Hello, I absolutely love The Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer is a genius in her own right. I can never read another romance novel, it will never compare to the vampire love story I love so much. Anyway, I decided to write a continuation after reading so many others. I wanted the story to go the way I wanted it to go and I wasn't getting it reading something someone else wrote. So, here is the first chapter. I will post another next Wednesday. I have 14 chapters so far, but I want people to read it so I will go week by week. There will be more I just have to find the time. Thanks again. AK

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The Prophecy

"There will be two, they will come together and electricity will spark between them, tying them to each other. She would be mortal and he a vampire. They would prevail over great obstacles and bare a child that is said to save us all. This child will be half vampire and half human, but with great strengths. By the child's 2nd birthday she will be ready to overpower whatever comes within her limitations. The child will be joined by her makers, giant wolves and others. They will be our saviors."

Something that she said caught me off guard. I was ready to say "no thanks see you next time. Have a safe trip" after I heard what they had to say. I decided it didn't matter, Nessie wasn't going anywhere near them. Except now, I'm lead to believe that it may be true. One little phrase that changed everything I felt. The words "there will be two, they will come together and electricity will spark between them, tying them to each other" echoed in my head. It took me back to the first time Edward touched me in Biology class, the shock I felt from his fingers. Then to the same class: The time we sat in the dark and watched a movie. The electricity—that I thought was coming from him—between us was undeniable. How could they know that unless what they were saying was true?

I let my shield down so Edward could hear my thoughts; he needed to hear what I couldn't say out loud.

Could Edward really have used me to take out the Volturi? That couldn't be, I know we belong together. We are meant to be. The whole reason I was even born was to be with him. It was my destiny to come to Forks, to be seated next to Edward in biology II. For him to want me so much it hurt; to want to be near me even more. Could that all have been a lie, just to get us to create this powerful force to rid the world of the Volturi? I shuddered, as a shiver ran up my spine.


It has been a year since Edward changed me. I have been enjoying the extra strength that's come along with being a newborn. Being able to beat Emmett in an arm wrestling match is invigorating—being faster than Edward is a plus, as well. I didn't have to go through the newborn stage though; I got to skip right over it. Thanks to my preparation, I fit in right away. My eyes have gone from crimson red to butter-scotch; no need for the irritating contacts. There are two distinguishing factors; the inconceivable beauty; and I was a klutz before the transformation, now, I'm nowhere close to that.

Sadly, my time as a newborn is coming to an end; I can't say whether or not I'm ready for that. Having the ability to take any vampire that comes into our life is a very peaceful feeling. Like I will be vulnerable when it ends. like I won't be able to protect my family. I know I'll be strong—like any other vampire—but that seems to be the problem.

Nessie and Jacob are always together, I'm still not sure how I completely fell about their relationship. I mean, she's barely one—with the frame of a 12 year old—and Jacob so obviously 17. I know they are just friends right now but soon—to soon—it will be more than that.

Nessie is a nickname for Renesmee which is Renée and Esme put together. I hated, in the beginning, that Jacob had nicknamed her before I even had a chance to meet her; especially that he nicknamed her after the loch Ness monster. Her middle name is Carlie, which is Charlie and Carlisle all mixed up. She sleeps and has a heartbeat: not like the normal heartbeat that thumps, it's more like a thumbing. It sounds like a humming bird flitting from flower to flower. She has a great heart and, like me, she wants to take care of everyone.

