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Warnings: Slash of the Dan x Danny variety! Starts off as Sam x Danny. Language, violence. Phantom Planet never happened and is based off of The Ultimate Enemy episode.

Btw, Evil Danny will go by Dan Phantom. Only because it's popular for his evil self, and I usually use Phantom to refer to Danny's ghost half.

The trio is in their sophomore year of school. So they're about 16.

Danny flew back to the school, a scowl on his face. He couldn't believe it! Clockwork was such an asshole! How dare he think that Dan wasn't going to cause any problems! The guy was a maniac. He had destroyed the whole world in one timeline, he'd do it again. Didn't the timekeeper know that?

The ghost boy let out an exasperated sigh. "What am I going to do?"

Just then he heard voices calling for him. Looking down, he saw Sam and Tucker waving up at him about a block away from the school. He sighed, floating over to land just in front of them, changing only when he knew the coast was clear.

"What the hell was that all about?" Sam automatically demanded, hands on her hips.

Danny sighed once more. "Can we please not talk about it right now?"

"But, dude, you totally just pushed a kid out of a two story window!" Tucker elaborated, arms gesturing wildly. "In the middle of class!"

The ghost boy started the walk back to school. "Can we please talk about this later?" he begged once more.

Sam grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Danny, just tell us. We're your friends. What happened?" She held his hand in hers.

Glancing down at their joined hands, Danny hesitated. He knew he should tell them, but this was turning out to be a bad enough day as it was. If he told them now, they would most likely freak out and badger him all day on what they should do. If he didn't tell them now, then they would badger him all day anyway until he did finally tell them. Danny really did not want to deal with it at the moment.

"Look, guys," he started, pulling his hand out of the Goth's grip. "Can we please wait until after school? I promise I'll talk then, but I really just want to get through the rest of the day."

Tucker and Sam shared a worried look. "I guess, man," said Tucker. "We'll leave you alone until then."

Danny smiled gratefully. "Thank you."

They started back for the school, all the while Danny's thoughts traveling back to the ghost who was more or less following them.

The three friends made it back to Casper High just in time to hear the bell for first period to end. 'This is going to be a long day,' Danny thought. The three split to go to their lockers, grabbing their things and saying bye to Sam, who had a separate class from the boys. The two boys walked in silence to their math class, the halfa lost in his thoughts and Tucker distracting himself with his PDA. They made it to class with a few minutes to spare, both boys taking up their seats in the back. They continued like they had up until the bell rang, signaling that class had started. Neither bothered to look up until the whispers started floating around the room.

In the five minutes between class hours, gossip had apparently spread around the school. Within those five minutes, the whole school knew about the new kid and his brutal attack by Phantom. The cause for the whispers was standing at the front of the classroom handing the teacher a slip of paper. There was a dull thunk and Tucker looked over to see Danny's head plastered against his desk.

"Are you alright, man?" he asked worriedly.

"No," was the raven's rather bland answer. Tucker just shrugged.

Math started out almost the same way that English had. The teacher introduced the new guy, the girls swooned over him, and Danny slowly started to simmer in annoyance and anger. The only difference was that he was able to restrain himself this time, and neither he nor Dan went flying out the window.

"There's a seat in the back next to Danny Fenton you can have," the teacher told the new student.

Dan gave her a winning smile, which had all the girls starring dreamily at him, before walking to the back and taking his seat. He smirked at Tucker and Danny, whose head was still plastered to his desk, ignoring the older ghost for all he was worth. The older raven poked the halfa's shoulder, Danny simply turning his head to glare fiercely at him until the teacher called for attention and class began.

During the period, Tucker occasionally glanced over at his best friend, noticing the other teen's rigid posture and white knuckles as he gripped his pencil. There was a scowl on his pale face. When Tucker would look over at Dan, the man would be smirking, facing forward towards the front of the class as if thinking of a private joke that only he thought was funny. Then Tucker would catch Danny glaring at the other teen. Somehow that joke involved his best friend and Tucker did not like it.

'What is going on?' he asked himself. It only made him wish the day would go by faster.

When the bell rang, Danny was up and out of his seat like lightening, not even bothering to wait for his best friend before darting out of class. Tucker blinked after him.

"He's more jittery than usual," he muttered to himself.

"He's probably just not having a good day," a voice stated next to him. Tucker turned his head to see Dan picking up his things, a small smile on his lips.

"Well, Danny does seem to have quite a few of those," the colored teen admitted. He smiled at Dan, holding a hand out. "I'm Tucker, by the way."

Dan shook it, smirking slightly when Tucker shivered at the feel of his cold skin. "Dan. Pleasure to meet you, Tucker." He pulled his hand back. "You're in my first period, aren't you?" he asked. He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly. "I was able to get a quick glance around before my impromptu flight out of the window."

Tucker laughed, gathering up his own stuff before walking out of the room with the other teen. "Yeah, I'm in there. So are Danny and our friend Sam. What was that all about, anyway?"

