Take a Bow

A Watchmen fanfiction



Verse I

Corrupt, you corrupt,
Bring corruption to all that you touch.

Rorschach's Journal. June 12th, 1980

It's a pretty cold morning even though it's summer. So far crime rate has dropped by 2%. Entering diner, bought coffee an omelet. Pretty lousy omelet, waitress didn't look at me. Like it, like that. Heard a new song on radio liked it, spoke truth about society. Held up sign, as I left diner, walked down street all the way to central park. Sat down on bench and started at old man feeding pigeons. Pigeons were fat, must've been fed daily like pets. Old man looked dead, not moving. Got up to see. Old man got up. Left without throwing bird food away, pigeons jumped on bench. Fought for food, like hungry dogs… dogs of city all fighting for their drugs and money. Heard a scream looked at old man getting mugged. People looked away no one called for help. No one did anything… attacked thief, ended up holding back, cant' do much when pretending to be Walter Kovacs, passed out don't know how long. Girl Cop woke me up. Young, blonde, brown eyes, in her early twenties.

"Hey, are you okay?" She smiled.

"Where's Old man?"

She was upset, didn't look at me. Looked at outlined body behind her, dead man.

"Who was he?"

"Carl Davis, Sixty-eight."

"What about the murderer?"

She must've been a green, can't handle being so useless like that, hasn't seen these things happen a lot when you're in the police force. She helped me up. Invited me for coffee. Declined. Nice cop, too nice. Gave me number if something came up. She smiled. Nice smile, full of life, hope she doesn't do something stupid like most blondes. Went back to apartment. Landlady yelled at me about rent. Clsoed door before she ranted on about how she needed to feed her kids on stuff. Big lie cheats on welfare. Thought about Girl Cop again, nice blond hair, shame short.

Rorschach's Journal June 12th 1980. 7:01 PM

Cold evening, strange weather, got dressed, good to be outside at night. Looked at whores and stoners. Heard same song again very loud from cab driver, changed radio station. Wish he finished listening to it. Saw girl cop again, decided to follow her. See if she was doing her job. A woman got mugged. Chased after thief. Girl cop beat me to it. Not bad, saw me. Ran for it, turned back. Didn't chase me. Wonder why… soft spot for justice seekers too?

Rorschach's Journal June 12th 1980. 10:34 PM

That guy who played song I liked, died. Shot to death, execution style at his house name Cody Davis. Wife and son kidnapped. Vow to look for'em. Won't make same mistake again. Will ask Dan to help me one more time. If he can't. Do it on my own. Ask girl cop for more information, probably might tell me everything. Also ask Adrain Veidt, smartest man might know something too.

Well, go easy on me. This is the first time I write in 1st person as Rorschach, in a fanfiction told by his point of view. Hope you like it.