his and with a firm handshake Excella Gionne had just ranked a few positions higher within TriCell Company, unknowingly setting the stage for his future plans.

While he had managed to keep up well throughout the last few years, William Birkin's sudden demise had caused a lot of problems, especially in connection to the substance Wesker had received from him prior to the Mansion Incident. It needed a lot of research and even more improvement. What was coursing through his veins was by no means finalized or stable and although he had managed to keep it under control ever since the initial infection, neither company he had had access to after Umbrella's fall could supply him with the equipment and information needed to find out more. TriCell as a leading corporation in the field of bioengineering could prove to fill the missing link.

And with Excella Gionne allowing him access to what he needed in the future... Wesker allowed himself to smile as he shook his new partner's hand.

"It shall be a promising partnership, Ms Gionne. That much I can guarantee you."

A/N: There you have it. The prologue to be novelization! I really hope you enjoyed it, and I'm sorry if there were many grammatical/spelling mistakes, I converted this little scene from a role-play that went on between the fabulous author Chaed and myself. She played Wesker and I played Excella.

There is more to come from this story so please stick around, the ride hasn't even started yet. This ominous partnership is just the dark beginning.

Xx Vogue