Jacob is a shape shifter—werewolf—passed down from his Quileute roots. Being a werewolf comes with rules that cannot be ignored. One being imprinting: When one finds their sole mate—one who will make the best werewolf—it's immediate and never ending for the both of them. Jacob imprinted on Nessie the moment she was born. I know it sounds bad that he imprinted on a baby, but there is more to it than most would think. It's being a friend, a lover, a protector or whatever they need at that time in their lives. He's not just a werewolf, he's immortal, too. He doesn't age until he stops phasing completely, and he heals in minutes rather than days. He runs at a toasty 108° as he has said in the past. He still keeps his hair cut short. It's easier for his fur coat. If one of them imprint on a baby like Jacob did with Nessie or Quil with Claire; they won't age until their partner becomes of age. Most of them stopped aging so they could grow old with their mates, but Jacob's situation is a little different than most. Nessie, being half vampire, makes it impossible for him to stop, which is a good thing considering she won't age once she reaches maturity. When vampires came back around, it started the transformation. Jacob will never be able to stop phasing completely because he will forever be by Nessie's side. They are destined to be together, but that still doesn't keep me from trying to hold onto her childhood for as long as possible. When we found out that Nessie will reach maturity after only 6 years of life, Jacob was only happy that she would live forever with him.

Standing on the porch of our family's home, I feel as content as any one person could probably ever feel. My new body and emotions can feel the presence of everyone that means anything to me. Edward and Emmett in the yard throwing around a football in the sunlight. It is such a beautiful thing. Being in the confines' of our home, surrounded by the forest, we are free to be ourselves. We don't have to put on the façade we do for humans. Alice and Jasper out by the lake with Nessie and Jacob. The relationship between Quileute's and Cullen's has never been better. Rosalie, inside making herself beautiful; like she needs it. Carlisle, gone at the hospital; saving humans is his life's work, but his presence still lingers on everything in proximity.

To someone looking in, we probably look like a very odd cluster. Some with pale white skin and god like features that all resemble the next and the others, Jacob and his pack; muscular giants with bronze colored skin. This is my family, all of them, mine forever..

A very excited Nessie caught my attention when I noticed her running in from the lake. I can only imagine what she's smiling so widely about.

"Mom, Aunt Alice says there's going to be a thunderstorm tonight and I was thinking," she paused in a stance like she was thinking. "Maybe Jake could come this time. Please MOM, please!" She said hoarsely.

Alice's visions are back to normal since the Volturi visit last year. She felt that her visions were slipping when the newborns attacked, which turned out, they had inside help that gave them the advantage. She would only get glimpses of futures because they were being very careful not to make a direct decision.

"Don't you think you're still a little young to be worrying about a boy that is technically 16 years older than you?" Even though Jacob doesn't see her that way—yet—does not mean Nessie doesn't see him that way. She is infatuated with him just as much as he is with her. The only difference is that Jacob can wait.

"You know as well as everyone else that I grow a lot faster than normal humans, I'm pretty much his age….please mom," she pleaded in her beautiful melodic voice, looking over her shoulder to glance at Jacob.

I am aware of how much faster her growing is compared to my childhood—or any other human—but it still feels like she is my little girl. Normally, when you have a child, they stay a child for a couple of years. Because of my unnaturally bad luck I was convinced that I wasn't going to get but six years until she was fully grown. It was a much better alternative to her growing until she grew old and on her death bed; where I would never be.

Thankfully, after this first year, her development has slowed dramatically. I remember the day we found out she would live with us forever. It was the day the Volturi came, on a mission to take everything I love away from me, myself included.

"Mom, please, please," she begged thickly. "We'll be on our best behavior I promise," she continued to plead with glowing eyes, successfully breaking through my trance.

"My eyes will always be on you, don't forget that," I said as sternly as I could muster.

Bouncing with joy, screeching with happiness, she ran toward Jacob and in the blink of an eye she was standing in front of him telling him the—apparently—good news. Nessie has two ways of communication, one being the norm and the other, not so much. She rarely shows anyone what she is thinking anymore; there has been no need for it. When she feels strongly about something, or wants someone to see what she saw, then she simply places her hand in theirs and lets the images fly. I am so happy that Nessie has found happiness; I only wish it would have happened when she was older, in a sense.

"So I just heard the good news, you're opening up about this," Edward said amused, "I didn't think you would allow it." Ever since the Volturi came and went, Edward and Jacob have had a stronger bond then before. I am all for Nessie and Jacob's relationship, but it bothers me that Edward doesn't seem to care when we let it happen.

"She's too young" I'd told him.

