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Warnings: Slash of the Danny x Evil Danny variety! Starts off as Sam x Danny. Language - courtesy of Evil Danny – violence. Phantom Planet never happened and is based off of The Ultimate Enemy episode.

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Btw, Danny's evil self will go by Dan Phantom. Only because it's popular for his evil self, and I usually use Phantom to refer to Danny's ghost half.

P.S. I don't actually know what Clockwork's time portal thing (the thing he uses to watch Danny) is called, so just go with it.

The Master of Time observed the time portal like a critic would an interesting movie. It was currently set to Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh's slaves were building the second pyramid of Giza.

The Observers were chattering on in the background.

Clockwork groaned as his body unconsciously took the form of his older self.

"Are you even listening to us?" one of the Observers demanded.

Sometimes, Clockwork really hated his job.

"Yes, yes," he said, waving a hand flippantly. "Danny Phantom's evil older self is messing with the time stream." He turned around and glared at the one-eyed ghosts. "Do you actually think that I'm not aware of this?"

The Observers glanced at each other. "So something must be done about it!" the second Observer explained.

Clockwork shifted to his child form. He smirked at them before turning back to the time portal. "And how exactly do I play into this?" The portal changed to watch Danny Fenton and his friends walk to school. The halfa was holding hands with the Goth child.

Finally. Now his plans could really start moving along…

The first Observer floated over to a harmless looking Fenton Thermos sitting on the table and picked it up.

"His future self must parish," he explained point-blank.

The Observer suddenly shrieked. The thermos made a loud crashing noise from the inside and fell out of the ghost's hand. It rolled away from him and came to a stop near Clockwork.

"Oh, no!" a muffled voice inside it shouted angrily. The Observers were startled. "Don't think I can't hear you! Just because I'm stuck inside this stupid thing doesn't mean that you can kill me!" The thermos jerked around a little bit more while loud banging could be heard from inside it. The Observers stared at it wide-eyed. They had not been aware that Dan Phantom was still mobile. Or audible, for that matter.

Clockwork picked the thermos up, now in his young adult form. He gave the thermos a lazy shake, smiling slightly at the enraged yell it emitted.

"Oh, hush, you," he told it. The good thing about being Dan Phantom's 'babysitter' meant a fair amount of torture for the unruly ghost. But still…

Clockwork turned his gaze back to the Observers.

"I may not particularly like this Phantom -" another shake, another yell - "but killing him wouldn't exactly be easy or fair."

"Listen to the All-Knowing!" the voice yelled again. This earned another shake. "Argh! I was agreeing with you!"

"Your opinions are not needed," was the time ghost's reply. He turned back to the Observers, changing back to his child self. "And you two are obsessed with death. Dan Phantom does not need to be destroyed."

The Observers had the decency to look ashamed.

"The only other way," the second one-eyed ghost started, "is for him to live in his human self's time."

"But he would have to redeem himself," the first concluded.

They both glared at the small, metal prison. "As if that could ever happen!" they announced in sync.

Clockwork's older self spared them a glare. He really hated his employers sometimes. But then he cast his scrutinizing gaze onto the metal prison. The two thick-headed ghosts thought they knew everything. They thought that the super evil Dan Phantom could not redeem himself.

Clockwork suddenly grinned.

Oh, how he loved to prove them wrong.

"And what if he could redeem himself?" he asked the twin ghosts. "What if I were to give him a chance to prove himself good? It's either death or a relatively peaceful life with his younger self. What do you say?" The Observers turned and stared at each other as if communicating via thought waves. Clockwork turned his attention back to the thermos.

"What do you think Dan?" he asked, punctuating his question with a firm shake in case the younger ghost wasn't listening. He smirked at the enraged yell this earned him. "What are your thoughts on the matter?"

The canister growled back at him, twitching just so. "I'm thinking that if you don't stop shaking this stupid thing, I'm gonna bust out of here and maim your sorry ass!"

The Master of Time was completely unimpressed. "You said that the last time," was his cool reply.

And he shook the thermos again. And Dan growled murderously. Again.

"It would save the time stream." Clockwork held the thermos up at eye-level. There was a lot of banging going on inside of it. "And you would be free." The banging stopped.

The Observers watched Clockwork mutter to the Fenton Thermos. They could not hear what he was saying, but could tell that Dan was listening, for the shaking had stopped.

Clockwork was back in his young adult form. "Would you like to be free, Dan?" he muttered. The Observers didn't need to hear everything that was said between them.

The evil ghost gave no reply. But Clockwork didn't need one.

"You would be free," the older ghost continued. "You would be free and far away. You wouldn't have to see me again. Unless you screw up."

There was silence for a short while. Then… "All I have to do is be good?" the voice asked suspiciously. "What exactly does that entail?"

Clockwork's childish face gave a small smile. He floated over to his table where the thermos normally sat, and set it down gently. There was no need to anger the evil ghost, now, was there? "Just be good. No harming anybody, no harming Daniel or his friends, and no going against Daniel's wishes. Also, train him. Teach young Daniel how to master his powers. Powers that you've had ten years to perfect. He has had his for little less than a year."

The thermos was silent.

"That's all?" Dan's tone was still suspicious. "What's the catch?"

Clockwork - in adolescent form - smirked knowingly. "You'll find out in do time."

There was a barely audible sigh from the thermos. "Fine. I'll do it. Only if it means I can get out of here and away from you!"

Clockwork was still smirking as he reached for the thermos' cap. "That's what I figured," he muttered. The Observers stood on the far side of the room fearfully. "But still…If you misbehave you end up right back here."

There was a bright flash of light and the sound of laughter as Clockwork removed the lid.

Clockwork's a sadist. He really is.

I mean, he kept banging Danny against that bell in TUE! (OHGAWD, the images that sentence just induced! -perverted thoughts-)

Clockwork is just a big a sadist as Dan is. Really. I think they'd get along nicely. I had so much fun writing their characters! Especially Clockwork's.

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