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Chapter Thirteen

When Yami said, "Joey's going to be alright." Both Seto and Yugi had tears in their eyes. Yugi hurried over to Yami, while Seto hurried over to stand beside the bed where Joey was lying. Seto looked at Pegasus and he asked, "Is Joey going to be alright?" Pegasus looked at Seto and he said, "He's going to be fine. So is Yami, but right now they both are in need of some sleep."

Shadi then said, "They have to stay together." When the others gave him a weird look. He said, "What I mean is that they have to remain beside one another until they wake up. Pegasus you'll need to have another bed brought in here, one for Yami."

Seto asked, "Why?" Bakura then said, "Until they can come to a compromise and talk about what happened neither of them will get better." Pegasus then looked at Croquet and said, "Please have another bed brought in here." Croquet left to have the staff bring in another bed.

Yugi up at Seto and asked him, "Can I stay here too; I want to be close to Yami." Seto nodded his head yes, and then he said, "You can sleep in that big chair over there." Seto sat on the side of Joey's bed; he was holding his hand praying that he'd soon wake up. The others had left, going back to their rooms, they too prayed that both Joey and Yami would soon come to, and then maybe they could put their differences behind them.

Croquet and some of the men brought another bed into the room. Then Croquet started to pick up Yami when Bakura said, "I'll do that." Bakura walked over and gently he picked up Yami and laid Yami on the mattress. Yugi went over and put the covers over Yami's sleeping body.

That night after Seto fell asleep, Yugi was sitting beside Yami, tears running down his face when he heard a familiar voice say, "Yugi, don't cry. Yami is going to be just fine and so will Joseph." Yugi looked up through his tears and there stood the spirit of his grandpa. Yugi wiped his tears away and said, "Grandpa I miss you so." Solomon walked over and tenderly touched Yugi on the shoulder and then he said, "Yugi, I'll always be with you, and I too miss you." Then he just disappeared.

Joey and Yami both slept for two days. Yugi and Seto often talked about what happened and for the first time in a very long time, Seto actually felt a friendship towards Yugi. Pegasus, Shadi and Bakura would go check on Yami and Joey everyday. Pegasus told both Seto and Yugi, "Both of them are physically alright, but as far as mentally, they both had a long road ahead of them." Seto and Yugi both knew that if neither Yami nor Joey would talk, then it was going to be up to them to find a way to get them to begin talking.

One morning, Yugi was sitting beside Yami, when he opened his eyes. Yami blinked and looked around the room, this wasn't his room, where was he? Yami was about to ask Yugi, when they heard Joey say, "Seto, what's going on?" Yami looked at Yugi and asked, "What am I doing here?" Bakura walked over and said, "If either of you want to get better, and then start talking."

Shadi then said, "Bakura, that's a little crass isn't it?" Then they heard Pegasus say, "Maybe it is, but it does make sense. If they are to get better, then they both have to talk." Joey looked over at Yami and Yami at Joey and then Joey said, "Hi Yami." Then Yami said, "Hi Joey." Then Joey looked at Seto and he said, "Is that enough talking?"

Yugi then said, "Dammit, will you both stop acting like babies. You and Yami need to talk about what happened, if you two don't talk, then I'm going to not only lose the one I love but my best friend too, maybe grandpa was wrong when he told me that both of you would bet better." Then Joey looked at Yami and he said, "I thought that grandpa was dead, when did he talk to you?" Yugi got up, walked over, and stood beside Joey's bed and he said, "I talked to grandpa's spirit, he was talking to Yami one night when I came down stairs. I thought that I was dreaming, but grandpa smiled and told me that he loved and missed me."

Then Yami said, "Joey, you know that what Yugi's saying is true. When I entered into your mind, Solomon appeared and showed me where your soul was hiding. He was the one who told you to trust me that I was the only one who could help you get better."

Joey looked at Yami then at Yugi and he said, "I know, but right now I'm tired. Can we talk tomorrow please?" Then Joey laid his head back down on the pillows, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Yami did the same, but before he went to sleep, Yami said, "Tomorrow then, we'll talk." Then both Yami and Joey went back to sleep, Pegasus then said, "Let's go and let them get the rest that their bodies need." So after everyone left, Seto and Yugi sat down and started to talk.

Just before dawn, Yami and Joey woke up. Joey sat up and looked around the room, he saw Seto sitting in an overstuffed chair in the corner and right beside him was Yugi sitting in another overstuffed chair. Yami had sat up and was looking around. He saw Joey and said, "Joey, I am sorry for what happened to you. If I could I'd take all the horror that you had to endure." Joey turned and looked at Yami and he said, "I know that you would. It's just I'm still scared that you'll turn dark again." As they were talking, Yami finally got Joey to understand that the darkness would never return. Joey then said, "Was it really grandpa's spirit that I was?"

Seto and Yugi woke up when they heard Yami and Joey talking, then Seto's eyes got big when he looked and saw what he thought was a ghost. Yugi smiled and whispered, "That's my grandpa's spirit, and he's probably talking to Yami and Joey again." When Joey asked Yami if that was grandpa's spirit, Yami said, "Yes it was." Then they heard, "Joseph, Yami. I'm so glad to see you both talking. Soon you'll be friends again and forget what happened." Joey smiled and said, "I'm trying grandpa, I'm trying."

Seto and Yugi got up and walked over to where Yami and Joey were, Seto sat down next to Joey, while Yugi sat down next to Yami. Then Seto said, "This calls for a celebration." That's when they heard from the doorway, "Save me some cake." Solomon smiled at them then he raised his hand, waved at them and disappeared. Yugi had tears in his eyes and Yami said, "We'll all be together someday." Then Joey said, "Yami's right Yug, we'll see grandpa again." Joey then said, "Is there something to eat, I'm hungry." Seto, Yami and Yugi all laughed.

It has been a week since they first came to Duelist Kingdom, Seto has arranged for him, Joey, Yami and Yugi to all fly back to the Manor. As they stood waiting for the helicopter to land, they all said, "Thanks to Pegasus for his help. Then as they climbed onboard the copter, Seto said, "I guess that Max has changed, but if I never see him again, it'll be to damn soon." Joey, Yami and Yugi all chuckled. Pegasus then had Croquet fly both Shadi and Bakura back to Domino. Shadi and Bakura both thanked Max, and as Seto said, Bakura did too.

It took several months for both Yami and Joey to be able to put their differences behind them, Joey and Yami are now friends again, he and Seto had started living together and Mokie has never been happier.


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