"But there is no use in making them wait when it is inevitable" he'd replied.

"If it makes her happy then I will allow it, under our supervision. I told her there will always be eyes on them, and you are helping me stick to it."

Ha, now who's amused? I thought to myself.

Edward is always trying to be open minded about everything and it irritates me to death, especially when it comes to our daughter. Nessie has always been smart since the day she was born, or at least since the day I was born. She knows what she's doing, but I just can't help but worry about her. She is half human and half vampire, we still are not sure what that means or what the future holds for her.

We ran to the field where all my nightmares and wishes—human and vampire—have come true. The field is where we always play baseball, it's an American past time, of course we play. Unlike humans—who play when it's nice outside—we have to wait for a thunderstorm. As strong as we are, when we hit that ball souring into the forest of trees, it makes a cracking sound like you would not believe.

Esme as catcher with Carlisle first up to bat and Jasper, Emmett, and Rose waiting behind him. Alice, always as pitcher, because she has the best curve ball any of us has ever seen. Edward and I in the outfield with Nessie and Jacob in the infield; all the better for us to keep an eye on them.

"It's time," Alice screeched; always ready and anxious to 'Play Ball!'

She threw the ball with alarming speed, hurling it towards Carlisle, 'CRACK' and the ball went flying into the trees. I ran after it—since I am the fastest—and threw it back to Edward. He caught it—without a glove—and threw it to Esme, "OUT," she said with a smile on her face. Jasper stood at the plate next. With a flick of her wrist, Alice sent the ball hurtling toward him. 'WHOOSH,' "strike," Esme mumbled under her breath.

That has never happened before, at least not that I have witnessed. Jasper is usually the star hitter. We all laughed and stared at him waiting for an explanation. Our kind doesn't have foul ups, we don't miss a target. There has to be a logical explanation behind it.

"Even the best of us make mistakes now-and-again," he explained with a smirk on his face as he readied his bat. Totally taking advantage of the moment, "It won't happen again of course," he promised.

Alice threw the ball again, this time there was a loud 'CRACK,' and the ball blew into the air, bursting into two pieces.

I'm pretty convinced he did it on purpose.

The rest of the game went really well. Jacob got a homerun bringing us to the lead and getting Nessie and himself to home base. Edward hit the ball and sent it to the forest that was anxiously waiting. If Emmett had gotten the ball a fraction of a second sooner, he would have been out for sure. I was next; I dreaded this part of the game. My athletic abilities decided to follow me into my second life. I managed to nudge the ball onto the ground, actually making it to first base. Edward slide into second.

It started to rain, so we ended the game early and headed back to the house. Whenever we run it is so exhilarating. I have never, in all my human life, experienced anything like it. The closest thing I can compare it to would be running with Edward. Or maybe jumping off the cliff in La Push, now that was a rush. Nessie isn't as fast as us so she rides on Jacob or he carries her in his arms, he doesn't mind. We took the route that is mostly covered by trees that way Nessie wouldn't get too wet. It is longer but drier than the alternative.

We reached the house in a little less than two minutes—would have taken a human 45 minutes just to drive—and put the baseball gear in the garage. Charlie's cruiser was out front, I totally forgot that he was coming over tonight. We have planned a BBQ for him, Nessie, Jacob and the whole pack.

As soon as Nessie noticed he was there she was through the door and on his lap. She was showing him the game and wishing he could have been there to see Jacob's homerun. Charlie was just as excited about it as she was.

In the beginning we did not let her show Charlie anything. We were too afraid she might show him something that would expose what we really are. Since she grew and understood, we had told Charlie about it. He was in shock when we told him, but he let her touch his face. The first time she showed him, he just about fell unconscious. When he pulled himself back together he was laughing along with her. It turned out just fine and Charlie handled it well.

I still have not told him exactly what we are, and I don't plan on it, ever. He is happy not knowing, as long as we are together. He loves Nessie completely. When he first saw her we told him we adopted her. He noticed right away that it was a lie. All he had to do was look into her eyes, at that moment he knew. Nessie is always so happy when he's around; I think it's because he is the only real human that she can call family. That part was just for them, something they knew they had in common.

