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"It's Bruce Wayne, right?"

Bruce looked up at him, rubbing the back of his neck. The Lamborghini was trashed, but probably fixable, if the millionaire didn't decide to just buy a new one. Gordon honestly didn't care about that though. Reese was safe now, and it was thanks to this man and whomever his strange 'informant' was that sent him the message about his cop. "That was a very brave thing you did."

That earned him a disbelieving look. "Trying to catch the light?"

Gordon tilted his head to the side. "You weren't protecting the van?"

"Why? Who's in it?"

He made a show of turning around to see Reese get lead from the police van, and suddenly Gordon knew. He saw it in the elaborate show of ignorance, in the way Reese's eyes went wide with shock and shame as he locked gazes with Bruce before being lead away.

Finally, after all these months of trying to figure out who the Batman really was, the answer dropped into his lap. And all because Batman could not let someone die because of him.

Bruce made a show of rubbing his neck again, but this time Gordon knew there was no case of whiplash. Bruce couldn't do half of what he'd done if something as simple as this injured him. "Don't you think I should go to the hospital?" Bruce asked, and Gordon almost smiled.

So that was the way it was to be played.

Official policy was to arrest the Batman on sight, but Gordon couldn't do that. Gotham needed it's guardian.

"You don't watch a lot of news, do you Mr. Wayne?"


AN: Yeah, short, but I felt like writing it. I thought Bruce's ignorance was just a little too much during that incident, but probably only Gordon would have noticed. So here it is. Review, and let me know what you think.