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Chapter One

When Bakura was walking through the Park, he noticed that there was a body; it was lying under one of the swings. As he walked over to see who it was, then he closed his eyes. The body was Joey and he looked like someone had used him as a punching bag. When Bakura touched Joey's body, Bakura knew that who ever did this used Shadow Magic. Bakura looked around; he wondered if the person responsible was still here.

Ryou was at the Game Shop talking to Yugi, when all of a sudden tears filled his eyes and Yugi said, "Ryou what's wrong?" Ryou looked at his friend and said, "Bakura found Joey, he's been beaten almost to death, Bakura knows that whoever did this used Shadow Magic." Yugi, where's Yami?" Ryou asked.

Yugi ran upstairs, he knocked on Yami's bedroom door, then he opened it, Yami was not there and it did not look like he had slept there at all. Yugi ran downstairs, when he got back to where Ryou was, Yugi said, "I don't know where Yami is." Ryou then said, "I hope no pray that it wasn't Yami who hurt Joey, Bakura is out for blood."

Across town, Yami was wandering around not knowing where he was, or what he had been doing. He stopped and looked around, then he saw a familiar place, it was Kaiba's Manor. Yami looked at the man standing there and he said, "I need help." The guard pressed the button and he heard Kaiba's voice, "What is it?" The guard said, "Sir, there's a strange looking man here, he says he needs help."

Seto went to the monitor screen, pressed a button and then he saw that the man was, it was Yami, but he looked different, his clothes were torn and Seto could see blood on the front of Yami's shirt. Seto told the guard, "Bring him to the kitchen." The guard opened the gate and said, "Follow me." When the guard knocked on the kitchen door, Seto opened it and Yami walked in. Seto then said, "Thank you." The guard nodded his head and went back to the gate.

"What in the hell are you doing here?" Seto asked Yami. "I don't know the last thing I remember is sitting in my room at the Game Shop." Yami told him. Seto the said, "Come with me, you need to get cleaned up, what is that, is that blood on your shirt?" Yami looked down at his shirt, it was blood, but how did it get there and whose blood is it? Seto took Yami upstairs to his room, "Here put these clothes on and put your clothes in this bag." Seto said.

After Yami was taking a shower, Seto put his dirty clothes in the black bag, but before he took them to have them cleaned, Seto cut off a piece of the bottom of the shirt. Then he took the clothes and put them in the closet. Seto took the piece of bloody shirt down to the lab, he then told Yen, " I need you to find out who's blood this is, and don't let anyone know what you're doing. I'll come back later." Yen nodded her head and after Mr. Kaiba left, she cut a small piece of clothing off the shirt, tested it and when Seto came back, she had the name of the person whose blood was on the shirt.

At the hospital, the doctor was examining the young man's body, he was sick; this young man had been nearly beaten to death. After he had sown up the cuts and given the young man a mild tranquilizer, he went to tell the person who brought the young man in about his condition.

Bakura was outraged when the doctor told him about Joey's condition. "Who did this to him?" The doctor asked Bakura. Bakura shrugged his shoulder and said, "I just found him, I don't know who beat him." "I'm keeping him here overnight; I want to make sure that he doesn't develop a brain concussion. You can come see him in the morning." The doctor told Bakura. As Bakura was leaving the hospital and walking home, he wished he could find out who did this to Joey, he would make their lives a living hell.

After Yami had taken a shower and changed clothes, Seto said, "Are you hungry?" Yami said, "Can I please have a cup of tea." Seto then said, "Let's go downstairs, I'll see if the maid can make us some of her special tea." As they drank the tea, Seto wondered how Yami came to be here and whose blood was on the front of his shirt.

Bakura got home and told Ryou, "The doctor is keeping Wheeler there overnight." Ryou then asked Bakura, "Are you sure that it was Shadow Magic? Did you see anyone at the Park?" Bakura said, "No, but if I find the one who did this, I'll make them sorry."

In the hospital, Joey woke up, he moaned and the Nurse said, "You need to lie still, you'll break your stitches if you don't." Joey asked her, "Who brought me here?" The Nurse did not know, she told Joey, "I don't know, but in the morning the doctor will come to check on you, you can ask him." Joey closed his eyes and went to sleep. At the Game Shop, the phone rang, "Hello Game Shop, can I help you?" Yugi said.

"This is Seto Kaiba; I want to let you know that Yami is here. He showed up at the front gate and he looked terrible, his cloths were torn and his shirt was covered with blood." Yugi thanked Seto for calling, "Is Yami coming home?" Seto told Yugi, "He's sleeping right now, when he wakes up I'll find out." When Yugi hung up the phone and then he called Ryou. "How's Joey?" Yugi asked.

Ryou told him and then Yugi said, "Seto just called, Yami showed up at the Manor and his clothes were covered with blood." Ryou began to shake, "I wonder whose blood it is?" Yugi then said, "What do you mean?" Then Bakura took the phone from Ryou and said, "I wonder if it was Joey's blood, but how did his blood get on Yami's clothes?" Yugi closed his eyes and said, "I don't know, but why it would be Joey's blood, Yami knows that Joey is my friend." Bakura then said, "I'm going to call Kaiba and ask to talk to Yami, then I'll ask him myself."

When Yugi hung up, he sat there wondering if the blood was indeed Joey's. But why wouldn't Yami bring Joey here if he were hurt? I hope that Bakura can find out what's going on. Bakura called Seto's and he said, "Kaiba, I want to talk to Yami." Seto told him, "Yami is sleeping, what do you want?" Bakura then said, "Joey Wheeler is in the hospital, I found him in the Park and he had been beaten nearly to death." Seto nearly dropped the phone, which would have beaten Joey like that. Then Seto said, "When Yami wakes up I'll let him know that you want to talk to him." Bakura hung up, there has to be someway to find out what is going on, but how?

Down in the basement, Yen was testing the sample of clothing with blood on it that Seto had given her, when all of a sudden, something made her destroy the clothing. Now Seto would not ever know that it was indeed Joey's blood. Yami was upstairs in the room and he was smiling, no one will ever know what happened. He said to himself.

When Seto went to the basement, he saw that it had been torn up; Yen was lying on the floor. Seto ran over and checked her pulse, she was alive, but where was the cloth, it was gone. Seto then used smelling salts and woke Yen up. "What in the hell happened here?" He asked.

Tears were running down Yen's face, she said, "I really don't know. I was beginning to test the cloth to see whose blood it was, when all of a sudden I guess I passed out." Seto knew that she was telling him the truth, but who could do this? Seto then said, "I have the rest of the clothes in a bag, I'll bring you another piece tonight. I'll stay here while you test it." Yen nodded her head and then Seto left to go get the bag. When he got upstairs, he opened the closet door and the bag was gone. What happened to it, Seto was angry, he was going to find out if it were the last thing he ever did.

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