"Wow Nessie, you got to home base. That's great baby, and Jake helped you get there. What a day it has been for you. Oh my, and mom," he looked up at me, "actually managed to hit the ball. And make it to first base," Charlie said in amazement.

"Bella, I can't believe you made bat to ball contact. This is going in the memory books. I'm so proud of you honey," Charlie said to me. He was making jokes too, I let it go. He is my father—and mortal—so there isn't much I can do.

"So Bella, how did you manage to actually hit the ball," Charlie asked with a wide grin, "didn't think that was even possible."

"I closed my eyes, listened for it and hoped for the best," gees; I didn't think it would be that big of a deal. I am not that bad, only when it comes to hitting the ball. My dad is a big sports fan, something we do not share. I never understood the whole hype about sports, but he and Emmett get along swimmingly.

All of us gathered out in the back yard, where the rain had turned to a mist and Alice already had the grill started. The only reason we—except for me, I remembered—know how to cook is from watching the food channel. My vampire family and I do not eat any form of human food; it is ghastly stuff to us. Nessie prefers blood over human food but she can survive on both. She sticks to a human diet when Charlie's around.

The back yard is so serene. It's littered with trees, grass and flowers between the house and the lake behind it. It's a very peaceful place, a place where Ilike to think about my new life. A life that includes Edward: The whole of my existence. A life with my daughter: My new family. I am thrilled that I can include Charlie in my thoughts. Every so often I think about Renée, how much I want her to be included in my new family. I know it is pretty close to impossible.

Jacob left to retrieve his pack and we started the preparation for the long night ahead. Feeding sixteen immense werewolves is not an easy task; especially when Jacob is involved. In the beginning there were only four werewolves—shape shifters really—until Leah and Seth joined the group. Later the others joined, bringing it to an incredible 16.

"Mom, will I ever be able to meet Grandma Renée?" Nessie asked out of the blue. I haven't mentioned her in months. I call her every couple of weeks— have perfected my human voice—to keep her calm. She always asks how Edward is doing and everyone else. Every time I speak with her I want to tell her so bad that she is a grandma. I have had to stop myself on a few occasions. If I tell her she will not understand and her outlook on life might change. Just like mine did when I found out about all the mythical creatures—that are not really myths—and been turned into one. I could not bear it.

"Nessie, I don't think Renée can handle this kind of life style. If I thought she could she would have already met you and would love you. The day she comes here looking for me is the day you will meet her, until then, try not to think about it, ok sweetie," that is the best answer I can give her. I really hope she does not come looking for me; that would be a disaster. What would her reaction be? Would she accept it? Would she run away screaming? I thought maybe in a few years I could see her, and she would think I changed over time. But then I remembered I won't age; she would definitely notice that. Nessie growing at an alarming rate would not help either. Just like Charlie, she would know instantly that she was ours. There would be no way to explain to her without revealing something.

Jacob returned with his pack and Nessie pulled him down to the lake. Quil had Claire on his shoulders and he ran down to join them. Nessie and Claire have become really good friends. I am thrilled she has someone to play with that is close to her real age. Even though they won't be able to grow up together since Nessie will be full grown in half the time Claire will, I know they will be great friends for a long time. Alice and Jasper were talking with Sue Clearwater—Seth and Leah's mother—and Carlisle and Esme were sitting with Charlie while they watched Nessie by the lake. Edward and I joined them in their observation and sat next to Charlie, who was staring at Nessie in the sunlight.

She has a light glow under the sun, nothing like how we sparkle. We sat under the trees so no sun would reach us. I'd never thought about what she would look like to a human. Our senses are so much more intensified than humans, I can't be sure if it's the same. I also am not sure if Charlie ever noticed or what he thinks of it if he has.

"Why does Nessie glow Bells, what do you put on her skin?" Charlie asked as if he were reading my mind. He can probably handle this truth.

