~ The Fourteenth's Memories ~

Summary: Fourteen that's all he remembers...that and being a military slave. How will Kanda help Allen uncover his past memories? AU

Pairings: Tyki/Allen (one-sided), Kanda/Allen

Warning: violence, gore, slash

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the DGM characters!

Chapter One: First Encounter

Tyki watched the countryside in the Seventh sector of the Millennium Empire as he stood before his tent. He had just finished the last round of battle they needed to keep the peace in the sector and he was ready to return home to his castle where he would spend his time with his favourite underling, Fourteen, loyally by his side. That was what he wanted to do however couldn't when the most important piece was missing.

Fourteen was missing.

After the battle had been won, Tyki had ordered everyone to begin a role call to check who had died, who was missing and who had been wounded. When the roles returned and he realized that Fourteen was missing, Tyki flew into a frenzy. Everyone in the military knew no one messed with the General Tyki Mikk...especially when he was angry.

He'd nearly destroyed their camp in rage and that was never a good sign. Tents had been knocked over and the wounded disturbed as they were being healed. Those that were resting had been woken and this entire disturbance had occurred over the one missed soldier. The sooner Tyki had Fourteen returned to him the better for everyone who decided to approach their commander.

The military under his command had lost sight of his favourite underling. He didn't have a name and was only called by number, Fourteen and even then it wasn't much of a name. Tyki had desired to call him another name however the Earl, ruler over the Millenium Empire who had raised the boy as a battle slave had told him not to, fearing his memories would resurface ruining the time and money he had spent to develop the boys skills. There was something in that boy's memory that the Earl didn't want him to remember not that it truly bothered Tyki he only lusted after the boy's body not his memory.

Of course the reason Fourteen had been given to Tyki was because he was extremely strong in magic use and deadly with a sword. That combination was hard to find. Accompanied with snowy white hair and silver eyes the boy was drop dead gorgeous as well as useful. Fourteen was given the title of Captain under Lord Tyki at the age of only thirteen when he had finished his training.

The Earl had been very generous with that trust. After all he had been given the one that his master had loved the most rather than say his older sister who had been loyal for much longer. It definitely boosted Tyki's ego amongst his siblings well when they actually got together.

"Where is he?" Tyki demanded moving towards the other Captain.

Tyki had asked them to do one simple thing. Look after my underling when he is with you and they couldn't even do such a simple job. Now he had to locate him before anything happened to the boy.

"We don't know. We don't know! He fell in the river during a fight and that was the last we saw of him!"

Tyki almost kicked the captain before him however reframed that would only make him more upset and he didn't need that currently. He needed a clear head to find Fourteen not one filled with rage.

"Follow the river and find him! Contact me when you do and nothing else!" Tyki shouted.

Well there goes that plan....Tyki was furious. He couldn't calm down at all. They had lost Fourteen. What was he supposed to do now? The Earl had given the boy to him and Tyki had gladly taken him. Tyki loved the boy with a ferocity that couldn't be stopped especially since the boy didn't fight back. He obeyed Tyki's every command. Not to mention he owned the boy. He would not give up the boy willingly ever.

Whoever was responsible for this 'little' mishap was going to pay dearly. No one lost one of Tyki's possessions without paying a price normally his life. He would find Fourteen and he would never leave the boy alone again.


Kanda was walking down the dirt path following Lavi. The idiot was obviously angry that Kanda had told him yet again that he meant nothing to him but it was only a matter of minutes before he came bouncing back up to him happy as ever. Lavi always did much to Kanda's annoyance. Somehow no matter what he called the bakausagi he always came back unaffected. Where does that bunny-boy hide his emotions?

Kanda cursed looking back at the village they had just left. Sure it was small and out of the way but they weren't going to risk being discovered by the military by living in town. No they lived outside of the town meaning every time they needed provisions they had to walk all the way to town and back. It was a real bother especially when Teidoll demanded that he should remain behind being the eldest.

"Che." He was annoyed now.

Kanda looked up to see Lavi nowhere in front of him. A vein in his forehead throbbed in anger. Damn that stupid usage what did he think they were doing? Playing Hide and Seek? There was no way he would play that game with anyone let alone someone that annoyed him to no end.

Kanda glanced around to see Lavi kneeling beside something to his left. As he moved closer he saw that it was a boy lying unconscious on the river bank, his legs still in the water. As Kanda neared them he noticed the clothes the boy was wearing. It was the military uniform of the Millennium Empire who now had all control of all fourteen sections of the kingdom. The black uniform with golden lining wasn't torn as far as he could tell which mean that the boy could still be alive.

"Oi! Usagi leave the pile of shit behind." Kanda said.

"Come on Yu-chan~! We can't just leave him out here on his own!" Lavi whined still kneeling beside the boy.

"Don't call me that." Kanda growled grabbing the hilt of his beloved sword Mugen.

Kanda simply glared at the soldier lying before them. Lavi had obviously pulled him out of the river. He looked over the boy's small form. For a soldier he was defiantly very young maybe about thirteen. Then he noticed the tattoo hidden beneath the snowy white hair. It was red and started just above his eye brow in an inverted pentacle continuing to just above his cheekbone. A small tick crossed the line underneath his eye.

It was the mark of a slave . . . not just a slave but a slave to someone of great importance especially if it was on the eye.

"He's a slave." Kanda stated.

"We can't just leave him here then! Can we please take him back with us!" Lavi whined.


"You're the best Yuu-chan."


In the end it was Kanda who had to pick up the lifeless boy and carry him while Lavi carried the remainder of the supplies they had bought in the nearby town. Kanda had to admit that the boy was defiantly dangerous if he was in the military at his age but there was something about him . . . he couldn't explain it. The boy was a complete mystery and Kanda needed to know more about him or even the military he served. Any information would be better than none. That way they could be better prepared for what was to come.

Teidoll their adoptive father was sitting in the living room when Kanda and Lavi walked in carrying the soldier. Lavi simply dropped the supplies on the ground only caring about the boy while Kanda carried him gently.

"My, what happened to the poor child?" Teidoll said rushing forward as Kanda carried him up stairs.

Obviously it didn't bother him what the boy was wearing. Perhaps the idiot of an adult believed he was worth redemption or something along those lines. It was definitely unlikely that it would work out if this boy tried.

"We don't know. We found him washed up on the bank." Lavi said watching intently as Kanda laid him down on the only spare bed in the house.

Teidoll looked upon the unconscious form and almost gasped in surprise. The boy had snowy white hair and such pale skin. The mark of the slave was over his left eye. He could almost be the heir to the Fourteenth sector if only . . .

"Why he looks quite similar to . . ."

"To whom, old man." Kanda said as he pulled the child's boots off.

"No it couldn't be possible. My memories must be faulty since that child died many years ago." Teidoll said sadly.

"What do we do with him?" Lavi asked looking at the boy worriedly.

"There is nothing we can do until he wakes." Teidoll confirmed.

Kanda watched as the boy's chest rose and fell with his breathing. This boy was military and completely against everything his family stood for yet he couldn't help but wonder why such a boy was lying so simply on that river bank. Was it because others were envious of his ability? Obviously it wasn't because he was born into a wealthy family not with the slave mark branded on his face. Who could this boy be?

Then there were the obvious questions such as what the Millennium Empire was planning and what information they had. The boy was part of the military after all even if he could only tell them a small amount it would prepare them for the counter attack to claim back the Fourteenth sector from the empire. Kanda wondered so much however only the boy could answer those questions. Hopefully the brat would wake soon because Kanda had a lot of questions and he expected answers.

Rewritten: 23/05/2010