Take A Bow



Verse V

And burn you will burn,

You will burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell.

You'll burn in hell, yeah you'll burn in hell for your sins

Rorschach's Journal June 13th, 1980 11:40 PM

Running out of time, mother and son, might be dead. Too late again. Need help from anyone. Walked by cemetery, pay respect to Cody Davis and Carl Davis, saw reporter, female.

"I'm Katy Eve channel six news."

Camera guy took camera back to white van. Reporter looked Daniel Davis' tombstone. Dropped flower, Camera guy called her. Went back to van. Looked at reporter in early twenties like girl cop. Lot of young girls working now good thing or bad thing? Followed her, turned back, glared at me. Kept following her, threaten to call cops. Stopped girl went to van. Looked at grave again, might be too late, maybe next week two new graves might be here.

Rorschach's Journal June 14th 1980 9:00 PM

Saw Ark walking home. Thought I'd follow her. Ark went to up stairs. Knocked on door, guy early sixties wearing bathrobe opened door. Lover? Husband? Relative? Must investigate further. Able to listen what they were saying.


"It won't make a damn difference girl."

"Blake, please a mother and son might still be alive. I'm working with Rorschach now and-"

"Rorschach? That inkblot psycho? Noah you sank yourself to a new low. You're helping the city as a cop. Now you're being a vigilante again? Aren't you satisfied?"

"The police won't take me seriously because I'm too young and the only woman on the force."

"You think any of us ever took you and Lawlita seriously? You two were too young.

"What about Silk Spectral. She was around my age but you still talked to her. Or is that because she's the daughter of the woman you rap-"

"You know what? Shut up, no one's going to listen to you. So what if you find this woman and kid? You think the mobsters will them live. You see this is what you'll find the woman beaten to death and raped, and the son will be gone, probably drugged and sold to some horny bastard. And even if you do find them, you think anybody will care? No one will, nothing will change. Life's a big joke, grow up Noah, nothing you do will change the world. Just go on with your life."

"Blake…whether or not things change a mother and son might be praying to God now asking for help. I'm going to help them, I only came here to ask you for your help."

Heard something dropped.

"Here's some of that wine you like, get drunk you lazy old bastard."

Noah opened door, smiled at me than nagged me about me being out in the opened.

Rorschach's Journal June 14th 1980 9:35 PM

Someone's following us. A mobster? Stalker? Very bad feeling, discussed plans with Ark.

"We can ask Dan to loan us Archie."

"Hmm…scan city?"

"Yeah…plus he has those hover boards, we can use them when we're in the sewers."

"Think Dan will let us?"

"I don't know…that's the problem."

"Worth a try."

"Yeah, let's do it."

Heard scream, followed scream it was tall bald man hurting a woman, chased him, grabbed his arms. Ark threatened to shoot him, guy threw me. Ark shot his legs. Interrogated him, same guy from back. Looks like they are in sewers. Started choking him. Ark stopped me.

"You're growing soft."

"Rorschach, please, I'll arrest him."

"No, no ones must be spared."

"I'm still a police officer and I can arrest you both if I wanted too. Please, don't make me."

Told her to do her job, never see me again, never compromise, doesn't deserve her costume. Left her alone. Felt someone still following me. Heard foot steps, something jumped turned around and than…

Here's a little cliff hanger hope you enjoy it. I apologize that I haven't posted anything. I'll do the best I can to finish this. Please continue to read my story and tell me what I'm lacking.