"That is just part of who she is. You would not believe what I look like in the sun." He would find out eventually and now is as good a time as any.

Everyone was staring at me, even Sue. I guess they don't like the idea, but this won't say anything about what we are. All humans think vampires can't go out in the sun because it will kill us; little do they know it is only because it would expose us as being something more than human: Charlie already knows that.

"Well, Bells why don't you show me, I'm sure there are a lot of things about you I won't believe," he laughed halfheartedly. I don't blame him; I thought the same thing about my new family before I became one of them.

I glanced at Edward and tried to read his scrawled face; he looked amused. I looked to Carlisle because he is the head of our family, and if he doesn't like what I am doing then I won't do it; he looked amused as well.

"Ok dad, you're in for a treat," I climbed out of the chair and headed toward Nessie. She saw me coming and looked at me with amusement. She wants Charlie to know as much as he can handle; as much that is allowed.

I stepped out to the end of the shadow that was coming from the huge evergreen trees that stood outside the house. We were surrounded by them. Carlisle, Esme, Edward and Rose picked the lot out when they first came to this area. Esme had told me the story in one of our earlier conversations. They tore the trees down by hand, while Esme drew up a blue print for the house they would build. They remodeled it a few—10—times to keep up with the ever changing community, but otherwise, it is pretty much the same house, from 80 plus years earlier.

"Don't blink dad, you do not want to miss this."

I stepped out into the sun, not taking my gaze from my dad's. He looked at me mystified. My skin glistened rainbow colored gleams of light into the air around me. He was staring at me until he got up and walked toward me. He put his hand out to touch my face and I winced. I didn't want him to touch my skin and feel how cold and hard it is.

He gave me a look that read "I'm your father, let me" but I still hesitated to let him. He raised his hand again towards my face, this time I did not move. He ran his hand across my cheek. I couldn't speak; I didn't know what to say. Then he smiled and took his hand, put it to his side and walked back to his seat. Nessie ran up to him and jumped on his lap.

"Mom's pretty in the sun, huh grandpa?" she asked.

"Yeah Nessie, yeah she is. But she's always beautiful, even when she's not in the sun, just like you sweetie." He gave her a tight hug and she darted back to Jacob's side. Charlie's eyes were on her back the whole way. When he looked back at me he had a confused look on his face.

"Why is it that whenever I come here, Jake is always right next to Nessie?" now he decides to be observant. "Why, whenever Nessie moves or stumbles, Jake is always moving and hovering in the same rhythm?" he looked truly curious.

"It's a little hard to explain, and you said you didn't want to know anything that was not necessary." I hope he meant it.

"Yeah, you're right. It just seems so odd to me." He shook his head as he looked down, obviously confused. "I just wish I could understand it."

"Actually dad, you would have to ask Jake, he would explain it better than anyone else. Maybe you can ask him sometime." I looked down at my wrist like I was looking at a watch, "now, it is 5 o'clock, Em and Jazz are already in there grabbing their chairs, so if you want a good view of the game you'd better hurry."

Charlie whipped his head around to the house and back to me, "thanks Bells, you're a lifesaver," and ran towards the back door after slapping my back with the palm of his hand. I'd successfully talked my way out of a conversation with Charlie about imprinting. I was very proud of myself. Everyone, except Nessie and I, watched the game.

"Well, looks like it's just you and me," we rarely got time when it was just the two of us. "Do you want to stay outside and talk?"

"Sure," her expression was worried; I hope that's not a bad sign.

We walked around the house to the back yard, a place we both equally enjoyed. "I wanted to ask you about Jake," I risked a glance in her direction.

"What about Jacob?" She asked back.

"I just wanted to know if…..well, if you like him?" I risked another glance.

"Sure I do. I wasn't born yesterday. I've known for a while now that we would be together," her eyes were warm as she talked about him, "he's kind, and he always knows the right things to say at the right time." A huge smile was forming on her face. I could see that my little girl was in love, probably been in love for a long time now. Her body is that of a 12 year old, her mind 20, and she has barely been alive a year. It is a really hard concept to grasp.