Dan ran a hand through his hair. "I'm not really sure, actually. I guess he thought I was somebody else or something. That was that Phantom kid everybody keeps talking about, right?"

"Yep," Tucker nodded, smiling. "He's our own resident hero." They stopped at Tucker's locker, the four-eyed teen swapping out the books he needed for his next class.

"He's seems like a pretty nice guy," Dan said.

"What class do you have next?" Tucker asked, closing his locker.

Dan pulled out his schedule. "Um… biology."

"Huh. Looks like you'll be seeing Danny again. Hopefully he'll be in a better mood. He's usually pretty cheerful…" Tucker trailed off, scratching his head under his beret. Something about Dan reminded him of Danny, and it wasn't just the name. It was almost reassuring. He shook his head, smiling again. "You'll be going down that hall." He pointed back the way they came.

Dan nodded and smiled. "Alright, thanks." He started walking away, assumingly going to his own locker first. "See you around, Tucker."

Tucker waved.


Danny slammed his locker shut with more force than was necessary, scowl still decorating his pale face. He stomped down the halls, privately grateful that he hadn't seen Dash Baxter since English. Sadly, the football player was in his biology class. 'This day could not possibly get any worse,' he thought.

Once he made it to his class, he darted to his table in the back, far away from Dash Baxter's. The blonde thug had yet to show up. Danny did not need to take any crap from him at the moment. He sighed, laying his head on the cool table top, enjoying the momentary peace. The bell rang, students hurrying to their tables. Danny closed his eyes. What were the odds that his future evil older self was in three of his classes in a row, anyway?

"Class, settle down. We have a new student joining us today," the teacher announced.

Danny sat straight up, eyes wide. It couldn't be…

It was. Dan had strolled through the door for the third time that day, smirk ever-present on his admittedly handsome face. Once again, the girls swooned. Danny could practically see the hearts floating above their heads. He glared murder at the ghost. The ghost smirked back.

'This is insane!' Danny screamed in his head. 'There's no way! Three classes in a row- it's too much! I can't deal with this. And it's too late to switch out of any of them.' His head met the desk once more.

"Daniel, are you alright?" a voice suddenly asked. He looked up to see his classmates staring at him weirdly, the teacher looking concerned.

"It's nothing, teach," he lied, face flushing. "I'm just not feeling too good." That was an understatement…

The teacher looked worried. "Would you like to go to the nurse?"

'Yes!' his head screamed at him. "No, I'm good."

"Alright, then…" And with that, class continued, Dan taking a seat near the front with one last smirk to Danny. Danny just wanted to yank as hard as he could on the older ghost's stupid little ponytail.

He stewed in his anger, completely ignoring the paper football that was flung at his head. He just glared at the back of Dan's head, fists clenched tight. Danny eventually broke his gaze when another paper football hit him.

Looking down at the two lined pieces of paper, Danny raised an eyebrow. When he glanced up Dash Baxter was smirking at him from his spot next to Dan, the older ghost curiously staring out of the corner of his eye. The halfa opened both of them up.

The first one was blank, probably just meant to annoy him. The second football, however, had a little message inside.

Watch your back.

Sighing, Danny simply crumpled up both pieces of paper, shoving them in his pocket. It was bad enough that he still had to see Lancer after school.

The bell rang, Danny doing much the same as he had at the end of math, bolting out of class before Dash or anyone else could get their hands on him. Making it to his locker in record timing, the poor blue-eyed boy banged his head against the cold metal.

"That kills brain cells, you know," Dan's suave voice came up from behind him.

"Are you stalking me or something?" the raven demanded, spinning around to glare at the taller male. "Because it's seriously starting to freak me out."

Dan smiled down at him. "I'm only trying to look after my younger past self. I would hate for anything to happen to me."

"I'd hate for something to happen to you, too," Danny muttered darkly. He turned back to his locker, putting in his code and swapping his books out. "Seriously, why are you in three of my classes?"

The older ghost leaned against the locker next to his, a complete picture of calm and cool. Danny's eyes were momentarily drawn to the older teen's hips where his jeans had slipped down rather low. He blushed lightly, quickly averting his gaze. Dan pulled his schedule out, missing the younger's momentary lapse in sanity. "I think I'm in all of your classes, actually," he said.

"What?" The halfa ripped the piece of paper out of the elder's hand. Dan let him. Danny's hand flew to his forehead. "You can't be serious…"

Dan shrugged. "Hey, blame Clockwork, not me. If it was up to me, I wouldn't even be in school right now."

"Yeah, you'd be busy taking over the world," stated Danny. He slammed his locker shut.

"Something like that, yeah." Dan was grinning at him. "So what's next?"

"History." Danny was so not in the mood for this.

If it was possible, Dan's smirk only grew more amused. "Hey, so do I. I'll walk with you."

Danny groaned. 'Oh, yeah. This day just got worse.'

I feel so bad for Danny. He's just got to go through so much crap right now. And Dan's not making these things much better. He's just trolling right now lol.

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