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Cozy Night For Two


The sky outside tremble as it unleashed rapid falls of water around the entire area, leaving nothing dry. The tiny cave shook from the resounding sounds of thunder and lightening. Kahoko shivered involuntarily from the cold seeping in through her light cotton shirt. She wrapped the blanket tightly around her trying to warm herself more but the only way she could get warmer is to get closer to the person lying close to her. At the thought of that she felt her cheeks heat up, how could this be happening?

"Hino-san you're hogging the blanket. You should get closer to me to get warm." A voice softly mumbled behind her.

Feeling her cheeks warm up even more she managed to reply unsteadily, "S-Sorry Tsukimori-kun." She let her hand fall away from the blanket to avoid keeping the blanket to herself. "U-um I-I'm fine."

Kahoko heard an exasperated sigh before strong arms pulled her backwards to a strong lean body who radiated warmth. The warmth course through her, she no longer felt cold but on fire. Her heartbeat went from thumping mildly fast to super fast.

"You can be even more stubborn than me. The blanket is not long enough to put distance between us." The voice whispered into her ear, she could feel the tickle from his breathing on her ear and neck.

Kahoko gazed ahead of her, concentrating on the rocky wall in front which bore nothing fascinating to her attention just giving her something to focus on instead of the man behind her holding her close. His arms still entwined around her waist, holding her gently to him as if he do not want her to leave. He settled his chin lightly on her right shoulder making her ticklish.

"You know Kahoko…" He started after a heart pounding moment which left Kahoko holding her breath.

Never once did she expect him to call her by her first name. Was this a dream?

Kahoko closed her eyes trying to calm her frantic heart. How did it come to this?

Author's Note: Well I hope you like it, I know it was really short and left you hanging but that is what makes a story interesting. Till next time ^_^