"I can see that you love him Ness, but you have to see where your father and I are coming from," I was whispering trying not to let her hear the anguish in my words, "you have only been with us a little over a year. At first, we didn't know if you were going to survive; didn't know if I was going to survive." I grimaced at that last part. "Then we discovered that you grow at an alarming speed and that you might only live, but 15 years." We were going to go searching for others like her or at least some kind of legend that would help us.

My tone lightened up and I was smiling, "Then we met Nahuel, he is just like you and a beautiful, 150 years old: You would be with us for an eternity of life times." I stood back to look at her. "I'm sorry Nessie, but you still look like a teenager. I think you might have to wait for Jacob to see you, the way you see him." I chuckled.

She smiled, "of course, I never planned on doing anything about it now. I have plenty of time; I'm just trying to have the best childhood possible." She reached up to me and grabbed my face, "you're doing a great job mom. I couldn't've asked for more," then she hugged me tightly.

"Now, I believe a very special day is around the corner." She smiled; she knew exactly what I was referring to. "Aren't you excited?"

"Mom, please don't make a big deal out of this," she complained. It reminded me of my many conversations with Alice. How many times she threw parties my way or how many times she insisted on making me the center of attention. There is more of me in Nessie then I ever imagined there would be.

"I just want you to have fun on your birthday, its Alice you have to worry about."

"Ugh, I hate celebrations," she shrugged.

"Being in this family you better get over that. They will never stop celebrating everything. Any chance Alice gets to throw a party, she will." That's for certain, she's a party enthusiast. Nothing stops her once her mind is set.

"I can't wait until it's over. Do you think there will be a ton of people there?" she asked nervously.

"I don't know how many people will be there, but it will be us, the wolves and Charlie. She may invite some of the clans that helped us through the Volturi, but I'm sure it won't be too many," I tried to sound reassuring, but I didn't believe it myself, so I'm sure she didn't either.

"I guess I'll just suck it up and act happy."

"I've always found that to be the best way to deal with her." I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and lead her back into the house. I could hear that the game was coming to a close.

"Bella," Edward said as we entered the front room. He was to his feet and at my side in one fluid movement. He wrapped his arm around my waist, crushing me to him. He can't stand to be away from me, just as I can't stand to be away from him.

"Edward, I need to talk to Alice," he held me close to him. His hold on me can only be compared to vice grips. If I were not a new born he could hold me here forever. I wrenched his chest away from mine and he looked up at me in disbelief. It has never been like me to push him away, but being on a mission to speak with Alice, I ignored Edward's look of despair and swept the room for her.

"Where is she?" I asked confused when I couldn't find her.

"Her and Jazz went to meet Peter and Charlotte, they came into town today, remember?" Edward asked turning his despair into curiosity.

"Oh yeah," I'd forgotten that completely, "when will they be back?"

"They are meeting them just before Seattle, so it shouldn't take them long," he said with certainty. He released me but still kept his arm around me.

That made me feel better; knowing they will be in my sight takes the edge off. Jasper's brother of sorts and his mate are not like us, they hunt humans. Whenever they come into town I'm always a little worried. Even though I know they won't dare touch Charlie, I still can't help thinking about their victims. Every one of them was someone else's someone. I tried not to think about that. It is so hard to be civil to them when I know what they are doing.

"Well since they aren't here," I grabbed Edward and pulled him to me; my body always seems to fit just perfectly against his, like the curves in our bodies are opposite. Edward didn't hesitate to hold me close to him; I would not have let him if he tried.

Charlie left just before Alice, Jasper, Peter and Charlotte arrived, shortly after dawn. Peter was deep in conversation with Jasper as they walked through the door.

"She was standing right in front of me, it was odd seeing her, and I hadn't seen her in years," Peter was saying. "She looked worried or impatient. I couldn't understand why. She started saying things like "the time has come". I asked her what she meant, but all she said was "something's going to happen, and when it does, the vampire world will change forever: Never to be the same again"." He said sardonically.

