"Kiss me."

"What?!" Leah asks Jacob who strolls towards her as if she is his prey. She takes steps backwards as he takes them forwards. She doesn't stop moving backwards until her back hits a tree and he's keeping her there.

"Kiss…'- Jacob rubs his cheek against her own and Leah forces herself to keep her eyelashes from fluttering- 'me." Jacob touches her lips with his own. She gasps in surprise although his demand was a warning and his tongue slides into her mouth, hot and slow. He explores her mouth, tasting her as if needing her. He nips at her bottom lip before pulling away. She blinks, opening her eyes and slowly growing furious.

Her hand cuts through the air and its strength stings his cheek as she slaps him. He gasps and gulps, in a desperate search for air. When he finally finds it he turns to her with wild yet guilty eyes.

"What the hell Leah?" He asks in a voice that was supposed to resemble confusion and outrage. She clearly sees right through it and she wouldn't be Leah if she didn't.

"You bastard!" She yells at him and the sound seems to echo across the trees and vast areas tied to green. He gulps for a moment before regaining his posture.

"I get that you have some weird love for condescending words Leah but would you mind clueing me in 'cause you're kind of making less sense than usual." Her body begins shaking at this comment and he almost grins at his effect on her. She takes a step forward but then back as if afraid that a closer look at him will make her phase and claw at him. She opens her mouth and closes it as a strange look of disappointment and hurt comes across her face. He almost wishes that she were yelling at him again.

"You're not even fighting it." His face reflects a mix of confusion and understanding. He snorts even though there's no humor in the matter.

"Should I be sorry about that?" He asks in the most arrogant voice he's ever used and sees a tremor of anger rack her body for a moment.

"Damn straight." She spits out through teeth that are grinding before she swiftly phases. He phases a moment after her, putting his legs to good use and casing after her. He doesn't hear Seth so he must be in human form and whatever Leah or Jacob say will not disturb or anger him.

You fucking bastard.

How about you quit the name calling and tell me what hell the problem is.

You kissed me.

Yes and my lips are still tingling. Is there anything else?

You were planning to do more than kiss me Jake.

Well us teenage boys…

How could you?

How could I what Leah?

You were going to pretend that you wanted me…and do whatever I was willing to do out of loyalty to Her. To that half leech offspring.

You know I can't-

Can't what? Be honest with me? Fight this damn curse that takes away free will?

It's not a curse

Yes it is

No it-

Shut it!

Well sorry that not all of us can be a bitter love hating wolf like you.

Fuck you Black.

Right back at 'ya Clearwater.

What in this leech infested world could make you think that this is alright? Did your little leech use her charm on you to think that this is right?

No and stop calling her leech, you know her name.

Doesn't mean I have to use it.


Please what?

Say yes. You know you want to.

You imprinted

Imprinting doesn't stop every emotion.

What the hell did she show you?

Jacob sent her the images of them that Nessie had sent to his mind as she touched his forehead. A sensation of peace, familiarity and the term 'It's alright Jacob. Please be happy as you wait' came over them. Leah growled in outrage at the term. Before she could send him an angry thought, Jacob sends her more images of them. She sees the way Reneesme has watched them talk, joke and laugh together. Then an air of want, longing and curiosity take over Leah.

What's up with the emotions Jacob? You getting hormonal on me?


Answer me

Fine. Those emotions are what I feel when I'm near you. Nessie just picked up on it.

I am not a tool Jake.

I know .I don't want you to be.

Admit it.

Admit what?

Admit what the hell it is that you want from me Jake if according to you, you don't want me to be a tool.

Not until you admit that you want this too.

That's the last thought Leah hears before they've reached her house, gone inside and changed back. Before Leah could make any sort of remark, Jacob's lips are touching hers again. His kisses are hungrier. They hold a desperate air, as if he needs her to stay in a daze so that she'll accept this. She pushes him away from her hard and he ends up falling on the living rooms couch.

"Get out."



"No." He gets up again and before she can kick him, his hands are gripping her waist. He throws her over his shoulder and makes his way to her bedroom.