"Who are they talking about?" I asked Edward. He knows anything they talk about, or talked about, as long as they continue to think about it.

"Maria. Peter and Charlotte ran into her when they were traveling through the nomads."

Maria is Jasper and Peters maker. She was the reason Jasper's first chapter in his new life was all war and conquers. They made armies of new born vampires and attacked unsuspecting covens in the south. Peter was one of Jasper's closest friends out of the newborns. He had talked Maria, and her sisters Nettie and Lucy, into keeping Peter around. Charlotte had been transformed and made a lasting impression on Peter who later ran off with her, leaving Jasper there with Maria. The sisters kept him for good reason. Jasper was very charismatic as a human. Now being a vampire, he has a keen gift like Edward; he can control the emotions of others. A year later they came back for Jasper. They told him of the world they had been living in; a world where everything wasn't about war and power. Jasper left with them without looking back. That is when he met Alice.

Jasper was the first thing Alice saw after becoming a vampire; her maker left her with no answers and no guidance. When she was human, she had a precognitive sense of things. After becoming an immortal, she too has a gift. She can see the future, at least the future of people's decisions. She had also seen Carlisle and the family he had. She knew where she was going and knew where to meet Jasper. They found each other and made their way to Carlisle who welcomed them with open arms.

Peter was talking again, "If my assumption is correct, that something is going to be directed towards the Volturi, what else could happen that would change everything?" He said to Jasper, who nodded in agreement.

My vision zeroed in on Alice and nothing Peter was saying held my interest anymore. "Alice, we need to talk," I called from across the room.

She glinted across the floor and appeared at my side, "I don't want to cancel the party, so many people are going to be upset," she sulked.

"Mom, don't worry about it," Nessie said interrupting what I was about to say.

"Sweetie, if you don't want to make a big deal out of your birthday," I looked to Alice, "then you don't have to."

"It's fine; I really don't mind," she looked to Alice, "just don't go too over board, and no lights or smoke or anything crazy like that."

"I promise." She crossed her heart with her fingers and a squeal pigs would envy came out of her mouth.

She grabbed Nessie by the hand and towed her upstairs. I started listening to Peter again—he was on to other topics. He was talking about his and Charlotte's stay in Brazil. I stopped listening; what they do when they are away does not interest me. I am only worried about what they do while they are here. Edward noticed my disinterest and tightened his arm around me.

"What are you thinking?" he asked in a tone laced with curiosity. He loves that he can't hear me; he actually preferred it that way, as do I. It wasn't always like that though, it used to infuriate him when I wouldn't tell him what I was thinking, when I sighed or when I hesitated: Even worse when I kept things from him. We'd found out after our encounter with the Volturi that I can disconnect from my shield and he can hear me. I don't do it often, but when I do, it's comical. I pushed my shield out so Edward could hear me.

Boo, I yelled mentally. He looked at me with a startled expression. I was just wondering what the something was that Maria was talking about. I was also thinking about Nessie's birthday. What are we going to get her?

"I'm having some trouble with that myself; I was hoping you had some ideas."

Well I don't, what are we going to do, we can't end up with nothing? I was on the edge of panic, this is our only daughter's first birthday and we don't have anything to give her.

"Everything will be fine, she will be happy with whatever we give her. She is not picky in any way."

We need to make a trip to Port Angeles, or Seattle. Forks, limits us to what we can get. Or Portland or Las Angles: I don't care where we go, I just need more options.

"That sounds like a great idea. I think Portland would be fun. Nessie hasn't been there yet. She will like the Willamette River," he said quietly.

We leave when Peter and Charlotte are long gone. I know it's not an issue but I can't help the need to stay while they are around. I am not leaving Forks until they are hundreds of miles away.

"I will tell the others," he said, as he slipped away from my side.

Peter and Charlotte didn't stay long, and I hadn't thought about what Peter said when they first arrived. It seemed a silly thing, what could possibly happen or provoke the Volturi and change a civilization that has kept its tenure for over 3,000 years? I couldn't fathom the possibilities.

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